سلام ما بعده سلام: ولادة الشرق الأوسط 1914-1922

  • Title: سلام ما بعده سلام: ولادة الشرق الأوسط 1914-1922
  • Author: David Fromkin دافيد فرومكين أسعد كامل الياس
  • ISBN: 1855131633
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Paperback
  • , 1979 .

    • [PDF] Á Unlimited ↠ سلام ما بعده سلام: ولادة الشرق الأوسط 1914-1922 : by David Fromkin دافيد فرومكين أسعد كامل الياس Á
      356 David Fromkin دافيد فرومكين أسعد كامل الياس
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] Á Unlimited ↠ سلام ما بعده سلام: ولادة الشرق الأوسط 1914-1922 : by David Fromkin دافيد فرومكين أسعد كامل الياس Á
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  • David Fromkin دافيد فرومكين أسعد كامل الياس

    David Fromkin is a noted author, lawyer, and historian, best known for his historical account on the Middle East, A Peace to End All Peace 1989 , in which he recounts the role European powers played between 1914 and 1922 in creating the modern Middle East The book was a finalist for both the National Book Critics Circle Award and the Pulitzer Prize Fromkin has written seven books in total, with his most recent in 2004, Europe s Last Summer Who Started The Great War in 1914 A graduate of the University of Chicago and the University of Chicago Law School, he is University Professor, Professor of History, International Relations, and Law at Boston University, where he was also the Director of The Frederick S Pardee Center for the Study of the Long Range Future Fromkin also sits on the editorial board of the Middle East Quarterly, a publication of the Middle East Forum think tank He is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.


  • على من يهتم بتاريخ منطقتنا العربية ودولنا وكيفية انشاء اوطاننا العربية فعليه بقراءة الكتاب.المستندات والوثائق التي تم جمعها والاستعانة بها في هذا الكتاب أحدث الوثائق التي تم الإفراج عنها من دوائر صنع القرار في أوروبا وأمريكا .وكالعادة غياب عربي كامل سوى بعض الشخصيات لا اري [...]

  • لا يمكن للقارئ إلا أن يثني مبدئيًا على جلد ومثابرة المؤلف في جمع كل هذا القدر من المصادر من كتب ووثائق ومذكرات لتكوين هذه القصة المتماسكة إلى حد كبير لنشأة ما يسمى "الشرق الأوسط" الحديث.وإلى جانب الجهد العظيم للمؤلف لا يمكن نسيان الجهد المتميز للمترجم كي يخرج الكتاب في هذه ال [...]

  • يعد هذا الكتاب من أقوى و أجمل و أمتع كتب التاريخ التي قرأتها في حياتيو هذا كتاب لا تستطيع إلا تبدي إعجابك بالمجهود الذي بذله مؤلفه في تجميع مادته, من بين مئات المراجع من هنا و هناكو قد اختصر لك رحلة غوص بين مئات الكتب و آلاف الوثائق سواء كانت إنجليزية أو فرنسية أو ألمانية أو عث [...]

  • This is an odd book in many ways. Not least because it is a history of the Middle East that is structured around a major character’s life. Now, you might think that such a life might well be someone who lived in the Middle-East. No chance, really, when you think about it – books written in the West are much more likely to focus on someone also from the West, even when discussing the history of the East… It’s just what we do. The life chosen was that of Winston Churchill. I'm not trying t [...]

  • Fromkin's thorough and highly exploratory piece on the creation of the modern Middle East is a delight for the armchair historian and academic alike. With clear and well-developed arguments throughout, a plethora of first-hand documentation, and plausible theses, the book moves effectively through its three main tenets and leaves the reader with a better understanding of the situation at the time and in the current political as well as social denouement. Fromkin argues three key points worth exp [...]

  • فلسطين فى القلب كم سيشعرك هذا الكتاب بضعف وقلة حيلة وتآمر العرب و المسلمين عن حماية الأرض المقدسة فى فلسطين الحبيبة تذكرت أثناء قراءتى لهذا الكتاب كيف فتح المسلمون الأوائل الدنيا شرقاً وغرباً أمام دعوة الإسلام وأخضعوا الممالك الطاغية كالرومانية والبيزنطية والفارسية بالق [...]

  • It took me a little longer than I expected to read this rather fascinating book as it slowed down to a crawl toward the end. Most history readers are familiar with the dissection of the Middle East (as well as parts of Europe) as a result of the infamous Versailles Treaty. At the beginning of the war, the Ottoman Empire, caught in the middle of this disruption, was already shaky at best and its own people couldn't decide which side they should take. This was a "empire" that spoke many languages, [...]

  • كيف كان الشرق الأوسط قبل مائة عام - ما يُسمى بالشرق الأوسط المتعارف عليه حاليًا؟! هل فلسطين أو الأردن أو سورية أو العراق أو كانت هكذا قبل مائة عام؟!عندما تجتمع القوى الإمبريالية العالمية وتتحارب وتتنازع في تقسيم التركة الإستعمارية دون وعي بخطورة تقرير مصير شعوب هم لا يعرفون [...]

  • This book was recommended in the article “A Reporter's Arab Library”, N Y Times Book Review, 30 Oct 2005.This is an excellent book, but will strike different people differently. People used to reading serious history will find it easy to read – the author's conclusions are clearly stated and supporting evidence easily located. People used to reading novels will find it hard to read – there is a bewildering variety of place names and personalities to keep track of. People who derive a sen [...]

  • از تابستان امسال که متوجه شدم نشر ماهی و حسن افشار قرار است این کتاب را ترجمه کنند لحظه شماری میکردم که هرچه زودتر به زیر چاپ برود تا بتوانم بخوانمش.اسفند امسال این کتاب منتشر شد و درهمان هفته اول بی‌محابا اقدام به خرید و خواندنش کردم. موضوع کتاب را از قبل میدانستم و به همین خا [...]

  • يمكن لو حبينا نعمل مسابقة أحسن عنوان بديل حبيب إلى قلوبنا للكتاب ده، مش هنلاقي أحسن من الأمثال التوكتوكية العظيمة من قبيل " مفيش حد صالح ، كله بتاع مصالح" أو " مفيش صاحب يتصاحب " ، أو غيرها من بقية الإبداعات الأدبية الشعبية اللي مش واخدة حقها من الاهتماممبدأياً نقول إن الكتاب ع [...]

  • 1.به‌ نظر می‌رسد مرزهای خاورمیانه، بار دیگر در حال تغییر باشد. با به رسمیت شناخته‌شدن مرزهای اسرائیل توسط حماس و پیروزی دموکراتیک خلق در رقای سوریه، احتمالا در آینده‌ای نه‌چندان دور، شاهد تغییراتی در مرزهای سیاسی کشورهای خاورمیانه خواهیم‌بود.2.نظم کنونی خاورمیانه را، نظم [...]

  • This book details the fall of the Ottoman Empire and creation of the modern Middle East. The Ottoman Empire, like most empires built upon rapid acquisition by a warrior people (the conquests of Genghis Khan and Tamerlane are other examples) couldn’t effectively manage (after 500 years of trying) their conquered territory.By the beginning of the twentieth century, the Ottoman Empire was collapsing faster than a cheap deck chair beneath a fat man. One of the architects of the new order (circa 19 [...]

  • For those of us seeking to understand the middle east, this is an excellent presentation of how, after WWI, the Brits and French divided the area, created new countries, and set the stage for conflict and disaster. Turkey, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, Iran, Saudi Arabia none of these were on the map in 1914 and all were there in 1922.Of particular interest to me were the chapters devoted to the quite significant role of Winston Churchill. Fascinating insights into a remarkable person. There were m [...]

  • An interesting history of the machinations that set the stage for the current Middle East. I've read more gripping historical counts, but this is very detailed, and well thought out. It traces the usually (but not always) well-intentioned policies, the brilliant but ill-informed and culturally ignorant politicians, and the unfortunate historical legacy of the Great Game played by the European powers that led to a division of peoples and power in the remains of the Ottoman Empire during and in th [...]

  • 5 نجوم من اجل كل شئ انتهي من هذا الكتاب في عشية الذكرى الثالثة لثورتنا الاولي مشاعري مختلفة ما بين الحلم و الالم و الحزن و لكن يبقي الايمان هو الدافع الاساسي ـــــــــــــــالكتاب موسوعة مصغرة عن تسوية العام 1922 كما سماها الكاتب سقوط الامبرطوراية العثمانية في عصور صراع الامب [...]

  • We learn in great detail how the Middle East around the time of World War One looked from the point of view of British diplomats and politicians. It is fascinating to see how such large decisions were made by a very small group of people, each with their own prejudices, although one can never be sure where the prejudices of the author creep into the narrative. But at the end of all this detail, over a rather short period of time, I find it difficult to form a clear picture of what ultimately hap [...]

  • a must readكتاب لابد من قراءته، لذا من حسن الحظ أنه يوفر قراءة ممتعة ورغم أنه يبدأ بمشهد لتشرشل على متن باخرة مع اسكويث رئيس وزراء بريطانيا قبيل الحرب العالمية الأولى وينتهي أيضا بنبوءة عن مستقبل تشرشل السياسي والذى كان موضع شك حينها - فى عشرينات القرن الماضي- باعتلائه مجلس رئاسة [...]

  • An excellent, well-researched examination of how the European allied powers turned the end of World War I into an opportunity to carve up the Middle East to their liking. Primarily focusing on British players such as Churchill, Sykes, and Lawrence, it is nonetheless a book that shows the egos and folly of all sides. Despite being a quarter of a century old, it is a worthy read, and has a brief afterword that touches on the Gulf War and 9/11. Fromkin's dry, almost clinical tone actually serves in [...]

  • I can't emphasize enough how this book is essential reading for anyone who wants to understand why the Middle East is the way it is today. It's long, densely written, and well worth the effort. This book was given to me as a present on my 30th birthday, and I have read it three times since.

  • One of the best books I've read, Peace is a thorough account of the events and personalities that shaped the Middle East as a result of World War I.Taking Winston Churchill as the principle character, the framework upon which the book is built, Fromkin let's us see how momentous policies are made, often with complete ignorance of the true situation of the people inhabiting the lands that will be subject to the policy.It also reveals how individuals can change the course of history. I don't refer [...]

  • A Peace to End All Peace covers the events leading up to what Fromkin calls the "Settlement of 1922," when the political boundaries and institutions that were to predominate in the Middle East for most of the next century took shape. The book details the many factors involved, such as the rise of Zionism, the exaggerated sense of importance to the war effort of both Jews and Arabs that predominated in Europe, and the personal ambitions of the many actors on the stage, from Winston Churchill to S [...]

  • الخمسة نجوم ليس لروعة الكتاب وشموليته بقدر ماهي من أجل الإضافة التي أضافها لي كان يستحق أربعة نجوم من أجل بيان تحيزه لليهود عند الكتابة عنهم ومن أجل تأكيده المستمر دوماً على أن رغبة بريطانيا دوماً كانت من أجل الصالح العالمي والذي يكمن في توليها السيطرة :))والتوكيد أيضاً على [...]

  • A must read for anyone interested in Middle East's fragile security architecture, protracted war involving nearly all states in the region, social and economic crises, and the role of the West. Key to understanding that contemporary problems with the Islamic State are in fact merely a symptom, and not a cause or an essence of current situation.

  • في هذا الكتاب تعرف لماذا وصل الشرق الأوسط لما هو فيه , و تعرف مدى تفاهة و هشاشة معتقدات تبدو الآن كأنها من المسلمات البديهية عند الكثير .

  • One of the most insightful and depressing books I've ever read about the Middle East. It explains so much about the grim legacy that lives in on-going conflicts.

  • يفترض في الكتاب أن يقدم صورة لـ"المؤامرة" التي حاكها الغرب- بريطانيا وفرنسا وروسيا- على العالم الإسلامي- ممثلا في الدولة العثمانية- ما يعني أنه سيكون موضوعيا، فهل سينجح؟ هل يمكننا أن نتخلص من تحيزاتنا ورؤيتنا الخاصة للأشياء؟ أم سنصل لنتيجة يقال معها أنه لا توجد موضوعية أبدا؟ [...]

  • A Peace to End All Peace is a serious work of scholarship in understanding the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, and the foundations of the modern Middle East in the aftermath of World War I. It's deeply researched and painstaking in presenting the different views inside the British government. It is also somewhat scattered, difficult to read, and feels like it's missing key parts.In 1914, it was obvious to all that the Ottoman Empire was on the ropes. Perpetually broke, technologically backwards, [...]

  • هوالحق."صلحی که همه صلحها را بر باد داد" یکی از بهترین کتابهای تاریخی ست که اخیرا خوانده ام.یک کتاب بی نظیر در مورد برهه ای حساس که به طور باورنکردنی مغفول واقع شده استعنوان فرعی کتاب: "فروپاشی امپراتوری عثمانی و شکل گیری خاورمیانه جدید" گویای تمام چیزهایی که در رابطه با کتاب با [...]

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