Diana: Her True Story

Diana Her True Story Librarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition for ISBN X Diana Her True Story was originally published in under the guise of a quasi authorized biography with mostly

  • Title: Diana: Her True Story
  • Author: Andrew Morton
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Librarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition for ISBN 068485080X 9780684850801.Diana Her True Story was originally published in 1992 under the guise of a quasi authorized biography, with mostly unnamed courtiers and royalty as the accredited sources It instantly became a sizzling, international bestseller that lanced the boil of Windsor family dysfunction, triLibrarian s Note this is an alternate cover edition for ISBN 068485080X 9780684850801.Diana Her True Story was originally published in 1992 under the guise of a quasi authorized biography, with mostly unnamed courtiers and royalty as the accredited sources It instantly became a sizzling, international bestseller that lanced the boil of Windsor family dysfunction, triggering a chain of events that led to Charles and Diana s divorce After her tragic death in 1997, Andrew Morton revealed that Diana herself had not only been the main source for the book, but had also edited his original drafts for accuracy In return for this gold mine of information, Diana wanted complete anonymity for fear of retaliation from the queen Her True Story in Her Own Words is enhanced by than 75 full color photographs of the princess, from her childhood in Althorp to her marriage to Charles at Westminster Abbey to her humanitarian efforts, and finally to her unforgettable funeral service However, the most poignant portrayal of the princess emerges from the unedited transcriptions of Diana s interviews with Morton I think I m going to cut a very different path from everyone else I m going to break away from this setup and go and help the man on the street.

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    Andrew David Morton born 1953 is one of the world s best known biographers and a leading authority on modern celebrity His groundbreaking biography Diana Her True Story was a 1 New York Times bestseller, as was Monica s Story, an authorized biography of Monica Lewinsky, and Tom Cruise An Unauthorized Biography The winner of numerous awards, including Author of the Year, his other New York Times bestsellers include unauthorized biographies of Madonna and Angelina Jolie, as well as William Catherine Their Story A former British Fleet Street tabloid journalist,he studied history at the University of Sussex He lives in Londoncmillan author andrew


  • My heart, it bleedsThis is easily the best biography I've ever read. And it's been a long time coming. Ever since I heard of this I've wanted to read it. It just so happens that I was recently in St John's and stopped to browse a local used bookshop, inside which I found a pristine copy of the book. It is also fitting that I read it during the summer that is the 20th anniversary of her death.There is so much about this woman that I did not know. Or, if I knew it, I didn't know the extent to whic [...]

  • Diana: Her True Story, Andrew Morton تاریخ نخستین خوانش: سال 2000 میلادیعنوان: دایانا غریبه ای در دربار انگلیس؛ نویسنده: اندرو مورتن؛ مترجم: سیاوش فولادفرد؛ ویراستار: جمال آل احمد؛ تهران، کویر، 1377؛ در 288 ص؛ شابک: 9646144217؛ چاپ چهارم 1378؛ موضوع: سرگذشتنامه شاهزادگان انگلستان - قرن 20 مفهرست: آغاز شکوف [...]

  • If I read this book when it came out it would have been a solid 5 stars. It would be that for being the first in its kind; the way it was done by sneaking the questions and answers out of Kensington Palace via a recorder and some cassette tapes and a sheet of questions. This book by Andrew Morton did pave the way to other books that came after it. It gave a voice to those who couldn't because of tradition or rules. This book read 20 years after the death of Diana, while the content of this book [...]

  • I've always been interested in Princess Diana but at the height of her publicity, I was still too young to have any other impression of her than those of fairy tales, a handsome prince and his princess. Then she died and the hype and mystery surrounding her death also kept me captivated for a while. I didn't think to read anything about her until a friend mentioned recently that he wanted to (thanks Mostafa). I figured now, as an adult, was a good time to read her story, understand the facts, an [...]

  • Firstly, I realize that this is a one-sided story. There is going to be a bias. While the author did try to lay blame on Diana when it was due at times, it really was a sharp criticism of the Prince of Wales. I'm a monarchy buff, so I love this stuff. Having read the Queen's biography by Sally Bedell Smith, it was interesting seeing information from both sides. This account sheds light on how the Queen did see Diana as a threat to the royal family, not power-wise but systemically. She broke some [...]

  • This review and others can be found on BW Book Reviews.I'll admit it: I'm a bit behind the times with this book. I had never heard of it until I was browsing my library's online downloadable audiobook catalogue and saw this as an option. It wasn't until I started listening to it that I found out the story behind this book. Diana, basically, wanted her words to get out and to set down her story before Prince Charles could. So, she worked with Morton and someone else. Morton gave the questions he [...]

  • Tabloid fodder, that's all this feels like. Thankfully my copy wasn't the overblown 300-400+ pages in the mass market paperback, I don't think I could've gotten through it otherwise. Full of spelling mistakes; it's easy to see how utterly rushed this was. I'm sure it was much more sensational when it was first published, before Diana and Charles divorced. I didn't learn anything new from it and I honestly feel guilty for owning it. A person's life isn't meant to be judged and picked over so inte [...]

  • What a sad book. I grew up with Diana as the "People's Princess." I remember my mom waking my sister and I up so early those many years ago to watch the royal wedding. Like so many in the world, I watched Diana through the years with fascination and admiration. I wept when her life was cut tragically short just as it seemed she had found happiness in so many areas of her life.This is the updated edition that came out after her death. Morton adds context to how he gathered the information for her [...]

  • Blah! This book leaves the reader wondering who was more at fault for the Windsor's marriage failure. From what this author writes, it had nothing to do with Diana's immaturity, bulimia, half-hearted suicide attempts, intellectual capacity (or lack thereof), or her extra-marital affairs. The whole fault lay with Charles and his philandering with Camilla. Isn't it always the guy's fault? :) The bottom line is that if a person is not born into the public spotlight, it's a tough lifestyle to adapt [...]

  • A harrowing read, which opened my eyes to the suffering Diana went through, including Charles cheating on her with Camilla even before he married Diana. Really exposes the sinister behaviour of the Royal Family.

  • A biografia é boa, mas o autor coloca Lady Di como a santa sofredora. Dramático demais, principalmente nos últimos capítulos.

  • I'm not usually one for celebrity biographies or memoirs, but when I read that this biography of Diana was based upon her own words, my curiosity got the best of me. I'm old enough to remember Diana as the mistreated royal and to have been affected by her death. I found this book fascinating not only as a way to find out the facts about her marriage and life as a royal, but as I learned more about Diana's childhood and personality, I couldn't help but try and understand her motives and psyche.

  • I'm one of those people that was, and continues to be, fascinated by Diana. This book was an interesting one bc it was written before her death and even before her divorce was finalized! I enjoyed getting to (supposedly) get a look into her everyday life from childhood to acting as Princess. We will never know everything about this enchanting woman, but it won't stop us from trying. I would really like to find another biography about Diana that is up-to-date and regarded as at least somewhat rel [...]

  • Watching The Crown inspired me to read this! Read this if you would like to know a lot of the personal details of Diana s life. Quite interesting for the fact that she authorized it and worked with the author, Andrew Morton. Ultimately very sad to learn how trapped she was by the royal way of life and a man who didn t love her.

  • I can't remember being aware of Diana before her death in 1997. As a 9-year-old I woke up bright and early on that Saturday ready to watch the morning cartoons as usual. Instead what I found was rolling news footage of some woman who had died in a car crash. Flicking through the channels and realising the cartoons weren't coming, I headed upstairs to my parents' bedroom in a huff. Waking them up I announced, "There's nothing on, it's all 'oh nooo Princess Diana's dead'". The reaction from my par [...]

  • "Every family has a secret and the secret is it is not like any other family." - Alan Bennett, pg. 146This book was supremely engaging; I found that I could not, quite literally, put it down. In the two days it took for me to finish it, I read it at the gym (deliberately choosing the stationary bike rather than my usual treadmill), in the bathroom while brushing my teeth, at the breakfast table, and even during a hockey game. I stayed up late both nights just to read another chapter, because I w [...]

  • I have to say, I was surprised by how engrossed I became in this book. I picked it up not expecting to learn much about her that I hadn't already seen in a million TV specials, but through Diana's cooperation Morton was able to create a very complete picture of her life. Her journey from rebellious girl to carefree young woman to frightened & lonely royal wife to the strong, independent woman she became in the 90s was inspiring. Being married and thrust into her princess role at such a young [...]

  • I think that a better title for this book would be “The Tribulations of Princess Diana”. It is a bleak and depressing book, yet I couldn’t stop reading it. Also, I should mention that I read a 1993 edition of this book which was published before Diana divorced Charles. It was certainly a bit strange reading about a dead person as if she were alive.Of course, the book was informative and held my interest constantly, there were even funny/feel-good scenes in it, but the main reason why I can [...]

  • I never really liked non-fiction books but this book was a game changer for me. I liked it so much because the author told Princess Diana's story to let people know what was really wrong with her. I think the author wanted people to know why she was the way she was. The book taught me that I should never look at someone a certain way without walking in their shoes or considering what life is like for them. The author wrote the book in third person and I wished it could have been from Princess Di [...]

  • I mostly read it because of my fascination with how the Queen and her family/"the Firm" is presented in the media today, what with the adulation of William and Kate and Charles and Camilla looking cosy together, it's almost as if none of this ever happened. I was curious to hear "her story" and not just what I remembered from media coverage back in the day.The transcripted portion in the beginning was interesting but as some of it was worked into the narrative later in the book, it felt a little [...]

  • I started this book with a hope and finished it with a smile on me face. The last chapter, 'I did my best', perfectly closes the biography and gave me the kind of inspiration I was looking for. I read non fiction after a long time and I don't know whether my review can compare it with other biographies of Princess Diana but I took in every word of this book (which is the reason it took me 30 days to read 158 pages :p ) and saw astounding parallels with the life an ordinary Pakistani woman. I wis [...]

  • I'm not sure what it is about the House of Windsor but those royals make me cry every time. Perhaps it is the drama that hooks me; Diana's self-description on her wedding day as "a lamb to the slaughter". Poor Di. All I know is that the Princess was a born tragedy, her life over and out of her hands before she could say tea and crumpets. She is, and will forever be the most famous, widely recognized person in the world. That says a little about her life and even more about her death. I too miss [...]

  • I had stumbled across a few different shows about Diana's life, and the days leading up to her death, and this was a book mentioned in one of them, and I couldn't wait to read it! This was a close look at Diana's life and thoughts, which the tv show couldn't really highlight. It was cool while reading because I knew Diana had contacted Andrew Morton to write the book, so this was her doing and memories and stories. I wonder when the general public knew what she had done. It's cool finding out th [...]

  • I have so so so many thoughts! First, the book was a challenge to get through because there were titles, names, histories, and vocabulary I didn't fully understand. And honestly, I need to probably go back and reread the last few chapters, plus the introduction sections in Diana's own words. But, everything else WOW! It's so shocking to me how involved Diana was in the writing of this book. I can only imagine the impact the story had when it was first released; everyone must have wondered who t [...]

  • Diana Her True StoryThe tragic death of the alluring and influential Princess of Wales, Diana on the 31st of August had the plunged the world into melancholy, regret, and despair. “Diana Her True Story” written by Andrew Morton is a novel, which aids the audience to comprehend the “true story” of the marvelous princess who has changed the world. It explained all her life in brief, yet crucial details. In order for him to write this novel, he received the full support and cooperation of h [...]

  • Honestly, I had to keep reminding myself this was an actual person's life and not some crazy soap opera or Aaron Spelling show. I get that the truth is filtered through Diana's eyes, but regardless, what an awful set of circumstances. I watched their wedding as a little girl with stars in my eyes but this was no fairy tale as we came to knowbut learning some of the other details was truly amazing (and not in a good way). I've never been a big anglophile but have always been intrigued by Diana. T [...]

  • This is a quick and easy read and sad. Like so many "Lady Di" biogs, it exposes a gilded cage life bereft of warmth and love from Prince Charles gravitating toward Camilla and turning under the strain to self-harm, bulimia, and soothsayers. This book ends after the couple's separation, but before their divorce. Also, there are tens of full-color pictures of Diana starting with childhood.

  • I have been fascinated by Princess Diana (along with the rest of the world) my whole whole life. I actually picked up this book, because she is (supposedly) an INFP and I am interested in reading more biographies of people who fall into my personality type. Overall this was an enjoying read and I feel like I learned more about her and her life. My one complaint is that I felt like the book was trying to continuously make me feel bad for her. I already wanted to do that, I didn't need the book to [...]

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