The Story of the Other Wiseman

The Story of the Other Wiseman On the centennial of its first publication The Story of the Other Wise Man still glows with the eternal essence of Christmas which is love

  • Title: The Story of the Other Wiseman
  • Author: Henry Van Dyke Ruth McCrea
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Hardcover
  • On the centennial of its first publication, The Story of the Other Wise Man still glows with the eternal essence of Christmas, which is love.

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      365 Henry Van Dyke Ruth McCrea
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    About " Henry Van Dyke Ruth McCrea "

  • Henry Van Dyke Ruth McCrea

    Henry Van Dyke 1852 1933 was an American Presbyterian clergyman, educator, and author He graduated from Princeton in 1873, and from Princeton Theological Seminary in 1874 He was pastor of the Brick Presbyterian Church, New York City 1883 99 , professor of English literature at Princeton 1899 1923 , and U.S minister to the Netherlands 1913 16 Among his popular inspirational writings is the Christmas story The Other Wise Man 1896 As President Wilson s ambassador to the Netherlands from 1913, Van Dyke was a first hand witness to the outbreak of World War I and its progress, and was a key player in the President s diplomatic efforts to keep the U.S out of the conflict.For information, please see answers topic van dyke


  • 4.5 starsI have been fortunate this year in that I have found some wonderfully satisfying short stories that in their brevity still deliver such powerful messages. This is true for The Story of the Other Wise Man, written more than a century ago by Henry Van Dyke. Van Dyke tells the reader that he had always loved the tales of the Three Wise Men; one day the story of this fourth Wise Man came to him "out of the air, perhaps… It was a gift." And it is a gift that I am thankful he shared with us [...]

  • I've characterized this tale as a short story, because that's really what it is (this copy nominally has 77 "pages," but they're quite small pages with rather large type, and blank pages between sections). But I did read it in the format of a free-standing book (it's been printed as one many times; I read it in what was apparently the 1923 printing, with Van Dyke's own Preface, not the recent one with the Buscaglia introduction), so it counts as a book as well.By the author's own statement, the [...]

  • و الحال اين سه چيز باقی است، يعنی ايمان و اميد و محبت. اما بزرگترین اين‌ها محبت است. اول قرنتیان 13:13درباره داستانبنابر روایت عهد جدید، پیش از تولد مسیح، ستاره ای درخشان در آسمان ظاهر شد. درخشش ستاره بنظر مجوسیان و مغان ستاره شناس سرزمین پارس عجیب و غیرعادی آمد و سه تن از آن‌ها [...]

  • I had forgotten how moving and perfect this short story was. It encapsulates Christmas and all of its original meaning, and it reminds us without doubt that we are meant to worship through service to others. (view spoiler)[Artaban answers the call of the prophecy that a king is to be born. Before his departure, his father says to him, ”But it is better to follow even the shadow of the best than to remain content with the worst. And those who would see wonderful things must often be ready to tr [...]

  • داستان سه خردمند ایرانی که از طریق ستاره شناسی و پیش گویی انبیای پیشین دریافتند که کودکی(عیسی مسیح) از قوم بنی اسرائیل به دنیا آمده و پس از روئیت ستاره مشرق به سمت اورشلیم حرکت کردند،در فرهنگ مسیحیت بسیار معروف است. کتاب "آن خردمند دیگر"داستان خیالی چهارمین خردمند ایرانی است ک [...]

  • I love this little story. I read it every year on Christmas Eve, but since I have not had my fragile old copy of the book with me for the past few years, I jumped the calendar a bit since discovering it on Project Gutenberg.The Three Wise Men gave gifts to a newborn King in his humble birthplace. And then they disappeared. The Other Wise Man was supposed to be with them, but circumstances delayed him. However, he spent his life in service to others while continuing to hope for an eventual royal [...]

  • The Other Wise Man is a wonderful story. It is written in a beautiful and simple style. I only had to run to the dictionary once (am I the only one out there who has never come across the word “jerboa” before?)It is sweet, it is beautiful. It’s the kind of book you want to own, not just borrow from the library. Concerning the story's inspiration, the author, Henry Van Dyke, said that he felt the story was given to him as a "gift" and it came to him all at once.

  • ‘What can I give Him, poor as I am? If I were a shepherd, I would bring a lamb; If I were a Wise Man, I would do my part; Yet what I can I give Him give my heart.’ - Christina Rossetti The Story of The Other Wise Man brought to mind the last stanza of a Christmas carol (‘In the Bleak Midwinter’) written by the English poet, Christina Rossetti. In this story, Henry van Dyke imaginatively conjured up the fourth Wise Man (Artaban of Persia) who fervently followed the Star in the East in hop [...]

  • Five stars of love. What a great little story. This was written over 100 years ago, but I had never heard about it until I went looking for some classic Christmas stories to read to my daughter and found this one available as a free e-book download.The book seemed like it was going to be a little slow in the first chapter, but then in the middle and end I fell totally in love with the story, the journey, and the message. This one is going to be a keeper for me. I might even have to see if I can [...]

  • Nearly everyone is familiar with the story of the Wise Men who brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the baby Jesus. Tradition numbers them at three and names them Caspar, Melchoir, and Balthazar. But did you know the story of “The Other Wise Man”? Artaban, a leader of the Persian Magi, learns from heavenly signs that the time is at hand for the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy about the birth among the Hebrews of a holy Prince and Deliverer of Man. Hastening to join three fell [...]

  • This is a well known story. I have heard it narrated in many sermons or spiritual retreats. But I had never read the original work. So when I saw the book in the library by a pure accident, I chose to have a first hand experience of it.The story is simple and lovely. The language is beautiful. I loved reading it. And this being the season of Advent, the book served also the other purpose of aiding my spiritual preparation for the Christmas. It is a good Christmas read.On the flyleaf of the book, [...]

  • The title is the synopsis. VanDyke says about the storyI have never felt as if it were my own. It was a gift. It was sent to me; and it seemed as if I knew the Giver, though His name was not spoken.Of the hero of the tale, Artaban, VanDyke writesthere are some kinds of failure that are better than success.And In all this populous and intricate world of anguish, though he found none to worship, he found many to help.A friend that I shared this story with called it a luminous gem.That’s about ri [...]

  • This is a wonderful story. It is the story of Artiban who was supposed to be the fourth Magi. He misses the caravan because he was delayed by doing what was right for an injured traveller, and so it goes. In the end he is in the right place at the right time. Easy read.

  • Van Dycke’s story isn’t the most charming. It’s more along the lines of those big biblical epics that Hollywood use to make – Ben Hur and such. It’s not bad, but not really engrossing.

  • Rating:4.6*"For when saw I thee a hungered and fed thee? Or thirsty and gave thee drink? When saw I thee a stranger and took thee in? When saw I thee sick or in prison, and came unto thee? Three-and-thirty years have I looked for thee; but I have never seen thy face, nor ministered to thee, my King""asmuch as thou hast done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, thou hast done it unto me."Take out:The entire story is hinged on these words - a plea to consider the needs of our brethren, e [...]

  • Perhaps nothing is more mysterious in scripture than the story of the Magi who come to visit baby Jesus. Who were these people and where did they come from? Why make such a long journey? Couldn't they have just been satisfied with the knowledge that they had received from the stars?In The Story of the Other Wise Man, Henry Van Dyke attempts to answer these questions. With scholarship and style he makes a fascinating fictional case for what the wise men were up to. In Artaban, the "other wise man [...]

  • It's not a commonly known story but it's a classic nonethelesss.If your family is looking for another good, thought-provoking read-aloud this holiday, here's a good one. It tells about another Wise Man who was to meet up with those that presented Jesus with the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh, but how he was detained and endeavored to continue on his journey to reach Christ.Incredibly unique and plausible - this short, sixty page book is worth the read.Ages: 8+Cleanliness: The word "breast [...]

  • Since its first publication in 1895, Henry van Dyke’s novella, The Story of the Other Wise Man, has been an annual Christmas favorite and has been reprinted in a new binding nearly every year.Often considered a story for children, but enjoyed by adults as well, this poignant tale follows the adventures of Artaban, “the fourth wise man," as he searches for the One foretold by the star he has seen, and how in not finding—he finds. The book was well researched and as a result, is rich with th [...]

  • I love the poetic style of the writing. It is hard to get into at first, but beautiful once you get used to the flow of the words.The first chapter is full of fascinating prophecies that the magi has learned. I wonder how much research the author did into the religious teachings of the magi - did he make the chants and prophecies up, or are they based on history? I've heard some of the traditions from other sources, so it makes me wonder about the rest of them. It makes the first chapter pretty [...]

  • This is a beautiful story of a man who sought the greatest King of Kings only to find that the King is more than flesh and blood and resides in all of us. A timely tale that reminds the reader that we can all do glory for His sake. The least of us is represented, truly something to rejoice and be thankful for. To all who read this:May the Lord bless you and keep you,May the Lord shine his face on you and be gracious to you,May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.Peace to [...]

  • This story has more than one single meaning. It has more than three. Layers and layers of symbolism and of allegories really set this small book apart from any other. The foreshadowing shows how much we accomplish when we live for Jesus and how much our lives really impact others.Not many greats are left that compare to Henry van Dyke, and I can truly say this is a book that I will pass down to my children since I own the 1899 edition.

  • 15 DEC 2015 - a Christmas story! I will be starting this one soon - very soon! Project Gutenberg - gutenberg/ebooks/1067918 DEC 2015 - I loved this little story. “Verily I say unto thee, inasmuch as thou hast done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, thou hast done it unto me."And the Other Wise Man found his King.

  • I've never heard of this story before, and only bought it because the book was old, and I figured it had something to do with the wiseman of the Christmas Story. So glad I bought it!This book is going to be an annual read, and I'm looking forward to reading it to my children one day. The last few sentences had me in joyful tears!!!!

  • For a short story, it's a little plodding at times. But the overarching message - what one does for the least of His brethren, one does unto Him - is so important for the Christian life, and so very beautifully demonstrated here.

  • "Who seeks for Heaven alone, to save his soul,May keep the path, but will not reach the goal;While he who walks in love may wander far:Yet God will bring him where the blessed are."This brief poem by Henry van Dyke, with which his tale of Artaban, "the other Wise Man," begins, really encapsulates the meaning of this story, which I first read as a young adolescent. The Story of the Other Wise Manis an account of the fourth Magus — imagined here as a Persian Zoroastrian priest-philosopher, astro [...]

  • Henry Van Dyke's story of the fourth wise man has been a favorite of mine since I first read it as a young child in my parents' home. Tonight, after our annual trip to see "Bethlehem Revisited" in Waxahachie, Texas, I remembered the story. I was able to find it on my smartphone (they aactually are useful once in awhile) and read the story out loud to my family on the way home. As I ended the reading, and after a moment of reverent silence, my teenage daughter quietly said, "I didn't see that com [...]

  • Artaban plans to join the Magi when it is time to visit Jesus in the stable where he is born. Artaban sells everything he owns so that he may buy jewels to take as his gift. However, as he journeys to meet with the other Magi he finds he must help a very sick man, using one jewel to do so and he must save a child from certain death when the soldiers of Herod come to kill all the young males, another jewel is used as a bribe. For 33 years Artaban searches for Jesus and when he finally discovers h [...]

  • I went looking for another Van Dyke novel that President Monson made reference to in his Christmas Devotional as a yearly holiday read and it was not available in the library so I picked this one up instead. It was written in 1896 and tells the story of another wise man who was not able to meet up with the original three and so followed on his own bearing his own gifts. It is a short (70 pages) quick read rich in imagery and details and references to people and places in the Mid-East. It is a li [...]

  • I actually read the hardback copy given to my grandfather in 1960. This is the story of a 4th Magi that never quite caught up to the other 3. Three days behind he missed the Christ child and never did find the Savior until the day he was crucified, even then he never physically saw him or was able to worship him as was the plan. He spent 33 yrs looking for him to give him the treasures he had brought but along the way he ended up giving them to others in need and out of love. Hearing the voice o [...]

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