The Midnight Palace

The Midnight Palace Calcutta A man pauses for breath outside the ruins of Jheeter s Gate station knowing he has only hours to live Pursued by assassins he must ensure the safety of two newborn twins before disapp

  • Title: The Midnight Palace
  • Author: Carlos Ruiz Zafón
  • ISBN: 9780753829240
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1916, Calcutta A man pauses for breath outside the ruins of Jheeter s Gate station knowing he has only hours to live Pursued by assassins, he must ensure the safety of two newborn twins, before disappearing into the night to meet his fate 1932 Ben and his friends are due to leave the orphanage which has been their home for sixteen years Tonight will be the final meeti1916, Calcutta A man pauses for breath outside the ruins of Jheeter s Gate station knowing he has only hours to live Pursued by assassins, he must ensure the safety of two newborn twins, before disappearing into the night to meet his fate 1932 Ben and his friends are due to leave the orphanage which has been their home for sixteen years Tonight will be the final meeting of their secret club, in the old ruin they christened The Midnight Palace Then Ben discovers he has a sister and together they learn the tragic story of their past, as a shadowy figures lures them to a terrifying showdown in the ruins of Jheeter s Gate station.

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    Carlos Ruiz Zaf n is a Spanish novelist Born in Barcelona in 1964, he has lived in Los ngeles, United States, since 1994, and works as a scriptwriter aside from writing novels.His first novel, El pr ncipe de la niebla The Prince of Mist, 1993 , earned the Edeb literary prize for young adult fiction He is also the author of three young adult novels, El palacio de la medianoche 1994 , Las luces de septiembre 1995 and Marina 1999.In 2001 he published the novel La sombra del viento The Shadow of the Wind , his first adult novel, which has sold millions of copies worldwide Since its publication, La sombra del viento has garnered critical acclaim around the world and has won numerous international awards Ruiz Zaf n s works have been published in than 40 countries and have been translated into than 30 languages.


  • My disappointment in this book can be described in three words: Insufficiently explained superpowers.

  • SPOILER ALERT!I was very disappointed in this book. I liked Prince of Mist, but this book was not nearly as good (and I didn't think Prince of Mist was great).For one thing, Grandma does not want anyone telling Sheere that her father was a bad man. But Grandma was the one who, for her whole life, has been telling Sheere that her father is a good man. But she knew his spirit was hunting his children to kill one of them. So why did she build him up in Sheere's mind in the first place?How can Ben a [...]

  • Didn't really like this one.I'm not really sure why.Maybe it's because I didn't like Ben,or maybe it's because I wasn't particularly interested in the story.I liked all the other characters,tho.I have to admit that I've skimmed through the last 40 pages-I just don't understand why Jawahal had to make everything so freaking complicated.Like,stop being so dramatic,dude.The ending,on the other hand,I actually really liked.It was a good conclusion to their journey.

  • I'm so in love with all of Carlos' books. No kidding. All of them are perfect, and beautiful. Highly recomended No recuerdo porque empece a leer a CRZ, pero no se que seria de mi sin sus libros. Este libro asi como todos los de el, esta lleno de suspenso y un poco de misterio paranormal, el cual jamas esta completamente descrito pero no es necesario para entender la historia. Adoro como todas sus historias acaban de forma melancólica, sin duda CRZ es uno de los mejores autores del momento.Mande [...]

  • “Those places where sadness and misery abound are favoured settings for stories of ghosts and apparitions.”I think I can sum up my disappointment in this book in a sentence: Fantastic ideas that are described in breathtakingly beautiful prose but never explained properly.This isn’t going to be a long review because I had the same problems with this book as I did with The Prince of Mist.There was just not enough explanation and, it might just be me, but I couldn’t get over that. I’m try [...]

  • 7,5 de 10*Terminei a leitura de “O Palácio da Meia-Noite” com uma sensação de desconsolo… Depois de ter lido (e adorado!) seis livros do autor, este livro foi quase como um balde de água fria… Não posso dizer que não gostei, porque tem partes interessantes, mas no cômputo geral, não o achei ao nível de todos os outros.Comentário completo em:abibliotecadajoao

  • A narrativa deste livro tem a vantagem de ser rápida sem que isso retire realismo ao livro.Neste segundo volume da "trilogia da Neblina"acompanhamos um grupo de crianças que vivem num orfanato e que criam uma sociedade secreta, Chowber Society, dedicada à investigação de acontecimentos fantásticos.

  • Obsessive followers of my reviews (come on, I know there's loads of you out there) may have noted that back when I reviewed Carlos Ruiz Zafón's previous YA novel, The Prince of Mist, I said I wasn't going to bother reading this. And it's true, I wasn't. But then I came across a copy in the library, and couldn't resist giving this a try, knowing it wouldn't take me long to read. I'm quite glad I did, as The Midnight Palace is much better than its predecessor.Like The Prince of Mist, this book wa [...]

  • “Who are the lunatics?’ asked Jawahal. ‘The ones who see horror in the heart of their fellow humans and search for peace at any price? Or the ones who pretend they don’t see what’s going on around them? The world, Ben, belongs either to lunatics or hypocrites. There are no other races on this earth. You must choose which one to belong to.”

  • O "Palácio da Meia-Noite", escrito em 1994, é o segundo livro da trilogia "Niebla", criada por Carlos Ruiz Zafón. Ao contrário do "Princípe da Neblina", este transpira Zafón contemporâneo por todos os poros. Por força do ambiente marcadamente mais sombrio, acompanhado de um drama bastante mais requintado, chega a ser complicado aceitá-lo como parte integrante de um volume de narrativa juvenil. Com menos adolescentes e um pouco mais de consistência teríamos um Zafón clássico, assim l [...]

  • Este livro foi escrito ainda o autor era um jovem escritor.m este livro está longe das suas outras obras. Gostei mais do "O Principe da neblina". Mas é sempre um prazer ler Carlos Ruiz Zafón!

  • Carlos Ruiz Safón no deja de asombrarme. Con una narración igual de maravillosa, descripciones y pensamientos que te hacen vivir en carne propia todo lo que su mente nos quiere trasmitir, con unos personajes enredados en tramas inescrutablemente complejas y escalofriantes. El es un autor con suficiente criterio para tomar decisiones arriesgadas en sus obras, y arrastrar a sus lectores junto con él mismo, a un mundo desconocido donde no hay emoción que se quede sin sentir.Esta segunda novela [...]

  • As in all books by Zafon, I loved this one. It had its little quirky um-where'd-that-come-from? moments, but I loved it nonetheless. The synopsis at Waterstones reads as follows: 1916, Calcutta. A man pauses for breath outside the ruins of Jheeter's Gate station knowing he has only hours to live. Pursued by assassins, he must ensure the safety of two newborn twins, before disappearing into the night to meet his fate. 1932. Ben and his friends are due to leave the orphanage which has been their h [...]

  • In all of Carlos Ruiz Zafon books I found his locations to be the highlight. They come alive with rich gothic descriptions. Prior to The Shadow of the Wind, Carlos wrote a series of young adult books that’s meant to entice young reader and adults alike. Unlike his first book in the series - The Price of Mist - I found the plot to be on the youngish side, the idea of orphan children forming of a group called the Chowbar Society, where their basic motto is to have each other’s back, no matter [...]

  • The only reason that I am giving this book a star is because I happen to be a Zafon's fan. But seriously now, Calcutta 1930? no disrespect at all. I hated the Chowbar society members, all of them and I was more sympethtic to Jawahel -villain- but Zafon my man this thing sounded like a movie from Bollywood! I mean a necklace that is split in two, twins, names written backwards. I was waiting for the time when they all sang and the book went musical! I understand that it is meant for teenagers and [...]

  • Priča je, poput one u Princu magle, pomalo predviva i jasno napisana pre svega za mlađu populaciju. Međutim Safonovo bogatstvo stila me je ponovo oduševilo. Lakoća kojom dočarava mučne epizode aktera i sumornu atmosferu Kalkute istovremeno u vama izaziva i osećaj nelagodnosti i nestrpljivost da pročitate šta će sledeće da se dogodi. Iako je radnja potpuno nezavisna od Princa magle, kostur priče je veoma sličan. Prošlost roditelja proganja decu, koja se udružuju u pokušaju da izb [...]

  • Огнен демон дири отмъщение в “Среднощният дворец” на Сафон: knigolandiafo/book-review/sДвайсет години след написването й, най-сетне “Среднощният дворец” се появи и на български език. Тя е първата книга на Карлос Руис Сафон, която забягва далеч от мъгливата Барселона, прелита до далеч [...]

  • I hate it when people say these younger books by Ruiz Zafon aren't as good as The Shadow of the Wind. Of course they're not! But I can totally see where Shadow came from. It's fascinating to see how this wonderful author matured as he wrote his books. He kept getting better and better until genius struck him with Shadow. My only complain about Midnight Palace is that it's set in India, which is as exotic a setting as you can get. But I like Ruiz Zafon's Spanish and French characters. I don't kno [...]

  • «A vida, meu filho, é como o primeiro jogo de xadrez. Quando começas a compreender como se movem as peças, já perdeste.»Escrito no início da carreira do autor, tal como em O Príncipe da Neblina neste «O Palácio da Meia-Noite» fica bem patente a pouca experiência de Carlos Ruiz Zafón na altura. No entanto, enquanto o primeiro me manteve entretida e intrigada, o mesmo não aconteceu com este últimoO enredo é muito pouco credível e consistente até mesmo para literatura fantástica. [...]

  • from Murphy's Library — murphyslibrary/I’ve been presented to Zafón’s writing with The Shadow of the Wind, a few years ago. I remember it took me a while to really get into the book, but once I did it, I couldn’t put the book down until I was done reading it. So when I saw Book it Forward had this ARC open for a tour, I quickly signed up. And I’m glad I did it, because Zafón got me hooked again!The Midnight Palace tells us the story of the twins Ben and Sheere. They were newborns whe [...]

  • This one reads like classic Zafon, of whom I am a big fan. The atmosphere of this book, while set in Calcutta, is not too far off from his later books set in Barcelona (Shadow of the Wind, Angel's Game). It's a bit dreamy, a lot creepy and maybe even a bit magical. The story opens with a British soldier delivering infant twins from imminent danger. The twins are separated by their grandmother to keep them safe from those who might wish them harm. The boy twin, Ben, is raised in an orphanage wher [...]

  • You may also read my review here: The Midnight Palace 2 stars16 year old twins, Ben and Sheere, are reunited after being separated at birth by a terrible set of circumstances that took the life of their mother. Raised in an orphanage in Calcutta, Ben has relied on the support of his close knit group of friends and the kindness of the Headmaster. It’s been a good life for Ben at the orphanage, but upon the children’s 16th birthday in 1932, they are considered adults, and are set free to make [...]

  • Este libro me presenta sentimientos encontrados. Por una parte la historia me ha gustado mucho más que la del príncipe de la niebla o luces del norte, pero por otra parte, el ritmo ha sido un poco lento. Los personajes también me han caído bien inmediatamente, será porque tengo debilidad por pandillas estilo goonies en el que cada cual está especializado en un área distinta y todos se ayudan entre ellos.La historia transcurre en Calcuta, lo que le da un toque exótico (aparte de mezclar c [...]

  • After the mediocre Prince of the Mist (very, very YA), CR Zafon returns (in a manner of speaking since the book is from the early 90's predating his two masterpieces but the translation is only 2011) to what we expect from TSoW and TAG; now this book is still YA so we have simple action and relatively predictable plot with a twist and 16 year old heroes and heroines in typical world building that does not question the YA's roles as main leads - hence do not expect the layers and sophistication o [...]

  • В сърцето на Калкута се спотайва зло, което търси своето отмъщение.На Бен и приятелите му остават само няколко дни преди всеки от тях да поеме по свой собствен път. Когато навършват шестнадесет години и са пред напускане на сиропиталището "Св.Патрик" започват странните съби [...]

  • Ik vond het een heel mooi boek, maar ik vond wel dat er te veel gebeurde in te weinig pagina's, waardoor het onoverzichtelijk werd en ik veel dingen terug moest lezen, voordat ik het begreep. Wel vond ik de personages heel goed uitgewerkt en maakte het verhaal een mooie ontwikkeling. (view spoiler)[ Het einde van het verhaal vond ik wel een beetje jammer. Eigenlijk vond ik dat het verhaal had moeten eindigen toen Ben met de stervende Sheere op de brug zat, dat was sterker geweest.(hide spoiler)] [...]

  • Sin duda me gusta Zafón, todas y cada una de sus historias. Esta, pese a que pasé algo de miedo porque soy una cobarde, no podía ser menos. La ambientación por una vez fuera de Barcelona ha sido fantástica y toda la historia con los chicos y los fantasma de lujo. Una delicia de novela en la que como siempre en este autor hay mucha, pero mucha niebla ^_^

  • Una historia que engancha con unos personajes a los que se le coge cariño fácilmente y, por supuesto, con fantasía de por medio. ¿Qué más se puede pedir? Ruiz Zafón me ha conquistado. Y después de leer este libro me ha entrado curiosidad por la ciudad de Calcuta

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