Aakkostalo Kaksi brittilent j tekee II maailmansodassa pakkolaskun Saksaan ja vngitaanvakoojina He saavat kuitenkin keploteltua itsens sairaalaan josta onnistuvatpakenemaan Alka vaiherikas seikkailu vihollisen s

  • Title: Aakkostalo
  • Author: Jussi Adler-Olsen
  • ISBN: 9512059975
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Kaksi brittilent j tekee II maailmansodassa pakkolaskun Saksaan ja vngitaanvakoojina He saavat kuitenkin keploteltua itsens sairaalaan josta onnistuvatpakenemaan Alka vaiherikas seikkailu vihollisen selustassa.Adler Olsen on tanskalainen ja h nen kirjaansa on k nnetty useille kielille.

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  • Jussi Adler-Olsen

    Jussi Adler Olsen is a Danish author who began to write novels in the 1990s after a comprehensive career as publisher, editor, film composer for the Valhalla cartoon and as a bookseller.He made his debut with the thriller Alfabethuset 1997 , which reached bestseller status both in Denmark and internationally just like his subsequent novels And She Thanked the Gods prev The Company Basher 2003 and The Washington Decree 2006 The first book on Department Q is Kvinden I buret 2007 and the second Fasandr berne 2008 The main detective is Deputy Superintendent Carl Morck from the Department Q and he is also the star of the third volume, Flaskepost fra P which was released in the fall of 2009 and secured Adler Olsen Readers Book Award from Berlingske Tidende readers, the Harald Mogensen Prize as well as the Scandinavian Crime Society s most prestigious price Glass Key The fourth volume in the Department Q series, Journal 64 was published in 2010 and he was awarded the once in a lifetime prize of The Golden Laurels for this in 2011 In December 2012 the fifth novel was published, Marco Effekten.Further, Jussi Adler Olsen was awarded Favourite Author of the Danes in 2011, 2012 and 2013 leading the organization behind to change the set up, so the winner cannot be chosen than once in a three year period.Jussi Adler Olsen s novels have had such an impact abroad, that he has also received a variety of awards there The Sealed Room Award in Japan for Kvinden I buret Best Translated Mystery Novel of the Year , The Crime Blitz Award 2011 in Germany for Flaskepost til P given to the best international crime, Elle magazine s French reader award Prix de Lectrices the Elle for Kvinden I buret as well as The Barry Award in the US for Kvinen I buret that was elected Best Novel of the Year.His first novel Alfabethuset and the first four books of the Department Q series have been sold for film adaptation Kvinden I buret premiered in 2013 and Fasandr berne opens in Denmark October 2014.


  • Još jedan vrhunski uradak odličnog, danskog autora J.A. Olsena!Iako se radnja ovog izvrsnog i vrlo potresnog psihiloškog trilera događa u okrutnim vremenima 2. svjetskog rata ( i nešto nakon njega), ovo nije ratni roman, što i sam autor naglašava u pogovoru. Ovo je jaka, ljudska priča o prijateljstvu, odanosti, izdaji, osveti i ostalim međuljudskim odnosima koji se mogu dogoditi u bilo kojem vremenu. Ali, budući da u izvanrednim situacijama, poput rata, neke ljudske osobine puno lakše [...]

  • I decided to read this book because I'm a fan of Jussi Adler-Olsen's 'Department Q' mysteries and thought this standalone (written prior to the Dep't. Q books) might be a good read. As the story opens it's 1944 and World War II is raging. English flyboys Bryan Young and James Teasdale are sent on a mission to do aerial reconnaissance over Germany, where they get shot down. After some hide-and-seek with German soldiers Bryan and James make their way onto a German medical transport train, throw of [...]

  • Disclaimer: ARC via Netgalley. Sometimes plots and ideas don’t just work for some readers. This is one of those books for me. The Alphabet House would make an excellent movie, but as a book it doesn’t quite fly. The story starts with two English fliers in World War II. They get shot down and eventually, after a series of events that do and don’t work, find themselves in the Alphabet House, a hospital for Nazi officers. The two Brits, Bryant and James, never really seem to come alive as ind [...]

  • While I received this from Netgalley (a VERY long time ago) in exchange for an honest review, I ended up listening to this book on Audible.4 stars.This is a tale of two books.The first half of is mind-numbingly monotonous and downright boring, almost to the point of putting it on the DNF shelf. The second part is exceedingly suspenseful, complete with violent confrontations, a touch of romance, and a tale of revenge on a trio of monstrous villains. Adler-Olsen touches on the universal themes of [...]

  • OK. So I wanted to like this book. I really, really did. It had everything I like: asylum, WWII era, historical fiction, a good plot. However, This book just drug ON, and ON, and ON. It was so slow moving, and I found myself really not looking forward to reading it every time I had time to read. It just didn't do it for me. Very creative plot, and had amazing potential for a thrillerjust didn't have the thrill aspect. I wish I could have said I loved this book, but sadly it was not all I was hop [...]

  • The first thing I have to say is that this must have been extremely well researched, the detail is magnificent, horrifying and yet strangely fascinating. Set in two parts, the first following two friends, trying to evade capture, who end up in a mental institution in Germay, the second portion of the novel deals with the fallout many years later.I thought this was cleverly done – the first half is fairly slow moving, allowing the story to unfold at a pace that truly allows you to take in what [...]

  • It’s got evil Nazis and narrow escapes. It takes place in a mental hospital staffed with soulless doctors and nurses whose “care” is administered with equal parts cruelty. It’s got betrayal and a swift and certain death sentence for anyone suspected of deception. Add in a pair of World War II British pilots trapped behind enemy lines and faking mental illness to avoid capture. So what’s not to like? Plenty, as it turns out. For most of the first 200 pages Bryan, the novel’s narra [...]

  • The nature of friendship, war, loyalty, guilt and love told via a brilliant thriller.I must admit I was expecting a standard World War 2 escape story, and the book does start that way. However, it rapidly descends into a dark place as the two escapees hide on a train reserved for wounded SS men where they end up in a mental hospital where they undergo various brutal treatments whilst trying to maintain their disguise.This is not one for the faint hearted and the descriptions of the mental hospit [...]

  • Brian and James are two 20 year old Englishmen that are shot down over Germany in WWII. With a dog patrol on their heals they frantically hop on a German train, which contains SS officers that are ill. They take the place of two of them (yes, they throw two men off the train to do it but at least one of them was dead) and frantically try to do everything they can to fit in and gather information. At the end of their trip they're taken off the train on stretchers and find themselves in an insane [...]

  • An interesting psychological story. Caught behind enemy lines in war time. James and Bryan find themselves in this situation and have to find a way to survive. They steal aboard a medical train and end up in an insane asylum. One understands some German; one doesn't understand a word. The back story of what makes up a friendship and what holds it together is explored through a torturous situation. The story is a good one, the writing interesting but a bit uneven. There are days and days of James [...]

  • Two WWII British pilots are trapped behind enemy lines in Nazi Germany. This is the story of their desperate attempts of survival, but can they survive with their lives and their sanity?The Alphabet House is one of those stories where I really have to ask myself, where do authors get these ideas? The story was so well developed and intricate; every minute detail fell perfectly into place.The story is written in two parts. Part one deals with Bryan and James’ escape from their pursuers, and the [...]

  • Godine 1944. dvojica britanskih pilota, James i Bryan, prijatelji od djetinjstva, oboreni su nad Njemačkom. Znajući da će biti pogubljeni kao špijuni ako padnu u ruke Nijemaca, uspiju se ubaciti u bolnički vlak koji prevozi duševno rastrojene pripadnike elitnih SS- odreda. Kad završe u Kući abecede, bolnici za mentalno oboljele njihov je jedini spas glumiti da su i sami ludi. No, koliko se dugo mogu pretvarati a da i sami ne izgube razum? "Bryan zabaci glavu i još jednom osluhne glasove [...]

  • Interesting plot premise but it should have been 350 pages instead of 500. I loved the authors Department Q crime fiction but unlike Charles Dickens, he's not getting paid by the word - or at least, I hope not! My advice would have been to get Jo Nesbo's editor to read it with a pair of scissors at the ready before publication!

  • Confession time. this novel has been on my TBR a long time.  It is the title that has been on my NetGalley shelf the longest. The reason I requested it was solely on the basis of the author as I thoroughly enjoyed his "Dept Q" series of mysteries. This stand-alone is a WWII historical mystery and the author's first novel!Why did I wait so long???? Well, the book is very long, (over 500 pages), and I was waiting to get in the mood for a WWII novel.  With all the sadness and chaos in the world, [...]

  • Dobar roman, povukao me kratak sadržaj, mislio sam da je riječ o romanu o WW2, no to je tek pozornica za priču o (ne)prijateljstvu i ljudskoj prirodi koja svoje pravo lice pokazuje tek u okrutnim uvjetima. Kako je netko dobro rekao Normalni se ljudi u nenormalnim uvjetima ponašaju nenormalno. U ovoj priči ta tvrdnja spašava život, ponekad i na uštrb kolateralnih žrtava. Sjajan triler, s posebno naglašenim akcijskim dijelom u drugom dijelu knjige. Možda mi je tek ponegdje nedostajalo m [...]

  • Kada sam počela čitati ovu knjigu, nijednom nisam pomislila da će me njen kraj ostaviti u suzama, niti da ću pisati bilo kakav osvrt. Nije ovo žanr o kojem inače pišem. Misleći da će do kraja ostati ratni roman kao što se dalo naslutiti u prvom dijelu, nisam očekivala mnogo. Bilo mi je zanimljivo, ali ne toliko da jedva čekam nastaviti sa čitanjem. Jednostavno, bilo je dobro za promjenu uzeti nešto drugačije. Sve do drugog dijela, kada sam shvatila da mi je ova knjiga postala tako [...]

  • This is an ambitious psychological thriller that explores the limits of endurance and the irreparable breaches in friendships. This story is extremely detailed and begins in 1944 in the midst of WW11 when a pair of British pilots is shot down over enemy territory.Right from the first page I was swept along so absorbed by this fantastic story that I hated to put this book down. It starts with an exciting and very tense sky chase, a losing battle for a RAF plane soon shut down in an area swarming [...]

  • Dass Adler-Olsen gute Thriller schreibt, ist hinlänglich bekannt. So wurde auch sein Erstlingswerk, das bereits vor 25 Jahren erschien, mit entsprechenden Vorschusslorbeeren bedacht (offenbar ohne dass es von den entsprechenden Leuten vorher gelesen wurde).Der Beginn ist vielversprechend: Zwei britische Soldaten stürzen im II. Weltkrieg über Nazideutschland ab und retten sich, getarnt als psychisch kranke Nazigrößen, in einem entsprechenden Militärkrankenhaus. Schweigend entgehen sie ihrer [...]

  • Fans of Adler-Olsen's Department Q series with Detective Carl Morck will find The Alphabet House quite a different novel. Although billed as a psychological thriller, the uneven pacing, verbosity, and flat characters limit the amount of tension that can build up. It's unfortunate, as the plot is interesting and unusual. It would make a great movie, though.Adler-Olsen's research into WWII and his firsthand knowledge of asylum life are apparent. I found the scenes in Part I depicting the plane cra [...]

  • A tough book to complete-the pace and timing seemed so irregular. The first 200 pages were redundant, however the final portion moved far more quickly. Great premise, less than well executed.

  • This book, although just translated into English, was first published in Denmark in 1997, and predated Adler-Olsen’s Department Q detective series.It tells the story of two British pilots, Bryan Young and James Teasdale, friends from childhood, who were sent on a dangerous aerial reconnaissance mission over Germany during World War II. Their plane is shot down, and the two manage to bail out, but now they are in German territory, somewhat injured, and have no way to get back to the Allies. The [...]

  • I was very disappointed with this story. For anyone considering this book because it has been said it is similar to Alan Furst's writings, don't be fooled. The WWII portion of the story is poorly done. I can't tell if it was just horrible editors, or something lost in the translation. I have one pet peeve with WWII historical fiction - it needs to be well researched and historically accurate - at least to the extent it can be to fit the fictional writing. One thing that got me in this book is th [...]

  • The Alphabet House is not a novel or audio you will consume in a single sitting. Froth with danger and unimaginable decisions the first half of the novel deals with events during the war and their stay at the Alphabet House. The second half begins almost thirty years and shares the consequences those years had on these men.The characters Bryan and James are beautifully developed and Adler-Olsen brings their thoughts and emotions to life in a very realistic way. As I read, I feared for them, shri [...]

  • I've come to appreciate the work of this Danish author. He's fast become one of my faves. I've read his 'Department Q' series and have enjoyed them all. This was a unique and creatively thought out plot, which I have come to expect from him. It had some great twists along the way. He does that well and the same can be said for his characters and their development throughout the story. They are detailed. The author makes them vivid, even when they aren't well liked.I just never know what I'm goin [...]

  • It is 1944 and two British pilots, James and Bryan, are on a reconnaissance mission over Germany when they are shot down. To escape capture they jump aboard a train that turns out to be carrying wounded SS officers. The pair take the place of two of the officers hoping for a chance to escape unnoticed later. Unfortunately, the chance doesn’t come and they have to act as if they have had some sort of mental breakdown. Their act is so convincing that they are taken to The Alphabet House so named [...]

  • The Alphabet House is a psychological thriller that begins in WWII. Childhood friends, James and Bryan are in the RAF and shot down while on a photo recon mission in Germany. Ending up in Alphabet House, they endure beatings, shock treatments and pills. Bryan does escape, bringing the reader thirty years later in Part Two. This Danish author skillfully brings this powerful, descriptive and disturbing novel to its ultimate ending. The traumatic events that occurred in this novel leave the reader [...]

  • Good but unnecessarily long. The translation was kind of clunky, too. Still, I was on the edge of my seat for a good bit of this book.

  • I couldn’t describe the book any better so from the book cover:“During World War 2, two British pilots, James and Bryan, are shot down over Germany. They know that they will be executed if taken hostage. Pursued by German dog patrols, they manage to escape by jumping on to a German hospital train transporting mentally deranged German SS-officers away from the front. James and Bryan throw a couple of patients off the train so that they can occupy their sick beds, hoping to make an escape late [...]

  • Having read the Department Q series and enjoying the well developed characters, humor and the solving of cold cases I was looking forward to the Alphabet House by the same author. Before purchasing it, I read a summary and thought the plot to be original and intriguing. The story involved two British bomber pilots shot down in German territory during WW2. To avoid capture they assume the identities of two high ranking Nazi officers and are hiding in a mental hospital for elite officers who have [...]

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