iBoy What can he do with his new powers and what are they doing to him Before the attack Tom Harvey was just an average teen But a head on collision with high technology has turned him into an actualized

  • Title: iBoy
  • Author: Kevin Brooks
  • ISBN: 9780545317689
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Hardcover
  • What can he do with his new powers and what are they doing to him Before the attack, Tom Harvey was just an average teen But a head on collision with high technology has turned him into an actualized App Fragments of a shattered iPhone are embedded in his brain And they re having an extraordinary effect on his every thought.Because now Tom knows, sees, and can do morWhat can he do with his new powers and what are they doing to him Before the attack, Tom Harvey was just an average teen But a head on collision with high technology has turned him into an actualized App Fragments of a shattered iPhone are embedded in his brain And they re having an extraordinary effect on his every thought.Because now Tom knows, sees, and can do than any normal boy ever could But with his new powers comes a choice To avenge Lucy, the girl he loves, will he hunt down the vicious gangsters who hurt her Will he take the law into his own electric hands and exterminate them from the South London housing projects where, by fear and violence, they rule Not even his mental search engine can predict the shocking outcome of iBoy s actions.A WiFi, WTF thriller by YA master Kevin Brooks.

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    Kevin Brooks was born in 1959 and grew up in Exeter, Devon, England He studied Psychology and Philosophy at Birmingham, Aston University in 1980 and Cultural Studies in London in 1983 Kevin Brooks has been in a variety of jobs including musician, gasoline station attendant, crematorium handyman, civil service clerk, hot dog vendor at the London Zoo, post office clerk, and railway ticket office clerk.Kevin Brooks s writing career started with the publication of Martyn Pig in 2002 through The Chicken House which won the Branford Boase Award 2003 and was shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal He also wrote Lucas 2002 which was shortlisted for the Guardian Children s Fiction Prize and Booktrust Teenage Prize in 2003 also winning the North East Book Award in 2004.In 2004 he published Kissing the Rain and Bloodline and I See You, Baby and Candy in 2005 In 2006 he published 3 books including Johnny Delgado Series Like Father, Like Son and Private Detective as well as The Road of the Dead a standalone novel In February 2008 he published the standalone book Black Rabbit Summer.As a child, Kevin Brooks enjoyed reading detective novels He writes most plots of the various books he has written around crime fiction He likes mystery and suspence and enjoys putting both of those components into each and every story he writes in some shape or form.


  • I’ve never really been technological. I mean, I can use a computer. I can use a phone. I can use a Kindle. Sometimes I kind of link them all together if I’m feeling particularly frisky one day.But when people say that they prefer Windows to Apple, I zone out. I don’t know whether I’m a Mac or a PC. The adverts meant nothing to me except omfg it’s Jeremy and Mark!*I mean, if Jeremy is a Mac and Mark is a PC, then surely they’re both as awesome as each other? Do I have to choose betwee [...]

  • The story of iBoy is simply a story of a guy, Tom Harvey, being a superhero and protecting the girl, Lucy, he secretly likes. Not a hero who is really strong, but one who uses knowledge and technology to his favor, by using his iBrain, which he got after an accident of an iPhone falling in his head. The book appealed to me because I personally like technology and was interested how this would be implemented in a book. The story itself is well put together, but sometimes it was predictable and I [...]

  • Tom is eking out an existence in a drug addled London housing project when an iPhone is thrown from a 30th floor of his building, hitting him on the head and embedding fragments in his brain. The same people who threw the phone are also responsible for the gang rape of his friend, Lucy. His whole being is now hooked up to the internet, and he is able to shock people just by touching them. Feeling that his powers may not last long, he attempts to find out who attacked Lucy and bring them to justi [...]

  • During the event of scanning through many novels in the "Teen" section of the library, my eyes stopped and lay still on the black laminated spine of this book. The title read "iBoy". I considered since I had been playing on my iPod a lot over the school break iBoy may be the appropriate read. To make sure it was about iPods, iPhones or iPads,not someone with bad sentence structure stating that he was a boy, I had a quick flip at the back summary of the book. This should be where I quote the summ [...]

  • This book could have been more than okay. It could have been good. IF I hadn't been cringing away from it with every page I turned. IF I hadn't felt required to keep the book hidden so that younger siblings couldn't stumble upon it. IF our lovely Mr. Kevin Brooks hadn't decided to include an expletive on every page.Ok. Yeah. I get it, Mr. Brooks. What's-his-face-Tom lives in an ugly part of town. And gang members swear in ugly parts of town. The good guys swear. Heck, even our damsel in distress [...]

  • Probabilmente avete sentito parlare del film di Netflix "iBoy", uscito nel 2016 e piuttosto chiacchierato nella rete. C'è chi lo ha amato e chi l'ha odiato, ma una cosa è certa: il libro da cui è stato tratto è un vero pugno nello stomaco.Recensione completa suAtelier dei Libri

  • Overall, I liked this. I really did, with a slight feeling of too-little-too-quick. Of course, as soon as I'd completed it I flipped into Safari to check what other Goodreaders thought. The language, as I suspected, was a major issue. I've no problem with the author using a wide range of profanities as I'm well beyond the age where such proclivities are considered unwholesome. Indeed, I'm preparing an entire range of new expletives for my eventual entrance to a nursing home, reserved for people [...]

  • Al comenzar iBoy, me repetí incontables veces que no debía esperar mucho, por aquello de que generalmente creo expectativas altísimas y termino moribunda al llevarme tremenda decepción. En esta ocasión, funcionó bastante. Por eso mismo, de entrada, les digo que no esperen el libro del año, sino uno de esos que son bastante buenos para las lecturas ligeras, pero que vale la pena leer.Ahora, ¿por qué me gusto? Ante todo, qué personaje tan bonito tiene como protagonista. Tom Harvey, de di [...]

  • Buying the premise of iBoy requires a vast amount of suspension of disbelief- no, strike that! An insane amount. But if you ignore the fact that the novel should've ended after chapter one, because having an iPhone thrown in your face from several stories' altitude would kill you, and that iPhone parts in your brain would cause more internal bleeding than extrasensory power, you'll find an exciting and emotionally gripping, for Young Adult standards, story.The story revolves around sixteen year [...]

  • Ipod, ipad, itunes, isnack it was only a matter of time before someone wrote a book called iBoy and Kevin Brooks, an English Young Adult fiction author, has done it. Tom Harvey is a sixteen year old boy living in a seedy South London estate known as Crow Town with his Grandma. He finds himself permanently connected to all things internet after bits of an iphone are embedded in his brain. The phone was hurled at him deliberately by local gang members who then go off and rape his best friend, Lucy [...]

  • I had no preconceptions about this book not knowing the author or much about the plot. I knew it was a teen fiction book and given my recent Children Literature course, I was interested to see how this book fit into the tradition of children's literature. My initial reaction was that this pulled no punches. The 'attack' mentioned in the blurb on the back cover is in fact a gang rape of a 16 year old girl by a council flat high-rise gang. The book also includes violence, thoughts of suicide and s [...]

  • I’m sorry to say, but I took an immediate dislike to this book based on the back cover's premise. But I didn't really think that was fair, so I decided to give it a chance. Aaannnddd that sure worked out well (sarcasm). I read over 40 pages before I gave up. I’m all up for reading books that have sci/fi elements or other oddities, but something about this story just made the scenarios seem unbelievable and incredibly lame. I couldn’t go along with the idea that this boy had acquired some s [...]

  • Imagine getting hit in the head one day by an Iphone of all things and it turning out to be the weirdest day of your life and the last day that you will ever be normal to speak of .Tom lives in a dodgy part of London known as Crow Town with his nan Grams as his mum was killed in an accident when Tom was younger. In the flats lives his best friend Luce and her brother Ben. One day Luce asks Tom to meet her , next thing he knows is he's been hit in the head and wakes up in hospital. He discovers t [...]

  • I saw the movie on Netflix and loved it so much that I decided to pick up the book. If you love technology then this book is for you, not only is it focused around many technological advances but the ideas throughout the book are genius given the fact it was written 7 years ago. While walking home Thomas Harvey gets a phone thrown at his head, he wakes up in hopsital and has aquired new powers because of the parts of the phone in his head. With these new powers he starts to seek revenge against [...]

  • this book was amazing I wish their was a sequel. I loved everything about this book. Iboy is now one of my favorite science fiction novels. I thought the idea of an iPhone giving Tom special powers was really cool and creative. Also I really enjoyed how Tom changes throughout the story and learns more about himself. IBoy would be an incredible movie

  • iBoy, 2010, Kevin Brooksعنوان: پسر اینترنتی؛ نویسنده: کوین بروکس؛ مترجم: بهناز والامعتمد؛ ویراستار: گلی نژادی؛ تهران، مشق شب، 1392، در 342 ص؛ شابک: 9786007252024؛ موضوع: داستانهای نوجوانان از نویسندگان انگلیسی قرن 21 م

  • OH I used to be in love with this book. Then I grew up (such a shame) and my tastes have changed and the flaws in this book stick out a lot clearer than they used to. Still so good though. Kevin Brooks knows how to write a good story.

  • I would never, ever read this. Because honestly, I think the premise is ridiculous.Except Kevin Brooks wrote it. And I love him. So, I at least have to give it a chance.

  • once again this is a really exciting ya book. Terry brooks is a great writer and beside from the superhero action it is a believable social study and lovestory.ich kann dieses Buch nur empfehlen. ich habe es gelesen, weil der Film mir gut gefallen hat. wie der Autor es schafft eine glaubwürdige Superheldengeschichte mit einer Gesellschaftskritik, Erwachsenwerden und Liebesgeschichte zu verbinden erscheint mir genial. ich denke auch Wenigleser kommen hier zum Zuge, weil es sehr actionreich zugeh [...]

  • Fazit: Fantastisches Buch mit einer genialen Idee, die wirklich viel Spaß gemacht hat beim Lesen. Die Ausarbeitung ist gut gewesen und es war auch gut nachvollziehbar. Und auf Netflix gibt es dazu auch den Film, in dem Arya Stark aus Game of Thrones mitspielt. Diesen werde ich mir in den nächsten Tagen anschauen und bin sehr gespannt dadrauf. Bewertung: Nachdem Tom von einem Handy am Kopf getroffen wird, ändert sich sein Leben schlagartig. Er bekommt auf einmal komische Dinge mit. Er weiß z. [...]

  • Het is een tof boek. Ik heb zowel het boek als de film gelezen en ik vond het boek veel beter. Het boek bouwt echt heel de tijd lang een climax op waardoor het slot super spannend is. het verhaal zelf vind ik super origineel.Echt een aanrader !

  • At first I liked it but then as I continued my dislike for this book grew. The idea of a boy who get superpowers because of an iPhone in his heads seems ridiculous. Maybe if I had been a little younger I might have enjoyed the book. I did like the gang related theme.But the drugs and rapist in combination with the guy who gets an iPhone in his head and survives is silly.

  • This is a really interesting book, there is a twist don't you can not resist. I love this book. A superhero created by a tragic. I would recommend this book this anyone who loves sci-fi books.

  • See full review here.What happens when an iPhone cracks your skull and its electrical components become embedded into your brain? Well, in the iBoy world, it gives you superpowers, with skin that lights up in a myriad of pulsating colours, hands that can shoot electricity and a brain that can surf the net, call phones and hack into government networks. That’s exactly what happens to Tom Harvey, and armed with his amazing newfound powers, he is faced with a decision: should he take revenge on t [...]

  • Inhalt: Tom ist gerade auf dem Nachhauseweg, als er ein iPhone auf den Kopf bekommt. Es wurde aus dem 30. Stock aus dem Fenster geworfen und zertrümmert seinen Schädel. Dabei gelangen einige Teile des Smartphones in sein Gehirn und verbinden sich damit. Dadurch bekommt Tom unglaubliche Kräfte. Er kann nun alles, was ein iPhone auch kann, und sogar noch mehr – und das alles nur durch seinen Kopf. Während Toms „Unfalls“ wurde Lucy, das Mädchen, in das er schon seit Jahren verliebt ist, [...]

  • RECENSIE IBOY-KEVIN BROOKSDit spannende verhaal, iBoy gaat over een tiener genaamd Tom. Hij was een heel normale jongen tot op de dag waarop er een iPhone op zijn hoofd valt. Vanaf dat moment verandert zijn leven heftig.WAT GEBEURT ER IN HET BOEK?iBoy gaat over de zestienjarige Tom Harvey. Zijn vader heeft hij nooit gekend en zijn moeder stierf al bij zijn geboorte. Al heel zijn leven zorgt zijn oma voor hem. Ze wonen samen in een van de flatgebouwen van Crow Town, een criminele stad in Engeland [...]

  • 3/5sci-fi/superhero powers/rape/revenge/soft romance/detective elements/british contemporary/examining underclass and gangs/themes of morality and righteousness and powerthis was a super fast-paced, cotton candy, read-it-in-a-day type of teen book, written with simple and almost flat language for middle school kids and yet deals with rape and the "fuck" word for more mature high school teens. "iBoy" is an intelligent, tech-thriller that didn't exhilarate me but strung me along just the same. Sho [...]

  • I must admit, when I first read about iBoy and learned it was the story of a teenage boy who was hit on the head by an iPhone and then acquired powers I was somewhat sceptical. However, something intrigued me about the book and I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Kevin Brooks that I really wanted to give it a try.iBoy is a brilliant story. It’s a simple as that. Sure, the premise might sound a little strange to those of us who prefer our novels a little fluffier but it makes for excell [...]

  • The Good Stuff * Unique and unusual idea for a storyline * Darkly humorous at times, which helps tone down the darkness of the story * Gram is one cool bad-ass -- my kind of Grandmother * Fast paced * Could lead to some fascinating class discussions about moral choices * Love the relationship between Tom and his Grandma - real honest love and respect * Tom's a believable and likable protagonist and you can really feel the struggles he deals with * Very raw, bleak, honest and dark (not a bad thin [...]

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