Star Wars: Knight Errant, Volume 1: Aflame

Star Wars Knight Errant Volume Aflame More than one thousand years before Luke Skywalker the galaxy is enveloped in a dark age when an ineffectual Republic has abandoned entire systems to Sith control A Jedi Knight on her first mission

  • Title: Star Wars: Knight Errant, Volume 1: Aflame
  • Author: John Jackson Miller
  • ISBN: 9781595827081
  • Page: 477
  • Format: Paperback
  • More than one thousand years before Luke Skywalker, the galaxy is enveloped in a dark age when an ineffectual Republic has abandoned entire systems to Sith control A Jedi Knight on her first mission, eighteen year old Kerra Holt has joined a band of Jedi volunteers traveling behind enemy lines She thinks she is prepared for anything, but when the mission goes awry and shMore than one thousand years before Luke Skywalker, the galaxy is enveloped in a dark age when an ineffectual Republic has abandoned entire systems to Sith control A Jedi Knight on her first mission, eighteen year old Kerra Holt has joined a band of Jedi volunteers traveling behind enemy lines She thinks she is prepared for anything, but when the mission goes awry and she is left deep in Sith space without any support or resources, Kerra realizes just how wrong she was She is alone, unprepared, and stuck in a battle between two warring Sith brothers but she can t abandon the mission or the colony that the Jedi came to help

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    John Jackson Miller has spent a lifetime immersed in the worlds of fantasy and science fiction He s known for his Star Wars work, including Star Wars Knight Errant, his national bestselling novel from Del Rey Star Wars Lost Tribe of the Sith, his e book series with than a million downloads and his long running Knights of the Old Republic comics series His Overdraft The Orion Offensive Kindle serial will be collected in July 2013, and his Star Wars Kenobi hardcover releases in August.He s written comics for Mass Effect, Iron Man, The Simpsons, and Indiana Jones Production notes on all his works can be found at his fiction site He is also a comics industry historian, specializing in studying comic book circulation as presented on his website, Comichron He also coauthored the Standard Catalog of Comic Books series.


  • I am seriously wondering if graphic novels and comic books are even for me. Seems like every time I open one up, I am sorely disappointed. I don't think I have that high of expectations:1. An interesting, unique story2. Consistent artwork3. A well-written main character, and good side characters4. Good dialogue and clear writingIs that too much to ask? Am I being overly demanding?"Knight Errant" is the story of a Jedi Knight who loses her master in a battle on Chelloa and must finish their missi [...]

  • I don't know if having the actual book in my hand would have fixed this, but the type was cramped. At times I had trouble reading it, so much so that it took two repetitions before I figured out that Daimanites was what was being said and not some typo. Some of the illustrations were a bit dark and there was a lot going on, but for an action graphic novel, this one was very clear and easy to follow. I'm not sure I'd agree if I had read the book, but for someone new to the material it was quite g [...]

  • "Knight Errant" is a Dark Horse comic book series featuring Kerra Holt, a young Jedi Knight fighting in the "Old West" era of the Star Wars universe. Set a thousand years before Luke Skywalker was even born, "Knight Errant" develops an Old Republic where Jedi Knights fight to protect worlds from marauding Sith Lords, many of whom are battling each other for dominance.Written by John Jackson Miller and drawn by Federico Dallacchio and Ivan Rodriguez, the comic book is action-packed. Unfortunately [...]

  • Somewhat boring plot and overall uninteresting characters. Kerra Holt has potential to be a great character, given her impulsive and emotional qualities. In a galaxy rife with Sith and Dark Siders, it would be easy for a Jedi to give in to temptation and flirt with the Dark Side of The Force. That being said, this initial volume of Knight Errant did not take advantage of these character flaws in order to do something novel with the protagonist. Based on the style of writing, I'd be surprised to [...]

  • Star Wars Legends Project #32Background: Knight Errant: Aflame came out in 5 issues during late 2010 to early 2011. The trade paperback was published in July 2011. The story was written by John Jackson Miller, with artwork penciled by Federico Dallocchio and Ivan Rodriguez. Dallocchio has done a lot of work for DC comics: Batman, Suicide Squad, The Flash, Green Arrow, JLA, etc. Rodriguez' work is rather more eclectic, and aside from "The Shadow" and a few Marvel titles like "Red Sonja," I don't [...]

  • This was a pretty good book! First off, the art is gorgeous! Hats off to Frederico Dellocchio and Ivan Rodriguez for providing life-like art with dynamic poses and realistic facial emotions. The details in the background and settings is likewise rich and complex.While the story starts out a bit cliched with a Jedi who is brash and doesn't entirely listen to her master, it quickly turns into a story about dedication and following your true calling. Kerra Holt is an interesting hero in this piece, [...]

  • This incoherent mess almost put me right off this series. The passage of time and space seem irrelevant as Kerra Holt bounces from one Sith brother to the other with no apparent difficulty in logistics. The most interesting character was Damien who believes he is the creator of the universe and everything in it. However, his postulating gets old very quickly as it's clear he's mostly bark without any real bite.There is some semblance of characterisation as Kerra tries to bring a former Jedi back [...]

  • Fantastic Love the design of the mandalorian armor in this Era.The art is inconsistent. Kerra and other characters appearance changes throughout the book, which makes it sometimes confusing to recognize them.The story is typical star wars. Two rivaling sith lords trying to conquer a planet, jedi are indecisive and don't want to interfere. One rebellious jedi who can't stand by and watch a planet die, saves the day. Throughout the story her passion and emotions to save everyone draw her almost to [...]

  • Even though I like JJM as a book author, I do not dig his writing for comic books. It is very flat and bombastic. Like a toned down Transformers movie. The villians are cliche maniacs, the story is one you have read a million times in a setting without connections to anything else.I am more interested in the follow up book, than the final chapter in the comics.

  • This is a tale from the Old Republic in graphic novel form featuring young Jedi Knight Kerra Holt. The Sith are evil and one-dimensional. The Jedi are good and put right before reason. There isn't any subtly or finesse. There are, however, a lot of spectacular but boring battle scenes.

  • There are many, many comics and books in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. One of the series of comics is called Star Wars: Knight Errant, which takes place around 1,032 years before the original Star Wars film. In the back-story of the prequel films, there is the history of the last incarnation of the Sith previous to those movies, and their horrible war with the Republic. This war ended around 1,000 years previously with a Jedi victory where the Sith were thought destroyed, but really two, Bane [...]

  • Interesting story, bland artwork inside.I was drawn to the series originally by the fantastic covers of Joe Quinones, but the art inside volume one is lackluster at best. The pencillers change every other issue and it seemed like both of them had a hard grasp of the characters. The issues go by quick because of static panel placement.The only redeeming quality is that they tend to use some good angles for the characters. Kerra Holt, the main character, tends to change form through the entire fir [...]

  • Kerra Holt is a Jedi fighting the Sith 1000 years before the Star Wars movies. The Republic is failing. It has abandoned entire systems to the Sith. The Sith is fighting among itself. Kerra is thrown into the middle of two Sith who are also brothers. One brother believes he created the universe. The other wants to kill everyone in the universe.This is a graphic novel collection of the mini-series by Dark Horse Comics. I am not usually that big of a fan of the artwork in Dark Horse Comics, but I [...]

  • 1032 BBYThis story takes place before the events of Miller’s novel, Knight Errant. It is the first story arc in the Knight Errant comic series as well, with Deluge and Escape following after the novel. Kerra Holt, along with fellow Jedi Vannar Treece, land on Chelloa with the hope of disrupting the baradium mining and exports controlled by the Sith. With a dreadful onslaught, Kerra is the last Jedi on the planet and finds herself caught up in a war between Sith brothers Diman and Odion. Daiman [...]

  • I've got to be honest: meh. If would allow me to give this a 2.5, I would. It's set in an incredibly interesting time in the universe, and the concept of a Jedi "knight errant" is interesting. But the execution leaves a lot to be desired. For one, the main character (I forget her name - see rest of sentence) suffers from a serious lack of depth; her family is dead, the apparently became a Jedi, and, um, she's on some unclear mission? Gorlan, a side-character, is mildly interesting, but his role [...]

  • I'm not sure whether I like this or hate it. It's very hard for me to decide. For one, this book has a decent plot- with an excellent villain, Lord Daiman. He's probably one of the most interesting Sith I've met- being that he's under the delusion that he's God. But again, the characters of Verra Holt and Daiman's brother Odion strike me as the cliche Star Wars novel Jedi and Sith characters (She's independent and unpredictable! He's always angry and snarling!), and the creepy extra that all emo [...]

  • This is probably the worst Star Wars comic I've ever purchased outside of one or two older stories in the Omnibuses. While it is not horribly written or has bad art, this simply is not a good story without having read the Knight Errant novel, which I assume fills out the plot and characters. Kerra Holt is on a revenge mission and we only get a hint of why. The two villains are vanity and violent rage incarnate which makes them flat and uninteresting, if not cliche. And that is ultimately the pro [...]

  • 2.5/5I don't know what it is, but this comic just didn't do it. I had high hopes at first. But it was just so generic. & the bad guys were laughable. The Daiman guy actually made me laugh at how ridiculous he is, but his brother Odion or whatever was a bad type of ridiculous. Cringe-worthy. & this first part definitely isn't the comics fault, & I'm not sure about the second part, but a) it bugs me that this is 1,000 years before ANH yet the tech doesn't seem even vaguely inferior, &a [...]

  • Daiman is a Sith Lord on Chelloa, fighting against a group of Jedi Knights led by Master Vannar. He's Kerra Holt's now-former master. Daiman considers himself the Creator (despite there being people older than him - because he doesn't remember the world before he was born) but still has an older brother named Odion. When Odion arrives on Chelloa, Vannar sends Kera to safety. Gorlan, leader of Chelloa, finds Kera alone. She has more anger than she already had and plans to focus solely on the miss [...]

  • I actually enjoyed this book. It is set in a time that is not too heavily explored, about 1030 years before Episode 4, and 30 years before the big Darth Bane saga. The premise is that the core worlds are controlled by the Republic but pretty much everything else is under Sith control. Kerra Holt was part of an outer rim task force for the Republic with her Master but she soon ends up on her own. She is a lone Jedi Knight stuck between a war between two Sith Lords who happen to be brothers. These [...]

  • Une jeune Jedi doit affronter deux frères qui sont Seigneurs Sith pour sauver une planète de la destruction. son manque d'expérience d'alliés lui rendront la tâche plus difficile que prévu.Je suis déçu de cette BD. Lorsque j'ai vu que l'auteur était John Jackson Miller, j'avais beaucoup d'attente. L'histoire manque beaucoup de saveur et sent le réchauffé. En espérant que les tomes suivants soient meilleurs.

  • Great!Excellent story, excellent characters, very good art and action. I enjoyed the whole package. Not a bad start at all, look forward to the rest of the comic and re-reading the novel.

  • Uggh. Thus ends my string of excellent comic books (graphic novels for the snobs out there). This book is basically garbage. The art is unappealing and the story is worse. Unless you are obsessive in seeking out everything in the Star Wars universe there is nothing to recommend getting this.

  • After a botched raid, a surviving Jedi Kerra Holt ends up working with surviving miners against a pair of rival Sith brothers. It's an interesting small-scale story about duty versus survival. The characters are interesting, but overall it's a pretty traditional story.

  • This is the TPB that leads up to the novel Knight Errant. The novel which is the continuation of the storyline was good, this, ehh not so good. I cannot seem to fully back anything by Miller and the artwork is just as dry as the writing.

  • Interesting story at the least. I'm not much of a fan of the artwork. It seems like the reader is missing out on a lot of information about the protagonist. But I would imagine it would be cleared up in later volumes.

  • On one hand the story had potential to be interesting, but on the other I found myself continuously wishing for something more to happen along the way. A tad boring to be honest.

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