My Unfair Godmother

My Unfair Godmother After her parents divorce Tansy never really felt like her life got back to normal And now that her too busy parents and their respective new spouses don t seem to have time for her Tansy has been se

  • Title: My Unfair Godmother
  • Author: Janette Rallison
  • ISBN: 9780802722621
  • Page: 462
  • Format: ebook
  • After her parents divorce Tansy never really felt like her life got back to normal And now that her too busy parents and their respective new spouses don t seem to have time for her, Tansy has been sent to live with her semi neurotic grandmother After one incident involving a bad date, a can of spray paint, and the police, Tansy fears she is doomed for life Enter ChrisAfter her parents divorce Tansy never really felt like her life got back to normal And now that her too busy parents and their respective new spouses don t seem to have time for her, Tansy has been sent to live with her semi neurotic grandmother After one incident involving a bad date, a can of spray paint, and the police, Tansy fears she is doomed for life Enter Chrissy Everstar, Tansy s fairy in shining er high heels With three wishes to help set her life right, Tansy is taken along for a ride that includes Robin Hood and his Merry Men, who turn out to be trouble when they steal from the rich in her town When the police chief s son, Hudson, sees Tansy hanging out with these fairy tale criminals, she ll have some serious explaining to do That s if Tansy can find a way to stop spinning gold and undo the help that Chrissy has bestowed.

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    Check out my awesome book trailers My Unfair Godmother youtube watch v 4AlRg0My Fair Godmother youtube watch v up1jF8Just One Wish youtube watch v oP1NceMy Double Lifeyoutube watch v hzuswpJanette Rallison has five children who keep her well supplied with plot ideas, sometimes even making cameo appearances in her novels She likes to write romantic comedy because there is enough angst in real life, but theres a drastic shortage on both humor and romance Playing the Field was named Society of School Librarians International Best Book Award Honor Book, and both Alls Fair In Love, War, and High School and Love, Life, and the Pursuit of Free Throws were included on YALSAs Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults list Fame Glory, and Other Things on My To Do List, was just chosen for IRAs YA Choices list for 2007


  • 99c Kindle special today. This is a funny, light YA fantasy with a little romance.This YA novel is one of those rare sequels that I liked better than the first book in the series, My Fair Godmother, mostly because I liked the main character better in this book. As a childhood nerd and compulsively good student, I had a hard time sympathizing with the gorgeous, popular high school student in the first book, who never used her brains until forced to do so. #sorrynotsorryAnyway. The Valley Girl-ish [...]

  • I am so grateful to this book. It was so fun and just what I was looking for. Rallison doesn't disappoint with this one if you've read My Fair Godmother. It's just as funny, if not more, but with a different girl, different problems and different wishes. Companion novels are always exciting to read but this isn’texactly a companion since it is still following Chrissy the godmother. Chrissy is getting worse I think than she was before but that may be subjective. Things get truly bad for Tansy. [...]

  • I like the first book better than this. My Fair Godmother is full of laugh out loud moments. This one has those too but not as many. But I have this goofy grin while reading this:(view spoiler)[He smiled. "You’re into me, I can tell.""I’m not into you," I said hotly. Hotly, because as soon as the words left my lips, sparklers erupted on top of my head.Hudson looked at them, and a grin spread across his face. The baby cooed and reached out, trying to grab the flaring light. Hudson moved farth [...]

  • Now this is what I call entertainment! Go ahead and roll your eyes, but I’ll still be smiling. Hilarious, as usual, with a mix of fairy tale this was just what I needed.Quick Overview: (I should stop saying that. These overviews ceased being “quick” long ago) Well the less than stellar godmother Chrysanthemum (aka Chrissy) Everstar is at it again. This time she’s trying to get into Godmother University and her next victim charge is Tansy. Since her parents’ divorce Tansy has felt aband [...]

  • The first thing I want to point out is that yes I know people will look at this and think, another fluffy book. I cannot rightly argue with that assessment, but what is wrong with that? I actually kind of hate that term, it makes it seem it's a book not to put any worth in it. I'd say that isn't true. There is something uplifting about reading something that isn't so bleak and depressingly too gritty. Don't get me wrong, I like (if that is even the right word choice) reading these types of books [...]

  • The world's worst fairy godmother is back, and this one is even better than the first! Chrysanthemum Everstar just wants to get into Godmother University but she doesn't really want to put much effort into it. So she does extra credit by granting three wishes to Tansy Miller Harris, whose parents' divorce, switching schools, and bad taste in boys have given her a fairly high rating on the Pathetic-o-meter. But Tansy's wishes backfire on her, and Chrissy is not that interested in sticking around [...]

  • ¡DIOOOOOOOOOSSSS MÍIIIIIOOO!Este libro es EL LIBRO.Sigo impactada con todo. Fue demasiado difícil separarme de él, me lo comí demasiado rápido. Y QUEDÉ ENCANTANDÍSIMA. Es definitivamente de mis favoritos, en serio. El primer libro es >>> pero este es >>>>>>>>>>. Janette se ganó mi corazón y espero que cierre con broche de oro el último libro, le tengo demasiadas expectativas.Si están buscando lecturas ligeras y divertidas deberían leer esta tri [...]

  • Edit 5/11/14- After much consideration, I have decided to add another star to both the books in this series. Why? IM NOT ABLE TO GET THE TWO BLOODY BOOKS OUT OF MY HEAD! (In the best way possible) So I think any book that has that effect on me deserves a full 5.This was adorable on every single level. Character wise, this is a clear winner. And let's face it, we all make stupid wishes. And though in the beginning, I was inclined to like the first book more (because I always liked Cinderella more [...]

  • My Thoughts: I read My Fair Godmother a few months back so when I had the chance to read My Unfair Godmother I jumped at the chance! I enjoyed My Fair Godmother but I really loved My Unfair Godmother even more! We once again get to spend time with Chrissy and her latest task Tansey. Tansey just moved in with her father and they don't really see eye to eye on things. She also can't keep herself out of trouble. She starts dating Bo and seems to find herself in trouble. She gets caught spray painti [...]

  • Love Janette's writing. She is funny, clever, witty, smart and a fantastic writer. I know her books will have be a clean read and have a moral. I can recommend her books to anyone from ages 11 to 101.This time only two stories/fairy tales come to life: Robin Hood and Rumpelstiltskin. And another unsuspecting, cute, teen boy is taken along for a ride into another dimension from whence he can only leave if the teen girl can figure out how to leave. The only problem with this book? Waiting for the [...]

  • True to the previous book in the series, this was just as entertaining. Another try by Chrissy to graduate the fairy godmother school and another poor girl getting mixed up with her magic. Can't wait to read the final one and see if Chrissy will ever become a proper fairy godmother.

  • Originally posted on yearningtoread/When Tansy's father divorces her mother and moves away, Tansy does everything she can to anger her father. She answers his questions during their phone calls with monosyllables and stops reading novels, because that had been their "thing". When she has to move to Arizona to live with her father, she does the most rebellious thing yet - she starts dating high school's bad boy, Bo. Bo seems like a great catch, and Tansy believes he's just misunderstood. But when [...]

  • Chrysanthemum Everstar is once again in need of an extra credit project to raise her grade so she can get into Fairy Godmother University. With the assistance of Clover T. Bloomsbottle, the exact leprechaun that she never wanted to work with, she sets off to grant Tansy Miller 3 wishes.At the age of 17, Tansy is at 78% on the pathetic-o-meter. Everything she does now, she blames on her past. Up until the age of 12 she was "daddy's little girl". And then her parents divorced and Tansy's dad moved [...]

  • I really liked this installment of fair(y) godmother Chrissy Everstar's exploits and mistakes that turn out all right in the end. It's even better than the first one, and the good thing is that you don't have to read them in order. They are about two totally different people. The one tie that binds the books together is Chrissy. Although the title may be about this overconfident, average, fair godmother, the book centers around a mere human who is down on their luck. Tansy is one such girl. Her [...]

  • This book starts in a solidly interesting place. I liked the main character. I like the laid out conflicts. They seemed engaging and had a nice elements of realism. They promised to delve into complexities of the topics at hand and bring meaty innerpersonal drama. And from what I got from the frankly bizarre first chapter (that should have been a clear warning) and the back blurb, there would some nice fantasy elements as well. Not that it was prefect, but largely I was really excited about wher [...]

  • My Unfair Godmother tells an especially sweet story. With retellings of Robin Hood and Rumpelstiltskin, this story is rich with make believe and it teaches some important lessons.I met Chrissy in My Fair Godmother. She didn’t graduate from Fairy Godmother school, and let’s just say that her wish-granting skills are not the best. It seems that every wish she grants turns into a mishap with hilarious results. Chrissy is a lovable character that is flighty and sarcastic. She means well and all [...]

  • When her parents divorced, Tansy Miller’s close relationship with her father seemed to evaporate. Living with her mother and her little sister in New York, while her father moved to Arizona made their relationship impossible. Then he got remarried and seemed to have replaced her with a new stepson, Nick. When her sister is offered a part in a Broadway play that will require her sister and mother to travel, Tansy is sent to live with her distant father. Determined to rebel against him, she star [...]

  • full review to come but its cute and fun. Definately recommend to my friendsTansy Miller has always felt that her divorced father has never had enough time for her. But mistakenly getting caught on the wrong side of the law wasn' exactly how she wanted to get his attention. Enter Chrysanthemum "Chrissy" Everstar, Tansy's fairy in shining, er, high heels. Chrissy is only a fair godmother, of course, so Tansy's three wishes don't exactly go according to plan. And if bringing Robin Hood to the twen [...]

  • My Unfair Godmother by Janette Rallison is a companion book to My Fair Godmother. The story features the same fair godmother Chrissy that as in the companion book who gets her charges into terrible fairytale situations. The books can be read in any order. This book stars Tansy who has felt torn apart and neglected over her parents divorce. When Tansy's little sister gets a job singing in a touring musical Tansy has to go and live with the father whom she has felt abandoned her. Tansy's rebelliou [...]

  • Reviewed by Marta Morrison for TeensReadTooWhen I was little, I used to watch The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show. It had a segment called Fractured Fairy Tales, which was what I waited to see. They would take a fairy tale and change it. It was very funny, and was a little like this book.Tansy is very unhappy. She is very mad at her father because he left her family. He has remarried and is living in Arizona with his step-son and wife. When her dad left, Tansy gave up reading. It was a way to punish h [...]

  • Tansy's parents got divorced when she was about ten. She was always Daddy's girl, and felt like he never looked back. A few years later he got remarried and got a new son. Now she felt deserted and replaced. When her younger sister lands a roll on broadway, Tansy is shipped off to Arizona to live with her dad and his new family.With her new beginning Tansy starts dating the "bad boy" at school. She's attracted to his image and his anger, and worrying her dad is an extra bonus. Then Bo takes her [...]

  • November 2011: I enjoyed this just as much the second time around. I really like Hudson and Tansy!! Hope there is another book in the series!!!April 2011: I really loved this book! It reminded me why Rallison is one of my favorite authors. I was sad when it ended, although it did end with a hint that there might be another book in the series (I sure hope so!). This story follows Tansy and Hudson as they try and figure out how to make the best of Tansy’s three wishes. Tansy was of course a lika [...]

  • Chrysanthemum Everstar is a "fair" godmother who is given another chance to prove herself in this story. Tansy is a teen who feels betrayed by her father. When her younger sister gets a traveling acting job, her mom ships her off to her dad's house, across the country, to live out her senior year. She immediately gets involved with bad boy Bo and things go downhill when she ends up in trouble with the law. Enter Chrysathumum. Tansy gets three wishes and history may be changed.I really liked the [...]

  • I thought this was every bit as good as the first book in the series My Fair Godmother. I guess I don't mind moralizing as much as someI loved three things about this book:1. The hero, he was swoony and tragic, but not too brooding.2. Chrysanthemum showing up only to put Tansy into evening gowns and lipstick.3. Robin Hood!!! (once again adding to the awesome quotient of a book)

  • hilarious! rallison is a masterful raconteur, and the humor she imparts to her stories is just so much fun. LIKES:the book is light and fluffy, but not stupid. it's very appropriate for teens searching for a more light-hearted read. strong, healthy, realistic blended-family relationshipsry unique twists and turns, my favorite of which cannot be included here because it's a major (and awesome) spoilerheavy PG

  • LOVED this sequel.Well done Janette! My Unfair Godmother is a hilarious twisted tale that combined elements from Robin Hood and Rumplestiltskin into one fabulous adventure. If you enjoyed My Fair Godmother I'm sure you'll love this one. It can be read as a stand alone but I highly recommend reading My Fair Godmother first.See my full review:iamareadernotawriter.

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