Wall Of Days

Wall Of Days This is a stunning novel of guilt and loss and remembering In a world all but drowned a man called Bran has been living on an island for ten years He was sent there in exile by those whose leader he

  • Title: Wall Of Days
  • Author: Alastair Bruce
  • ISBN: 9781846688003
  • Page: 298
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is a stunning novel of guilt and loss and remembering In a world all but drowned, a man called Bran has been living on an island for ten years He was sent there in exile by those whose leader he was, and he tallies on the wall of his cave the days as they pass Until the day when something happens that kindles in Bran such memories and longing that he persuades himsThis is a stunning novel of guilt and loss and remembering In a world all but drowned, a man called Bran has been living on an island for ten years He was sent there in exile by those whose leader he was, and he tallies on the wall of his cave the days as they pass Until the day when something happens that kindles in Bran such memories and longing that he persuades himself to return, even if it means execution His reception is so unexpected, so mystifying that he casts about unsure of what is real and what imaginary Only the friendship of a child anchors him as he retraces the terrible deeds for which he is answerable, and as he tries to reach back, over his biggest betrayal, to the one he loved Wall of Days is a profoundly moving novel about guilt, loss and remembering.

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  • An excellent, excellent read. If you haven't read it yet, stop what you're doing and go buy it right now. I can't recommend it enough.The writing style is easy to read, it flows and goes quickly, and before you know it you've been sitting for hours reading through this. At the same time, it leaves many questions, and builds tension wonderfully. If you like a good story, and a book that raises philosophical questions that require plenty of thinking and arguing over, then this is for you.

  • Just finished reading Alastair Bruce's debut novel "Wall of Days" and I'm truly baffled by the brilliance and scope of this modest short novel written by a South-African newcomer. "Wall of Days" tells the post-apocaliptic story of Bain, a man stranded in a small island in the middle of an apparent big ocean, condemned to spend the rest of his life in total isolation after being judged and expelled by his community. We soon find out that the world Bain lives is a result of a millennium of global [...]

  • This book had an extremely strong start, but after chapter five it really nose dived and left me feeling unsatisfied. The start of the book was very interesting and detailed Bran's lonely existence on the island. The methods Bran used to stay sane were really emotive to me. The fact that he had listed and measured every resource to ensure he could only live for another twenty years, was actually quite sad. It showed that he was simply counting down the days/years until he died. He was not living [...]

  • Enigmatic, compelling and dreamlike. An accomplished debut,On an island in the middle of a waterbound world, Bran ekes out a meagre, solitary but not entirely unpleasant existance, knowing that his kingdom is slowly but surely washing into the sea. It is a matter of some doubt which will last the longest - him or the island. He has been exiled there by his subjects for the terrible things he has done but, one day, an unexpected, unbidden visitor means he must return home to face his past. I was [...]

  • I thought this an excellent book. It is exceptionally well written, with an absorbing story and real moral and intellectual content. Set apparently in the far future in a world in which civilisations have been drowned and history almost completely lost, the story is of a man banished from the small society he ruled and effectively created and who now lives alone on a small, slowly vanishing island. It is very hard to say more without spoiling the story too much, but something occurs so that he e [...]

  • I found this book started incredibly well and was ultimately an atmospheric, thought-provoking and suspenseful read, though the middle section did seem to drag somewhat. That said, I'm not entirely sure what was literal and what was metaphorical so I may not even be ready to review the book. Yet. I do intend to read it again(view spoiler)[Did the island actually exist or was it a metaphor for his state of mind? Had he simply been in denial, or wallowing in guilt? Was the other general simply a m [...]

  • After a promising intriguing start I felt that the story just never really took off. The book is set in the distant future and revolves around a middle aged man who has been living in exile on a tiny semi-barren island for the past decade when the book begins. However, an unexpected event causes him to return to his homeland to seek explanations, old acquaintances, and closure for his actions. I found the premise very interesting but the execution slightly disappointing. There were constant hint [...]

  • Okay. I have no idea how I managed to check this out of my library before it was released widely enough to actually be searchable on . No clue why no one else has rated it yet either. There must be another version that I didn't see?I wish I knew someone else currently reading it, because there is so much unpacking of the novel that I'm not going to do on my own. It's something that I'm reading and I know there's more to these symbols and if there were Cliff Notes I would totally cheat and read t [...]

  • A harsh nee brutal recount of a mind and body in turmoil and exile!Bleak and dark yet positively compelling.

  • The book has a promising start, introducing Bran, the main character who has been banished to live alone on an island for heinous crimes against his people. I found the first few chapters of the book interesting - how this man had managed to survive alone for so long in this hostile environment, but this was short lived. The book goes down hill from around chapter 5, when Bran leaves the island. I found it difficult to empathise with the character and the post apocalyptic fantasy world, and alas [...]

  • I've held off for a few days to write this because I wanted to see if my thoughts cleared, and I'm not sure they have.A freebie that I've had on my shelves for ages, I finally picked this up and was immediately drawn into it - clear simple writing that both paints an effective picture, and leaves space to think about what it's saying. I won't say more about the rest of the plot, but suffice to say I'm still thinking about the issues it raises, and will definitely look out for more by this author [...]

  • I enjoyed the first few chapters of this book however after that I felt like I was forcing myself to finish it. It was so tedious!! The narrator kept hinting at big reveals that never happened. The story should have been stronger or the book should have had about 100 pages cut out (then I wouldn't of had to be bored for quite so long). I feel bad because I think the author could do better. It was almost like by avoiding answering all the mysteries I became disconnected from the characters. Towar [...]

  • I started this with an idea of what I thought it was about, and it was, I think. First person with a small amount (compared to the total book) of dialogue, is not a fave format of mine. It was interesting, but there's a lot I just didn't understand. such as the overall message. As much as there was, there was as much missing, for me anyway. I finished it, but I didn't get it.

  • This book had a promising start. The premise of a town forced to take drastic measures in order to survive was inspired. The descriptions of the dying world and the main character's lonely island existence were well laid out.But it lost its way and although the story held me I did feel frustrated, particularly at the end which was drawn out too far.

  • A page turner, an easy yet thought provoking and poignant read that was mostly enjoyable. The return home kept my interest, bur the ending felt somewhat like an anticlimax. Would still read the author's next book.

  • A compelling debut from Alastair Bruce, who writes in the tradition of Defoe and Coetzee, but with little evidence of the anxiety of influence. The narrative is confident, the prose compelling. If Bruce can get better editors, he may deliver on the promise of this novel in the future.

  • Quirky novel about guilt and justificationi enjoyed this one mainly because it made me reflect on the human psyche and how are memories bend to deal with a sometimes unbearable past.

  • Great book, thought provoking with a clean, simple style that is not bleak. I got a bit lost at the end, but that is likely to be my fault. It is worth reading.

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