Dork Covenant

Dork Covenant Release your inner nerd with Dork Covenant the first collection of the critically acclaimed comic book by cartoonist John Kovalic From dragon filled dungeons to star treks from comic book convention

  • Title: Dork Covenant
  • Author: John Kovalic
  • ISBN: 9781930964402
  • Page: 223
  • Format: Paperback
  • Release your inner nerd with Dork Covenant, the first collection of the critically acclaimed comic book by cartoonist John Kovalic From dragon filled dungeons to star treks, from comic book conventions to internet naughtiness, Dork Tower is the comic that put the cult back into sub culture Join Matt, Igor, Ken, Gilly the Perky Goth and Carson the Muskrat in their uproaRelease your inner nerd with Dork Covenant, the first collection of the critically acclaimed comic book by cartoonist John Kovalic From dragon filled dungeons to star treks, from comic book conventions to internet naughtiness, Dork Tower is the comic that put the cult back into sub culture Join Matt, Igor, Ken, Gilly the Perky Goth and Carson the Muskrat in their uproariously dorky adventures.

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  • John Kovalic

    John Kovalic s cartoons have appeared everywhere from his hometown WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL Madison, WI to the NEW YORK TIMES and DRAGON MAGAZINE His creations include the sell out comic book sensation DORK TOWER and DR BLINK SUPERHERO SHRINK, as well as SNAPDRAGONS, NEWBIES, WILD LIFE, BEACHED, and panel cartoons including MURPHY S RULES, THE UNSPEAKABLE OAF and others.A co founder and co owner of Out of the Box Games, and a cartoonist for Steve Jackson Games, John has illustrated over 100 games and game supplements, and is at least in part responsible for best sellers like APPLES TO APPLES A GAMES Magazine Hall of Fame inductee , MUNCHKIN, CHEZ GEEK and BLINK He is closing in on 4,000 MUNCHKIN cards drawn, and boy, are his arms tired.He was the first cartoonist inducted into the Game Manufacturers Association GAMA Hall of Fame In his spare time, John searches for spare time.You can also read about how he got his wife into the National Enquirer.The lovely and talented JUDITH, BTW, is world famous now that she works at Michael Feldman s Whad Ya Know.


  • This is an interesting read for me. For one, it's set in Madison, the city when I grew up. For two, this first volume features comics that were written in the mid to late 90's, a time when I was firmly entrenched in the geek scene. That was back when I had the time to play tabletop games, LARP, and play and trade Magic like a demonic spice merchant. As such, it was really interesting to see this comic chronicling those times. Poking good-natured fun at each of those geek pass times. The humor mi [...]

  • John Kovalicin "Dork Covenant: the Collected Dork Tower, Volume I" (Dork Storm Press, 2002) on hilpeä strippisarjakuva Mattista, Igorista, Kenistä ja Carsonista (joka on piisami), neljästä tavallisesta wisconsinilaisesta kaveruksesta, jotka harrastavat roolipelaamista, lukevat sarjakuvia, katselevat scifisarjoja, kiertelevät erilaisissa coneissa ja niin edespäin. Nörteistä on siis kyse."Dork Tower" nauraa hyväntahtoisesti alakulttuurin äärimmäisille piirteille, mutta suhtautuu aihees [...]

  • Ah, Dork Tower! How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Practically overnight, gaming-related comics became a genre, with new titles springing up left and right. DT distinguished itself early. John Kovalic seemed to draw just a little bit funnier, his comic timing just slightly more impeccable. There's a rhythm to his dialogue, cresting in waves of humor that are pure delight to read. This is the book that started it all. See Matt and Gilly meet (sort of) for the first time! See Matt's first [...]

  • I've been vaguely aware of Dork Tower for a while, but hadn't opened up any of the comics. If you're a gamer of any sort (even in the most casual way), something here will resonate with you. If you're any kind of dork (nerd, geek, whatever your preferred terminology), Dork Tower gets you. I have decided that I definitely prefer collections of comics to single issues. I'm not patient enough to wait for the next issue and my apartment is too small to house the stacks of books and comics that are a [...]

  • A collection of many of the early Dork Tower comic strips, the book is fun, portraying geek life with a light-hearted look. The introduction is fairly stupid if you don't have the same sense of humor as Dave Sim, but the rest of the book is definitely worth reading. Strips such as the aborted attempts of Gilly to meet Matt & vice versa, Igor trying wargaming, & a visit to "BigCon" all add up to a lot of laughter.

  • Cute, but I'm not gamer enough to truly appreciate Dork Tower; I'm just geek enough to want to.The game included at the end of the volume looked fun, but was sadly a three-person game discovered during a two-geek social situation.Reading order: 1Publication order: 1 (2000)Chronological order: 1

  • A collection of a gaming comic strip I first encountered in Dragon Magazine, and only thought was OK at the time. (Think of it like the halfway point between Shortpacked and Knights of the Dinner Table, but without the edginess of either.) I still don't think it's one of the best comic strips I've read, but it grew on me as I read it, so I'm happy with it.

  • It says I've read this before but I don't remember and it's still pretty dang funny so i'm reading it now.Yep total hilariousness. I love the goths they are great. This really helped me get through my gaming withdrawals. I haven't role-played in about a year except for at the last game-day event I went to about 4 months ago. I really need to geek out.

  • this was written during the late 90s at the twilight of my role playing days. creates a warm fuzzy feeling for me and also brings about some very awkward times. a strong memory of afternoons lost at between books and figuring out what comes next.

  • Probably one of my shorter reviews, as there is not much to say. If you like Dork Tower here is a glimpse into the early days. The drawings a slightly different from today, but still as funny. If you are into RPG, gaming, and all around geek humor, you will love this collection.

  • The gang and the story is still getting in stride and while it lacks the complexity of Knights of the Dinner Table's storylines, it is endearing and funny and adorkable.

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