De smaakbijbel: combinaties, inspiraties en recepten

De smaakbijbel combinaties inspiraties en recepten Iedereen die weleens in pannen roert weet dat gerechten vallen of staan met de smaakbalans De Britse schrijfster Niki Segnit zelf geen onverdienstelijk kok merkte hoe ze door de jaren heen houvast

  • Title: De smaakbijbel: combinaties, inspiraties en recepten
  • Author: Niki Segnit Jacques Meerman
  • ISBN: 9789057594434
  • Page: 307
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Iedereen die weleens in pannen roert, weet dat gerechten vallen of staan met de smaakbalans De Britse schrijfster Niki Segnit, zelf geen onverdienstelijk kok, merkte hoe ze door de jaren heen houvast bleef zoeken bij recepten Om gemakkelijker uit de losse pols te kunnen koken, zocht ze naar een boek over smaakcombinaties En omdat zo n boek niet bleek te bestaan, beslootIedereen die weleens in pannen roert, weet dat gerechten vallen of staan met de smaakbalans De Britse schrijfster Niki Segnit, zelf geen onverdienstelijk kok, merkte hoe ze door de jaren heen houvast bleef zoeken bij recepten Om gemakkelijker uit de losse pols te kunnen koken, zocht ze naar een boek over smaakcombinaties En omdat zo n boek niet bleek te bestaan, besloot ze het zelf te schrijven.Segnit begon met een grootscheeps onderzoek naar ingredi ntencombinaties in internationale recepten Al proevend deelde ze 99 ingredi nten onder in families, zoals bloemig, citrus, kruidig, scherp, en gronderig Met deze indeling maakt ze duidelijk waarom sommige smaakfamilies en ingredi nten zo goed of juist niet bij elkaar passen Peer en blauwe kaas bijvoorbeeld, of lamsvlees en munt Of wat te denken van asperges en pinda s of rundvlees en koffie Dit met kennis en humor geschreven lexicon bleek in Engeland direct een groot succes en werd bekroond met de British Book Design Award De vertaling is van Jacques Meerman, bekend als vertaler van onder andere het werk van Harold McGee.

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    Niki Segnit had not so much as peeled a potato until her early twenties, when, almost by accident, she discovered that she loved cooking Much as she enjoys haute cuisine, she s not likely to reproduce it at home, preferring to experiment with recipes from domestic kitchens abroad Her background is in marketing, specialising in food and drink, and she has worked with many famous brands of confectionary, snacks, baby foods, condiments, dairy products, hard liquors and soft drinks Since summer 2010 she has written a weekly column on food combinations for The Times She lives in central London with her husband.


  • I love this book. It is part cookbook, part food history, part a glimpse into the head of the author. I had it checked out (from my library) but by page 25 I knew I needed to own it. If you like food read this book!I say I have finished this book because I have read every page but I think It will be awhile before I am ready to put it on the cookbook shelf. In a spare moment I pick it up and look through it or wonder if this flavor and that will go together and I check this book.

  • There’s no way I’ll ever stop reading this book so I might as well write my review now!I’m only halfway into the second of sixteen sections and I already have so much to say (and the colorful post-its are taking over!). I only first heard of this book when they were coming out with the revised edition with the new cover. And it was SO PRETTY that it grabbed my attention right away. “The Flavor Thesaurus…” Hmm, sounds like a wonderful reference guide for explorations in the culinary f [...]

  • Sorry. I really wanted something that would guide me to understand patterns, create new templates, visualize & predict what's likely to work or not. But the author and I do not organize ideas in complementary ways, and we taste and eat very differently. I could not study the 'color wheel' as I could not process/ understand it, and I am not motivated to read all the fine print stories interspersed with the lists of pairings. It really is most akin to an American Heritage dictionary, in that i [...]

  • Excellent, breezy mish-mash of recipes, travel anecdotes, strong opinions, and pop culture references. The author's sorted 99 foods by [x] flavor categories, and then described pairings of them in terms of her favorite foods, the chemicals that give them their flavors, historical dishes featuring the pairs, or abbreviated, easy to parse recipes. I tend to stick to the same few recipes when cooking dinner and rarely, if ever, improvise with ingredients. There's so much information here, and it's [...]

  • I'm obviously a bit of a gourmand and attempt to push myself with my creations, not only by utilizing different techniques but also by being more adventurous with my flavors. This book is more of what I hoped the Flavor Bible would be: providing the "why" and "how" to creating unique flavor combinations in addition to the "what". While the food list is not as detailed, there is a description of why the pairing works and the different recipes and cultures that use it. Both books have their place [...]

  • outstanding! the must for those who want to cook instead of blindly copying formulas from cookbooksundation to make your creativity awaken!!!for those who don’t speak english and come from poland there has been polish translation available for a few weeks now :-)now in polish: ;-)zajebista książka która uczy kreatywności w gotowaniu. od kilku tygodni dostępna również po polsku!

  • This is an amazing exploration of flavors and their relationship to each other and ourselves. Despite being called a thesaurus, this isn't some sort of dry textbook or manual, but rather a visceral, poetic, and sometimes emotional profile of flavor pairings, both classic and modern. It's not too heavy on science, but whenever applicable you will find little gems explaining the nature of essential oils or the the chemical similarities between complementary flavors and such.

  • Wow, this is unbelievably useful. A definite buy. Great for home cooks who are:- beginners learning flavor profiles- adepts stuck in a rut - anyone trying to be resourceful/less wasteful with ingredients.

  • This is the best cookbook ever as it has absolutely no proper recipes in it, just suggestions of food pairings and then it's up to you to be creative. Some really interesting food history as well.

  • The Flavour Thesaurus is a unique and wonderful book, and a must-have for anyone seriously interested in developing their own recipes. I have no natural aptitude for pairing new flavours, I really don't, and hence this is exactly the book more me. In it, Niki Segnit takes the innovative approach of creating a 'flavour wheel', in which similar flavours are placed near one another. As you move round the wheel, you move through one type of flavour to another to another. These are grouped by a gener [...]

  • I didn't mean to read or review this book because I've bought it as a present for my boyfriend. I've left it unwrapped, however, until I can give it to him. Of course, I've started reading away, and I can't stop!For this book, Niki Segnit has created an absolutely delightful "compendium of pairings, recipes and ideas" for food, just as she's claimed. The book could function as a cookbook if you're a confident cook who can take ideas and run with them, or who comfortably follows minimally-explain [...]

  • This is a great book. Niki Segnit is bursting with great ideas, experience, and adorable and hilarious ways of putting it all. For some reason it seems like you can't turn more than five pages without coming across cardamom or blood pudding or prosciutto, but nevertheless, there are about 5000 flavor pairings in this terrific book.Having blasted my way through much of only yesterday, it already inspired me to sprinkle cinnamon and cardamom on these delicious coconut chunk things I buy and, wow, [...]

  • I'm going to put my notes here. And probably do up a blog post. Needless to say, this is the type of book that I would tend to buy to help me generate ideas.Coffee + Black CurrantCoffee + CardamomCoffee + OrangeBlue Cheese + Pineapple "TGWRT #10"Hard Cheese + Banana esp. ComteHard Cheese + Parsnip (parboil, then flour + parmesan to bakeMushrooms + ChestnutSichuan Eggplant dishesPotatos and Peanut (gado gado, peanut butter, S+V chips w/ peanuts shaken into the bag)Potato pizza w/ fresh curds for [...]

  • I love, love, love The Flavour Thesaurus. I wanted it from the moment I first saw it in a bookshop when it first came out, and my mum bought it for me for my birthday shortly after that. I've used it a lot since then - it's handy when you've only got ingredients that you're really not sure whether they'll go together, or when you want to make something a bit unusual or different.But a few days ago I decided (quite arbitrarily) that I would like to read all the way through it from beginning to en [...]

  • Questo libro è un piccolo gioiellino. L'ho scoperto casualmente grazie alla sua copertina colorata cercando l'idea per un regalo, e, dopo averlo regalato, ho finito per comprarmene uno anche per me. Da una parte è utile per scoprire abbinamenti di sapori nuovi o perfino impensabili, dall'altra è una divertente fonte di piccole curiosità. L'autrice è inglese ed indica abbinamenti scoperti in varie parti del mondo.Io di questi tempi lo sto consultando spesso, un po' perchè vorrei provare acc [...]

  • I was a little skeptical when I got about ten pages into this, as it's much less purely technical than I was expecting it to be. However, the balance of the scientific (mainly commenting on chemical compounds shared between two kinds of food), historical, literary (there's a quite useful bibliography at the end), poetic, personal, and pop-culture-witty aspects of the writing eventually gained my respect. It's a careful balance, and one that fascinated, amused, and moved me at turns, putting it s [...]

  • This book is an aesthetic joy. Not only does it deal with how different ingredients complement and contrast with each other in flavour, aroma, taste and texture, it does so within the confines of a beautifully produced hardback book. Not one to be read on the kindle (even if an e-book version exists), it is a book to be handled and admired, snacked on at regular intervals, although prolonged periods of reading may produce aesthetic indigestion, or drive you into the kitchen to try some bizarre f [...]

  • This is perhaps one of my favourite 'foodie' books of all time. It's not exactly a cookbook, although it does have some recipes in it. It is more a travel guide for a confident cook, and the perfect book to leave lying around for you to dip into from time to time. You could open almost any page and get a delicious quote, so here's the one I happened upon just now:Parsley and Egg: American cookery writer Fannie Farmer specifically recommends a garnish of parsley for poached eggs if they're cooked [...]

  • 17 Jun - Just started reading this after coming across it when I was looking at other cookbooks. I love cooking and baking, and seem to have an addiction to cookbooks but at the sametime I want to experiment on my own. The flavour thesaurus looks a good guide for when you're thinking about pairings. Don't go expecting to find everything in there though. If every flavour was listed the book would be huge, so the list of flavours is 99. The book's also cleverly organised into categories from Bramb [...]

  • Geweldig boek voor enthousiaste koks! Geen traditoneel kookboek met een opsomming van recepten, maar een inspirerend naslagwerk om nieuwe smaakcombinaties te ontdekken. Hoewel smaakbeleving altijd deels persoonlijk zal blijven (iets dat de auteur in de introductie grif toegeeft), is de manier waarop de schrijfster dit boek samen heeft gesteld behoorlijk degelijk. Ingredienten zijn opgedeeld in semi-logische categorieen (geroosterd, fris fruit, kruidig, etc) en vervolgens worden alle mogelijke co [...]

  • Finished my first book of the new year and my first contribution to my 2013 reading goal. Only 49 more books to go!This book is a must-read for any cook, professional or amateur. The author divides different flavors (like pork, hard cheese, rosemary, fig, coffee, chocolate, etc.) in categories on a flavor wheel. She then painstakingly goes through each flavor and writes on how it pairs with other flavors. She touches on classic combinations, like coffee/chocolate or beef/horseradish, but also di [...]

  • This is one of (if not the) best recipe books I've ever read (apart from maybe Larousse Gastronomique: The World's Greatest Culinary Encyclopedia, Completely Revised and Updated which everyone should also have). But then, the two complement each other: encyclopaedia and thesaurus. If ever I'm stuck for a flavour that will set off another flavour, this is the book to which I turn. It's also enjoyable just to read through and explore the recipes within. Must have been a joy to write, tasting all t [...]

  • Thought provoking and extremely useful. An essential on any good cook's bookshelf. If an e-edition were (very) well e-indexed, I'd buy that as well.However, I have two gripes: Why on earth did the publisher (Bloomsbury) dismally fail to produce a dustwrapper for this cloth-bound book? The poor quality of the paper upon which Nikki Segnit's text is printed also leaves something to be desired. If anyone from the publisher reads this review, would they please take steps to re-educate whichever empl [...]

  • I am barely into this book and already it is one of the most fabulous kitchen essentials that I have! Anyone who loves to cook should have this book! I have page after page marked of flavor combinations I am dying to try. What an amazing idea for a book!! 99 flavors combined with what works and what doesn't! I love the author's brutal honesty and willingness to admit that others might disagree, but hats off to her for being brave enough to take the challenge amd write the book! I have been waiti [...]

  • This book is beautifully designed - like a reference book from yesteryear - from the choose of paper stock to the colours, here the publisher has spared no expense to present you with a book that you'll want to keep. It is a reference book that provides all sorts of information about most ingredients. You will learn what to cook them with and from where and when in the world an ingredient or flavour combination could be found. It's great when you have something left in the fridge and not sure wh [...]

  • This book has a wonderful concept, that the author made waltz on the nose of perfectionism to create a very funny and instructive book, full of notes about world cuisine, personal episodes, fancy restaurants and chefs, commercial candy bars, history of food and flavour chemistry.It struck me as the kind of human achievement, not unlike , that can almost make you hear notes of "Joy to the World" or "Ode and die Freud", or something equally over-the-top. My only note of dissent is that the author, [...]

  • Leuk 'kook'boek met een creatieve opzet. Het boek is opgebouwd uit verschillende categorieën smaken - enigszins arbitrair gekozen - die weer onderverdeeld zijn in diverse smaakcombinaties. De ene smaakcombinatie pakt qua beschrijving beter uit dan de andere. De een is literair, een volgende meer poetisch en weer een volgende meer praktisch of geen van dezeAlhoewel er ook tegenvallende lemma's bij zitten, is het over het algemeen een onderhoudend boek, waarbij de drie woorden in de ondertitel go [...]

  • A really interesting book, probably more one to keep on hand for reference rather than read straight through though. I love how un-patronising it is; this isn't a book for beginners, rather it assumes you have a certain level of cooking skill and gives ideas for incorporating new flavour ideas into your repertoire. Very very helpful for times when you have a few ingredients left over or needing using up and you aren't sure what to do with them, or just to give new ideas of ways to use a favourit [...]

  • Great read for folks who love cooking. I'm having to send it back to the library before I finish, but will be buying myself a copy in the future. It's more than just a what-goes-with-what book, although it's a great reference for that; I can see myself pulling it down if I have random leftovers to use up and want to know what might combine well. She adds lots of little famous anecdotes and personal stories related to the food combinations, includes many simple recipes, and her style is playful a [...]

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