It's Like This

It s Like This A brave and funny love story about the anxieties insecurities and heartaches that drive people apart and bring them back together It s Like This is the journey of Niles and Rylan as they learn to

  • Title: It's Like This
  • Author: Anne O'Gleadra
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 185
  • Format: Online Publication
  • A brave and funny love story about the anxieties, insecurities, and heartaches that drive people apart and bring them back together, It s Like This is the journey of Niles and Rylan, as they learn to communicate in the shadow of a life changing illness Niles and Rylan have been together a long time They have great sex, they are deeply intimate, and Rylan never holds backA brave and funny love story about the anxieties, insecurities, and heartaches that drive people apart and bring them back together, It s Like This is the journey of Niles and Rylan, as they learn to communicate in the shadow of a life changing illness Niles and Rylan have been together a long time They have great sex, they are deeply intimate, and Rylan never holds back on displaying his affection As far as their family and friends are concerned, they re an established couple, and yet, after three years of being together , Niles is still unsure if they re actually in a relationship.As their sexual intensity reaches a dangerous tipping point, Niles must find the courage to articulate how he feels in order to try and keep the only thing he has ever wanted Emotional and compelling, It s Like This is a must read for true romantics.

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    Anne O Gleadra was born and raised in northern British Columbia, Canada She loves Fringe festivals, camping and reading what her partner has dubbed kissing and feelings books Her home is a tiny basement suite where she lives with her small, kneady cat Her first book, It s Like This, is available from Beaten Track Publishinghere beatentrackpublishing or on.


  • Thoughts on the official, published versionThe free online version of It's Like This has been replaced with a revamped, officially published version. Congrats to Anne! That being said, my WORST fangirl nightmare just came true. Personally, I think the rawness and freshness of the original were compromised by attempts at making these young lovers' beautifully natural dynamics more PC. Think: the introduction of formalized BDSM concepts such as discussing consent and safe words and, due to altered [...]

  • I'm late to the party with "It's Like This." I've never read the unpolished, online version, so the polished, edited copy was my first taste of this story *gasp*. This book has been a top favorite of a lot of my most trusted reader friends FOREVER, and so I think my expectations were a bit too high. Was this book hot? HELL YEAH. Was it SUPER memorable and special? Not really, I'm afraid. What I liked about this story was that it was focused on the characters and only the characters. There wasn't [...]

  • **Review is of original free online version**not really a spoiler (view spoiler)[ I far prefer the original free version. I rec you read that one, not the published, edited version. And then if you like it I rec you pay for the published, edited version in appreciation, and just never read it. (hide spoiler)]Fucking fantastic. Fabulous characterisation: a sense of a window into a real, developing, difficult, fantastic relationship. I want every person in that story to be real.

  • ETA: This review is of the original online fic posted by orbiting jupiter, (Anne's pseudonym), not the published version.-----------------------------------------------------------------------Loved this :-)This author's blurbs make me pass over her books for long periods and then I get around to reading them and they're a revelation. I loved this for several reasons. A few of them: * The natural, organic Dom/sub scene. I hate the dungeon and the clinical interactions, and the contract and all th [...]

  • This is a little gem of a coming of age, burgeoning kinkster story.Niles is adorable, a total idiot at communicating, but ADORBS. Usually, that trait drives me nuts and I want to hammer it down, but here it made sense--went on a bit long, but the entire genesis was believable. I mean there are two parties in this stupid silence. RylanRylan, Rylan. Geez, dude. I get you and you are awesome, but --*restrains self from attempting to strangle fictional character*--not the best strategy. There are so [...]

  • Remember when you were a kid and you went to your grandma’s house and maybe you hadn’t seen your grandma in a long time and she would hug the bejesus out of you and kiss you all over your head/face until you wanted to say, ‘Awwww grandma, C’mon!’?Remember that?I was the grandma in this little scenario. I wanted to squeeze the stuffing out of my kindle more than once but that would’ve been counterproductive.I’m going to make a concerted effort not to type your face off. I know I can [...]

  • 4.5 Stars”Cum, sweat, spit, blood on the bedsheets. And I don’t care. This power, this intensity, this enormity. This is how I want to be wanted.”So here I am swooning all over Orbiting Jupiter again. I feel an “over the moon” comment coming on, but I’ll try to control myself and spare you. :DIt’s Like This introduces us to another adorable couple with power, intimacy, and heat. Two guys that swept right in and stole my heart. Hell, they somehow had my heart in the palm of their ha [...]

  • It's like thisNiles needs to learn how to communicate with his boyfriend, Rylan.It's like thisriously, he has, like, a pathological fear of opening his mouth. Well, except sexually.It's like thisI bookmarked all the sex scenes. Breath play is looking more and more interesting.It's like thise rest of it was really good as well.It's like thisI wanna read it again!It's like thisYOU SHOULD READ IT TOO.4.5 stars

  • THIS IS REVIEW OF THE FREE VERSION NOT THE PUBLISHED/POLISHED ONEWow, what a treat!!At first, I'm really uncomfortable with the nature Niles and Rylan's relationship. I feel like Shona (Niles's best friend), worry that the relationship is abusive and Niles doesn't have the right state of mind when it comes to Rylan, to say "no" or "stop". Especially after the scene of (view spoiler)[erotic asphyxiation (hide spoiler)] and the Condom Incident. and this is where I applaud the author for pacing the [...]

  • EDIT 5 minutes later - I'm always undecided, but when I decide, I'm quickFuck it. 4 stars. I liked it - a lot. Doesn't need to be perfect for me to really like something.I'm undecided between 4 and 3.3.68ish Whatever.So the thing is: I was expecting lots of delicious, painful angst, and I got it. For the first 25%. Then it just kind of fizzled out and this story turned into a fluffy established couple story with a couple of issues here and there that were solved in one chapter each - that's 8 to [...]

  • This story makes me wonder why I spend, like, a quarter of my salary on books when awesome stuff like this is available for free. I do wish it was longer, though.

  • It is said that no man is an island. In Niles’ case, that is bullshit. He’s clueless, seriously clueless, and while they should have driven me nutters, the way the author portrays his cluelessness is incredibly endearing. That doesn’t mean I didn’t want to smack him upside the head repeatedly and yell, “For fucks sake SAY something already.” But that isn’t how Niles operates and I really appreciated how his personality evolved and he did improve, but he didn’t change so much that [...]

  • Review of Published Version:It hurts to say this, but I very much prefer the original unpublished version of this book. I wish I could say the changes were an improvement, but unfortunately they "fixed" something that wasn't broken. This went from being a unique, lovely story about two young adults figuring out their kinky relationship to one of the same old BDSM books that are a dime a dozen. It's kind of crazy how the addition of a few words and sentences here and there can change the dynamic [...]

  • 3.5 Stars.I almost ate this book. It was THAT delicious. A little bit of taboo, a little bit of kink, lots and lots of sexy hotness.Not a book with a destination but that doesn't matter when it's the characters that drive the story. Nicely done, but the ending wasn't to my liking - but that's just me - not a fan of those too sappy endings. I'd have liked a bit more bite, if you know what I mean;)

  • I was totally not going to get suckered into reading anything today, and then this started showing up in my feed. Well, I thought, I'll just read a chapter and see how it goes. Famous last words. Loved it, and couldn't stop until I was finished. The sex was hot, and, unlike in a lot of free online stuff, there was a shitload of character development. I loved Niles, and his reasonable insecurities about the status of his relationship with Rylan. At the beginning I wasn't sure if I liked Rylan too [...]

  • The first half of the book is 5 stars material. It had me waxing lyrical. The author was able to convey complex emotions with deceptive simplicity.In SilenceShroudedLockedSafeHopingGoing to piecesCocoonedDenialSilence reigns supremeNo talking with words but Rylan sure did talk with actions. He walked the talk. Niles of course was totally clueless. I like how this was shown and the character built ups and dynamics. Usually BDSM leaves me a bit baffled, but not this time, this time I was not uncom [...]

  • Very good kinky m/m romance about two guys who've been together for three years, since high school, but they've never talked about whether they're actually in a relationship. I could definitely relate to Niles' communication issues

  • I'm tempted to bolster my bookreads for 2014 BUT I won't - I have just re-read this and, my god, is it review-worthyThe great thing about my dear GR friend, Lo-La, is that she (almost always :p) has spectular taste in books/stories/fics. There are some that are rather more questionable but I'll let those slide So, after her recent reference to this, I re-read this and yes, Orbiting Jupiter, you certainly do have it. What makes this so utterly charming is the dynamic between the two MCs: on the o [...]

  • 1.5* rounded up.I don't get the fascination with juveniles having gay sex. I mean, I'm simply not interested if that is all the plot there is. I don't understand why it should benefit me reading about (not very mature at that) teenagers having it on. Maybe it might have interested me when I was that age, but now? No. Not if that is all there is.I think that with that insight I now know why a lot of much hyped stories fall completely flat for me. I'm puzzled even, because I can't understand the f [...]

  • Enjoyable well-written online m/m read. Told in the first person from Niles' pov. 19 year olds Niles and Rylan have been together for over three years but never speak about their relationship. Niles doesn't even know if it is a relationship?'I want to explain. I need to tell him. But I don't know what I need to tell him, I can't remember what's the truth. If I'm the one that loves him or he's the one that loves me and who's keeping what a secret all this time. I can't keep track of all the shit [...]

  • I loved the novelty of the concept of a three year relationship not being acknowledged by the two mcs (never mind that it was obvious to everubody else), and the realism in its characters.  The narrator's insecurities and inner dialogue were surprisingly adequate to his age and circumstances.  And when I as a reader  had access to Rylan's feelings  it all made complete sense.  Even the kinkiness in the relationship was developed with credibility.  Awesome read!

  • Another one of my books of the year.Niles and Rylan have been together for three years, yet Niles doesn’t know if they’re a couple, or even how Rylan feels about him. They are young, but it seems that everyone knows about them, without being told outright. Niles talks to hid friend Shona about Rylan, Rylan doesn’t feel the need to talk to anyone it appears.One evening they go out, Rylan dances with a girl in a club, Niles take Shona’s advice, and everything changes. Rylan kicks Niles out [...]

  • Enjoyable free fic, centering around two guys who seriously need to sit down and talk about their "relationship." As the story begins, Rylan and Niles are 19 years old, best friends, and have been sexing it up for the past 3 years. The sex is kinky, and getting kinkier. However, the boys have never had an actual conversation about it, which ultimately leads to some serious confusion, insecurity, and miscommunication (mostly on Niles' side of things). Niles is the sub of the duo, and is a bit of [...]

  • I don't even know where to begin. I did not like this at all. I hated Niles. He's whiny and insecure. He's been monogamous for three years to a guy that he isn't even sure he's in a relationship with!! WTF? Yet, he's too scared to actually talk to the guy about it? What? You just roll along for three years waiting to see if the guy brings it up? No doormat. That is not what you do. I didn't like his BFF Shona. She's too much in his business. He gives her one side of the story then allows whateve [...]

  • Usually I'm not a fan of the books where the plot revolves around an epic failure in communication, but this one was awesome. So many feelings and emotions packed into 200 pages! I just couldn't put it down.

  • I really really like this, and can you believe is free online?Also this online fiction thing is becoming an obsession, I got to stop, but is free and sometimes so good and short but not to short.

  • 3.5 starsI was advised by friends to read the original, free, online version (under pen name orbiting jupiter) and that’s what I did.I really liked this, I liked the voice, I liked all the secondary characters, and I liked Niles and Rylan, A lot.Their dynamic-- hooking-up as teenagers without any discussion of being a ‘couple’-- it seemed so real to me. They were sixteen, what did they know, right? All they knew was that they loved being together. It felt good, it became an obsession, almo [...]

  • *Copy provided by the author through the BDSM TPE Bar in exchange for an honest review*Rating overviewWriting: ★★★★★Story: ★★★★★Characters: ★★★★★Overall: ★★★★★ (5)~~~Omg - I am seriously struggling for words right now. This story was something else First of all I have to say this is not Young Adult, actually I would caution readers to only pick this up if they've read a bit of BDSM and also know a little bit about the lifestyle and are comfortable with it. [...]

  • I wasn't sure why I hadn't read this piece earlier, as the plot sounds right up my alley.Now I realize why. At some point,i must have read that it involves BDSM and dom/sub stuff. The whole thing revolved around a dom/sub relationship. At first I could overlook the Dom/sub sex and I liked the story, but towards the end the Dom/sub relationship wasnt just sexual it, it embodied the two MCs whole relationship.(psychological, physical emotional, etc.)I don't like reading about Dom/sub stuff or BDSM [...]

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