The Chosen

The Chosen CHLOE KING MAY BE THE ONE Despite a rocky few weeks Chloe King is starting to get it She s figured out who she is a girl with catlike superpowers where she belongs at home with Mom and what she w

  • Title: The Chosen
  • Author: Celia Thomson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • CHLOE KING MAY BE THE ONE Despite a rocky few weeks, Chloe King is starting to get it She s figured out who she is a girl with catlike superpowers , where she belongs at home with Mom , and what she wants to do chill with her friends Yes, she s got funky superpowers, and yes, two rival groups think she s some chosen leader But no, she s not buying all that an CHLOE KING MAY BE THE ONE Despite a rocky few weeks, Chloe King is starting to get it She s figured out who she is a girl with catlike superpowers , where she belongs at home with Mom , and what she wants to do chill with her friends Yes, she s got funky superpowers, and yes, two rival groups think she s some chosen leader But no, she s not buying all that ancient warrior crap And she s definitely not developing a superhero alter ego like in those old comic books For Chloe, being the One means she can have whatever she wants i e , goof off time and fewer cat people conventions Then she finds her friend bleeding in an alley All at once Chloe realizes that the years of bloodshed are not over In fact, they never will be The Mai and the Tenth Blade are going to persist in their dangerous rivalry Unless Chloe accepts her destiny and takes control.

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  • This book would've gotten three stars if only there was a) some thrill, b) some clarifications about how the characters really feel and c) if the relationships weren't forced. All in all, this book was a disappointment to the trilogy.My review for this one would be short because I'm not really in the mood to talk about a book that I wasn't happy about how it ended.First, I expected some ACTION, like THE REAL THING. (view spoiler)[ Not some stupid omg in order for us to peace someone needs to die [...]

  • What an awesome ending to this series:) After I finished watching the TV show, I decided to read the books. The books and the show only have a couple of things in common: Brian, Amy, Paul, Alek, Brian's dad and Chloe's mom. Other then those characters, everything else changed! I won't say just in case someone hasn't seen the show or read the books. Seriously, if you're looking for an awesome series to read, check this one out:)

  • This was the third book in the series The Nine Lives of Chloe King. I originally picked the first book up, because I liked the idea of a cat girl, and I ended up enjoying it quite a bit. The third book of the series upset me a little bit, because of it's unfinished ending. I get the feeling that the author was going to write more, but never did. It just left me a little unsatisfied.

  • It was an OK read. I mean, if I was a little bit younger then I would have definitely enjoyed it more, because reading it now I felt it was childish at some moments. It doesn't necessarily mean it was a bad book. The ending was nice, everybody was happy and they would continue with their "normal" lives.Now I would want to, also, see the TV series and compare it to the books.

  • I just finished this third book in the Nine Lives of Chloe King series. Throughout all the books, I just wanted more and this third and final book didn't deliver. The idea is fantastic, the framework for the plotlines is great, but it just wasn't ramped up enough for me. Not enough drama, not enough going on, some characters fell a bit flat - not much development or changeChloe grew up a little within her role in the Pride but even that transformation was somewhat quick and shallow, the climax w [...]

  • Stories need to learn from this! When someone dangerous is lurking and killing people you don't need to handle it yourself even though you have super powers. CALL THE POLICE! The police are depicted as useless sometimes but they get the damn job done when it matters. This is kind of a spoiler review but it needs to be heard. Chloe calls the cops after a confrontation leaves someone dead. She makes an anonymous call that reveals the victim and murderer. Problem solved! Another thing that finally [...]

  • I really enjoyed this book much more then the first two. I was especially affected by the character development. In my opinion Chloe became such a stong and independent protagonist. I loved her in this novel because you get to see how much she matured and the reader can tell how much stress Chloe feels. Any normal person would have the same reaction that Chloe had and thats what I really appreciated in this book. Another character I was impressed with was Amy. I basically hated her in the first [...]

  • Maybe 2.5 stars. I did like this one the best of the trilogy, though it started to lose me during the last third or so. It is an easy and quick read, but it was just too crass or something for my taste, and some of the relationships were poorly sketched toward the end. Some plot threads just disappeared and at least one just kind of ended off screen with little fanfare despite being a really big deal. One positive is that Chloe was perhaps likable by book three, even if any reference to the One [...]

  • I am conflicted about this book. I loved some of the ideas, like violence only begets more violence and sacrifice for others. The vigilantes are not a good thing and always end up badly was fantastic Also some scenes were great. Chloe's clarity while looking down at San Francisco was nice and simple. The character development sucked. The characters who were supposed to be in love, well I had to be told about their interest I didn't feel it. The plot twist wasn't a twist at all because the author [...]

  • And this is the final book of the seriesill continuing my book and tv comparison- Chloe's back to school after she was "cured of mono". I like the tv version better because she did not have to miss school, work and her family & friends at all. It seems to show how mature and flexible she was. - I like that Chloe's mom know that she's part of an ancient supernatural race compared to the tv version where Chloe has been lying to her all throughout the 10 episodes. As the MTV Teenwolf characters [...]

  • Koty chadzają własnymi ścieżkami…. Czy aby na pewno? Starożytna klątwa sprzed tysięcy lat. Wywołana nią wojna trwająca po dziś dzień. Miłość niczym z dramatu szekspirowskiego, mająca połączyć dwie zwaśnione grupy. Spiski. Intrygi. Polowania. Ucieczki. Przeznaczenie… To tylko kilka z pilniejszych spraw, wokół których, ostatnimi czasy, obraca się żyć Chloe King. Dziewczyna stara się jednak nad wszystkim panować, a nie jest to łatwe, gdy część stada, któremu, z [...]

  • I will admit that the start of this book, maybe well into the middle, was a little bit slow and dull, but the ending was very unexpected and pleasing which I really enjoyed. Which contributed largely to me deciding that this is my favorite out of the two apart from the insane amount of character development.The conclusion of the story is much as anyone could have predicted. Chloe had more boy troubles, ends up with Bryan, unexpected relationships form (which I would have liked to see more of), C [...]

  • I know that many people stop at the first book because Chloe King, the main female character, is too slutty. I have to disagree. Okay, yes, she is hitting on two guys on the same time, but one of them is off limits. They can barely touch. Plus going through the second and the third book you will see the character development in Chloe which is a really awesome thing. I like strong female characters, but I also enjoy female characters that find the strenght to do something different. Another thing [...]

  • This time around Chloe is starting to get her wits about her. She starting to figure out and recognize situations as they are even if sometimes she a little delayed in drawing the conclusion. This books start at least a couple days after the end of the second book. This time everyone knows Chloe is the "Chosen One" and its up to her now if she will finally embrace the calling.I didn't mind the shortness of the book this time around. It does a good jump of telling a complete story in a short amou [...]

  • The final book was much better than the first two. Chloe is 'The One', the true leader of the pride. She has to overcome her fear of being a leader and wanting to just have a normal life.(view spoiler)[Chloe finally decides between Alyec and Brian, and chooses Brian. But what was strange was that Alyec must of have liked Amy all along because after the curse was lifted her kisses her openly and boldly. I'm not complaining, I wanted Brian and Chloe together.But there were so many things that were [...]

  • The end of this "series" was really just ok. It kind of just fell flat--a rather pat and flimsy solution to an ancient curse, a rather predictable tradeoff between two warring sides, and a cliche about an uneasy peace ahead. Chloe's story seems nowhere near over, and if this is really it, it's fairly lame. I also didn't really understand/believe the development of the romantic relationships between the characters. The development of the Alyec-Amy connection in particular seemed kind of sudden an [...]

  • I did enjoy this book because it had a lot of good choices that chloe had to make. I really didn't like how the book was titled the Nine Lives of Chloe King but the author only wrote about two of them. Also I really didn't like the fact that Chloe gave up Alyec for Brian. What I really did like about this book was that it had a lot less fighting, and it was mainly about Chloe deciding if she wants to be the leader of the Mai. One connection I have with this book is Chloe has a friend that is a l [...]

  • The one went back to being only okay, and sorta mediocre. Everything seemed to tie together a little too conveniently, for instance just because they saved two humans the curse was broken. That seems a little silly that in all those thousands of years, a Mai had never saved humans before. The 10th Blade seemed to accept peace very easily also, without a whole lot of convincing. It was a cute story, but just left me feeling like it could have been so much better if the books were longer and the s [...]

  • This is the third and final book in the series. Chloe has accepted her Mai status, but now has to figure out how she can become the leader of a people she has almost no knowledge of. Further, there are others out to make sure that she does not live long enough to become the chosen.She also want to find a way to bring peace between the Mai and the Tenth Blade group. She also uncovers something very interesting relating to the “curse” that has prevented humans and Mai from interacting sexually [...]

  • My final take on this trilogy is that it is very entertaining, both at age 14 and at age 24, but Thomson spends too much time inside Chloe's head. I want more of a sense of the world. She did a great job of convincing me that Chloe was the right leader, but I wanted to see more of how the Mai lived and their interactions with each other, something I thought the tv show a better job of. I did like the ending. It was very solid and didn't leave me wishing for an extra chapter.(view spoiler)[I real [...]

  • A couple of months ago I watched the television show "The nine lives of Chloe King" for the first time and fell in love the the characters and the story. I am sad to say the same did not happen with the book series. Chloe King's story of be the one or the chosen and leading the Mei is the same but I just did not like her the same in the books. Her attitude was a bit different. Although the books did get better as they went along. I also was unhappy with who Chloe ended up with. Overall I did lik [...]

  • Another fun, fast read. I was happy with the resolution of the love triangle in terms of who Chloe ended up with, but some of thede results didn't work for me; the side results just seemed to come out of nowhere. The end of this book ended with all of the major conflicts resolved, at least for now, but seemed a bit rushed. There are also still some unresolved questions, particularly surrounding her adopted dad and what happened to him. He was mentioned a lot in this book, but nothing ever came o [...]

  • These three books were really fun to read. True to many YA books, only the bad guy dies and everyone has a happily ever after. I really liked the development of Chloe and her band of friends throughout this last book. The tidy way this story was wrapped up didn't detract from my overall enjoyment, sometimes you just want to read a happily ever after. This was a fun, fantasy story about a girl who finds out she's part of an ancient race descended from the Egyptian Gods Bastet and Sekhmet and the [...]

  • The chosen was probably the best of the series. There's a little more action and Chloe starts to take on more responsibility as opposed to whining about being to young and which boy she should choose and the fashion business career she may have to give up. If it sounds like I thought the characters were just a wee bit shallow you would guess correctly. It really was an ok story and it's probably a really good book for YA girls.

  • I think I really just had to get past the huge differences between the books and the TV show. Once I got over the whole different=bad thing there were definitely some things about the books I liked better than the show. Brian not being clueless and having a backbone being one of them. As was the Mai leaders not being . . . perfect. To say the least. Still cheesy teen-wish-fulfillment, but enjoyable cheesy teen-wish-fulfillment.

  • I'm torn about which I loved more. This or "The Stolen." Anyhoo I loved the story, I honestly read it for the Mai content. Chloe isn't the most likable person (thank heavens for supporting characters, esp Kim and Anna King) but I'll chalk it up to teen angst compounded by human and mai responsibilities. None of the twists were unexpected for me but, I definitely enjoyed this three-book journey into the secret world of Mai.

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