Seduced by Grace

Seduced by Grace The youngest of the fabled Three Graces of Graydon is waylaid from her bridal cortege preserving one man from the notorious curse But another may yet fall When Lady Marguerite Milton is abducted by t

  • Title: Seduced by Grace
  • Author: Jennifer Blake
  • ISBN: 9780778312659
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Paperback
  • The youngest of the fabled Three Graces of Graydon is waylaid from her bridal cortege, preserving one man from the notorious curse But another may yet fall When Lady Marguerite Milton is abducted by the enigmatic and famously insatiable Golden Knight, it is the stuff of fantasy Or would be, if Marguerite weren t pining for her David, who pledged his devotion ten years bThe youngest of the fabled Three Graces of Graydon is waylaid from her bridal cortege, preserving one man from the notorious curse But another may yet fall When Lady Marguerite Milton is abducted by the enigmatic and famously insatiable Golden Knight, it is the stuff of fantasy Or would be, if Marguerite weren t pining for her David, who pledged his devotion ten years before and disappeared But the only thing heartbreaking than a man that does not keep his word is one bound by it David is the Golden Knight, reaffirming his oath to protect Marguerite and, maddeningly, to love her, but chastely More infuriatingly, Marguerite has been a pawn bait to lure David into King Henry VII s latest intrigue To divide Yorkist insurrectionists, David is groomed as a rival to their latest pretender to the throne.Marguerite is desperate If David fails, the rebels will destroy him if he succeeds, Henry will not scruple to execute the would be king he himself created Suddenly, love and life seem far beyond the reach of any mere curse.

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    A pseudonym used by Patricia Maxwell.Jennifer Blake has been called a pioneer of the romance genre , and an icon of the romance industry A New York Times and international best selling author since 1977, she is a charter member of Romance Writers of America, member of the RWA Hall of Fame, and recipient of the RWA Lifetime Achievement Rita She holds numerous other honors, including two Maggies , two Holt Medallions, multiple Reviewer s Choice Awards, the Career Achievement Award from Romantic Times BookReviews Magazine, and the Frank Waters Award for literary excellence She has written over 60 books with translations in 20 languages and than 30 million copies in print worldwide Jennifer and her husband reside in a lakeside Caribbean style retreat in North Louisiana where they often entertain family and friends Always a gardener, she spends much of her time encouraging her garden to bloom with her favorite daylilies and antique roses She also enjoys walking her two dogs, Buffy and Lucky, and indulging in needlework, painting, and travel.


  • This one had great potential but didn't quite live up to the promise. What I liked:- The historical stuff - there aren't enough HRs written about this early-Tudor/Wars of the Roses era, and not only is this one set right then, but it uses a huge amount of historical fact and rumor to weave a really strong background. The historical stuff really came out after about 60% of the way through, but even the of caricature of Henry VII feels real to me - human, but essentially ruthless and an eminently [...]

  • I really should've looked up the original cover before buying this book, it would've saved me from a lot of awkward moments.

  • Good plotThis was the best of the three books of this series. What an interesting time in England's history!!!!!! Great plot.

  • This was a good book to end the "Curse of the Three Graces" series. At least the author didn't focus high and low on this ridiculous curse as she mentioned it so ad nausea in the first book (By His Majesty's Grace). The hero was so noble and I loved how truly convicted he was to his word. Integrity and honor were his major strengths. His heroine truly matched him in every way. She has been madly in love with her hero since they were young adults and how their romance and passion unfolded was tru [...]

  • Nous retrouvons la dernière Grâce de Graydon, Marguerite Milton et les complots de la cour d'Henri VII. Alors qu'elle est en route pour rejoindre son promis, son escorte et elle-même sont arrêtés par un groupe de chevaliers parmi lesquels se trouve le Chevalier d'Or à la légende fabuleuse. Ce dernier la réclame et l'enlève pour la sauver de ce mariage. Il n'est autre que David, le jeune écuyer de Sir Rand qu'on a rencontré dans le premier tome de la série. David avait fait la promess [...]

  • Seduced By Grace is the third novel in the Graces of Graydon series, and while it is historical romance, it's more medieval than regency. All three books are set in the time of Henry VII, which I typically really enjoy. But this book, like the others in the series, just didn't quite get there.Thankfully, because Marguerite and David's relationship had been building through the past two books, there was no endless yammering about the curse of the Three Graces or whatever. (Essentially, the curse [...]

  • I truly enjoyed the interactions between David and Margurite. The aspect of a what if and David learning he was of noble birth was intriguing. The premise of the book fascinated me; David being asked to be an interloper in order to distract from another. well done! I was disappointed that although the other sisters and their husbands were mentioned we didn't get to have them actually particiapte in teh story. I felt it would have been most interesting to have Dunbar and Braesford as part of the [...]

  • Je suis assez mitigée… J’ai beaucoup aimé le style d’écriture de Jennifer Blake, notamment la manière dont parle le roi.Bien que l’histoire soit bien écrite, des dialogues et des répliques bien tournées, je trouve que tout cela est un peu plat, il manque un peu d’action. Je n’ai pas ressenti la tension décrite.Le héros est assez atypique, et j’ai apprécié, ça changeait des personnages masculins habituels. Il lui est dévoué, amour chaste, platonique… et près à tout [...]

  • Now I really can't decide if I liked this one or the first one the best in this trilogy. This was a great Tudor romance! Once again, taking place at the court of Henry VII, this is a tale of Tudor chivalry and courtly love at its finest. David, the "Golden Knight" has vowed to keep Lady Marguerite Milton safe and protected until the end of his days - in a chaste way. While King Henry plans a scheme involving David, in an effort to break up those fighting for the Tudor throne, Marguerite and Davi [...]

  • I think this was my least favorite out of the three, which means I stilled liked it as I really enjoyed this series. David's vow of honor just got to be too much for me to tolerate. Part of me tried to be kind and realize that it was the time period for knightly love. But then the other characters would remind me that this was probably something we have blown out of proportion as everyone around David expected him to act differently. I just get a little tired of characters who won't admit their [...]

  • This novel had a somewhat slow start and I was nearly to the middle before I began turning pages like mad. This is about Marguerite, the youngest of the three grace sisters and her love, David who has been gone earning prowess as the Golden Knight for ten years. When Marguerite is ordered to marry by Henry VII she sends messages to David. He shows up just in time but so does the pretender Perkin Warbeck. The Wily Henry now dreams up other plans while David tries to keep his vow to Marguerite tha [...]

  • 3.75 starsNowhere near as good as the first two books in the series, but that could be because I didn't connect with either of the characters all that much, mainly due to the fact that the conflict between them felt contrived to my 21st Century mind. David's insistence that he can't marry Marguerite because of a "chivalrous vow" he made to her as a young man---before he was knighted---felt silly. Sure, it's great to see a hero who's a man of his word; however, it seems rather stupid when that wo [...]

  • 3.5 stars This is the last book in the trilogy and while I enjoyed it tremendously at times, it was my least favorite. The plot about Edward IV's illegitimate son and the convoluted politics of the War of the Roses (my least favorite historical period) made for some slow goings occasionally. But I loved the two main characters and that redeemed it. Overall, this has been a wonderful group of stories.

  • i think this is the best bok of the three book series. the characters were better written and how they came together was completely different from her other two books.i love how marguriet knew who david was when they were younger. it adds to the tension between them.i cpmpleteluy loved how the king just threw them together at any moment he could with them not being wise to itey say that the heart grows fonder with time and i believe that is what hapened to david and marguerite

  • I enjoyed this book. I don't think I've ever read a romance novel such as this that went so far back. Usually, I've read books based in the 1800s. But this jumpfrom the 1800s to 1400s was a good change. I also enjoyed the characters. Some parts I got lost and had to Reread but eventually you get used to the way they talk.

  • I really enjoyed the way Blake wove her history into this story. The "what if?" idea that sparked the plot was inspired. OK, there was a time or two when I wondered whether these two had anything (intellectually speaking) to contribute to the gene pool (his vow to love her chastely might not have been such a bad idea). But in general I liked the characters and enjoyed the story immensely.

  • Un peu déçue par ce dernier tome que je trouve en dessous des deux premiers La première moitié ne m'a pas du tout accrochée et la seconde la rattrape un peu mais pas suffisamment C'est dommage quand on pense que les deux premier tome m'ont vraiment passionnées !

  • A great finale to the Three Graces! Ms. Blake's attention to historical detail, along with brilliant storytelling had me captivated with a feeling of being transported into 1400's England! What a phenomenal series!

  • I would actually have given this book 2.5 stars if possible. I liked that the story seemed well researched but I felt that it drug on and on.just do it already! I lost interest, which is unfortunate because I liked that premise of the story and the main characters.

  • I enjoyed this series. but I really wish there would have been a epilogue to say what happened in several years.

  • The last book in the series and my favorite. Blake's writing just gets better in my opinion. Lots of historical facts woven throughout the story. Lots of action. Great storyline.

  • I really like this book alot it was very interesting and to find out who the man father really was jus made the book even better.

  • This book took a real suspension of disbelief and all three sisters were essentially the same character but was still a fun read.

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