The Truth About Al

The Truth About Al To most Al Baxter s life seems charmed he s got looks smarts friends and is headed to law school in the fall But under the surface things are far from perfect Al s mother is pursuing a career in

  • Title: The Truth About Al
  • Author: M.L. Rhodes
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 118
  • Format: ebook
  • To most, Al Baxter s life seems charmed he s got looks, smarts, friends, and is headed to law school in the fall But under the surface, things are far from perfect Al s mother is pursuing a career in national politics, and when her staff uncovers a potentially devastating secret Al s been keeping from his family for the past four years, a painful rift forms in the once cTo most, Al Baxter s life seems charmed he s got looks, smarts, friends, and is headed to law school in the fall But under the surface, things are far from perfect Al s mother is pursuing a career in national politics, and when her staff uncovers a potentially devastating secret Al s been keeping from his family for the past four years, a painful rift forms in the once close knit Baxter clan Wanting to do the right thing to support his mother s career, but conflicted over his growing desire to live his life in the open on his own terms, the last thing Al s expecting, or needs, is to fall for stubborn and oh so serious Elliot Culli Especially since Elliot has a protective fortress the size of Texas built around his heart Raised by a struggling single mother, Elliot Culli learned early that nothing in life was easy That truth hit home when, at the age of twelve, a life threatening illness left him partially deaf, making his teenage years difficult as he learned to cope with his new reality Now, he works long hours to put himself through college And he holds no illusions about ever finding love He knows from painful experience that being a nerdy, hard of hearing guy doesn t exactly make him a hot commodity When he meets Al Baxter, however, he s blindsided by his feelings for the man The trouble is, Al is exactly the type of guy Elliot swore he d never be with rich, entitled, and one who has always had everything he ever wanted fall at his feet And worse, Al s hiding who he really is and pretending to be something he s not How can Elliot trust his heart to a man who can t live his own life with honesty But for the first time, Al finally knows what he wants, and he s willing to fight for Elliot Even if it means risking everything

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    I m an opinionated chick with a decent sense of humor and a vocabulary that s way too smutty for someone who grew up as a good girl I write books for a living specifically, gay male romance stories I m passionate about gay romance I love sweet, steamy, emotional stories about gay men meeting, falling in love, and finding happily ever afters I love to read them and I love to write them So I dowrite them Because there s nothing better than having a job you love I live in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains with my husband, two sons, two cats, three dogs, and numerous fish.If you d like to know about me and my books, swing by my website when you have a few minutes mlrhodeswriting


  • 2.5 - I had to wonder if this was an old manuscript that had been sitting around on an old hard-drive because I was really disappointed in the overall mechanics and delivery of this story, from an author who's other work is quite simply BETTER THAN THIS. This reads like an outline to me. Great premise, but I never felt connected to either character; everything is rushed and TOLD, making the story feel glossed over and tied up in too tight a time-ball to work for my believability scale. Meh.Just [...]

  • Suddenly and unconvincingly turning a character from the prequel gay in order to write a sequel is, surprisingly, not even the worst fault of this book.The writing is shoddy and is pure narration, no showing. The characterisations are non-existent; we do not know these people (and can't care), the plot's premise is redundant (on the key issues such as estrangement from family and homophobic women), is paper thin and has no arc, no development. The pacing is completely off, the author choosing to [...]

  • M.L. Rhodes, for me, is a favorite. She seems to be able to write stories that touch me in all the right places. This one is another "AWWWW" worthy story. The Truth About Al is about Al Baxter, the friend of Jeremy and Ben from Wanting. It's not really a sequel but it will help to read that book first; simply because you get a sense on how Al is prior to this book. I read Wanting more than a couple of years ago, and I remember Al as being flirt, always have girls around, but at the same time, he [...]

  • I think I wanted to like this one a lot more than I actually did. I just reread Wanting as a quick refresher on Al. I loved him there, he's almost larger than life with a take no prisoners attitude and a fierce dedication to those he considers family. The author does a decent job of countering all my objections to Al being gay now where he was so obviously not in the first book, but I think she looses some of the things that made him who he was. He's lost his oomph. I really liked the fact that [...]

  • I liked it. Did it have its flaws? Sure. Character development was almost nil, the plot was somewhat manufactured and poorly fleshed out, and even though it mentions Jeremy and Ben from Wanting, we didn't get to actually see them and see how they're doing (that's why I read sequels!). The romance sort of turned on a dime; one moment Elliott hates Al and the next he's taking him home for hot sex and then the next day they're in love. But oh well. In general I liked these characters and the chemis [...]

  • I loved Al in Wanting and for the author to change him for a sequel doesn't work for me. I'll pass on this one because he was already a great character. Now, I feel like he's ruined.

  • I've always had mixed feelings about novella-length stories. Part of it is the price-point. Because I read so fast, I sometimes cringe at spending more than a couple of bucks for a story that will only entertain me for less than an hour. Part of it is the quality of the writing; sometimes characters and plots don't get fully developed in a more limited number of pages.This is not the case with The Truth About Al. M. L. Rhodes is one of the first authors I got into when I started reading M/M roma [...]

  • Cute story about two college boys Al and Eliot. Al is from a rich conservative & political family. Eliot is from a struggling single parent family and is an orphan since he turned 17 yr old. Eliot has history with a rich guy who was in the closet, used him but despised him, and laughed at him with his girlfriend/friends. He is also partially deaf and is used to keep to himself to avoid being hurt by people's intolerance. Al has been in the closet for a long time and is afraid to live openly [...]

  • Excellent, although I would have liked to actually see the MCs first interactions instead of hearing about them later in the story. I think the huge thing missing was none of the previous characters in the series were in the second book. I was looking forward to a visit with them. I don't understand why the author didn't take advantage of the inherent fondness we already have for his roommates. The positives far outweigh the minor negatives, though. I truly liked the MCs. They had some realistic [...]

  • I did like this book although the first book, Wanting, was better (crazy since it's a shorter story). The premise and plot were great, as well as the MCs, Al and Elliot. I just wish it has been a bit longer because it seemed to me the MCs fell in love way too fast when Elliott had spent months hating Al (for good reason but then he forgave him way too easy. This is why I hate Big Misunderstanding-style plots). I also think the issues Al had with his family would have made the story even better h [...]

  • The Truth About Al would've worked better as a stand alone, or if the authro had went a different route with Al's sexuality. While the story was satisfying and nice, I had trouble believing that Al from Wanting was in the closet that whole time. If this had been a GFY or awakening awareness of bisexuality, I would have liked it more. The fact that the author seamlessly managed to mention the employment situation was nice, it gave something real to grab onto, and also the characters acted their a [...]

  • While this is never going to be an all-time favorite of mine from this author, it still reminds me of why I love her writing. I never really picked up that Al wasn't as straight as he let on in "Wanting", so this one came at somewhat of a surprise. I loved his story, and I loved Elliot. I wish that instead of being out of town, that Ben and Jeremy had been included in this sequel. It was a sweet story, and I'm so glad that she's writing again and releasing new stuff for us to read.

  • I almost didn't read this book. I really liked Al in the first one, but there was just not enough to get me to continue with the series. But, I ran out of books to read, and since I had already purchased this one ANYWAY I LOVED IT!! So sweet, and cute and romantic and I wanted it to go on and on and find out about their future it was just so sweet.

  • I love most of the books I've read by M.L. Rhodes, and this one is no different. My only complaint is that I wish they were longer! It would be nice to get more in-depth with the characters, really delve into their pasts, their families, and their feelings. But it is what it is, I guess. And I still really enjoy the books.

  • I expected to like this one more than I did, as I think Al was my favorite character in Wanting and I was eager for his story. But somehow it didn't live up to my expectations. I'm not really sure why. It was a good story, it just wasn't great.

  • I enjoyed it so much I guess u have to be in the position they always in its always hard to expect who you are the hiding the coming outLoved the guys they so sweet and adorable, i really enjoy reading any kind of these book.

  • I really liked it, quick and fun, maybe because i had not read the first book i had no pre-conceived notions of how they "should" act or be, it is a short story so yes the character development is a bit spotty, but if you are after a nice afternoon read with a HEA, then this is worth the read.

  • This is a toss up between a 3 and 4 star book for me. What makes it more three (my personal average rating) is that I probably won't feel like re-reading this any time soon. It wasn't bad it just wasn't anything special to push it up higher.

  • Great story, I enjoyed reading it last night. I quite liked Al's character in Wanting, and this story does him justice. I really would like to cast my vote for a sequel and maybe one for Wanting as well.

  • WOW, this book was so many great thing rolled into one! HOT guys, sex, real feelings and love Loved every minute of reading this book. I really liked both of the MC's and how perfect they were for each other, such a cute feel good read!

  • The story was good but simply to sweet for my taste. Plot was enjoyable and characters interesting, but sex scenes, Gosh artificially would I say. Those words, and how it was written was not real, just to sweet and candy like.

  • So, it's more like 3.5 stars. I really liked the relationship between Al and Elliot and their development, but the conflict seemed to be too constructed.

  • This is the second part of the "Rocky Mountain" stories. It's pretty good - really short and honestly if I didn't love ML Rhodes' stuff so much I would never bought it.

  • The Rocky Mountain High series is like a truffle: desperately sweet, memorable, but all too ephemeral. Both books in the series make for swift, hot reads that make you wish for more.

  • Good m/m romance about the son of a conservative politician whose family is pressuring him to present a "suitable" (i.e straight) image so as not to damage his mother's run for Senate.

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