For a Dancer: The Memoir

For a Dancer The Memoir Brought up in an environment riddled with substance abuse and neglect Emma has big dreams and little chance of ever reaching them By the age of fourteen she is on her own determined to escape the me

  • Title: For a Dancer: The Memoir
  • Author: Emma J. Stephens
  • ISBN: 9780983668398
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Paperback
  • Brought up in an environment riddled with substance abuse and neglect, Emma has big dreams and little chance of ever reaching them By the age of fourteen she is on her own, determined to escape the mentality that has crippled her family, but to succeed would mean leaving behind her sister and betraying the only life she s ever known From the Virginia countryside to the sBrought up in an environment riddled with substance abuse and neglect, Emma has big dreams and little chance of ever reaching them By the age of fourteen she is on her own, determined to escape the mentality that has crippled her family, but to succeed would mean leaving behind her sister and betraying the only life she s ever known From the Virginia countryside to the streets of Paris, through teenage motherhood and higher education, share Emma s tears and triumphs as she searches for acceptance in an exclusive world and finds love in the most unlikely of places.

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    Emma J. Stephens Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the For a Dancer: The Memoir book, this is one of the most wanted Emma J. Stephens author readers around the world.


  • It's quite possible that Emma Stephens has written one of the most courageous and honest books that I have ever read. Generally, I steer clear of memoirs as they tend to brim with the ego of celebrity. Having read the lengthy "Confessions" of JJ Rouseau, for example, he is clearly an egoist. But "For a Dancer" was written by a humble person simply and earnestly seeking a better life for herself and her son in a harsh universe. The author strikes me as a kind of pilgrim spirit like Aeneas wanderi [...]

  • For A Dancer: the memoir, by Emma J. StephenIt is mainly a self unmerciful dissection of the author’s life and personality that started off with the story of two sisters Emma and Sadie. They are inseparable and the bond with each other is rock solid. They reflect the typical American family, with divorced parents… and a too early life with a stepfather, Henry whom Emma depicts as a dominating disciplinarian. The description of the two girls' daily lives in a house with parents and their own [...]

  • "For a Dancer" by Emma J. Stephens is a memoir of her life from childhood through adulthood. It is billed as the story of a woman who overcame the adversity of a horrible childhood. However, upon reading the book, one realizes that this is not exactly the case. Emma's childhood certainly was not ideal, but it was not completely horrible either. She made choices as a teenager that alienated her from many loving members of her family and left her on her own. She became a single mother at a young a [...]

  • This was an amazing book. Such a journey in so few years. Anyone who has lived ourside of a bubble will relate to some portion, perhaps a large portion, of this book. Emma's life presented continual challenges to overcome, and overcome she did. Sometimes with courage and determination, sometimes by heading down a dubious path, always driven by a love for her son.Emma is still young, and half her story remains untold. My hope is that life is kinder to this lady in the future.She has developed suf [...]

  • It's a memoir written by a non-celebrity basically unknown woman with an interesting life story. Her story literally reads as though it has gushed from her like an untapped spring. From childhood into young adulthood Emma's life has no dull moments whether incidental or self-created. This is not a woman the reader will necessarily like or admire but one who must be credited with persistence and resilience. The memoir is beautifully written as it draws you in emotionally. The reader will root for [...]

  • Please don't pass this one up because it's a memoir. It is so well written and engaging it felt more like I was reading a novel. Emma writes a heart-capturing story that takes you from her childhood all the way through to her adult life, telling events that will make you chuckle and those that will crack your heart.Emma is a survivor of a dysfunctional family full of substance abuse and tells about her step-families, her life, and her lack of self-worth. She turns her life around and makes somet [...]

  • Imagine the most whiny, entitled, immature person you know. Now imagine that person perceives herself as simultaneously awesome, intelligent, and put-upon. Now imagine that person wrote a memoir and couldn’t even maintain the same tense throughout. That’s Stephens’ memoir. To a T.Check out my full review. Note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

  • "For a Dancer" is the true story of Emma's heartbreaking childhood and her fight to escape it. It's incredibly inspiring and you can't help but admire her perserverance in the face of adversity. The daughter of young, divorced parents she had two families and an older sister she worshipped. A complete lack of supervision forced the girls to take care of themselves from an early age and Emma ended up being on her own at the age of fourteen.This story is definitely engaging. Emma is extremely hone [...]

  • Alright before I review this book, I wanna say I recieved a advance edition through the first reads program. Now that that's out of the way I want of apoligize to Emma for taking so long to write this review, and I also apoligize that you're not going to like it. I didn't think that this book was that good, I would describe it just as ok. First of all, I'm the type of person where if the ending does not please me, it ruins the whole book. This ending I did not like at all. I mean the main charac [...]

  • I won this book through the giveaways- Yay! It is an incredible Memoir by a woman who kept getting back up after being knocked down by so many things. I was immediately drawn into the story of Emma Stephens through her recollections of childhood with her big sister. At times I literally laughed out loud from the expressions or silly things they got themselves into while being little kids. Life started out as innocent and fun with a sister who protected Emma, stood up for her and was her best fr [...]

  • Reading this book was in many ways like reading my own diary from childhood to adulthood. The feeling of always needing to earn love from those who are suppose to give it freely, the self destructive behavior, and looking for fresh starts but never actual getting what you thought you would. This writer made many mistakes as most of us have, but also did a lot more right and showed real strength when most would have crumbled and did. I just hope that her ability to let go of the past and forgive [...]

  • Emma's story of her journey from a difficult and neglectful childhood through international adventures to deep, brutally honest inner work is thought-provoking and poignant. The author's willingness to bare her thoughts and emotions, even the ones which occasionally paint her in a less than flattering (but all too human) light, is refreshing and kept me glued to her story. I don't have much time to read - I MADE time to finish this book. I loved Emma's writing style and could relate to her strug [...]

  • I received this book for free from the first-read giveaway. OK biographies and memoirs are not usually my thing but I could really relate to this story. I know and like all the music mentioned there. I once lived in a big party house when I was in my 20's. I had big dreams that never happened. I've met people from all over the world. The main thing I took away from this book is that in life it is not the destination that matters, it's making it happen along the way. Emma if you read this review [...]

  • Personally, a "Memoir" is usually on the bottom of my "to be read" lists.However, when I settled in and truly began to immerse myself in the life that Stephens unfolds in "For a Dancer", I could not seem to get enough. The powerful impact of the triumphs and tribulations that Stephens endures makes one reflect on their own lives; comparing the reality of families we cannot choose, and the unconditional love we have for our children.This is truly an everyday woman's Cinderella story; Realistic an [...]

  • Memoirs are usually not the type of books I pick up on a first hand basis, but I was very pleased with this book. I could never imagine living in the same situations that Emma has lived in and this book tells people that obstacles can be overcome. I absolutely loved the many different and diverse directions Emma has taken and it has given me more drive to try many new things with my educational and career endeavors. This book was a very inspiring read and it tells people that with enough perseve [...]

  • This book will stay with you. In a word, this book was poignant. It was beautiful and haunting and reminded me very much of Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.After following the author on her journey of self discovery, and cheering her on through some pretty dark situations, I feel as if I know her. There is a bit of her in all of us, really. Is that too cheesy? I highly recommend this book. It was both inspirational and touching.

  • I truly enjoyed this book, a memoir written in short story form. I like books written in unique ways and have never read a memoir written in this format. Many of the stories were poignant, some sad but overall it was a very good read, one I really would recommend to others. Have an open mind about the chronological order and enjoy the wonderful writing!

  • This was a win. Thank you. Story of a daughter from a dysfunctional family and her dream to succeeded. Trials and tribulations along the way do not stop her from living life to the fullest. Emma is a survivor.

  • Great book! A must read!Emma is 33 years old and has already 20 years of adult life behind here. A book about struggles, deceptions, victorys, truht. But ultimately the search of true love and recognition.Emma writes with real honesty about the demons and angels in all of us.

  • The was an awesome book. Emma Stephens journey and the transformation in her was amazing and there are parts of her story that everyone can relate to. This is a great book with something for everyone.

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