Heart of the West

Heart of the West Clementine Kennicutt a ladylike New Englander aches to leave her home and her oppressive father So when Gus McQueen a cowboy with laughing eyes and big dreams presses her to elope with him to his

  • Title: Heart of the West
  • Author: Penelope Williamson
  • ISBN: 9780440222118
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Paperback
  • Clementine Kennicutt, a ladylike New Englander, aches to leave her home and her oppressive father So when Gus McQueen, a cowboy with laughing eyes and big dreams, presses her to elope with him to his Montana ranch, she is ready But nothing has prepared her for the harsh realities of frontier life, or for the unpredictable hankering of her heart and least of all for thClementine Kennicutt, a ladylike New Englander, aches to leave her home and her oppressive father So when Gus McQueen, a cowboy with laughing eyes and big dreams, presses her to elope with him to his Montana ranch, she is ready But nothing has prepared her for the harsh realities of frontier life, or for the unpredictable hankering of her heart and least of all for the fact that almost from the first moment she sets eyes on Zach, Gus s dashing, ne er do well brother, she knows he s the one she was destined to love Brought up to be a lady, Clementine determines not to let the frontier or her marriage defeat her She devours life, befriending the town prostitute, defending Indians, and suppressing her heart s desire, until Zach forces her to face him and make her choice On a vast canvas dotted with memorable characters and one rousing adventure after another shootups, storms, a mine explosion, an attack by a rabid wolf, Penny Williamson has created an irresistible work of fiction.

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    Penelope Williamson is an internationally renowned author of historical romance and suspense Penelope Williamson was born in Fairbanks, Alaska, and spent the first eleven years of her life as an US Air Force brat She has a B.A in history, an M.A in broadcast journalism, and was in the U.S Marine Corps for six years, where she reached the rank of Captain She has than 1.8 million books in print, including The Outsider, Heart of the West A Wild Yearning, Once in a Blue Moon, and Keeper of the Dream Penny is a past winner of the Romantic Times Best Historical Romance of the Year award and the Romance Writers of America s RITA awards Penelope Williamson lives with her husband in Mill Valley, Californiaeudonyms Elizabeth Lambert, Penn Williamson


  • *Yes, there are spoilers. You know the drill.*I like Penelope Williamson. I really liked The Outsider, enjoyed A Wild Yearning, and even have a bit of a soft spot for Once in a Blue Moon. So imagine my disappointment when Heart of the West turned out not to be a pinnacle of western historical romance fiction, but rather, an exercise in patience. I think that after this book, someone should crown Penelope Williamson Queen of the Meandering Plot. We begin with Clementine Kennicutt, a 17-year-old B [...]

  • This is not just a romance novel is not just a western novel's not just a tale of fiction is an epic novel that involves many characters, over a long period of time, coming to find themselves and each other in a very turbulant time and landscape. It is not "fast-food" romance. It is deep, enduring, long, involved, and emotionally taxing. It is a true "four-course meal" of a book. There are no easy answers in this book. The characters are real with real problems. Relationships are complex, just l [...]

  • There are a lot of things to like about Penelope Williamson's sweeping small town saga Heart of the West set in the Montana wilds of late nineteenth century.It is poetic:An immense sadness pierced Clementine's soul. Suddenly, the great wilderness that was so beautiful seemed too huge and lonely to be borne. She stared at the dazzling, deserted land and sky, and the sight made her dizzy. She tried to breathe, her chest pressing hard against her corset ribs. Something within her wanted to shriek.I [...]

  • Heart of the West may be the most beautifully written book I've ever read. Many years ago, I read The Thorn Birds and fell in love with Australia. That was a story that broke my heart and stayed with me forever. Heart of the West is very similar; it will always have a very special place in my heart. At first, I was scared to read it - it's a story that I knew would touch on something which troubles me - what if you fall in love with a man while married to a different man - a good man, but not yo [...]

  • Wowwhat can I say. This was a beautifully written story about love, loss, acceptance and so much more. Clementine is young and naive(at times) about life and love. She runs off and marries Gus, a certified Cowboy, thinking that it will be a grand adventure straight out of her dreams. But what she finds is the harsh reality of living life in the unforgiving territory of a Montana ranch. Her dreams are further shattered by a slow realization that her heart was meant for someone else.Gus's dark, fi [...]

  • I can't say much to do this book justice. It's incredible. It's an epic romance set in wild Montana during the era of silver mining and the main theme is the forbidden love between the heroine and her husband's brother. But to say that the book is solely focused on that would be a lie; there are also other points addressed like racism and fear of strangers, a woman's place in society, the insecurities caused by the love affair between an older, rich woman and her young, poor lover, the question [...]

  • This book is an epic western romance. It is well documented, so it allows you to learn lots of things about how the pioneers lived. It also has a bunch of authentic characters, well defined, charming and interesting.But I didn’t enjoy this book becauseI wanted Gus dead . See, Clementine, who lives oppressed by her father, finds Gus, with his tender eyes, tender smile and handsome body and elopes to Gus’ ranch. But then, she meets his brother, Zach and the fireworks start. And it is not fair. [...]

  • Magnificent Montana LOVE STORY from a master writer of romance!Penelope Williamson has done it again! This historical romance that will tear at your heart covers twelve years (1879-1891) in the lives of Americans trying to carve out a life in Montana frontier. She weaves a masterful tale with incredibly accurate historic detail and dialog to bring to life the people who made the West: Easterners, cowboys, Indians, Chinese, Irish, miners, railroad workers, merchants, ranchers and those who preyed [...]

  • Sixteen year old Clementine Kennicutt, Boston born and raised in an authoritarian and pious household yearns for something more, and thinks she's found it when Montana Cowboy Gus McQueen runs her down on his bicycle. They marry and they're off to Gus's Montana ranch, although Clem, who is used to servants performing menial tasks, is in for a shock as things are more rustic than she had anticipated, let alone learning to deal with the mud, rains, wind, wolves, Indians and severe winters. Gus turn [...]

  • Damn. Say what one will about Penelope Williamson but the woman can write (so well that she can make me forgive tropes I normally hate). With Heart of the West, my mind is blown away again by the author's awesome storytelling skills and her keen awareness of the human heart.Simply put, this exquisite western is a celebration of love in its many variations: first love, familial love, love between friends, love for one's calling, love for home, and most of all, the all-consuming, passionate love t [...]

  • This is the 2nd book I have recently read by Penelope Williamson. I am making it a point to get my hands on every book I come across by this extraordinary author.The story spans about 7 or 8 years of the in depth life and love this young New Englander has for 2 brothers. It also includes the lives and loves of her dear friends in a small Montana town in the late 1800's.Right off, this lonely abused heroine stole my heart.She was nine when she learned about the cowboysThe family had hired a young [...]

  • J'arrête à 50%.La 1ère partie, très bien, rien à redire ! Je commence la deuxième partie, grrrr, ça se passe 3 ans après. Plein de nouveaux personnages, je ne le sens pas. Je fouille donc le reste du livre, dont la fin (qui se passera 7 ans après encore !). Donc non, pas pour moi, trop de sauts de temps (je n'aime pas), de séparations (je deteste) et de morts (génial). Dommage, la 1ère partie était top :(

  • MAJOR spoilers below.The good:1. The heroine, Clem, was one of the most realistically-written, but strong-as-nails women I've read, especially for the time period this book was set in (late 1800s). She had fears, worries, and was generally ill-prepared for the life she was leading, but she always fought through every bit of it with her head high. The woman she turned into by the end of the book was a testament to all she'd been through, and you could feel her strength - she had been tested and s [...]

  • I started this book with great expectations, and for the most part, was not dissappointed. She creates a dramatic balance between reality and dreams and manages to tell a tale full of struggles,pain and grief in such a way that you feel the hope and love even more intensely.I only recently discovered Williamsons books and just fell in love with her stories, characters and the magnificent artistry of her use of words. She has a really unique way of imparting the story so that you gradually develo [...]

  • Time: 1879-1891Place: Montana, Rain Dance Country, Rainbow Springs# Pages: 591Although it took me about 150 pages to get into it (out of 600, mind you), once I did, I felt like I was living it. Williamson describes everything so clearly, like I was actually there. I loved Clementine's determination not to let Montana beat her, and how she came to love and respect her way of life out there - with or without a man. I liked her ability to support herself with her passion for photography even thoug [...]

  • I read this a LOOOOOOONG time ago, but I still remember it being intense, realisticly written, and utterly heartbreaking. It's an extremely meaty book that covers many years. It's the sort of epic romance that isn't written these days.

  • This is a lovely love story, but it is buried in a long bloated book that forces you to read through endless meandering side plots. In particular, around half way through, the story suddenly switches to a Chinese mail order bride and we have to wait forever before the focus shifts back to the main couple.Things - even the romance - drag on too long, on rinse-a-repeat cycle of yearning and sacrifice.In some scenes, I didn't find the heroine particularly appealing. She is so fiercely focused on he [...]

  • What a fabulous read, albeit a very long one, with not one unnecessary sentence or character. Intense and passionate! This is a saga, but takes place over only 12 years. The author encompasses within this book a kaleidoscopic mixture of characters -- all extremely well-drawn and vivid in depth -- all woven intricately and perfectly into the story. The chemistry between characters is sizzling! The historical background is complete, well-researched, and beautifully presented. The elegant descripti [...]

  • 'Heart of the West" follows the lives of three women who meet up in the unlikely location of RainDance county Montana in the later 1800's. The first of the three women is Clementine, a free spirt and mentally tough 'women grown', who leaves the comfort of her Bostonian home to marry a cowboy, Gus McQueen. Once in RainDance county she realizes that life in Montana, and with her new husband, is not like the dreams she had when she was younger. Clementine befriends the 'town harlot' Mrs. Hannah Yor [...]

  • O, beautiful book! It's long but it never stalled for me. It doesn't pander to the reader. You don't get to have everything your way right when you want it to be. You have to wait. You have to watch characters you love suffer and you also get to deal with the frustration, compromise and newly defined (as opposed to dreamed of) happiness that occurs in real life instead of only in lovely romantic fiction. This is a slow, gorgeous handful of a book and I actually wish it were twice as long. Penelo [...]

  • Yay! This is being re-released as an ebook! I've always wanted to read it, but I couldn't manage the tissue-thin pages in the paperback.

  • I didn't want it to end!I have had this book on my kindle wish list for several weeks, but due to some of the bad reviews I couldn't pull the trigger.I kept going back to them (always the bad reviews)en it came to me that maybe the "bad reviewers" didn't want the same thing from a story that I did. SoI decided to read the good reviews (always a smart thing to do). So then I found the readers that cleared the muddied waters of my brain. Thank goodness that I did or I would have missed a book that [...]

  • It's really slow going at first. I don't think it picks up until we get introduced to some of the side characters like Erlan and the Scullies, my favorites. But I love the book. Lots of nostalgia here. Good storytelling and characters. Despite being shuffled into the romance category it really reads more like good historical fiction. I really do think it would make an excellent movie.

  • I read this book in 2002 I think and I just found it again after a whole night of plot search lol I want to read it again, that's how much I enjoyed it all those years ago!

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