Confessions of a GP

Confessions of a GP THE UK S BESTSELLING EBOOK OF Benjamin Daniels is angry He is frustrated confused baffled and quite frequently very funny He is also a GP These are his confessions A woman troubled by pornogr

  • Title: Confessions of a GP
  • Author: BenjaminDaniels
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • THE UK S BESTSELLING EBOOK OF 2011.Benjamin Daniels is angry He is frustrated, confused, baffled and, quite frequently, very funny He is also a GP These are his confessions.A woman troubled by pornographic dreams about Tom Jones An 80 year old man who can t remember why he s come to see the doctor A woman with a common cold demanding but not receiving antibiotics ATHE UK S BESTSELLING EBOOK OF 2011.Benjamin Daniels is angry He is frustrated, confused, baffled and, quite frequently, very funny He is also a GP These are his confessions.A woman troubled by pornographic dreams about Tom Jones An 80 year old man who can t remember why he s come to see the doctor A woman with a common cold demanding but not receiving antibiotics A man with a sore knee A young woman who has been trying to conceive for a while but now finds herself pregnant and isn t sure she wants to go through with it A 7 year old boy with tummy aches that don t really exist.These are his patients.Confessions of a GP is a witty insight into the life of a family doctor Funny and moving in equal measure it will change the way you look at your GP next time you pop in with the sniffles.

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  • I finished the book. Why it was such a page turner or a five star is hard to define. It was about the routine of a young GP with a bit about his training, working in A&E and thoughts on the National Health Service. He's very firmly in favour of it. As am I. There were several very interesting discussions apart from transgender (below, in spoilers). One of them was of the intractability of the pain of fibromyalgia. He said it was only diagnosed when no other cause for the pain could be found [...]

  • I was struggling between rating this three and four stars, so it would be a 3.5 star rating.I was eager to read this book as I worked as a Doctor’s Receptionist for several years; I thought it would be good to see it from the Doctors perspective. I think I should write a book from the receptionist’s point of view, I have many a tale thereWell this book is very amusing! I was sat on the train and had to stifle a few laughs. I thought the short chapters because it kept each section short and i [...]

  • I couldn't finish this book, I thought I would enjoy it but really it didn't do anything for me in terms of keeping me interested.I might try again at some point, but I probably won't.

  • It was a fantastic read. I could relate to many thing stated here, though am not a GP associated with the British NHS. This collection of anectdotes from the life of a GP is written by a currently practicing GP under a pseudonym. All the stories were thought provoking, and most were funny, more the so because it was not intentionally evoked humor. I read this book within a day or so and would recommend this to all in the medical profession. Non medical persons may find it a bit difficult to comp [...]

  • Thank you, Dr. Daniels, for reminding me why I decided to become a hospital doctor and not a GP. My hat is down to you and all the GP doctors around the world who find the time to be psychotherapists, social workers and clerks for their patients.Knjigu bih preporučio svakom tko ima ikakvog posla sa zdravstvenom službom. napisana je zanimljivo, duhovito, i iako iz perspektive liječnika opće prakse u UK, dovoljno je dodirnih točaka sa svim krajevima zapadnog svijeta.

  • 3.5 stars for this one. I found it to be a humorous account of the life of a British GP. I suspect it would be fairly similar to the life of an Australian GP, although our Medicare system has distinct difference to the British NHS, but some of his issues ring true to me, as an allied health professional - patients failing to show up, having to say difficult things to patients that you know they don’t want to hear, then having them leave your room dissatisfied with the advice you’ve given eve [...]

  • I really didn't like the writer. He came across as opinionated, defensive, snobby, judgemental, preachy and a bit holier than thou, in what is supposed to be a light-hearted, amusing look at some of the patients an average GP gets in his surgery in the UK. I did not enjoy being lectured on the state of the country, the class system and the National Health Service. I wonder who the intended audience is meant to be, as anyone who would care about his opinions on the state of things would probably [...]

  • This book allows you to get into the head of a GP to find what he really thinks of being a doctor and it seems he gives a very unadulterated account of how it is. Yes he comes across as opinionated, if he didn't there would be no basis of this book. It is easy to read and requires no great concentration but it does give you an interesting view into the head of a doctor. Funny at times, truthful but perhaps hard to swallow at other times.

  • I loved the idea of reading Confessions of a GP. It screamed ‘funny’ and ‘interesting’ and it isn’t everyday you come across a book on this subject. When I picked up the book for a great price on the Kindle, I started to read it right away, I wanted to know what secrets the author was willing to divulge to me.There are a few chapters that are real gems and they are sure to make you gasp, put your hand to your mouth in shock, make you want to read snippets aloud to anyone who will liste [...]

  • I'm not sure what to say about this one really. I found some parts of the book really interesting in relation to some of the things that people go to see the Dr about, and it intrigued me that some go just to talk and then when their 10 mins is up they just get up and walk out. I did find him quite patronising in places though, especially when he mentioned something that I had been to the Dr's about and then laughed about the patient. The language is a bit strong in places and I don't know why b [...]

  • I went through a bit of a phase reading these true life occupation-based memoir-style books a while back, and I must have picked this one up at the time. I remember it was very popular in the Kindle charts for a while but I’ve only just got round to reading it.It’s quite short, very interesting, and most importantly – not too negative. It’s so easy for these types of books to be depressing, particularly the ones from people in a difficult job. The government troubles and NHS politics ca [...]

  • I don't see why the author felt it was necessary to include transphobic and misogynistic language throughout this book. I stopped reading about 2/3 of the way through because I was fed up of it.

  • Last week I posted a review of Hospital Babylon, the story of one day in an English A&E Department, which I really enjoyed. Because I enjoyed it so much I went through my books on search for something similar, and stumbled across Confessions of a GP, which I picked up a couple of years ago. I was interested in reading a book from the perspective of a General Practitioner, because it promised to be more intimate and perhaps more focused on specific patients and scenarios.However, Confessions [...]

  • It would be interesting to read similar from an Australian GP, in which the politics would be different and slightly more relevant for this Australian resident. However, this is still a really fun read. Do I feel a little bad saying that? Yes There's definitely a small element of schadenfreude, though not as much as I expected when picking it up. I had to skip the chapter on bodily fluids when he started to talk about the disgustingness of sputum. I can't deal with any bodily fluids at all, and [...]

  • As a nurse who has a good supply of humorous work-stories, I downloaded this book onto my Kindle in order to see the medic's side of life. "Confessions of a GP" are presented in short case studies; some comic, some political, and some where you feel the author is warning the reader against bothering doctors too much. To be honest, I was a little disappointed as I had expected more of a GP equivalent of a James Herriot type of book. At about half-way through, I began to get a little bored with al [...]

  • Dr Ben is quite funny and clearly is still in love with his chosen profession - which is greatI read this (ironically) during a hospital stay and couldn't help but compare it to my experience of being there. It reminded me all over again why the NHS should be saved and why our fantastic doctors and nurses deserve our praise not our moans about long waits and such - when the chips are down the NHS works brilliantly and that point was made over and over again in this book. It reminds you that yes [...]

  • This one I really liked! It's basically a GP (general practitioner, i.e. a family doctor) recalling various patient stories and making lots of interesting and insightful points about the NHS, health and wellbeing, and the state of the modern British patient. I laughed out loud many times at some really funny stories and also hummed and aahh-ed at the topics at hand. I think I will probably go back to read it again at some point, because it was fun and thoughtful. It also conveyed what I love the [...]

  • As I work in healthcare like the author, I jumped at the opportunity to get some insight into the life of a GPThe book is very funny and interesting in parts but it's main problem is that it's a bit all over the place. Just seems like random stories have been collected together and cobbled together for the book."Dr Daniels" seems like a decent enough Dr. Certainly he comes across as very caring and passionate about is job in some chapters. Then you will read another chapter, (The chapter on Fibr [...]

  • I did not like this book. My main issue was that it's really terribly written. I didn't expect award-winning prose, but the writing is choppy and inconsistent, the attempts at humour all fall flat and there is literally no theme, recurrent storyline or even an ATTEMPT to sort the jumbled mess of stories. Secondly, I don't like the writer as a person. He comes off as arrogant and bigoted, and that's not what I want to read from a GP -- or at all, really. So, I don't think this was worth the read [...]

  • First book read on my Kindle!!!It was ok, I was glas to be able to download it for 99p becasue I don't think I would have been happy paying the £8.99 for it.Basically it is a collection of tales from a young GP. It has no flow to it and you leap from one subject to the next. Although it does contain some amusing ditties on patients he has encountered along the way, nothing really made me laugh out loud and I was quite glad to get to the end.

  • This book wasn't too bad although some bits made uncomfortable reading. Written by Benjamin Daniels, a GP of over 3 years, it's made up of small chapters, 2 - 3 pages long. Some parts were refreshingly honest but I did find Daniels to be quite judgemental. Not a bad read if your not looking for anything serious.

  • An okay book and easy read for those without the time to sit and enjoy a novel. It's quite opinionated, which the author admits to, but unfortunately not always on the way I wanted. Sometimes I just wanted to know the patient outcomes, rather than the moralistic tale. For this type of thing I preferred Hospital Babylon. However I would like to read an updated opinion post CCGs.

  • I was browsing through the non- fiction section of the library a few days ago, not something I usually do, I tend to hang around YA and the middle-grade shelves, but I was in the mood for something factual, I was in the mood to learn.Since I was eleven years old, I've had the dream of becoming a paediatrician, so I decided to pick out a book about medicine and I stumbled on this book; ''Confessions of a GP''. The cute, cartoon cover made it look promising so I brought it out of the library. I op [...]

  • Gosh,I'm just shocked that there are so many 5 stars on this "book".You know, the point I put this book down because I was so shocked and upset was where this whiny self-important moron (a point established very early on with very little writing skill) is moaning about an elderly gentleman who visits him and then can't remember what he visited for. And, what, THE DOCTOR is put out? THE DOCTOR is moaning? Whoever taught this bloke to be a Doctor left out several chapters on compassion, patience a [...]

  • Confessions of a GP is a collection of short anecdotes from the life of a GP in England ranging from funny to poignant and sad but nearly all with a message behind them.Each chapter of this book is a short story and they only run about 2 or 3 pages long so it's a nice book to pick up and put down whenever you want, I did read it in almost one sitting and if you do that it does get a bit tedious and repetitive at times so it's probably better enjoyed if you dip in and out. It was very interesting [...]

  • I think the book started off with loads of potential and towards the end it just fizzled out. But its worth a read if you want to know what a GP in the UK does in the course of his career.

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