Miss Buncle Married

Miss Buncle Married Miss Buncle Married is a sequel to Miss Buncle s Book in which Barbara Buncle s novel caused havoc in her home village Early in Miss Buncle Married Arthur thinks But I really hope in a way that Bar

  • Title: Miss Buncle Married
  • Author: D.E. Stevenson Fiona Bevan
  • ISBN: 9781903155813
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • Miss Buncle Married is a sequel to Miss Buncle s Book, in which Barbara Buncle s novel caused havoc in her home village Early in Miss Buncle Married Arthur thinks But I really hope, in a way, that Barbara won t want to write because this place is delightful simply charming and if she starts writing about our neighbours, we shall most probably have to leave WanMiss Buncle Married is a sequel to Miss Buncle s Book, in which Barbara Buncle s novel caused havoc in her home village Early in Miss Buncle Married Arthur thinks But I really hope, in a way, that Barbara won t want to write because this place is delightful simply charming and if she starts writing about our neighbours, we shall most probably have to leave Wandlebury just as she had to leave Silverstream in a hurry DE Stevenson s great granddaughter Fiona Bevan writes in the Persephone Afterword It is the truthful depiction of people, and the exposure of their faults, that makes Barbara s writing dangerous For, although witty and readable, DE Stevenson can be sharp and caustic, indeed occasionally verges on the cruel when she lampoons some of her characters However, she is also intensely sympathetic to the less fortunate, for example the reader knows that Miss Foddy, the governess to the neighbouring children, faces a bleak future where it is so extremely difficult for a woman of my age and uncertified qualifications to find a post and DE Stevenson never forgets the potentially bleak outlook for women who cannot marry into a secure life Yet despite moments of seriousness, Miss Buncle Married is overall a funny, touching and interesting novel that most Persephone readers will enjoy very much.

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    Full name Dorothy Emily Stevenson.Her father was a Cousin of Robert Louis StevensonD.E Stevenson had an enormously successful writing career between 1923 and 1970, four million copies of her books were sold in Britain and three million in the States Like E.F Benson, Ann Bridge, O Douglas or Dorothy L Sayers to name but a few her books are funny, intensely readable, engaging and dependable.


  • Not as superbly clever or as screamingly funny as the first book -- Miss Buncle's writing and her book's relation to the real life of the village added a dimension that pushed that one from good to great -- but still quite witty and entertaining. The former Miss Buncle and her new husband Mr Abbott move house in order to get out of having to attend bridge parties. Of course, their new town has its own set of local dramas and entanglements and colorful characters. I wasn't very pleased with the e [...]

  • If I could do one, tiny small thing for the good of all mankind, I would make the mid-brow, mid-wars English literature a must for everybody. DE Stevenson was a master; the author of the Miss Buncle series is as dry a wit as it comes, along with Nancy Mitford, Stella Gibbons, Angela Thirkell, MJ Farrell, EF Benson. Hilarious stories about English village life brimming with insane characters and the pleasantries of the day. I love this time periods. Any of these authors are literature's Xanax, a [...]

  • If you are a fan of cozy British village tales you will love the very cleverly plotted Miss Buncle's Book. And once you've discovered Miss Buncle you won't be able to resist the sequel, Miss Buncle Married. Not quite up to the first book, but lots of charming characters, amusing situations and deft social satire. I loved seeing how Arthur and Barbara's relationship grows and deepens, even though each will always be to the other (and perhaps to themselves) an enduring and delightful mystery. One [...]

  • The further adventures of Mrs. Barbara Abbott (nee Buncle) as she settles into married life with her husband in a new town in a new house with new neighbors and new stories to tell. This was both absolutely delightful and just the slightest bit disappointing for me. I absolutely adored seeing more of Barbara's wide-eyed approach to the world around her, and Arthur's devotion to her was exactly what I thought was missing from the first book. There's this very cozy sensation of roosting to Miss Bu [...]

  • This was as delightful as the first. And really dependent on it. Or, at least, I think my enjoyment was materially affected by being familiar with the first book. In a good way, I mean. So read the first. And then read this one; not least because you'd know what you are getting and it is very fine, indeed.

  • I almost goes without saying that I loved Miss Buncle’s book – I say almost – because there are in the world those who are not aware of the wonderful books published by Persephone and so therefore may not have read Miss Buncle’s book as DE Stevenson books seem pretty hard to come by these days. I received this book for Christmas and have been looking forward to it enormously. It didn’t disappoint, in fact I fairly gulped it down. It looks like a fairly thick Persephone book, one that m [...]

  • I enjoyed this book just as much as I did the first--maybe a little more, as there's a more unified plot. Miss Buncle, now Mrs. Abbott, takes it into her head to buy a run-down house in a little village so as to get away from the constant social demands of her and her husband's friends in town. She's also sworn off writing, particularly since she likes her new home and is afraid of having to move away if she publishes another book about her neighbors. But she hasn't sworn off observing, and once [...]

  • D.E. Stevenson really knows how to create endearing characters. This is such a fun, enchanting story, that makes one wish they could live in Wandlebury and experience first hand the places and people who live there.

  • Barbara Buncle is now Barbara Abbott, living in Hamstead Heath with her beloved husband Arthur. Barbara feels stifled by the society they keep and intimidated by the servants. When she learns that Arthur feels the same way, they make immediate plans to move. However, finding the right place to live is nearly impossible. With their social engagements called off, Arthur gets into a groove and Barbara feels him settling into a routine she isn't comfortable with. She has learned a few things about h [...]

  • I want to blame not being able to love installment #2 in the saga of Miss Buncle (er, Mrs. Abbot) on my library only having an Adobe epub edition (no paper? no Kindle? the horror!), which means I had to read it on my work iPad, which means that I felt a little bit guilty every time I picked it up, even if it was at 2 o'clock in the morning, because I was reading Miss Buncle instead of working. And, too, the work iPad gives off such an aura of Meetings Past (not to mention Meetings Yet to Come) t [...]

  • I enjoyed this sequel very much although it was not as tightly plotted as Miss Buncle's Book. Its pleasures are more gentle and homely, as befits the quieter (but still eventful) life that the Abbotts lead in Wandlebury. Zany characters flash in and out but we see more of those we really like.Barbara Buncle Abbott reminds me of my mom in some ways, in her ability to see people's real nature, in her delight in people whatever their status in life, and in her verbal inability to express what she p [...]

  • In fact, I liked Miss Buncle's Book better. I wish I could give Miss Buncle Married 41/2 stars. I enjoyed it a lot but not quite as much as the first one. I'd love to be able to read the third book in the series, if I could find it reasonably priced. Or in a library.

  • I know it sounds trite to say so, but I must: this book is a delight! Predictable, of course, but that did not detract from my pleasure in reading it. How I wish that Barbara and Arthur Abbott were my neighbors.

  • This is my first D.E. Stevenson book and my first Barbara Buncle. Miss Buncle Married is the second in a series, but I found it completely enjoyable as a stand-alone read. Steven did such a good job of creating the complete world of Wandlebury, where Arthur and Barbara Buncle Abbott start over, that I didn't feel I was missing background information. Instead, it was enjoyable to see Barbara's evolution as she finds out more about herself as she thinks and writes and lives among the people in the [...]

  • I liked this. I like the sweetness of the English country village story, and the description of the characters. I like how well-meaning Barbara Abbott is, and how determined she is to like just about everyone (including those rotten kids who play in her garden). Reading with 2013-perspective eyes, though, I couldn't help feeling that even the author is more than a little patronizing toward her main character: she repeatedly describes Barbara as innocent, gauche, muddled, easily confused, and ina [...]

  • This is a charming continuation of Miss Buncle's Book, in which we find Barbara married and on the search for her and Mr. Abbot's perfect home. They find a perfect spot and settle down into town life, meeting all sorts of funny and charming people. Hilarious things begin to unfold as Barbara "helps" out in various ways. This title ends with a delightful surprise! I can't wait to read the third in this series. :)

  • Ah, that hit the spot. This light novel was just what I was needing. I'm a sucker for British books set between the wars, especially ones set in picturesque villages. Nothing much really happens in the book but that is a-ok with me. I enjoyed reading about daily village life and about restoring a beautiful Georgian house and gardens. The characters are the traditional ones - the wealthy family of the nearby manor, the country doctor, the spinster sisters, the eccentric artist, the vicar & hi [...]

  • Miss Buncle is married and in a new village but she is still just as entertaining. This book was a wonderful antidote to the woes of the current political climate. How nice to be in a little English village for a while where the biggest problem is matchmaking and decorating the new house etc. rather than thinking about the many horrors of current events in the real world.

  • I loved the first book - but 4 hours into the audiobook of this one I just gave up. Not one of those huge decisions I just found that I kept finding other things to listen to and every time I went back to it fell asleep after about 10 minutes.Such a shame

  • thought this second book in the series was even more delightful than the first; feel like i have to read all the rest nowad for Jane Austen book club.

  • Miss Buncle MarriedMiss Buncle #2D.E. StevensonHerbert Jenkins Ltd. 1936Sourcebooks Landmark 2012354 pages, ebook, hardcover, paperback, audiobookWomen’s lit, humor, historical✮✮✮✮✮I purchased this at the current price. This is my honest review for which I am receiving no compensation of any kind.The cover fits the style established by the first book of this series and appropriate for this period piece. It definitely fits the story as well. I love how it looks as if they are almost d [...]

  • [better review to come later]This rating is more an in-between, like a 4.5. While I enjoyed it, I wasn't enamored with it as I was the first one. I read Miss Buncle's Book in two days, non-stop, whereas this one took me a bit longer. I found myself liking the characters from Copperfield more than Wandlebury, and I wasn't very much interested in Jerry and Sam's romance. The pace was much slower than that of the previous book, or at least, felt so to me. I also felt like there could have been more [...]

  • Miss Buncle Married is the sequel to the delightfully charming Miss Buncle's Book. I found Miss Buncle Married to be almost as delightful as the first.Miss Buncle is now Mrs. Abbott but marriage has done little to stop her from finding herself mixed up in little humorous scraps and trying to, innocently, sort out other people's lives.I think Barbara's husband, Arthur Abbott, does the best job of summing up Barbara. "The strangest thing about Barbara, Arthur reflected, the strangest thing about t [...]

  • A delightful follow-up to the magical Miss Buncle's Book. In the blurb below, note Fiona Bevan's words. These books may be charming, but there's a real truth and understanding behind them. Wonderful.Miss Buncle Married is a sequel to Miss Buncle's Book, in which Barbara Buncle's novel caused havoc in her home village. Early in Miss Buncle Married Arthur thinks: ‘But I really hope, in a way, that [Barbara] won’t want to write because this place is delightful – simply charming – and if sh [...]

  • I ended up loving this book just as much as the first one for the exact same reasons. It is a charming story filled with humor, fun characters, and a plot with a couple of twists and turns. Now that Barbara is married she moves to a new town with her husband and so a whole new group of interesting neighbors are introduced. I loved reading about Barbara and her husband settling into married life and getting to know their new neighbors.We also get to meet Sam, a relative of Barbara's husband. Sam [...]

  • This book was such a delight. Now married, Barbara Buncle(now Mrs. Abbott) and her husband are off to new adventures in a new village. When we learn that they decide to move from their home in the suburbs of London because they're tired of socializing with the neighbors, it's certain that this will be a light, humorous adventure. And it is. The Abbotts find a rundown old home that enchants Barbara from the moment she sees it, and we get to watch her settling into a new village, with residents ev [...]

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