Tall, Dark & Lonely

Tall Dark Lonely Tall Dark LonelyPyte Sentinel Book Things are finally looking up for Madison After years of scraping just to get by she lands her dream job and finally has a decent down payment for a house so she

  • Title: Tall, Dark & Lonely
  • Author: R.L. Mathewson
  • ISBN: 9780983212522
  • Page: 441
  • Format: ebook
  • Tall, Dark LonelyPyte Sentinel, Book 1Things are finally looking up for Madison After years of scraping just to get by she lands her dream job and finally has a decent down payment for a house so she can move her brother and sister into a real home It s too bad nothing ever goes the way it s supposed to When the mother that abandoned them years ago suddenly showsTall, Dark LonelyPyte Sentinel, Book 1Things are finally looking up for Madison After years of scraping just to get by she lands her dream job and finally has a decent down payment for a house so she can move her brother and sister into a real home It s too bad nothing ever goes the way it s supposed to When the mother that abandoned them years ago suddenly shows up and moves them to New Hampshire Madison has no choice but to go or lose her brother and sister Shoving her dreams aside yet again, Madison tries to make things work It s really cold, her fifteen year old sister acts like a hooker in training, men act funny around her, her boss is a real jerk, she feels like an outsider, her best friend turns out to be a sixteen year old punk, and the incredibly handsome guy renting the room adjoining hers not only hogs the bathroom, taking three showers a day leaving her with cold water, but he also has a secret A secret that she becomes a bit obsessed with and can t let go no matter how many times she s warned off.Detective Ephraim Williams learned long ago not to show any emotion or allow himself to get attached to humans What was the point They came and went and he remained This time wouldn t be any different or so he thought When his landlady told him her grandchildren were moving in he didn t expect much, well other than to be left alone What he didn t expect was to have to fight bloodlust every time he so much as caught a whiff of his delectable neighbor s scent or her bombarding him with questions every time she cornered him If that s not bad enough a Master from his past has found him once again and is demanding his blood and is willing to do anything to get it, even using the exasperating neighbor that makes him feel than pain for the first time in centuries.

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    Hello, my name is R.L Mathewson Before I tried my hand at writing I was a receptionist, cafeteria worker at the college I attended, museum worker, bellhop, and about a dozen other different things that are pretty embarrassing so we re just going to skip over those things and pretend that they never happened DAt some point I got a little direction in my life and tried my hand at emergency medicine, since I am, or at least was, deathly afraid of needles I opted for the fun job in EMS, an EMT It was a fun job, a bit stressful, but I learned a great deal and had the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life I learned a great deal from my patients and have never forgotten the wisdom they imparted on me After a short stint as a Residential Home worker I decided to try the stay at home mom job and found out something very important.I can t just sit around with nothing to do while I try to be deathly silent so that I don t wake up one of my children and send them into a blood curdling screaming fit So, to fill the time I started to read again When I was in school I was a bookworm, but got away from it as I grew older I was drawn back into my love of reading by Julia Quinn s What Happens In London It was a wonderful, witty book and I fell instantly in love with romance novels.Some of the romance novels that I read were great and I couldn t get enough, I started to play with the idea of writing a book Several months later I finally gave in and tried For four months straight I worked day and night until finally I finished my first book Then of course I re read what I wrote, cringed and deleted the entire book and started over again I started working on other projects and soon had two finished books, Tall, Dark Lonely A Pyte Series Novel and A Humble Heart A Hollywood Heart s Novel It was a very exciting time except for one little problemI had absolutely no idea what to do with the books now that they were done So, of course I put the books aside and forgot about them for a little while I worked on other books Months later I decided that maybe I should do something with them I looked into getting published, admittedly not very hard since what I read about the publishing process wasn t exactly making me jump and down with excitement.After reading an article about self publishing I knew that was the way I wanted to go I like the freedom to write what I want, when I want and publish a story that I hope others will enjoy reading It gives me a great deal of freedom and allows me to retain full control over my work, which of course allows me to set the prices of my books and make them affordable for everyone Which of course is the reasoning behind the 0.99 price tag for my books.That s how I became a writer and why I self publish Well, that and I m pretty laid back and don t want to be hassled with contractual obligations That would just cut into my writing time, time with my kids, reading time and my hot cocoa addiction Yes, I am thoroughly addicted to hot cocoa and if you re interested in experiencing the perfect cup of cocoa you can find the recipe for my cocoa somewhere on my author blog.


  • Tall, Dark & Lonely is book one in R.L. Mathewson’s Pyte/Sentinel series. I loved this author’s Neighbors from Hell series and have been meaning to give this series a go. I am so glad that I took the plunge. While this is definitely not an overly complicated paranormal world that Ms. Mathewson has created, for me the romance between the hero and heroine was the main focus of the book and not the whole paranormal aspect. It’s a story about a lonely pyte who finally finds his reason for [...]

  • First things first, I LOVE CHRIS~ Like seriously, fuck me boy ;)Pulled an all nighter for this, so damn worth it :DTHE BOOK WAS AH-MAZING, If you haven't read it yet please do so asap!!The humor, the story, the drama and the sex, everything was EPIC ;)Ok, So here goesBest prologue I've ever read, Appart from Walking DisasterHahaha, I find it absolutely adorable how Ephraim burps after he feeds on excessive blood :PLoved him to bits and bits Such a sweet man, fuck! :')I loved Madison character, A [...]

  • Warning: This book will make you squirm, laugh, vomit, gasp, swoon, and bang your head on hard objects.3.5 stars. A campy, nutty, off-the-wall blood-lite vampire romance not recommended for the serious PNR lovers or those with delicate sensibilities. I almost DNFd this one a half dozen times, but something about Ephraim and the weirdness of the story kept me reading. It was full of absurd plotting, a motley crew of nutty characters, all mixed with some off-the-wall world building. WTFery on near [...]

  • Where do I begin? I really enjoyed the first part of the novel. I could identify with the heroine - young woman abandoned by her mother has to take care of her younger siblings while mom is screwing around. The whole family ends up moving in with the grandmother, who runs a boarding house. The young heroine, Madison, is determined not to be anything like her mother. She's hard working, chaste, and has a hard time trusting.Things quickly go off the rails as far as plot and character. Madison dege [...]

  • It's time to give up, this isn't going to get any better and even if it did, I'm so over the female mc. Someone said this was like sexed up Twilight, and it sorta is, but Twilight did it better. That's right, I said Twilight did it better. Twilight didn't annoy me and there was the excuse of it being a high school setting. Why I'm kicking this book to the curb: the female mc. It's all her fault. She is one contrary and whinging bitch. Yeah, it sucks her mom is an irresponsible whore (fact), and [...]

  • Loved every page of this book and didn't want it to end. I am so happy I decided to read a paranormal romance. It has gotten me back on the horse again. R.L. Mattewson is an excellent author and I would recommend this book as well as her others to everyone.

  • 3.5 starsRe read via audibleI read this book awhile ago and remember liking it. Upon this re read, I still liked it overall but it definately was not perfect. I enjoyed the MCs (although the heroine did get annoying at times and the Hero could be too high handed) and felt there was strong chemistry but I am not sure why they loved each other. They really did not get to know each other and seemed to go from her being scared of him, to jumping into bed. Overall, this book had A LOT going on. There [...]

  • I loved it. A light paranormal with a heavy dose of smexings, what not to love right? Ephraim just about melted me to puddles. He was such a sweet, sweet Pyte. Pytes are like vampires, they drink blood but they can walk in the daylight unlike the vampires. So, I would say that every vampire wanna be just like Ephraim. I will definitely check out his son's, Chris book next. I felt all kinds of wrong for crushing on Chris. He was just sixteen here but he was very hilarious and I hope he will be a [...]

  • At 25%. Stopping for now. For some reason, the story and writing feel choppy, scattered and awkward. The traumatic background of the hero and heroine call for emotion IMO, but the author injects weird humor into all of the potentially emotional moments, and it just isn't working for me right now. I may try again though, since most of my GR friends loved this.

  • I loved the Neighbors from Hell series, but this just didn't work for me :S It was interesting enough, but I didn't get caught in the story, or the main characters. I hope I'll read the other 2 books sometime later, maybe they'll be better.

  • Nah, didn't enjoy this one.The heroine was such an inconsistent character. She started out so strong and likeable, but that didn't last long. In the end, I was just annoyed by her immaturity and stubbornness.I liked the hero throughout most of the book, until he (view spoiler)[forcefully made her a vampire/Pyte because he nicked? Really? In a totally safe situation? And her reaction? 'I hate you, jerk!', 'I'll kick your ass, jerk!' and throwing socks at him. Alrighty. (hide spoiler)]I hated Cand [...]

  • 3 3/4 "Pytes are super cool" Stars!I enjoyed this story very much. The prologue was very gripping. It had me very curious about Ephraim from the beginning. This was a much more complete story than I thought it would be. Both main characters, Ephraim and Madison were both good characters that I enjoyed meeting and I was happy to read their story.The first part half of the book was mostly relationship building between Ephraim and Madison. You were also introduced to Madison's family- the immediate [...]

  • I had it at 3 stars and as I kept on reading it, but it just kept on getting more and more senseless; until it hits its absolut low. There is something about a virgin turned nympho. She is also sooo modest it's almost patronizing. To fix that the author gives you a list of ridiculous things that really make this angel less than perfect. Except that list is composed of things like cheating while playing candyland (rolling my eyes here)The male swoops in on a metaphorical white horse (i.e. check b [...]

  • What a surprise this book was! Just reading the synopsis had me hooked. Tall, Dark & Lonely is one of the best PNR stories I’ve read in a while and Ephraim… Ephraim:Madison:"For as long as you want me, Madison, I am your man."Madison has been in charge of taking care of her siblings for most of her life. But now, she’s finally got a good job and is ready to give her brother and sister a better life. Then their mother shows back up and a change of plans has them moving to New Hampshire [...]

  • Very enjoyable, very different PNR! I had one or two issues with the storyline, but other than that this is well-written and quite unique. Ephraimwow, my goodness, did I love him or what?! Yeah, I LOVED himg time. His tragic past made me hurt so bad for him, but now he has hope in this rag-tag family that invades his space at the boarding house he lives in. I liked Madison ALOT. She was protective, strong, quirky, funny and she had no hope at all when it came to her attraction for Ephraim. How s [...]

  • I love Madison-Ephraim. I absolutely enjoy this book. Although this started harsh, brutal, cruel but I'm happy it turns out as entertaining, sizzling hot, heart-melting sweet. I love how their family bond together even if they are not related by blood. I like Chris, Joshua and the drama queen Jill. I also like the Grandma. I love the story telling, I love the uniqueness of the plot, kinda new from the vampire craze, but above all I just like how the author mold every character to have endearing [...]

  • TALL,DARK AND LONELY was not only surprising but a very different read from Mathewson's usual plot line.I found the characters to be light and humorous adding up to the story in there own unique way hence fitting into the plot seemlesly. With that being said,initially when I started out I found the lead character,Ephraim,(pyte) resembed Stephanie Meyer's Edward Cullen,(in her debt novel Twilight) to a certain extent.Now I'm not saying Ephraim and Edward are Twinies.I mean other than the fact tha [...]

  • This book actually caught me by surprise. The fact that it was a free download on Barnes & Noble didn't hurt either. However, since I have to base all my reviews on honesty, the cost of a book won't sway me either way.This story begins in early 1800's London. "Ephraim," the story's hero, who also happens to be a 10 year old boy, is transforming into a vampire. After a month in a coma, Ephraim now looks like a fully grown man of 25. His family is stunned into disbelief only adding to the chao [...]

  • Not her best work, there were things that grossed me out, like the mother and what she made the youngest daughter do, then even the whole hero & blood & menses thingy. I also didn't feel the world-building was explained properly, he says I am Pyte and there is that no explanation when in the ends some psycho decides it is time for a history lesson. Chris the sixteen year old was good.The heroine spent most of time getting angry at the hero(for no good reason IMO). It ended up being an av [...]

  • Hmmm, not really what I was expecting.I usually love anything PNR, but for me, this didn’t have the feel of a great PNR. The paranormal element wasn’t really explained, and was still unwinding in the final pages of the book. And there didn’t seem to be a strong storyline. There were lots of little tangents that go off for seemingly no purpose at all (view spoiler)[ Like the whole hymen thing. Seriously? There’s a whole storyline about her freaking hymen! WTF was that? Not only did it gro [...]

  • ✞ ✞ ✞ 3 1/2 Bloodlust Stars ✞ ✞ ✞Tall, Dark & Lonely is the story of a young woman named Madison who has raised her two younger siblings most of her life, while her mother runs off with her newest low-life boyfriend leaving Madison to put herself through college while simultaneously having to take care of two kids. However, when Madison's mom comes back demanding that they move to New Hampshire Madison doesn't have much of a say, and instead of leaving her siblings in the neglect [...]

  • 5 Amazing Stars I love this book. R.L. is the master at making cry and then laugh at the same damn time. I love it. “The second thing, Madison, is that I am head over heels in love with you”“When this is all over and Chris is better, be prepared to have the spanking of a lifetime for not listening to me and scaring the hell out of me!”“His expression softened. “Because I absolutely love and adore you, Madison.”“I love you too, Ephraim. So much.” He took her mouth in a searing k [...]

  • Ugh. as much as I liked the first one I read by this author, Playing for Keeps, I thought for sure i'd enjoy Tall, Dark & Lonely, considering it's paranormal and all. Yeah not so much.Scatter brained and srsly lacking in focus, I'm guessing this was her first attempt at writing? Anyway, I actually made it about 53% of the way in because I srsly loved the hero and to a lesser extent the heroine. But when the author went a total different direction for like the third time in the story- I threw [...]

  • 3It was great until it wasn'tStars" “If you bled while I was inside you, while I’m already out control (sic) I would probably fuck you until you were drained properly.”Synopsis:A paranormal romance about a quasi-vampire who falls in love with his new neighbour, Madison, a modern-day virgin who has been raising her younger siblings, until she moves in to her grandmother's boarding house. The best bits: Mathewson started this off with an AMAZING prologue. One of the best I've ever read. She [...]

  • **re-read**LOVED IT(thats me singing with joy) I have always loved R.L. but held back on this series and then I decided that I was finally going to dig in and start this series. And boy am I kicking myself for waiting so long to read this book. R.L. Mathewson has a way with words that pulls you in and holds you till the last word of her books and this book is no exception. I could not put this book down I read till the words blurred together with exhaustion from staying up so late to read this b [...]

  • Despite the typos, I love, love loved it! I've found that typos seems to plague ebooks despite fan-freaking-tastic writing. I will be reviewing this for my blog. Good stuff. I stayed away so long because the cover looks like a textbook, and being a nurse, if I never saw a textbook again for the rest of my life, it'd be too soon. But I think ther is a method to this author's madness, because you have zero preconceived notions. The plain cover bothers me less than th inaccurate ones. I could name [...]

  • Hmm, this was good in places but it was a bit, well, daft. I know that's a ridiculous thing to say about a pnr, but that's me.I loved the alpha, protective, hot guy vibe, the smut and the dirty talk. Wasn't so keen on the blood exchanging deets (bleugh), the child custody drama and the dreadful editing. This is really nowhere near the standard of the Neighbours from Hell series.Complete story but part of a series. I don't fancy any more for now but I might try another at some point.

  • I absolutely LOVED it!A hot paranormal romance with a healthy dose of humour and a hilarious bunch of secondary characters.

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