Into the Wild

Into the Wild For generations four Clans of wild cats have shared the forest according to the laws laid down by their warrior ancestors But the ThunderClan cats are in grave danger and the sinister ShadowClan gro

  • Title: Into the Wild
  • Author: Erin Hunter
  • ISBN: 9780061284205
  • Page: 436
  • Format: Paperback
  • For generations, four Clans of wild cats have shared the forest according to the laws laid down by their warrior ancestors But the ThunderClan cats are in grave danger, and the sinister ShadowClan grows stronger every day Noble warriors are dying and some deaths are mysterious than others In the midst of this turmoil appears an ordinary house cat named Rusty For generations, four Clans of wild cats have shared the forest according to the laws laid down by their warrior ancestors But the ThunderClan cats are in grave danger, and the sinister ShadowClan grows stronger every day Noble warriors are dying and some deaths are mysterious than others In the midst of this turmoil appears an ordinary house cat named Rusty who may turn out to be the bravest warrior of them all.

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    Erin Hunter is the pseudonym of five people Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, Tui T Sutherland, Gillian Phillips, and Inbali Iserles, as well as editor Victoria Holmes Together, they write the Warriors series as well as the Seekers and Survivors series Erin Hunter is working on a new series now called Bravelands Erin Hunter is inspired by a love of cats and a fascination with the ferocity of the natural world As well as having a great respect for nature in all its forms, Erin enjoys creating rich mythical explanations for animal behavior, shaped by her interest in astronomy and standing stones.


  • I wish there was a higher rating, beacuse this is the BEST series in the world!!!!!!!!!!!If you like this one,then read the following in order.(It is important to read them in order,or you will miss important parts of the story.) 1.WARRIORS Book one- Into the Wild Book two- Fire and Ice Book three- Forest of Secrets Book four- Rising Storm Book five- A Dangerous Path Book six- The Darkest Hour2.WARRIORS:THE NEW PROPHECY Book one- Midnight Book two- Moonrise Book three- Dawn Book four- Starlight [...]

  • Edit (February 23, 2016): Okay, I'm DONE with this review. I'm disabling the notifications, so if someone comments in it, I'm not gonna now. The level of trolls it has gotten has reached levels I cannot stand anymore. Of course, there are reviews with more trolls, but this is as much as I can endure.And for you, ignorants who can't accept other people's opinions (better known as "trolls"), why don't you go read one of the many thousands of 5 star reviews instead of coming to criticize an opinion [...]

  • SoWarriors. No, not that awesome 80's flick starring that guy from Xanadu. Unfortunately. Warriors, Into the Wild is Book 1 of 6 (SIX!!) in the first of like---- a zillion series. My 10 yr old daughter is in love with these books---she can devour one a day (and the way that they are churned out.) She is so into these that she asked my husband and I to give them a shot. Fine, I can take one for the team, I mean, heck, she's reading, right?Thing is, it's not so bad. You've got a li'l bit of Tolkie [...]

  • BEST BOOK EVER!!(Comment below if you would like to join ThunderClan)You silently walk through the forest, alone and scared. You are hungry and tired, and are in need of shelter. Suddenly, you come across a young, tortoise shell cat."Hello!" she meows. "I'm Ravenwing."You nod in acknowledgment."Let me take you to Eaglestar," she says. "He'll decide if we'll bring you in."Welcome to the ORIGINAL ThunderClan, where online AND kindle GoodRead users can role play!UPDATES:- Welcome, Iceslash (Icestor [...]

  • Guess what peeps?? ;)This was my first YA series that I read!!!Yah, yah, maybe it was something else but my poor memory remembers this one as a CRAZY FRICKING AWESOME SERIES.So yes, I was a little tiny 5th grader whoread in the back corner of the classroom who politely answered teacher's questions. But when this gorgeous thing came up in my face, I was like0_0Wha??D BAM.*FALLS DEAD IN LOVE IN THE BACK OF A 5TH GRADE CLASSROOM*This book has action, has great characters, and guess what??!!IT'S FRO [...]

  • This book is about a house cat who is tired of being a house cat and wants to go into the wild. Then he mets a kitten from a 'clan' and goes with him into the forest and mets the rest of the Thunderclan. This book sounds boring, but really, it is a great book. The author is very descriptive and makes it all very interesting. There a four clans, Thunderclan, Windclan, Riverclan and Shadowclan. The whole series, and there are a lot of them, is about the four clans fighting to stay alive and also t [...]

  • These books are written terribly but they've actually got pretty developed characters and they basically made me fall in love with reading in third grade or whatever? so. four stars.I actually want to talk about why these stupid books made me fall in love with reading, because they truly influenced me so much. I think the best thing about this series is the developed character work. This is a series that has defined characters who you can root for or dislike, which is awesome. I actually think t [...]

  • کلاً تجربه ی جالبی بودگاهی بسیار روایتش نوجوانانه میشد، گاهی بسیار به یانگ ادالت نزدیک میشد!توصیف ها و تصویرسازی نبردها واقعا جذاب و زیبا بودنشخصیت پردازی به طرز عجیبی عالی بود!ببینیم در جلدهای بعدی چی برامون دارن این گروه نویسندگانکاراکترهای مورد علاقه مم بدون شک:نیش‌زرد [...]

  • My kids adore these novels, so I knew it was only a matter of time before I had to read them too. I figured I'd like them. After all, I like middle grade and YA fiction, and cats are cool, and Watership Down was one of my favorite novels of all time. So how could a book about warrior housecats go wrong?If you're one of those people that hate cilantro, than any salsa with cilantro in it is going to hit your "ick, soapy" button and displease you. This novel hit a lot of my ick buttons. For one, it [...]

  • This review is by Pippi, guest reviewer, age 1 and a half; tabby cat.This is a book about cats who live in the wild and they catch mice and eat them and they fight. There are four colonies of cats and one of them is mean and steals the other colonies food.At first I thought this book was hard to read because even though it's written in English they try to translate cat words into English so it's hard to follow at first until you get used to the cat words.At the beginning of the story Rusty is a [...]

  • 4.5یه فانتزی خاص و دوست داشتنی.واقعا نمی دونم با چی طرفم یه داستان فانتزی کودکانه یا یه داستان حماسی نوجوانِ رو به بزرگسال. یه داستان در زمان حال تو دنیای خودمون توی یه جنگل با محوریت گربه ها. قبایل مختلف همراه با قوانین سلحشوری. حکایت قبایل و رهبراشون منو خیلی یاد قبایل اورک ها [...]

  • چه بگویم در وصف این زیبایی :)خیلی کتاب نابی بود ، با داستانی نو ،‌ تجربه ای تازه.اول باید اشاره کنم که واقعا ناحقیه که این کتابو در رده سنی میدل‌گرید بذاریم!داستان کلا حال و هوای یانگ‌ادلتی داشت بیشتر .آکنده بود از هیجان. هیجانش از قیام سرخ بیشتر نباشه، کمتر نیست.شخصیت پردازیش [...]

  • My absolute favorite series!!! I have almost all of them, and read them over and over and over and over!!! Great story to learn about the true meaning of following your heart, loyalty, and friendship.

  • Lo amé, fue como leer a Jack London versión gatuna. Sí, es un libro para niños, pero tiene una narrativa muy salvaje y realista, cosa que me ha gustado mucho. Me encanta, y quiero seguir leyendo el resto de la saga ♥

  • DNF 28%I thought this was really bad. Right up there with The Magic Tree House and the Rainbow Fairies in terms of quality. That said, those books have their fans, just like these do, so you might like it, but I didn't. My kids loved it for the first few chapters and then quickly got bored and never wanted to finish it.

  • lol i was reminiscing about these and decided to revisit them and i firmly stand by my childhood decision to read absolutely all of them; they are truly addictive

  • I wanted to give the Warriors books the old college try, seeing as I love both cats and animal stories. I had seen how wildly popular they are among the YA readers in my library, and I do enjoy well-written YA novels. But this one turned out to be more of a furball than a saucer of milk. Perhaps if I were fifteen years younger, I’d be devouring the Warriors books. But by now, the story contained in Into the Wild seemed trite and contrived; a watered-down version of a hundred other animal adven [...]

  • It was a nice change of pace to go from books about world domination, destruction and lots of deaths and suffering to something much more relaxing and laid back. And though i admit it was a bit weird to read about clans of cats fighting, talking, having vision it was quite fun. Also being a big fan of Jack London in my younger days helped quite a bit.The story is nicely written, the pacing is also quite right and the story moves at a nice clip never being boring.So dig right and ignore the mouse [...]

  • This is the first in the series, I didn't read it for a long time, and then I picked it up. It was so good, I just had to keep reading it. If you don't like cats fighting, or blood described, it doesn't necessarily mean you don't have to read it, there are plenty of othergoodparts in the book, especially where Graypaw, Ravenpaw and Rusty (known as Firepaw in the book) make friends of each other. A brutal part is where Oakheart dies, but the story gets all mixed up, and eventually, drives Ravenpa [...]

  • I really do like anthropomorphic fiction, probably set in place by that classic The Wind in the Willows which I have read so many times I could probably quote it cover to cover. Ahem! So much for not liking Fantasy, huh? I enjoyed this though I was irritated by the animals 'mewing' etc instead of just speaking. I will read more of the series.

  • I know this is a children's book but I absolutely loved it, though a fair amount of nostalgia may have gone into that decision. This is like Game of Thrones for children, but with cats! How could it get any better? Tigerclaw is the cat-version of Iago, and I'm in love.

  • This is my daughter Jess' review. Jess is 11.This review won the Ultimate Book Reviewer Award given by her school's Language Arts teacher. Do you ever wonder what your pet cat thinks about? Fantasy author Erin Hunter brings you this spine-tingling, action-packed, fantasy adventure novel about wild cats. Explore and experience the land from the eyes of Rusty, a common house cat that dreams about the forest and all its wonders. One fateful day, Rusty finds himself walking towards Thunderclan camp, [...]

  • This review is for the all of the Warriors books (not New Prophecy or Power of Three or Omen of the Stars- just the first and original subseries) These books were amazing. Nowadays it is very hard for me to find a book that I absolutely love. The Warriors series was able to hook me and bring me into the story. These books are about a housecat named Rusty who joins one of the four warrior clans living in the forest, Thunderclan. He makes some new friends, but is faced with a lot of prejudice beca [...]

  • Are you a cat or a dog person? If you answered cat, this book is for you!It follows the adventures of a house cat who escapes into the woods and joins a tribe a fierce wild cats who regularly engage in battles for more hunting territory. The plot has a lot about nobility and it is easy to see parallels between this story and classic stories of knights and squires such as The Knights of the Round Table. As an English teacher, I have several students who love this book and the entire series it is [...]

  • This is the book that started it all for me. I've always loved reading, but this is one of the first books I can really remember absolutely devouring. I believe the series isn't what it used to be after 100+ books, but this first arc and the journey we go on with Fireheart will always remain one of my favorites. I've read it countless times and never get tired of it. This book is the very first in the Warriors series by Erin Hunter. In a forest four clans of wild cats live in constant turmoil. T [...]

  • Ever sice I first picked it up in library last year in summer, Warriors has (and always will be) one of the best book series I have ever read. There are loads of books in this series, and there are just a couple of newly-released ones I haven't got. For my birthday, I got some more and I decided to start the series agin, just to catch up. This book seemed even better than I read it for the first time in June 2009.The first series is set in a forest, divided in to four territories, each belonging [...]

  • Wow, this is a dumb book.My main gripe here is that these characters are not cats. Despite the grumblings about twolegs etc, they really don't think like small, semi-social predators. These are humans in cat suits: little furry Magical Native Americans (tm), or at least someone's warped view thereof. It feels like it's trying to be Watership Down with cats, but seems to fail to realize the reason why Watership Down is so awesome is because the Watership rabbits are RABBITS: they're not human, th [...]

  • کتابی جالب و هیجان انگیزاول کار شاید تم داستان و شخصیتهای داستان بچه گانه به نظر بیاد اما وقتی وارد داستان میشی و پابه پای شخصیت ها داستان رو به پیش میبری میفهمی داستان ابدا بچه گانه نیسهیجانش توی ماجراجویی خاصه و اصلا خواننده رو خسته نمیکنهکتاب واقعا جالبیه

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