Undercover Nights

Undercover Nights This edition is no longer available In the midst of ending a miserable relationship gentle physical therapist Gage Neary has been accused of the most horrific of crimes murder As a number of his pati

  • Title: Undercover Nights
  • Author: Patricia Logan
  • ISBN: 9781610401777
  • Page: 391
  • Format: ebook
  • This edition is no longer available.In the midst of ending a miserable relationship, gentle physical therapist Gage Neary has been accused of the most horrific of crimes murder As a number of his patients die of poisoning, the evidence seems to point to him, and he becomes the prime suspect in the FBI investigation Cody Redsun, the smokin hot FBI agent assigned to inThis edition is no longer available.In the midst of ending a miserable relationship, gentle physical therapist Gage Neary has been accused of the most horrific of crimes murder As a number of his patients die of poisoning, the evidence seems to point to him, and he becomes the prime suspect in the FBI investigation Cody Redsun, the smokin hot FBI agent assigned to investigate the crimes, decides that it s Gage he d rather probe for answers.When they find their lives threatened, Cody gives himself a new assignment keep Gage alive until he can find the actual killer While the true menace to the two men seems to be clear, Cody hides a tortured past that is just as threatening to their deepening bond As the danger heats up, so do the two men, burning only for each other and the fiery passion that promises to consume them.

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  • This is not a review. I repeat. This is not a review.SPOILERS Before I rant, just let me say that the writer has some skills especially when it came to Antonio smacking Gage up. I felt like I was right there in the kitchen with them, but then some TSTL moments started happening: getting beat up and doing nothing about it, meeting a stranger and getting dirty with it, taking him to your home where your now ex-boyfriend still has his things and has not moved out yet, sucking his schlong and gettin [...]

  • Insta-love, inconsistent characters, a poor writing style and plot holes you could drive a truck through made this book a waste of time and money for me.

  • 1.5 stars.Undercover Nights is the sequel to Leather Nights which chronicled the lives of two gay men (with children from previous relationships) coping with the pressures of being an out couple in a small Texas town. Gage and Cody were introduced in book one and now take center stage in their own novel.The book starts out not with Gage and Cody meeting, but with Gage and his current live-in lover, Antonio fighting because Gage walks in on the boyfriend having phone sex with another man. A few p [...]

  • This was a disappointing sequel. Neither of the protags appealed to me, the plot didn't grab me, the domestic abuse followed by insta-love/lust didn't feel right and the scene as they're making out after broken facial bones and surgery had me both rolling my eyes and saying OUCH.

  • Another great book in the seriesi loved Cody and Gage can you not love two hot men.oh my onto the next one x

  • Great Follow-up Novel in the Armadillo Series!I promised you I'd be back. Just finished reading Undercover Nights, the sequel and 2nd installment in this trilogy of m/m erotica. Talk about a great story with a strong plot and even hotter, more intense characterizations. I love what Patricia Logan has done with her two main characters, in the sense that she's created quite the painful, emotional past for her main character who struggles to believe he's worthy of the love that enters into his life [...]

  • Loved Undercover Nights by Patricia Logan! I was very drawn into the plot in this story right from the start, which focused on an FBI agent who was gay, and had been abused as a child, but worked hard to do good for anyone who crossed his path that deserved it. His story was heartbreaking, which added to the angst in the book as a whole. The fear of being able to open up and wholeheartedly love another person is scary enough, without a ton of painful baggage to deal with. In some ways, I was abl [...]

  • Some sites say I need to write 20 words in a review when really I just want to yell that this book is fantastic and leave it at that. We have briefly meet the characters of Cody and Gage in the previous book Leather Nights but you do not have to have read that to enjoy this. As usual with a Patrica Logan book there is a strong plot alongside the romance that leaves you guessing and she never holds back. And the sexy bits .okin' Her characters leap from the page and leave you breathless and every [...]

  • This story is so emotional and so real I couldn't put the book down. The story of Cody childhood was written so DEEP and sad that I could only wish him to get a happy ending. I'm totally satisfied with the plot, the hot and steamy romance between Gage and Cody and how everything developed. THIS is definitely a MUST read BOOK.HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BOOK !!!

  • The combination of nonstop action, drama and hot sexy men kept me reading this book until I got to the very last page! If you get the chance to read this book, do it!!

  • Kissing passionately with a broken cheekbone?That`s the last straw - I`m done!Can somebody shoot the editor,please!

  • Definitely disappointed with this one compared to the last one. Actually half way through I debated stopping because I just couldn't be bothered.The plot just was riddled with so many. plot holes and inaccuracies, and TSTL moments.We knew who the bad guys were from the start.We knew what the crime was, and what the connections were.The only thing we didn't know was how they were going to disprove that it was Gage who was responsible.Nothing came as a surprise.There were too many 'baby' names rig [...]

  • 4 1/2 sweet peas from Madam Aus:I loved this, the second book in Patrician Logan’s Aramdillo Series, but I think I am in love with the men from Westburg. It can be read as a stand-alone book ,as the story is completely encapsulated and does not bleed from one book to the next , the only thing tying these books are the characters, who are introduced in one, or appear throughout the series. So when Undercover Nights starts, we have met both Cody and Gage in Leather Nights but they haven’t met [...]

  • Undercover Nights is a twisted tangle of deception and intrigue. Patricia weaves a really intricate tale of deception deep in the FBI, and covers everyone's tracks right down to motive and mafia connections. The characters are all interesting and unique as well as engaging, and I could not put this one down.Gage is a touching character, who takes everything and everyone at face value. This quality, while endearing, is the ultimate magnet when it comes to trouble, which Gage finds himself neck de [...]

  • I should just say that this was a fantastic read and leave it at that, but that's unfair to the author and the book, it's worthy of so much more. Now this is book 2 of the Armadillo Series, but it can be read very, very successfully as a stand alone. It's a long story, nearly 300 pages and it needs to be this length to deal with everything that is going on, but don't worry, the author's excellent skills really come into play and everything is explained in the authors unique and individual style [...]

  • A great erotic story has to have passion, sure, but it also has to have a terrific storyline, fantastic sex, and characters who are dynamic together. Undercover Nights is that and so much more. The plot contains so many different wonderful facets that it leads me to believe Ms. Logan dug into my head and came up with what I would personally see as a quality tale of two men in love. The added danger, suspense, passion, and hot man-on-man scenes just added zest to this thrilling novel. I am ready [...]

  • I must say this book was much better than the first. It seemed like the story was conveyed smoother.-1 star for a sex scene every 10 pages. I know! I know! That's not something any sane person should complain about. In the hospital immediately after surgery and a near death beating, not plausible. In the middle of a federal investigation, not likely. Right after an assassin attack, not believable. In a bdsm club with the Mexican mafia, crooked fbi agents, and ex boyfriends who nearly killed them [...]

  • I loved this book for many reasons but one of the tops was Cody's backstory. It toe my heart thinking of his abuse at the hands of his "uncle" and it make for some even more heartbreaking turmoil at not believing he could be loved by Gage. The two won me over with their passion and love for each other and I was crying happy tears when Cody finally ealized that Gage did love him completely for exactly who he was. Gage is a doll baby and just as hot as firecrackers. The back characters were great [...]

  • 3.5 starsI was enjoying the book until about 80% in then it lost some stars because it was at that point the whole book went utterly unrealistic for me and had me thinking WTF with what happened at the BDSM club. I can't even imagine after what Cody went through that Gage thought it would be a good idea to tie and blindfold Cody up for his first time and in a club where they could be caught. I felt really bad for Cody with all that he's been through and was glad that he got his happy ending with [...]

  • Oh, man!! These two were made for each other. And Cody's past was so heartbreaking, there times I wanted to cry right along with Gage. The story was fast paced and plossible, the villian's evil enough that I was rooting for their demise. But I loved the emotions and interaction between Cody and Gage the most. And the love scenes were smoking!! Good job and keep up the great work!

  • 4.5 Stars for a great book and fantastic narration. I loved Gage and Cody's story, their characters definitely get you in. My heart felt for Cody as he went through as a young teenager. I felt the book was a little long and drawn out but it was good story. I loved Pepper and Taylor in this as they made it fun ooh not forgetting Rhett and Miss Scarlett of course. lol I laughed and cringed and felt along with the characters in various scenes. Yah there where a couple of scenes that didn't make it [...]

  • IntenseAnother fantastic story til of romance, drama, intrigue and sexy men! I absolutely recommend this book for anyone loves intense story!

  • Jeez - this isn't CSI Lasha, take a chill pill.The second book by Ms Logan is a solid follow in the "Nights" series.Gage is a handsome physical therapist, who has an abusive boyfriend. Cody is an FBI agent with a horrific past, who is afraid to fall in love, and believes himself to broken to love and be loved.As a series of unfortunate deaths occur, the two are thrown together and the heat is immediate.The bad guy is fairly obvious, but as is often the case, the fun is in the chase, not the minu [...]

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