Rome: The Emperor's Spy

Rome The Emperor s Spy From the bestselling author of the Boudica novels The Fire of Rome is a gripping race against time historical adventure in the bestselling tradition of Robert Harris s Pompeii Sebastos Pantera is

  • Title: Rome: The Emperor's Spy
  • Author: M.C. Scott
  • ISBN: 9780553825749
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • From the bestselling author of the Boudica novels, The Fire of Rome is a gripping race against time historical adventure in the bestselling tradition of Robert Harris s Pompeii 34 Sebastos Pantera is twelve Training for the time when he too will be a soldier of Rome, he follows his father to a garden tomb on the outskirts of Jerusalem where he watches him greet two meFrom the bestselling author of the Boudica novels, The Fire of Rome is a gripping race against time historical adventure in the bestselling tradition of Robert Harris s Pompeii 34 Sebastos Pantera is twelve Training for the time when he too will be a soldier of Rome, he follows his father to a garden tomb on the outskirts of Jerusalem where he watches him greet two men and a heavily pregnant woman In a moment that changes his life forever, he sees a wounded revolutionary being brought out of the tomb alive .Twenty years later, Pantera returns from five years undercover in Britannia as assassin and spy for the Legions He is sick of spying, but a deadly combination of old loyalties and a sense of unfinished business combine to lure him homeward to the city of Rome where, his former mentor and spymaster, the Machiavellian Seneca the Younger, charges him with rooting out the revolutionaries responsible for the city s seething unrest Pantera discovers that the main troublemaker is none other than his closest friend, Saulos, a recent convert to the new religion of Christianity, and Saulos is planning the biggest single act of terrorism the Roman Empire has known.Spying, forbidden secrets, an ancient manuscript and an apocalyptic fire combine in a gripping thriller that will change the way we think about the ancient world.From the Trade Paperback edition.

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  • M.C. Scott

    aka Manda ScottABOUT M.C SCOTTMC Scott qualified as a veterinary surgeon from Glasgow University and spent fifteen years in Newmarket and Cambridge specialising in anaesthesia and intensive care, before turning to writing as an alternative, less sleep deprived, profession Of the ten novels so far published, the first four were contemporary crime thrillers The first, Hen s Teeth was short listed for the Orange prize in 1997 the third, Stronger than Death was awarded an Arts Council of England prize for Literature and the fourth, No Good Deed , was nominated in the Best Crime Novel category of the prestigious US Edgar Awards in 2003.In 2001, the first of the internationally bestselling Boudica Dreaming series was published Boudica Dreaming the Eagle The last, Boudica Dreaming the Serpent Spear was published in 2006 Together, these four novels explore the life and times of Boudica, the war leader of the Eceni who lead the revolt against Rome in 61 AD.In 2007, The Crystal Skull was published a stand alone contemporary thriller with a Tudor thread, which visited the Mayan end of world concepts which suggest the world will end on 21 12 2012 and the myths and legends surrounding the thirteen crystal skulls which, when brought together, will either transcend the end of this age or bring it about.It has been translated into 23 different languages, from Slovenian and Slovakian to Chinese.The latest novel, Rome The Emperor s Spy , was published on 1st January 2010.This is a historical spy thriller set in the same universe as the Boudica cycle three of the surviving characters from the Boudica Dreaming books are key to the plot A faster, sharper, harder text which examines the early decades of Christianity, it concludes that the fire was lit by the man we have come to know as St Paul, who, as a Roman agent had been sent to bring the Hebrews into the Imperial fold, but who went native, and began to believe his own fiction.The Emperor s Spy is first in a series of at least four novels following the life of Sebastos Abdes Pantera, the spy known as the Leopard, and those who endeavour to help him.The sequel, Rome The Spy s Revenge, will be published in March 2011 The paperback of The Emperor s Spy will be released in January 2011M.C Scott runs shamanic dreaming workshops which teach the basis of the dreaming described in the Boudica series.


  • A Magical Journey Back in TimeHistorical fiction is one of those genres that has to be done accurately or not at all. There are too many authors out there writing ‘historical fiction’ that should be re-categorised as ‘delusional fantasy’ because they don’t understand the time period, haven’t bothered researching it and wind up making it all up as they go along. Historical fiction can’t be written by the seat of your pants, you need to understand your world and be true to it. It was [...]

  • Rome is burning. Only one man can save it.The Emperor: Nero, Emperor of Rome and all her provinces, feared by his subjects for his temper and cruelty, is in possession of an ancient document predicting that Rome will burn.The Spy: Sebastos Pantera, assassin and spy for the Roman Legions, is ordered to stop the impending cataclysm. He knows that if he does not, his life - and those of thousands of others - are in terrible danger.The Chariot Boy: Math, a young charioteer, is a pawn drawn into the [...]

  • Manda Scott is a brilliant writer. Such a talent. It has been a couple years since I read some of her Boudica series and while I don't always love her story I do always love the writing quality.The Emperor's spy is no different. The writing is highly skilled and even though her story didn't always appeal to me, the skill of her writing is never in question.I believe, for my tastes, the story of Pantera here in The Emperor's Spy has much more to offer me than the Boudica story and I loved the rea [...]

  • Sebastos Abdes Pantera is the physically maimed, mentally scarred, unwilling spy for the unbalanced emperor Nero. His task is to find out who is planning to burn the city of Rome to the ground and to stop them. As we know that the city did burn (in 64 A.D.) we also know that he fails in this primary task. I found this novel a real mixed bag. On the one hand Scott can write an impressive tale which carries the reader relentlessly along. She is excellent at scene setting and descriptive depiction [...]

  • I do enjoy a good book based in ancient Rome and I think this was one of the better stories I've read in this setting.Sebastos Pantera is the emperor's spy. Having returned from Britain heartsick and wounded, he has no wish to continue spying. All that changes when he meets Math, a young man with a natural bent toward spying and a wish to be a chariot racer. With Math's future at stake and Emperor Nero determined to stop Rome from burning, Pantera returns to what he knows best, spying.From the f [...]

  • I calculated recently that at a rate of a book a week for seventy years, I would still not have read some remarkable literature. Let's simplify the maths to an even seventy fifties: three thousand five hundred books. Not enough, simply not enough books to have left in my wake by the time I am called to the Great Library in the Sky. That leaves precious little time for books which bring no joy, offer no education, deliver no richness to my 3,500-book existence. And so to M.C. Scott's 'Rome: The E [...]

  • Enjoyable fast paced read that gave me a new impression of Nero and the burning of Rome. I liked the mix of characters but since this is my first book by this author, I did feel at a little bit of a disadvantage as to knowing the back histoyr and felt a bit cheated at the end when I wanted it to end properly - rather than with a carry on toward the next book. It does have an ending, don't get me wrong, but I prefer something more permanent. I liked the racing scenes very much and the description [...]

  • Rather disappointing. I was hoping for a heroic romp through Rome but what I got was a soft story, over stuffed with pseudo religious clap trap. Too many characters that I cared little or nothing about and unrealistic scenes that just didn't keep the action flowing. This book could have been 200 pages shorter. A real struggle to get to the end.

  • Manda Scott is best known for her Boudica novels. These four novels describe the transformation of Breaca into the Boudica, the celebrated warrior queen of the Iceni who dealt Britain’s Roman overlords their greatest defeat and humiliation. In Rome: The Emperor’s Spy, the first in a new set of novels, Scott becomes M.C. Scott and we are taken into the larger world of the Roman empire, from Gaul to Jerusalem, Alexandria and Rome itself. Chief among the characters looms Nero himself. We couldn [...]

  • The Rome series (a general series note to give you an idea of my impression of Manda’s writing and this series in particular.) All good historical fiction is written in an absorbing fashion, such that the reader enjoys every turn of the page. Often, an embellishment is added – just a word, a speech, a turn of phrase, even a physical description – that is so well-written and gorgeous in its own right, that it makes the whole novel. The Rome books in particular, and Manda’s writing in gene [...]

  • This is an excellent historical novel, one which blends character driven narrative with tightly plotted action. It is easy to let either action or character dominate the other; MC Scott avoids this by peopling her novel with a range of vibrant characters placed in dread peril. As the author of The Lost King: Resistance, I was intrigued that one of her central characters is a young boy of about my protagonist's age, with all the opportunities which this gives to engage the reader. Math is a wonde [...]

  • Read this one because an old friend has arranged for the author to come talk to her new book group on a weekend when I'm up in the area visiting family, and didn't actually mean to finish it just yet. It's set in AD 64, around the build up to the fire where Nero proverbially fiddled while Rome burned. It's the first in a series, but this series actually follows an earlier one about the Boudiccan revolt. There were a lot of things where it referred back, and I got the feeling there'd be some "a-h [...]

  • Having a good appetite for what might be called the: "Boy's Own Adventure", type historical fiction of this era (Scarrow's Eagle Series for example), I thought that I would try something a little more character based and with slightly less focus on the action. Well, I certainly got that. The book's development of several key characters over such a prolonged period, did make for what I found to be a weighty read in places. The importance of religion to the various characters was also a new approa [...]

  • Manda Scott; the Emperor Nero; chariot-racing; mystery cults; a love triangle; and an imperial spy fighting against time to prevent disaster: it’s a formidably tempting combination. Needless to say, I’ve been itching to read this ever since I finished the last of the Boudica novels and was finally able to wait no longer. And it thoroughly lived up to expectations, as I tore breathlessly through an audacious, fast-paced story, plotted with an almost Dunnettian dexterity.However, one thing is [...]

  • This is a light hearted romp - Dan Brown does Ben Hur with a dash of James Bond. Personally these Roman spy novels work better for me than Scott's Boudica books. Normally her interpersonal relationships between characters are predictably melodramatic, but in this genre there is thankfully no room for character development. The pacing is better (though all her books seem about 100 pages too long) and I don't mind that all the characters are super heroes/villains in my airport-read action adventur [...]

  • I went into this book wanting to enjoy it far more than I ended up doing so. After flicking through the authors Boudica series - which I will read properly later - I gave myself the wrong impression that this book would have the same level of infectious appeal.The best way I can describe this novel is if I were to compare it to it's cinematic equal. It is far more like those Hollywood epics churned out in the 1950s set in Rome or around Romans that were still relatively safe with most if not all [...]

  • I love Manda Scottsdale style of writing, although I think if I put half the things Sat my editor that she gets away with like long sentences and certain structure, then my editor would be cutting and croppingbut that may be my loss as it comes across well and I like the style she writes in, it's what makes it her and makes me think I will keep certain traits of my writing the way I like them.Okay, the book. Well I was delighted that the Rome series really does follow on from the Boudicca series [...]

  • M.C. Scott is my new favorite author! The setting is Rome during the Reign of the Emperor Nero. The story opens in the summer of AD 63. If you like to go back in time and space via poignant historical fiction, this book is for you. The characters (some real-life historical figures)come to life in a new way, you may become so attached,or disgusted with the heroes and the villains that you will almost become a part of the story. The chariot races, the horses, and the men, women, and children who t [...]

  • While I didn't dislike this book, there was nothing particularly gripping about it. The beginning was somewhat confusing and it took me awhile to figure out who everyone was in the story. The plot was a 'spy story' but personally I found the chariot racing side of things more exciting. And although I liked the characters, it didn't go beyond that. And it's no surprise everyone was in love with Hannah because apart from Hypatia, who most of the characters don't meet, she is pretty much the only f [...]

  • Gave this book a try, read half of it, but I do not want to continue. The characters and the setting seem somehow artificial to me, maybe the author should have done more research (or show that she did)? This is quite surprising because others' reviews indicate that they found the book very immersive and well written. I cannot second the opinion. In any case, I might be reading one of the later books in the series to see how it developed, but at this point I am way too disappointed.2 starsSecond [...]

  • A splendid re-read. I cannot praise Manda Scott enough. The magical elements that seemed to annoy some readers in the Dreaming the Eagle series are mainly gone and a small amount of carry-over from that series remains just to wind a few things up but mainly in lesser characters. Great series, great pacing, great characterisation and great plotting. All round great hit for me!

  • Rome: The Emperor's Spy by M.C. Scott was a book from the library which turned out surprisingly well. It is interesting in its depiction of Christians just a few years after Jesus' death, in its alternate portrayal of Nero and the burning of Rome, and in its close drawing of the main characters--Math, the 10-year-old boy, Pantera, the honourable spy, Ajax, the fantastic chariot driver, and Hannah who loved them all. I enjoyed the story immensely.

  • When I finished the story, I was ready to give this book 4 stars. It's beautifully written. It has wonderful descriptions. I love the characters. What bumps this up to 5 stars is that after the epilogue, the author describes the research she did, summarizes her findings, and provides a list of references to support the historical accuracy wherever she didn't take creative license.

  • I am told that the sequels to this book are better. I find that very hard to believe possible but, will find out for myself in the very near future. Wonderful book, beautifully written.

  • Rome: The Emperor's Spy was a book that received a mixed reception from me. At times it ticked all the boxes and at other times it was borderline boring. I am one of the readers who appreciates realistic detail but is not against the sci-fi and paranormal, in this the book delivered but at times it was slow. Sebastos Pantera was not the character I was expecting. Admittedly I was expecting a patriotic young warrior determined to do right for Rome and his Emperor, after all this book is titled 'E [...]

  • It was OK, got better towards the end. The historical bit at the back was one of the more interesting aspects. I didn’t know the author had written a series on Boudicca first which it may have been better if I read first I didn’t particularly feel invested in Math or some of the other characters and couldn’t see why they were all going nuts to save this street urchin who actually does have a nice father etc

  • Too many historical inconsistencies to enjoy the the narrative. Plus things like reading two pages in buildings up to the chariot race, to then turn the page and read, one and a half lines for the actual race. If you know that parrots, and some veg foods are from the americas, and camels arrived much, much later, etc this won't be for you. How ignorance sometimes can be a bliss.

  • good read but it references too many things from the Boudicca series with no explanation it's clear one needs to read that other series first and then this series if not for that i would have given this 4 stars

  • Abile spia, rientrato di recente da una missione che lo ha visto infiltrato fra le tribù britanniche all’epoca della rivolta di Boudicca, Sebastos Pantera, addestrato niente di meno che dal grande Seneca, si ritrova ancora una volta al centro di una rete di inganni e intrighi. Una funesta profezia rischia di sconvolgere il regno di Nerone e l’imperatore, piegato dalla paura, convince il giovane Sebastos a indagare. Infiltrato nel mondo dell’esercito e in quello della nobiltà sotto una nu [...]

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