Other People's Heroes

Other People s Heroes Josh Corwood has spent his life admiring the superheroes that protect Siegel City He s wanted to join them wanted to be like them but eventually had to settle for reporting on them from the sideline

  • Title: Other People's Heroes
  • Author: Blake M. Petit
  • ISBN: 2940011241932
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Nook
  • Josh Corwood has spent his life admiring the superheroes that protect Siegel City He s wanted to join them, wanted to be like them but eventually, had to settle for reporting on them from the sidelines When an undiscovered talent reignites his hope to join the world s protectors, he suddenly discovers that their world isn t everything he d been led to believe SurrounJosh Corwood has spent his life admiring the superheroes that protect Siegel City He s wanted to join them, wanted to be like them but eventually, had to settle for reporting on them from the sidelines When an undiscovered talent reignites his hope to join the world s protectors, he suddenly discovers that their world isn t everything he d been led to believe Surrounded by false idols, Josh decides to turn the tables on them and reveal the greatest con game in history and hopefully, in the process, find the real heroes that have long been gone.This cult favorite superhero comedy returns in a revised and expanded edition Check out the book for the first time, or revisit it to see new scenes, plus two additional short stories not included in the original edition set in the world of Siegel City

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    Blake M Petit is a writer, columnist, reviewer, podcaster, actor, director, and teacher from Ama, Louisiana His weekly comic book column, Everything But Imaginary, has appeared Wednesdays at CXPulp since 2003 He s the co host, with whoever the hell is available that week, of the All New Showcase comic book podcast Blake is a member of the board of directors of the Thibodaux Playhouse theatre company in Thibodaux Louisiana, where his original stage play The 3 D Radio Show was produced in 2004 In a former life as a newspaper editor, his weekly Think About It column won the Louisiana Press Association Award for best column in 2001 In his free time, he teaches high school English, which at the moment pays better than the rest of his impressive sounding endeavors put together.Contact Blake at BlakeMPetit gmail and visit him on the web at EvertimeRealms


  • Article first published as Book Review: Other People's Heroes by Blake M. Petit on Blogcritics.Comic books have long been a way to savor our heroes and find those with super human powers that do good in our world. As with most, in order to be successful as a hero, there must also be villains. In Other People’s Heroes by Blake M. Petit, we follow the exploits of a group of heroes and villains known as Capes (superheroes) and Masks (villains).Ever since being rescued as a young child from a burn [...]

  • “I don’t know what’s worse, your stupidity or your low opinion of me.”The age old story boy longs for superpowers. Boy recognizes his dream. Boy falls in love with super good looking, yet slightly insecure super-heroine. Boy uncovers sinister plot. Boy must make a cadence of decision that will have a profound influence on the fate of the entire world, all the while, indulging a journey of self discovery and trying not to get blown up by a deadly Teke-blast.Josh Corwood has spent his enti [...]

  • My first impression was that the editing is rough. I mentioned this to the author (we're connected on Google+), and he said that he and a couple of editors had gone over it but something always gets missed. Well, they missed quite a lot, actually. Mostly typos, misplaced commas, quotation marks closed in the wrong place and so forth, but several clangers as well. Blake: The piece of gymnastic equipment is called a pommel horse, not a pummel horse. The Happy Days character was Ralph Malph, not Ra [...]

  • In his novel Other People’s Heroes, Blake Petit puts together an interesting premise. It’s a combination of the Justice League and the Legion of Doom run by a professional wrestling federation. In the world he created, in Siegel City, there is a cadre of superheroes and super villains except the heroes aren’t always good and the villains aren’t always bad. They play characters much like in pro wrestling with staged rumbles between the good guys and bad guys. Right off the bat, this is a [...]

  • Book Title: Other People's Heroes: The Heroes of Siegel CityAuthor: Blake M. PetitPublisher: CreateSpaceISBN: 9781463599072 Reviewed By Michele Tater for The Couch Tater ReviewI believe that interest in heroes is universal and eternal. ~Norman SpinradJoshua Corwood is a “regular” guy in a world filled with super heroes (Capes) and villains (Masks). The only saving grace in his mundane life is the fact that he gets to write about these extraordinary people in a newspaper called Powerlines. He [...]

  • Fun. Certainly written by someone who loves the genre.However, this book retains numerous pitfalls native to superhero fiction: overwriting; excessively large cast; secondary characters missing in action; and others. This book also appears to be self-published (read: no professional editing).Other People's Heroes has a lot of the same problems that Soon I Will Be Invincible has, chief among them, the author spends way too much time feeding the reader with world-building information that the cent [...]

  • Josh Corwood has always wanted to be a superhero, and when he unexpectedly develops a special talent, he is excited to join the league. But what if the life of a superhero isn't as real as it seems?I have never read a superhero story before, so I didn't know what to expect. What I got was an amazing read. Action, excitement, surprise, and even a sweet love story.Josh is a really nice guy. He has a solid moral and ethics code, and everything he does is in line with this. This makes for a refreshi [...]

  • I liked the concept of the "professional wrestling" setup for superpowered conflict a lot and I wish they had kept with that. Unfortunately, the plotline moves instead to a scheme by a master villain and we never really get back to the fun running the business.Despite my disagreement on the introduction of the master villain, I enjoyed the book. The editing was a bit rough on the edition I read, and I've heard some of the other versions are even worse (the book reportedly being self-published). [...]

  • I really enjoyed this novel. I read the 2011 edition of this story which I understand is a bit different from a version published a few years ago. This is probably one the best superhero themed books I've read. It tells the story of Josh Corwood, a reporter in Siegal City who finds he has an unusual super power and then finds that there is a big secret that all the superheroes and villains are hiding.This is one of those gems you sometimes unearth in self publishing and I'm really glad I purchas [...]

  • "There is no peace for me," says the villain in Other People's Heroes. "There will never be peace for me, and it's all because of the stupid, stupid superheroes." Poor guy. All he wants to do is take over the world. And those darn superheroes keep getting in his way. Tsk! The book ends with the phrase: " it was a start." That's a mildly clever way to end a novel. Full review here: superheronovels/2011/07/31

  • A rather odd plot line, using a WWF-like structure for handling a bunch of superheroes and supervillains. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and am eagerly anticipating the sequel.To all those readers complaining about typo errors and grammatical glitches, I'd like to point out that even the most experienced and renowned authors make errors (a personal 'favourite' is in "Pillars of the Earth"!!!)

  • I started out not being too keen on the whole "reporter reveals all" idea but determined to read the book. I soon found myself picking the book up to continue reading at every opportunity. Looking forward to the next one in the series.Note that there's also a short story starring the main character of this book: "The Restless Dead of Siegel City".

  • This is a refreshing take on comic-book superheroes. It's fairly original, it's fun, and I found myself laughing often. Petit has a very wry sense of humor, and it comes out well in this story. I think the best part of the book is the dialogue, as it keeps the story moving, and really reads quickly.I don't read comedy novels that often, but I really enjoyed Other People's Heroes.

  • A realy enjoyable story. I was entertained from the first page. I really liked the story and the characters, the twists that make the story exciting and give it action.I definitely recommend this one! Both to the superhero fans and those that aren't.

  • A story of superheroes with a twist- the "battles" between good & evil are being staged. This comedic novel was a lot of fun, but definitely dragged on for way too long. A graphic novel format with some deep editing would make this into a 5 star endeavor. Opportunity missed.

  • I really enjoyed this superhero podiobook. Excellent pacing, fun action, and a plot with just enough twists and turns to keep it interesting, not too many to keep track of.

  • A decent take on a superhero book. I enjoyed seeing the progression of the main character. I hope there is a 2nd book.

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