The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether

The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether THE SYSTEM OF DOCTOR TARR AND PROFESSOR FETHER Is another great story from the True All Time Master of Horror EDGAR ALLEN POE a truly great price a must have for all true collectors of horror

  • Title: The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether
  • Author: Edgar Allan Poe
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 327
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • THE SYSTEM OF DOCTOR TARR AND PROFESSOR FETHER Is another great story from the True All Time Master of Horror.EDGAR ALLEN POE a truly great price a must have for all true collectors of horror.

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      327 Edgar Allan Poe
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  • I read this story in the German translation by Arno Schmidt in preparation for the uber-reading of Zettels Traum/Bottom’s Dream in which large parts deal with the translation of E. A. Poe into German. An unnamed narrator is traveling the southern provinces of France when he decides to visit a nearby private “mad-house”, called Maison de Santé, of which he heard in Paris. There he is met by the director of the facility who promises to show his guest around and to explain the treatment of t [...]

  • I know Poe meant this to be funny, but it creeped me out so badly I almost quit. The atmosphere disturbed me deeply. The setting got to me. It reminded me of stories I've heard of demons dressing as a high court people of honor and dining with soon to be supper or evil, nasty trolls in human skins having a tea party and looking with lust and thirst of blood at the guest of honor.It centers on a mental asylum. This guy, for whatever crazyass reason, wants to visit an insane asylum. The people in [...]

  • A comedic and dark short story about an unnamed narrator who visits a mental institute and partakes in a lavish dinner before things go awry. The narrator realizes alongside the reader that as his time at the hospital elongates, so does the suspicious behavior exhibited by the dinner guests, which leads to trouble. Soon, the soothing system discussed by Monsieur Malliard, the owner of the institute, comes into question.Poe does a wonderful job of interspersing foreshadowing and bits of specific [...]

  • The System of Dr Tarr and Professor Fether (1845) is one of Poe's lighter comedies, although still quite black. It is an example of one of Poe's stories which he submitted to the public as an essay. The narrator is journeying in the South of France, and is recommended by his travelling companion to visit a particular mental institution which they will shortly be passing. This institution has impressed his companion because of its revolutionary new method of treating mental illness by a so-called [...]

  • Este es uno de esos cuentos de Poe que apuntan al humor, sin perder el tono oscuro que lo caracteriza. Lo empecé porque alguien me habló deThe System of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fethergracias a una versión cinematográfica y me interesó. A un caballero sin nombre (típico) se le ocurre recorrer un asilo para pacientes con problemas mentales. Lo acompaña una persona a la cual conoce en el viaje, pero éste se resiste a entrar y se va, lo cual demuestra un poco la mala impresión que los "norma [...]

  • Lõbus lugu hulludest, kes valitsevad hullumaja. Hullud võivad olla ohtlikult reserveeritud, kavalad ning näida esmasel tutvumisel isegi intelligentsetena. Kui peaksid sattuma mõnda sellist asutust külastama, siis ära ole kindel, et arst või ülejäänud "hullusid põetav personal" on need kelleks end nimetavad. Soovitan kindlasti vaadata ka jutustuse põhjal tehtud filmi 'Stonehearst Asylum'.

  • دیوانه ای، برای دستیابی به هدف خود، با توهم رویارویی با عده ای به اصطلاح، عاقل، در با نقاب عقل، به جمع آنان پای می نهد، و نهایتا می فهمد: همه ی اطرافیان او نیز دیوانگانی چون او بوده اند.با نقاب. با ادعای سلامت روانکتاب را نمی دانم، اما فیلم را که ببینید، شوکه خواهید شد، تعجب خواه [...]

  • Humorous though condescending (not politically correct) look at the staff of an asylum and whether the inmates or the staff are the most insane. Good word play in the title which does not become clear until the ending.

  • An original plot told in a light, whimsical manner. The story plays with the concepts of madness and normalness, as the protagonist is lead by one Monsieur Maillard through a mental asylum. You can really see what's coming in this short story, but it makes it no less entertaining.

  • شفت الفيلم الأول اللي بيستند لأحداث القصة دي قبل ما أقراها. طبعا كنت متوقع أشوف فيلم رصين مش علشان إنه فيه بين كينجسلي وكيت بكنسايل، لكن علشان مستوحي من أحد كتابات إدجار آلان بو، واحد من أعظم الكتاب اللي ولدوا علي هذه الأرض.حبكة القصة رائعة بالطبع وفيها تحولات درامية كتير, ال [...]

  • After I watched Stonehearst Asylum I knew I had to read this short story, especially after I've seen that it is written by Poe.Indeed it's a lighter book compared to his others but he knew how to keep his somber effect even through a "humorous" booke such a cleverness (when the plot twist is revealed) can steal a few smiles from you.

  • شفت الفيلم الأول اللي بيستند لأحداث القصة دي قبل ما أقراها. طبعا كنت متوقع أشوف فيلم رصين مش علشان إنه فيه بين كينجسلي وكيت بكنسايل، لكن علشان مستوحي من أحد كتابات إدجار آلان بو، واحد من أعظم الكتاب اللي ولدوا علي هذه الأرض.حبكة القصة رائعة بالطبع وفيها تحولات درامية كتير, ال [...]

  • I had to read this after watching Stonehearst Asylumwhich was good by the way. Different characters but asimilar storyline. It was a shortquick read throughthat I found here- poestories/read/systemoftarr definitely a goodread if you are a Edgar Allan Poetry fan.

  • Well, we can say that it took our friend quite some time to realise what was really going on, he seriously din't see it coming :DA story about a"Maison de santé" ruled by some special staff, no spoilers, enjoy the reading ;)

  • I read this after watching the movie upon which it is based: Stonehearst Asylum. The written story is shorter than the movie, but I found it entertaining still.It foreshadows well, the reader gently(?) understanding along with the narrator what happened. I enjoyed it because Poe has taken the old "night in a haunted house" and changed it to a "night in an asylum". That makes it more real, shifting the reader into something more horrific because of its believability.It's old but worth reading.

  • أثناء قراءتي للقصة لمعت في ذهني بعض اللقطات من فيلم Shutter island والتشابه يكمن في غموض كلا من القصة والفيلم وطابع البطل المليء بالشكوك ولكن طبعاً الراوي هنا صحيح العقل على عكس بطل الفيلم وعكس من معه على المائدة في المصح أيضاً . قصة جيدة ومشوقة ذات طابع يسحبك إلى مكان آخر مجنون ومر [...]

  • To celebrate Edgar Allan Poe’s birthday I chose to read ‘The System of Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether’ (inspired by recently watching ‘The Stonehearst Asylum’ with Ben Kingsley and Michael Caine). A young doctor travelling through the south of France happens upon a mental institution and decides it would be of interest to him to stop and pay a visit with the fellow doctors. After a tour of the grounds he is invited to stay to dine. As the 'rabbit au-chat' is served and conversation a [...]

  • A lunatic may be ‘soothed,’ as it is called, for a time, but, in the end,he is very apt to become obstreperous. His cunning, too, is proverbial and great.If he has a project in view, he conceals his design with a marvellous wisdom;and the dexterity with which he counterfeits sanity, presents, to themetaphysician, one of the most singular problems in the study of mind. When amadman appears thoroughly sane, indeed, it is high time to put him in astraitjacket.

  • “I was cautious in what I said before the young lady; for I could not be sure that she was sane; and, in fact, there was a certain restless brilliancy about her eyes that half led me to imagine she was not.”

  • Edgar Allan Poe wurde in das Irrenasyl auf Blackwells Island eingeliefert und in Einzelhaft genommen. In seiner Verzweiflung herauszukommen klopft er seine ganze Zelle ab auf der Suche nach einem Ausweg und findet tatsächlich eine hohl klingende Botenplatte unter seinem Bett.In mühevoller Nachtarbeit schabt er die Fugen leer und findet darunter einen Geheimgang. Die Enttäuschung ist groß als dieser ihn nur in eine benachbarte Zelle führt. In dieser sitzt zu lebenslänglichem Aufenthalt im A [...]

  • The person relaying the story has a friend who knows Monsieur Maillard, the creator of a revolutionary system for treating the mentally ill. Together they travel to southern France to visit the mental institution run by Maillard. After introducing them, the friend departs and the storyteller stays for dinner where he learns that Maillard has recently abandoned his new system. As dinner progresses, our narrator notices a number of things that are slightly off, e.g the way the other dinner guests [...]

  • I'll admitI watched the movie rendition of this short story. However, I didn't know it was based off Mr Poe's story (the title is NOT the same at all). What can you do you know?This one was super, super short. I wish it was longer. There was so much more that could have been added. However, I must admite last page leaves so much to interpretation. Anything could have been assumed. Normally, I'm not a fan of open-ended stories, but this was pretty good and I liked it. Mmmm, not much else to say.I [...]

  • The old system of soothing is no longer. Poe makes you grim and squint. He readily conveys “emotions of wonder and horror”, weirdness abundant. There is some fun in this disturbing tale. As a strange feast takes place among the walls of an insane asylum. Insanity peers through the cracks of conversation and bizarre behavior. Objects, vegetables, animals personified by people who once thought of themselves as humans. The truth is clear as water and yet obscure. The reader, much like the narra [...]

  • "The System of Dr. Tarr and Professor Fether" is one of Poe's lighter comedies, but there are still aspects of it that will make you cringe. An unnamed narrator visists an insane asylum and partakes in an all-meat dinner before things take a twisted turn. He has his suspicions about the institution while visiting, but they are not confirmed until the very end.Edgar Allen Poe foreshadows and gives specific details throughout the text to build anticipation and create a vivid picture of the hospita [...]

  • I was prompted to read this short story after reading the plot for Stonehearst Asylum currently playing on Foxtel. Poe's idea was also used in one of the episodes of the original Star Trek series. It's a nice idea suited to a short story or 50 minute tv show but I can't see that it would sustain a whole movie. There is a little joke in the last line of the story which made one of the references in the story clear but more alert readers than I may pick it up earlier.

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