The Beautiful and Damned

The Beautiful and Damned Set in an era of intoxicating excitement and ruinous excess changing manners and challenged morals F Scott Fitzgerald s second novel chronicles the lives of Harvard educated Anthony Patch and his be

  • Title: The Beautiful and Damned
  • Author: F. Scott Fitzgerald Ruth Prigozy Jay Parini
  • ISBN: 9780451530431
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback
  • Set in an era of intoxicating excitement and ruinous excess, changing manners and challenged morals, F Scott Fitzgerald s second novel chronicles the lives of Harvard educated Anthony Patch and his beautiful, willful wife, Gloria This bitingly ironic story eerily foretells the fate of the author and his own wife, Zelda from its giddy romantic beginnings to its alcohol fuSet in an era of intoxicating excitement and ruinous excess, changing manners and challenged morals, F Scott Fitzgerald s second novel chronicles the lives of Harvard educated Anthony Patch and his beautiful, willful wife, Gloria This bitingly ironic story eerily foretells the fate of the author and his own wife, Zelda from its giddy romantic beginnings to its alcohol fueled end A portrait of greed, ambition, and squandered talent, The Beautiful and Damned depicts American embarked on the greatest spree in its history, a world Fitzgerald saw, according to Tobias Wolff, with clearer eyes than any of his contemporaries By turns hilarious, heartbreaking, and chillingly prophetic, it remains one of Fitzgerald s most acclaimed works, which Gertrude Stein correctly predicted will be read when many of his well known contemporaries are forgotten.

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    Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was an American writer of novels and short stories, whose works have been seen as evocative of the Jazz Age, a term he himself allegedly coined He is regarded as one of the greatest twentieth century writers Fitzgerald was of the self styled Lost Generation, Americans born in the 1890s who came of age during World War I He finished four novels, left a fifth unfinished, and wrote dozens of short stories that treat themes of youth, despair, and age He was married to Zelda Fitzgerald.


  • A deeply flawed book. A good amount of editing would've greatly improved this book. However, Fitzgerald was coming off his huge success with "This Side of Paradise", so the publisher allowed him to publish this very uneven piece of work. This was the final Fitzgerald novel that I have read, and by far the worst.Yes, Fitzgerald writes beautiful prose. Eloquence for its own sake doesn't make a novel. Indulgent eloquence, uneven pacing, unsympathetic characters, a generally poor plot, and a terribl [...]

  • I can't think of any writer other F. Scott Fitzgerald that has had such of a yo-yo effect on me. I thought 'Gatsby' was the real deal, 'This Side of Paradise' I gave up on, some of his short stories left a big impression on me, whereas, 'Tender Is the Night' felt like a bit of a mess. I put this down to his personal life, which wasn't exactly plain sailing. 'The Beautiful and Damned' sits comfortably in-between this lot, lounged in the Ritz-carlton to be precise. With a cigarette in one hand, an [...]

  • Fitzgerald wasn't joking with that title. These people were completely screwed from the moment they hit the page, and it was fascinating to watch it all disintegrate. As I mentioned in the review I just finished for Tender is the Night, I found Anthony and Gloria to be some of the more unsympathetic characters I've encountered lately. They are both vain and shallow and utterly useless people in terms of anything practical. I can't imagine being friends with these people. This book worked for me [...]

  • "The Beautiful and Damned" is the perfect title for this novel, as well as for the author's life with his wife Zelda. This is Fitzgerald's second novel, and he had become wealthy and famous. His protagonist and his wife--Anthony and Gloria Patch--move in a circle of rich, hard-drinking sybarites, who seem to move glibly from party to party. (On the first edition dust jacket, Anthony and Gloria are painted as Scott & Zelda)Anthony doesn't want to work. After graduating from Harvard, he wander [...]

  • This book was heavy. I read it in a couple days, but it's so emotionally and mentally exhausting it was just painful most of the time. Fitzgerald almost viciously pulls the rug out any time there's a slight chance of things getting better for Gloria and Anthony who, rather than confronting their flaws and getting their shit together, seem to alternate between wallowing and reveling in their self-destructive boredom and self-pity. It's a study in absolute misery. It reminded me more than a little [...]

  • I know I said I wouldn't bother writing a review for this piece of trash but I couldn't resist to compile some of Scottie's 'greatest hits' just to give context for my dislike of this novel. Some of the lovely descriptions (from men) about our main protagonist Gloria:'Gloria's darn nice – not a brain in her head.''A sense of responsibility would spoil her. She's too pretty.' 'She's so utterly stupid.''Remarkable that a person [Gloria] can comprehend so little and yet live in such a complex civ [...]

  • I'll Be DamnedHow could the same F. Scott Fitzgerald who composed such a brilliant novel in The Great Gatsby have preceded it with such a lifeless moral tale?A bantam-cock and his haughty hussy, Anthony and Gloria Patch, squander their days for more than a decade of their lives anticipating an inheritance of a large part of the estate of Anthony's grandfather, a Rockefeller-type magnate, who excludes them from his Last Will and Testament because of their debauched style of living. It's just hard [...]

  • I went to my friend's room to discuss about songs and movies and there my eyes caught its glimpse. It's cover and title were eye pleasing that I immediately wanted to finish it up. This was the very thing I wanted at that time. And This Book found Me. The story revolves around a couple Anthony Patch and Gloria Gilbert and their 'friends' and is about how their marriage and everything around them falls into abyss because of their idleness and recklessness. The story told me how much it is really [...]

  • I found this book fascinating and also really problematic. Fitzgerald's class prejudices and racism are on parade, and it's a horrifying parade. It's much less censored than in *Gatsby*, and in that sense it's more interesting. Fitzgerald surveys and mocks different "types," social and racial, and in that catalog we glimpse what moves and terrifies *his* kind. So when his hero and heroine start to come apart, we understand that it's bigger than Anthony's alcoholism or Gloria's spending . . . the [...]

  • What is special about this novel is the author’s ability to make the most despicable of characters interesting. The reader is jogged into another world. There are two central characters – Anthony and Gloria. I never came close to feeling even the slightest pinch of empathy for either. Their values are opposite to my own. I sat and watched, fixated, glued to the end, but not for a second thinking that either my views or theirs would change. It is like watching a train crash.So why did I watch [...]

  • Anthony is young, lazy, handsome, and bored with the world. He spends his days having meals with his companions, Maury and Richard, and participating in the art of 'doing nothing'. When Richard introduces Anthony to his cousin Gloria, the world is suddenly a bit less boring. Gloria is beautiful, with childish features and, like Anthony, bored easily. But Anthony is the first man in a long string of dull romances that she does not tire of. The two marry and are at the height of their lives.But An [...]

  • Mi domando se Fitzgerald scrivendo Belli e Dannati non stesse delineando con largo anticipo il crollo della sua esistenza. Mi domando se Fitzgerald, guardandosi allo specchio, non vedesse riflesso lo sguardo sanguinante di Anthony Patch. Mi domando se, rileggendo le parti dedicate alle descrizioni di Gloria, non riscoprisse ogni volta tutto quello che amava e odiava di Zelda.Se dovessimo rispondere a questi quesiti basandoci sul flusso incalzante, perfetto, naturale della scrittura e sull'eviden [...]

  • Fitzgerald left me gasping for breath, depressed at the end of the novel. The demise of Gloria and Anthony Patch and their ill-fated relationship incredibly drawn out. But the intricacies of each character is highly developed. I thought I was actually friends with these characters. It's an excellent read though it's not the most action-packed. I loved the dense descriptives, and the way he portrays Gloria's vanity: "Beauty is only to be admired, only to be loved -- to be harvested carefully and [...]

  • I really enjoyed The Great Gatsby so I was looking forward to this, being especially lured in by the fabulous title. Sadly, this turned out to be the only good thing about the book as it turns out that reading about bored, boring people tooling about being bored is incredibly boring. So boring, in fact, that I've even bored myself writing this, so I won't bother with any more.

  • It’s easy to dismiss this book as one of Fitzgerald’s lesser novels, but it’s actually a gem and I like it much more than The Great Gatsby. This follows the lives of two characters as they come together in a time filled with drinking and dancing, and fall apart when vanity and alcoholism take over in later years. The story is extremely descriptive written with meticulous attention to detail, and often moves between being manic; brilliant and exciting, to being depressive with illustrations [...]

  • F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby" is a novel Im sure everyone is familiar with from high school, and in my case was the only book I ever picked up from the author until I came across "The Beautiful and Damned". Unlike other books that were recommended by friends and acquaintances, reading Fitzgerald's second novel derived from my curiosity for a rarely mentioned era of American history; one encompassing the age of wild jazz, speakeasies, and the notorious flappers. As an author, Fitzgeral [...]

  • Фицджералд пише красиво и мъдро. Той не се прокрадва в душата, а влиза с гръм и трясък. Настанява се и край - ето ти любов завинаги. Толкова беше вълнуващо да чета Красиви и прокълнати (повече ми харесва от Гетсби), че препрочитах по няколко пъти много страници, виждах героите [...]

  • As you may know, Reader, I struggled to get through George Eliot's masterpiece (cue massive eyeroll) Middlemarch. Refer to my review for a detailed explanation, or just read the next sentence of this one. It was boring, basically. There isn't really a plot, it's just a description of some people going about their daily lives with nothing very dramatic ever happening. The same can be said of the plot (term is used loosely here) of The Beautiful and Damned: rich people are miserable, make poor mar [...]

  • « In questa calamità furono come due pesciolini rossi in una boccia dalla quale fosse stata tolta tutta l’acqua; non riuscivano neanche a nuotare l’uno verso l’altro ». Non posso dire – ed è bene precisarlo nella prima riga – che questo romanzo si sia fatto leggere con grande simpatia. E non è colpa di Fitzgerald né, tanto meno, della sua penna. La colpa sta, semmai, nell’esser riuscito a comunicare in pieno il suo messaggio: un messaggio di decadenza, di sfacelo morale che las [...]

  • I’ve always looked on criticism as a sort of envious tribute.– Gloria PatchThe Dandy, Anthony Patch, falls in love with the most sought-out girl: the beautiful and aloof Gloria. They marry and become the it couple everyone wants to be with. Their nights are full of champagne and parties, and the days are spent in idleness, waiting for the next party to fill the void. Anthony’s inheritance is endangered because of their wildness. What now? They can’t imagine a life without luxury. Nor is [...]

  • Aside from the Great Gatsby this is the only other novel I've read by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Years ago when living on a small Caribbean island, with limited things to do, I read a large collection of books that I had had the foresight to bring with me (it got dark at 6pm every evening after which it wasn't safe to leave my apartment). One book was a collection of Fitzgerald's short stories and I enjoyed them immensely. This book I also enjoyed.The Beautiful and the Damned starts like most of his s [...]

  • Fitzgerald projected himself into his novels as protagonist, probably more than any other author I have read. And he usually dragged his wife and a few friends onto the pages with him. In The Beautiful and Dammed, his second novel, we meet Anthony and Gloria, two of the most miserable and unhappy characters you've ever met. Actually, they are very much like the characters in all of Fitzgerald's novels. They are young, beautiful, rich on some level, and they have absolutely nothing to do except d [...]

  • Being bulky compared to Scott's other gems, may arouse faint hopes of an epic. The Beautiful and the Damned isn't quite that, but it does plumb the entrails of a relationship. The novel isn't about seltzer and sernades, nor invitations and the celebrity pages. It is about the sweet insomnia of expectations and the early chafing where discord gulps heavily. FSF gnaws within these pages. This isn't Homeric like Tender Is The Night. This is a novel of tingles and unexplained bruises. It is worth mo [...]

  • این رمان پانصد صفحه ای که دومین اثر نویسنده می باشد در سن بیست و شش سالگی جرالد نوشته شده است و به حوادث زندگی مرد جوانی به نام آنتونی می پردازد. اثرات جنگ جهانی دوم در آمریکا در زمینه ی اثر دیده می شود و نوعی بلاتکلیفی و انتظار در نسل جوان رمان وجود دارد. شخصیت های اصلی رمان مملو [...]

  • Iniziamo con il dire che "Belli e dannati" non è affatto un libro scorrevole, in quanto in alcuni punti, è prolisso e ripetitivo, anche a causa del fatto che è una storia statica, in cui sono pochi i colpi di scena."Belli e dannati" è il resoconto, la storia di due personaggi, quali Anthony Patch e Gloria Gilbert, nei quali si possono intravedere le figure di Francis Scott Fitzgerald e della moglie, Zelda."Belli e dannati" è il crollo delle illusioni, della mancanza di significato della vit [...]

  • HmmmAnthony and Gloria. How do you describe Anthony and Gloria?So far Anthony and Gloria are two of the most vile characters that aren't criminals or evil that I've ever read. They're entitled. Classist. Wasteful. Narcissistic. Greedy. Anthony's a weak alcoholic and Gloria is vainer than Snow White's stepmother.The story starts out with Anthony graduating from college, the assumed heir to his grandfather's seventy five million. He's dreamy, likes to wax philosophic, party, but can't figure out w [...]

  • Free download available at eBooks@Adelaide.Splendid book!!Page 2:In this state he considered that he would one day accomplish some quiet subtle thing that the elect would deem worthy and, passing on, would join the dimmer stars in a nebulous, indeterminate heaven half-way between death and immortality.Page 20:"A classic," suggested Anthony, "is a successful book that has survived the reaction of the next period or generation. Then it's safe, like a style in architecture or furniture. It's acquir [...]

  • I still think that Fitzgerald is one of the most fantastic writers of the 20th century. His books are romantic and introspective in a way that has been almost completely lost to the contemporary moment. He writes of two people in this book who are almost synonymous with the age they lived in whose story is summed up in the title in a way that is not revealed to the reader until the book's end - The Beautiful and the Damned, a metaphor for the US in the '20s and '30s - a culture at its highest, d [...]

  • The Beautiful and Damned, F. Scott Fitzgerald (1896 - 1940)عنوان: زیبا و ملعون؛ اثر: فرانسیس اسکات فیتزجرالد؛ مترجم: سهیل سمی؛ مشخصات نشر: تهران، ققنوس، 1390، در 496 ص، ادبیات جهان 104، رمان 89، شابک: 9789643119348، موضوع: داستانهای نویسندگان آمریکایی قرن 20 مرمان «زیبا و ملعون» همانند دیگر نگاره های فیتزجرالد، شیو [...]

  • I love Fitzgerald. I will always love Fitzgerald. Just not this particular Fitzgerald. That Much, anyway. Aside from occasional genius of word twisting beauty, I feel like this is just This Side of Paradise having its existential midlife crisis and hacking up an alcohol soaked furball of a marriage plot. Short-form Fitz and I need to make a date for a hot and heavy quickie.

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