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Play Me Lily Hamilton had her quiet predictable life all mapped out including a hot shot attorney for a fianc That is until she catches him screwing around and takes off in his prized Mercedes for once not

  • Title: Play Me
  • Author: Kaily Hart
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 190
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lily Hamilton had her quiet, predictable life all mapped out, including a hot shot attorney for a fianc That is until she catches him screwing around and takes off in his prized Mercedes, for once not giving a damn where she s headed How clich d is that Gabriel Jackson is raw and disillusioned Driving a tow truck is a far cry from the dangerous career he turned his bacLily Hamilton had her quiet, predictable life all mapped out, including a hot shot attorney for a fianc That is until she catches him screwing around and takes off in his prized Mercedes, for once not giving a damn where she s headed How clich d is that Gabriel Jackson is raw and disillusioned Driving a tow truck is a far cry from the dangerous career he turned his back on, but when he finds the classy blonde in a dangerous part of LA, he s immediately back in the role of protector.Lily is hot and sweet and so out of his league it s not funny, yet Gabe can t deny the sizzling heat between them He thinks he wants hard, fast and rough until he gets his hands on her He knows he should stay the hell away, but Lily makes him feel, really feel, for the first time in two years Is she just slumming or can she see beyond the harsh, broken fa ade to the man beneath A man who dreams of making her his

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  • Kaily Hart

    Kaily Hart, a seemingly straight laced mother of four left corporate America and a high powered, lucrative career to be a stay at home mom Ha That lasted about four weeks, during which time she realized she had a deeply repressed dream to write Romance By day, Kaily plays conservative wife and soccer mom, but at night crafts hot and steamy tales of romance and love with gorgeous heroes who wouldn t dream of leaving the toilet set up Ever She s smart and sassy, at least in her own mind, and is trying her best to bring the alpha male solidly back to contemporary romance Two years ago she never would have thought she d be doing this, but now that she is It just feels so right.


  • Hot story with a good premise. She takes her fiancee's $500,000 car after she finds him having sex on the bathroom counter of a party they are at. He becomes an ex-fiancee pretty quickly and with her need to get away she becomes stranded in a bad part of LA. The only one who will pick her up is Gabe, a tow truck driver with a tortured past- and has a reputation of saving damsels in distress. They immediately get to the sex and more and more sex, it was funny that she was really bad at it- and sh [...]

  • What an interesting story! As someone told me would happen, Gabe caught me from the get-go. He could be an ass surely, but he was just fighting his own demons. And Lily, sweet Lily. I kinda think she was out of her league with Gabe just because she seemed so innocent! But in a way, she saved our Gabe so I have to love her for that. They certainly enjoyed each other, didn't they? I don't think I've read a story like this before. It was definitely an interesting setup. I loved his stammering at th [...]

  • Kaily Hart writes another gem!!!Gabriel (Gabe) and Lily. These two are such a pair, Gabe is so domineering, with a cracked soul while Lily is naïve yet strong in character. The chemistry behind these two is amazing, and how the really do complete each other is something to be desired. Separately they are both broken and just making it through life, but together they become whole, where he is rough and jagged around the edges, she smooths him over and is the gentle calming balm he needs. Oh to l [...]

  • Good short story. A cop with rough recent past meets sweet woman who softens him. I liked both H/h and author's writing style.HERO is a Loner, struggling with past and future as a copSCENES/CONTENT: few/hotGENRE/TONE: contemporary/dramaLENGHT: 120 pages

  • Lily needs a hero. Caught in a broken down car that was borrowed from her cheating ex, she’s waiting for her white knight to save her. Gabe is a knight in tarnished armor. Working as a tow truck driver, he can’t help but rush in to defend Lily because that’s what he always does. But Lily is different and Gabe finds himself powerless to resist her charms. With white hot chemistry between Lily and Gabe, the sex scenes were explosive. There was an odd part in one of the first sex scenes where [...]

  • CLICK HERE TO READ MORE REVIEWS AT READING, EATING & DREAMING I WAS BLAIR WALDORFMy first thought after finishing Play Me by Kaily Hart was, “Am I supposed to go to bed now and actually sleep?”It’s an erotic and steamy tale that doesn’t leave you feeling rested or relaxed, quite the opposite actually. I recommend this novel for adults who are looking for a hot, mindless, sexy story. If you are looking for a great romance or a story with an amazing plot, then this isn’t the book for [...]

  • Ms. HartLet me just start by saying, you'd BEST be writing the cousin's books---esp Zack.There--now that I've got that over with! GAH!!!Ooooooh Gabe, how I love thee. lolLily's got a backbone she didn't know she had, a sex drive she's CERTAINLY underutilized, and a man that's for keeps all thanks to a shit for brains fiancée that didn't know what he had. Oh but Gabe knows and he's not going to let Lily go.I love a tortured hero and Gabe was certainly that. Even tho it's a novella and you don't [...]

  • idk I think 3 stars. This book definitely had hot sex in it, but I felt like it wasn't sure what it wanted to be exactly. A one-night-stand-turned-more? A dominating guy who shows someone that she just needs a little confidence to become the seductress she wants to be? Fantasy fulfillment? It was all of that, but the characters weren't so convincing to me. With that being said, I liked it. I really, really liked the beginning story line part and the end sexy times. And though I was surprised by [...]

  • Play Me anytime, GabrielHawtness is what you get when you add Gabe - a knight in a shining tow truck and Lily - innocent primary school teacher.Coming from totally different worlds their chemistry is instantaneous and undeniable.If you're after a quick and steamy read you've got the right title.

  • The opening to this book was nail biting, and who doesn't love a good hero saving damsel in distress story? From the first to the last, this book was a real page turner and absolutely HOT and romantic to boot. LOVED IT!

  • I enjoyed what there was BUT this book was too, as in very, very, short. It ended just when it was getting real interesting; I could see it going so many way rather than the short HFN ending we were given. Gabe's story could have been so much more interesting!

  • DAYUM!!!! Gabe is the dirty talkin' extraordinaireI believe he's better than Flynn (Willing Victim), Bryce (Hot in Here) and Jaime (Wicked Game). If you enjoyed those, give Play Me and Gabe a try! :)

  • Hot!!!Each book gets better and better. I have yet to find one of her books I don't like. The characters seem very real and charismatic. Their baggage is what I would imagine anyone having with that background. Yet somehow hea doesn't seem unrealistic.

  • I really like this author and this is another enjoyable book. This felt a little similar to another of her books. And the plot moved along a little fast in some spots. But still a good read.Kindle Unlimited would read again.

  • This book had it all. Action emotion you name it it was there. The book started off with a bang and never slowed down. You could feel the intensity of the characters its sucked me in and left me wanting more. Mrs Hart is fast becoming one of my favorite must read authors.

  • No offence to the author, but i didn't like the book that much. It was a good romance book but I was hoping for more an intimate relationship love kind and I expected like something different.

  • Another great readGave and Lilly are a cute couple. He is so protective and she being so naive, you knew the passion was going to be hot. My only wish was it would go on.

  • Love this book, super duper sexy! Love Kaily Hart. She's a relatively new author, and if you ask me, she hasn't missed yet.

  • Sexual energy, but I liked the loyalty; faithfulness and possessiveness of a new and growing, albeit still fragile relationship

  • GreatNothing like a cop and teacher romanceGabe and Lily have it all I have enjoyed these stories and am looking forward to more.

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