Murder in the Place of Anubis

Murder in the Place of Anubis Who has dared to desecrate the sacred place of embalming with a murdered corpse Pharaoh Tutankhamun orders Lord Meren his chief investigator to find out quickly before power mad priests use the inc

  • Title: Murder in the Place of Anubis
  • Author: Lynda S. Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780802732491
  • Page: 388
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Who has dared to desecrate the sacred place of embalming with a murdered corpse Pharaoh Tutankhamun orders Lord Meren, his chief investigator, to find out quickly, before power mad priests use the incident to undermine his royal authority.Everyone is a suspect, for the body belongs to the notorious scribe Hormin, hated by all who knew him However, Lord Meren is no mere cWho has dared to desecrate the sacred place of embalming with a murdered corpse Pharaoh Tutankhamun orders Lord Meren, his chief investigator, to find out quickly, before power mad priests use the incident to undermine his royal authority.Everyone is a suspect, for the body belongs to the notorious scribe Hormin, hated by all who knew him However, Lord Meren is no mere courtier but the Eyes and Ears of the living god In the terrifying Place of Anubis, where unquiet spirits dwell, in the sunstruck city of Thebes, where Hormin s sons and his beautiful concubine plot, and in the royal court, where intrigues abound, Lord Meren hunts his quarry, peeling back the secrets of nobles and slaves in his quest for the truth But important by far is Meren s responsibility to protect the young Pharaoh from his enemies who are no farther away than the length of a dagger This exceptional debut melds ancient Egyptian religious beliefs and practices with court intrigue to produce a riveting mystery Publishers Weekly

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    Lynda Suzanne Robinson b July 6, 1951 in Amarillo, Texas is an American writer, author of romance under the name Suzanne Robinson and mystery novels under the name Lynda S Robinson She is best known for her series of historical whodunnits set in Ancient Egypt during the reign of Tutankhamun and featuring Lord Meren, the Eyes and Ears of Pharaoh She lives in Texas with her husband and has a doctorate in anthropology from the University of Texas at Austin.


  • The story moves along at a quick clip and doesn't demand much from you. Meren and his adopted son, Kysen, work together to investigate different angles of a murder committed in a sacred place; Meren's close relationship with Tutankhamun puts Meren in danger and Kysen is nervous about returning (incognito) to his childhood home and abusive father. Characters aren't terribly complex, and the writing is very direct. If someone is fat or has a big nose, everything they do will be done in a fat or bi [...]

  • I read this as recommended for people who enjoyed Paul Doherty . I'm glad I did !! This was an excellent ancient Egypt mystery I couldn't put it down I loved the fast paced mystery and descriptions!

  • Entertaining mystery; I liked the history better than the mystery, but the characters are human and likable and I will read the next books in the series.

  • Reseña en mi blog En esta historia, conocemos a Meren, un investigador que resuelve crímenes junto a su hijo Kysen.Un asesinato ocurre en la Casa de Anubis, sitio donde las almas deambulan a la espera de ser devueltas a sus cuerpos: Un escriba odiado por muchos, incluso su propia familia.Este crimen debe ser resuelto lo antes posible, o los dioses podrán desatar su ira, ya que se ha profanado un lugar sagrado.Un caso en el cuál Kysen tendrá que volver al pueblo donde nació y enfrentar un p [...]

  • Unfortunately it has been a long time ago since I read thise books. They are unforgetteble. I remember liking some more than ohters, but can not remember then apart now. So my rating might not be as accurate as I'd like. Anyway, I remember first being struct by the intensity of the plots and later by the beauty and detail in each book. She sets such a convinsing every day life as well as party into agent Egypt that you really feel like you are there. Thise are some of my favorite books.

  • I loved this series - I really enjoy ancient egypt (as well as greece and Albion)and this is one of the best written.Unfortunately it is extremely hard to get a copy, but after 14 years, I finally have the whole set.My only complaint is that there aren't enough of them!

  • I really enjoyed this book. The mystery was good and the characters interesting. I plan to read other books in this series.

  • The book moves at a good clip. The time setting is interesting, just as the boy king Tutankhamun is in his teens. You don't find that many mystery books in this time period.

  • I do love Ancient Egyptian mystery stories. I like that this one includes some interesting political knowledge and details on the burial practices.

  • An enjoyable, cozy murder mystery set in Ancient Egypt. Set in a time before forensics and DNA, this is a fun murder mystery to read.

  • I started this series after I ran out of Amerotke books by Paul PC Doherty. I REALLY liked the Amerotke books, and when I found the Lord Meren series, it seemed like a good substitute. In fact, before I started reading Meren, I thought that this author just kind of copied Doherty - then I saw the publication dates, and realized Doherty came after.The thing I always enjoyed about the Amerotke books was the historical setting. Even when the mysteries weren't top shelf, the setting made up for it.T [...]

  • A short but entertaining read - Meren, Eyes of the Pharoah and friend of the living god, and his son investigate a series of murders, with a cast of suspects consisting of some very colourful characters!The first thing I worry about when starting a new historical series is that the author will be so pleased with their research that they will sacrifice story pacing to lecture about history. I enjoy history, and enjoy reading history non-fiction books, but in a fictional story heavy handed over-wo [...]

  • put this book on my list of mysteries I might find interesting, and when I located it in a used book store, I snapped it up. Since I'd just read Rick Riordan's THE RED PYRAMID, I thought I was already in Egyptian reading mode, so an ancient Egyptian mystery appealed to me. Reading the two close together was a definite plus since I understood more of the mythology and culture, but one doesn't have to read both to enjoy Robinson's clever mystery.I will definitely look for more of Robinson's Lord M [...]

  • Set in ancient Egypt, this murder mystery novel takes place during the reign of the boy Pharaoh Tutankhamun. A murder takes place in the sacred area of the dead and the King's "eyes and ears", Lord Meren, is asked to solve the crime. This is not a very big book with only 190 pages so it moved along rather quickly. What I enjoyed most about the book was the descriptive detail that the author used when setting up scenes and settings within the storyline. What this book lacked for me was excitement [...]

  • I discovered Lynda Robinson's Lord Meren series by accident. The last mystery series I read that was centered in Ancient Egypt was P.C. Doherty's series set in the time of Hatchepsut.In Robinson's Egypt, it is the time of the reign of Tutankhamun. The boy king depends on the Eyes and Ears of Pharaoh to thwart not only enemies from beyond his kingdom's borders but also enemies within. Lord Meren fills his role with aplomb, especially when news comes that someone has been found murdered in the Pla [...]

  • Murder in the Place of Anubis is the first book in a series of mysteries that take place during the reign of Tutankhamen. The detective-protagonist is named Lord Meren and he reports directly to the pharaoh.Meren is called to investigate a murder when a corpse is found in the Place of Anubis (where bodies are mummified).The novel is part period piece and part standard, no frills, murder investigation. Like Lt. Columbo, Lord Meren knows early on who has done it and the likely motive behind the mu [...]

  • When I asked a friend about other mystery series that might interest me, she mentioned the Lord Meren series, which contains 6 books, I believe. Murder in the Place of Anubis is the first book in the series. Lord Meren is chief investigator, "Eyes and Ears of the Living God" to young Pharaoh Tutankhamun. Lynda S. Robinson has extensively researched the beliefs and culture of the period. The plot moves quickly, and Lord Meren and his adoptive son Kysen are appealing characters. I think I will def [...]

  • Enjoyable and well-executed gritty detective tale from the Egypt of Pharaoh Tutankhamen's reign. Somebody finds a freshly-murdered stiff in the undertaker's sacred workshop and it's up to Lord Meren,Pharaoh's chief investigator to figure out who committed such a downright sacrilegious act. He's aided in his quest by his adopted son, Kysen, and the story switches smoothly between their two vantage points as they head toward a showdown with some satisfyingly unsavory characters. Looking forward to [...]

  • I am glad I had a chance to read this book- It was a really interesting little cozy murder mystery taking place during the reign of King Tut in Egypt.A scribe has been killed in the Place of Anubis where the mummy's are prepared for their trip to the afterlife and Lord Meren, the Eyes and Ears of Pharaoh must try to find the killer or killers before they strike again.I will be looking for more of this series and recommend it to others

  • Fun book. I actually have read all five books in the "series". Basically a pretty easy read, simple plot but what I found interesting was the time and situation. The mysteries take place in ancient Egypt during the reign of Pharaoh Tutankhamun. She provides very interesting details of life during this period so much so that I had was compelled to do a bit of research so I could learn about her characters. I find it very enjoyable to learn new things!!!

  • This book combined two of my favorite things a good mystery an ancient Egypt. Lord Meren and his adopted son make an impressive team. It all starts with a murder in the place were they prepare the body for the afterlife. There were three possible suspects and it was up to Lord Meren to figure out who among them wanted the man dead. The book was a good read and I am looking forward to reading the second book in the series.

  • There was a passage that gave a detailed description of the breasts of a concubine--just mentioning this in case someone wouldn't want to read that--other than that the mystery was pretty straight forward. The setting of Ancient Egypt made it unique to the mysteries I normally read. It was enjoyable and interesting. I learned a couple of things about embalming as well.

  • A clever whodunit set in ancient Egypt. Average character development, plot, and setting, but a great peek into what life was like in the court of King Tut. Most historical mysteries that I read tend to be set in England or the Roman Empire, so this was a nice change of pace. I would read another book by this author.

  • This is a pretty good mystery with lots of possible suspects as the victim was a real ass and hated by everyone. Just when you think you've figured it out, another suspect pops up. The verbage gets tedious real fast with the proper language of the time. Takes a little time to decipher what is being said. If you like Egyptian lore, you will find this fascinating. If not, better skip it.

  • I picked this up at a used book store for a quarter. I was robbed! The reviews on the back of the book said it was charming, clever, the first of a promising series. All I can say is this book was really, really bad.

  • I liked this, but I didn't love it. There was some weird stuff about the Egyptian royal lines, but it might be because this was made in 1994 and our understanding has changed. I'll read the second one, for sure.

  • Another ancient Egyptian-based murder-mystery series -this one set in Tutankhamen's reign (of which I've read the first four). Again, a decent historical mystery series, with an underlying conspiracy thread.

  • Gorgeous details, Lord Meren and Ky are complex and King Tut is believable. The story shows great attention to the reality of the time as discovered by archaeologist. Ms. Robinson really did her homework for this series. I wish there were more of them.

  • Nice mystery, good first in a series installment and a fantastic, interesting and unique historical setting, being set in the time of King Tut. The characters were well-written and I look forward to more in the series.

  • A history-rich mystery set in ancient Egypt. Ms Robinson brings to live a long dead culture with detail that only someone who was truly an expert could do. In addition to incorporating her thorough research she also has written gripping mysteries with multi-layered characters.

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