Ethan, Suspended

Ethan Suspended After a school suspension and his parents separation Ethan is sent to live with his grandparents in Washington D C which is worlds apart from his home in a Philadelphia suburb

  • Title: Ethan, Suspended
  • Author: Pamela Ehrenberg
  • ISBN: 9780802853240
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Hardcover
  • After a school suspension and his parents separation, Ethan is sent to live with his grandparents in Washington, D.C which is worlds apart from his home in a Philadelphia suburb.

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    Pamela Ehrenberg Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Ethan, Suspended book, this is one of the most wanted Pamela Ehrenberg author readers around the world.


  • Ethan is a normal middle schooler from a well-to-do Philadelphia suburb. One of his pranks injures a fellow student and Ethan is suspended from school. His suspension comes amid a family crisis (his parents are getting a divorce)and to mitigate their problems, his Mom ships Ethan off to Washington D.C. to live with his grandparents for a while. Life becomes very different for Ethan. His grandparents live in a predominantly black section of D.C. and he becomes the odd kid at school. He is enrolle [...]

  • Ethan, Suspended is a book about a boy who has trouble with school and also some problems with his parents. Ethan, after he is suspended, is sent to Washington D.C to live with his grandparents. He then finds he is staying there for more then a week (that is how long he was suspended). Ethan now has to go to school with people that aren't like him at all. At Ethan's new school, he struggles to find friends and the two things that make him happy are his sister's letters he gets and the new instre [...]

  • A book that basically goes nowhere. There is evidently supposed to be some connection between the civil rights movement that his grandparents lived through, and Ethan's experience, but the author seems to have forgotten what it was half way through the book. Not very realistic and not much happens. From :This debut YA novel takes the classic fish-out-water setup and applies it to a good Jewish kid from suburban Philadelphia. After getting into some minor trouble with friends, Ethan Oppenheimer i [...]

  • When the book opens and we first meet the star of Ehrenberg’s young adult novel, seventh-grader Ethan Oppenheimer, he has just been uprooted from his comfortable existence in a white, middle-class suburban community and plunked down in the urban Washington D.C. home of his astronomically uncool grandparents. Unbeknownst to him (he thinks he’s just there for a week or so), Ethan is about to spend a semester as the only white kid in an almost entirely black and Hispanic middle school. Ehrenber [...]

  • In the book Ethan,Suspended the main character is forced to go live with his grandparents because his parents are too busy and recently got divorced. His father went to go work far away and will only visit on vacations. Ethan is making new friends and is angry that he cannot see his parents. Ethan has to find a way to get through the school year and see his parents again.

  • This is a good book. Emphasis on good, not great. Its about a boy who gets suspended from school and goes to live with his grandparents. The main character's name is Ethan. He is a teenager who is used to living a rich and spoiled lifestyle but learns that not everyone is as fortunate as he is. He makes friends and learns a lot of lessons cliche. There is a reason this is in the genre of realistic fiction. Its realistic enough to give kids an idea that everyone has problems, but its kind of TO r [...]

  • Ethan has been marooned at his grandparents house for supposedly two weeks because he has gotten into some trouble at school. At his grandparents, we are treated to old people soft food, coupon cutting and wearing a uniform to an urban school. all of which Ethan hates. While Ethan tries to get acclimated, his walks to school everday with the 2 Taylor boys next door. Felix is talkative while his older brother Daron, doesn't say much. Ethan has to do a history project that gets him involved with a [...]

  • When Ethan Oppenheimer is suspended from his comfortable suburban school for bullying another child, he finds himself also suspended from life as he has known it. Ethan is packed off to live with his grandparents in Washington, D.C and he must figure out how to survive and thrive as the outsider, a white, Jewish kid in a predominantly Black and Latino middle school, where class, gangs, race and ethnicity rule. Add to that, Ethan’s parents’ divorce and feeling abandoned by his friends and you [...]

  • I am always entertained by books that have a local setting and this one was no different. After being suspended from his suburban Philidelphia school, Ethan is sent to live with his Grandparents is DC. There he attends their neighborhood public school where he is the only white kid. There are lots of other stories going on here too. . . his parents are divorcing, his sister is off at college, his grandparents are low-tech and set in their ways, he has a crush on a girl who he is pretty sure his [...]

  • I liked this book because it was written in the form that jordan sonnenblick's books are written. Only thing i have about this is the ending- it ended with the story hanging, like the what-will-happen-next kind of thing, only it just didn't work for me. Not a lot of things are figured out, like Ethan wants to stay with his grandparents and yet he still goes home. And then there's Diego, who gets suspended only before Ethan finds out, he wants to help Diego learn an instrument. A lot of things i [...]

  • I was surprised at how much I liked this book. It's the story of a high school kid who ends up living with his grandparents in urban Washington D.C. while some things are being sorted at home in suburban Pennsylvania. The characters all rang true, and unlike so many YA reads, they actually sounded like kids, and kids I wouldn't mind knowing.I felt like the ending petered out a little, but it still felt true.

  • After Ethan gets in trouble at school he's sent to D.C. to live with his grandparents. He has to adjust from living in the suburbs to inner city living in a bad neighborhood at a school that doesn't have any money as well as living with his elderly grandparents who eat dinner at 4:30 and don't use computers, etc. On top of that, his parents are getting a divorce and no one will tell him what's going on.

  • A touching YA book that puts a fresh spin on topics like peer pressure and divorce and gives an honest (and suitably naive) twenty-first century kid's-eye view of drugs, gangs, racism, and civil rights. After getting suspended from school in the suburbs, Ethan Oppenheimer is sent to live with his grandparents in inner-city D.C. The only white (and Jewish) kid in school, he struggles to find friends but finds solace in the jazz band and an organization called Hungry for Music.

  • Wanted it to be better because it's realistic fiction set in DC, but the characters felt like an adult's version of middle school kids and the focus on race issues from the main character's white outsider perspective was uncomfortable at best, especially because the book was designed to be semi-preachy about tolerance

  • This YA novel offers a fresh way to look at race relations. It takes place in DC, through the eyes of a kid whose parents are divorcing. I thought the book was 5 star material, except that the ending was not entirely satisfying. Still, a worthy read.

  • The portrayal of urban life did not ring true to me for the most part. I know analogues of the characters from my own neighborhood, and it's just not how things work. The exception would be the music teacher and the experiences surrounding that. Not recommended.

  • Read for work- great book for kids (about 6th grade reading level), but good for adults too. Takes place in DC :)

  • It's the story of boy who moves to DC to live w/ his grandparents and realizes that people are still not treated equally.

  • The characterizations are wonderful in this book. Ethan is a thoughtful fourteen year old trying to figure out his mistakes and his family in this touching and humorous look at teenage life.

  • It talked about passive involvement, passive existence, the importance of music, class differences, and more. I miss this book already.

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