The Bridge: A Horror Novella

The Bridge A Horror Novella After finding an online advertisement for a free designer couch roommates Lena Stacy and Tamara believe that they have found the perfect bargain After the sofa s quick delivery the three friends so

  • Title: The Bridge: A Horror Novella
  • Author: Amanda Lawrence Auverigne
  • ISBN: 2940011270093
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Nook
  • After finding an online advertisement for a free designer couch, roommates Lena, Stacy and Tamara believe that they have found the perfect bargain.After the sofa s quick delivery, the three friends soon make a terrifying discovery The Bridge is a tale of horror.Contains mature themes and graphic violence.

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      253 Amanda Lawrence Auverigne
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    Amanda Lawrence Auverigne writes Horror, Humor and Dark Fantasy fiction.


  • Amanda Lawrence Auverigne, The Bridge: A Horror Novella (Smashwords, 2011)First off, let me say that The Bridge is, in fact, the scariest thing I have read this year. Not because of its subject matter (downright boring), its plot (nonexistent), its characters (ludicrous), but because The Bridge is a sterling example of the worst excesses of the self-publishing binge we're on. Simply put, Amanda Lawrence Auverigne cannot write. She has no idea at all what the process of writing entails; she seems [...]

  • I guess this book would be ok if you have about 2-3 hours to kill. The plot was ok but became annoying the way every object in the house was described. The characters were boring Not sure how or why the man ended up in the sofaBut the book was free so i can't complain

  • There was no build up to bring you to the ending. Although it is a surprise to have the killer come out from it comes too late and too quickly to make the rest of the story as enjoyable as it could have been.

  • Its reads like a nano novel that hasnt been edited. There are what feel like two seprate poorly linked poorly developed plots. Had potential but failed to even get close to reaching it.

  • This book was poorly written and had no plot development. Who was the couple giving away the couch and how were they associated with killer hiding inside of it. Many, many errors as well. For example, five people were going to get into the truck and one of them commented that all four of them wouldn't fit. Dean started into Tamara's eyes. Don't you mean stared? Dean holds the door for everyone as they enter a building. The next line says they entered the building. They already entered the buildi [...]

  • I'm pretty sure I got this when it was free in the kindle store.I still feel like I overpaid.There's some entertainment value in the horrifically awful prose, but there's certainly none in the story itself, which is basically 50 pages of preamble and 10 pages of "plot".

  • Horribly boring, didn't make any sense, and wasn't even a horror novella. It was bunch of college kids acting stupid with 3 pages thrown in at the end to make this seem like a horror. No realism or logistics to this story and the plot was exorbitantly thin and ridiculous. I most likely won't be reading anything else by this author. People jumping from 7 stories and not getting hurt? Yeah, don't buy it. Plus the "hiding place"? Ridiculous, completely unfathomable.Also, this story has nothing to d [...]

  • Lesson to be taken from this: Stop picking up all the things that are available for free for my kindle. STOP. It is bad stuff (well, most of it). Just stop.Phew, this is really bad. I don't mean so much the plot, the idea, that wasn't great but where this little piece really, really, REALLY stinks is the unbearable bad, horribly bad writing. I have to revisit all books I denounced to have a bad style or foul writing over the years and apologize to them. This is easily the worst thing I have ever [...]

  • A bunch of college girls go to a couple’s home to get a free couch. A fugitive who was imprisoned for killing college kids is hiding in the couch. He leaps out after they have the couch moved to their apartment. He kills two of the girls, but one escapes.

  • This is a violent and graphic novella and not quite what I expected. In fact I figured out the ending in the first 10 pages. But if you like this sort of book, by all means you should read it.

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