Differentiate or Die: Survival in Our Era of Killer Competition

Differentiate or Die Survival in Our Era of Killer Competition Any damn fool can put on a deal but it takes genius faith and perseverance to create a brand David Ogilvy In today s ultra competitive world the average supermarket has brand items on its s

  • Title: Differentiate or Die: Survival in Our Era of Killer Competition
  • Author: Jack Trout
  • ISBN: 9780471028925
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Paperback
  • Any damn fool can put on a deal, but it takes genius, faith, and perseverance to create a brand David Ogilvy In today s ultra competitive world, the average supermarket has 40,000 brand items on its shelves Car shoppers can wander through the showrooms of over twenty automobile makers For marketers, differentiating products today is challenging than at any time i Any damn fool can put on a deal, but it takes genius, faith, and perseverance to create a brand David Ogilvy In today s ultra competitive world, the average supermarket has 40,000 brand items on its shelves Car shoppers can wander through the showrooms of over twenty automobile makers For marketers, differentiating products today is challenging than at any time in history yet it remains at the heart of successful marketing More importantly, it remains the key to a company s survival In Differentiate or Die, bestselling author Jack Trout doesn t beat around the bush He takes marketers to task for taking the easy route too often, employing high tech razzle dazzle and sleight of hand when they should be working to discover and market their product s uniquely valuable qualities He examines successful differentiation initiatives from giants like Dell Computer, Southwest Airlines, and Wal Mart to smaller success stories like Streit s Matzoh and Connecticut s tiny Trinity College to determine why some marketers succeed at differentiating themselves while others struggle and fail More than just a collection of marketing success stories, however, Differentiate or Die is an in depth exploration of today s most successful differentiation strategies It explains what these strategies are, where and when they should be applied, and how they can help you carve out your own image in a crowded marketplace Marketing executives in all types of organizations, regardless of size, can learn how to achieve product differentiation through strategies including Revisiting the U.S.P Rosser Reeves s classic unique selling proposition approach, updated for today s marketplace Positioning Understanding how the mind works in the differentiating process Owning an Idea Techniques to seize a differentiating idea, dramatize it, and make it your own Competition How to use differentiating ideas against your competitors in the marketplace Consumers today are faced with an explosion of choices In this environment, distinctive product attributes are quickly copied by competitors, perceived by consumers to be minimal, or both Still, those who fail to differentiate their product or service in the mind of the consumer won t stand a chance Differentiate or Die outlines the many ways you can achieve differentiation It also warns how difficult it is to achieve differentiation by being creative, cheap, customer oriented, or quality driven things that your competitors can do as well Praise for Differentiate or Die Another great book by the king of positioning John Schnatter, CEO, Papa John s International Differentiate or Die differentiates itself on the groaning marketing bookshelf with its lucid prose, its clear vision of the future marketplace and its sensible solutions for surviving the frenzied competition we re sure to find there Dan Rather, CBS News What I like about Differentiate or Die is the book s emphasis on the power of logic, simplicity, and clarity getting to the essence of a problem In Silicon Valley, attributes like that can make the difference between having lunch and being lunch Scott McNealy, CEO, Sun Microsystems, Inc Trout and Rivkin marvelously illustrate that differentiation is the cornerstone of successful marketing Philip Kotler, S.C Johnson Distinguished Professor of International Marketing, Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University We ve built our business by being first and executing best Jack Trout and Steve Rivkin are doing the same, delivering the timely, powerful insights that will drive tomorrow s marketing strategies A must read for anyone looking to win in an unforgiving competitive marketplace Mike Ruettgers, CEO, EMC Corporation Dotcom executives must learn the lessons of Differentiate or Die If they don t, I pity their investors Aaron Cohen, CEO, Concrete Media Co Founder, Bolt

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    Jack Trout Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Differentiate or Die: Survival in Our Era of Killer Competition book, this is one of the most wanted Jack Trout author readers around the world.


  • I read this book since 9 years ago. Even today, the concept from this book is still valid and applicable to current business environment. It offers how a business can be unique in its field. As we cannot be everything to everyone, a business has to make a choice of its brand identity and must focus. It shows that even commodities can be differentiated and that product differentiation is not impossible, but difficult, and that "Economy of Speed" is important. The book emphasizes that we do not ne [...]

  • I read this book almost 6 years ago yet I think this is one of good books that every marketer should read,Differentiation is the key element to long-term success and profits; furthermore, it is an essential area of discussion in any corporate strategy discussions and is frankly the biggest and most important thing that I learned while getting my MM a few years ago (still, in progress of finishing it,heuheu)Differentiate or Die by Jack Trout and Steve Rivkin is an excellent read for those learnin [...]

  • After having read ‘Positioning’ by Al Ries and Trout, I was intrigued to read ‘Differentiate or Die’ by Jack Trout especially because of its title. The key message Trout is trying convey is that all enterprises have their unique selling propositions (USP); all they need to do is package, position and communicate it to their target audience. He has analyzed many successful differentiation initiatives from giants like Dell, Southwest Airlines, and Wal-Mart to smaller success stories like e [...]

  • It seemed like it would help both of my businesses. As with all marketing, branding and positioning type books, there are a lot of case studies and "I told you so"s. But on the same note, I love these writing stories because they contain a lot of lessons learned and useful examples of directions companies have taken. This is the type of book that doesn't pretend to know your business' unique problems, or try suggest any surefire solutions that work in every scenario. It's a wealth of information [...]

  • A must-read for anyone who takes their business seriously.Filled with industry examples.Some might argue that some companies showcased as differentiators haven't subsequently fared well. This however, does not reflect the solid, and logic-backed learning in the book, but rather that those companies, after a point, forgot the learning and drifted from their core purpose.

  • The book demonstrates the importance of differentiation nowadays and shows various ways to differentiate a brand in the marketplace. It claims that if the brand is not the first mover, it can still win by distinguishing itself from the competitors.

  • Life was getting pretty boring, as such. The pile-up of books to be read was getting pretty thin, it was time for me to cough up some good book from my father’s overhead storage. In that process, I came across a book ‘Differentiate or Die’ by Jack Trout (along with Steve Rivkin). After reading the book, I firmly believe that it is the Mecca of the modern advertising campaigns launched by varied products across the world- whether it is on T.V magazine, newspaper or the internet.For the surv [...]

  • A fantastic book on Marketing. The caveat is that many of the samples quoted reference events that, while recent, seem from a long time ago. But this just goes to corroborate the book's allegations that we live in a very dynamic environment. If you study or work within Marketing, then you must read it.

  • This book reminded me a lot of Selling the Invisible. It's an easy read, packed with lots of examples and information that sometimes seems counterintuitive. The point of the book, in simplest terms, is that although we may thing it's best to be all things to all people, it's actually best to pick one thing and do it well. Products and services should be marketed with one differentiating idea, which may mean sacrificing a share of the market.My main critique of this book would be that for many of [...]

  • Your company isn't the only game in town, so how can you be competitive and stay in business in this economic environment? Trout & Rivken's book is about the importance of differentiating yourself from your competitors. Trying to be all things to all people is a mistake. Instead, find a niche and focus your efforts there.They have great suggestions (and warnings) throughout the book: * If you try to do everything, your brand will lose focus. It will no longer be clear what you are really abo [...]

  • I'm not saying this book is bad per se, it's just ridiculously repetitive. The author makes a lot of fair points about marketing though, and definitely puts forth enough examples and evidence to prove his opinions.But the worst part is the fact that I listened to the audiobook of this book. The guy they have reading it is most probably the WORST possible person to read an audiobook to an audience, EVER. In fact, he was so bad, bland and effin boring it made me downright hate this book, although [...]

  • The key point seems right on. And yet, if you have a CEO who would really get this, you're probably already doing this. If you have a marketing department who is capable of building marketing/advertising around differentiation (and reigning in the ad agency you are working with), then they're also probably already doing this.Like other books of this type, part of the problem is that the stellar examples of the idea often fade or run in to serious trouble after the book is published. This doesn't [...]

  • Jack Trout always create that wow! If Marketing warfare set the agenda for corporate wars, 22 immutable laws of marketing acted like a guiding star to marketing wannabes. But this book seems to call a spade a spade when it comes to corporate strategy making. The concept of differentiation as described in this book is an eye opener for strategists. A must read for those who are gunning for that corner office.

  • I had been looking for a good marketing book to brush up on the latest and turned to Jack Trout (co-author of the industry standard Positioning: The Battle For Your Mind). This book has been thought-provoking and entertaining and I would recommend it to anyone who is working on marketing their company or an idea.

  • To be successful, you need to differentiate. I learn a lot about different forms of differentiation. Nowadays everything can seem very similar to consumers, so companies have to emphasize their unique strength and the emphasis must be made by the CEO. Interestingly one can differentiate oneself by saying one is the oldest, or youngest, and a very small area can be emphasized. A good book.

  • Pros: A great range of marketing case studies/snapshots of campaign overviews.Cons: Case studies lack depth and Trout often attempts to focus on a singular element of a campaign to draw a conclusion. A good high level read on differentiation. However, critical thinking required to question author's conclusions on successful/unsuccessful campaigns and why they were so

  • I think it is a great read. it helps a lot to look at a current positioning from a different perspective and find new ways of doing things. On the other hand I don't think only a clear differentiation will make out of a bad business a very successful one. My thinking behind this, are there other factors that come along with a differentiation that impacted the business way more substantially.

  • Enlightening explanation for why certain companies succeed in marketing, branding, and business and why many others fail. The book will challenge your view of what sets companies apart and will challenge you to brand your business in a way that sets you apart from the dozens, if not hundreds, of others companies that seek to steal your business.

  • I like Jack Trout, but in this book he could've been summarized it in 4 pages.I don't take this book seriously, however I liked minor examples and cases.احب اتابع مقالات و صوتيات (جاك تراوت) في مجال التسويق والعلامات التجاريه ، هو شخص عظيم في مجاله، بس هذا الكتاب احسن انه فاضي، كان ممكن يختصر الكتاب كله في ٤ صفحات. حبيت واستفدت من كم مثال و كم ح [...]

  • An excellent treatise on how to make differntiation the cornerstone of your marketing. Very clear and concise and full of great examples. The back cover has testimonials from the likes of Dan Rather of CBS News to Scott McNealy of Sun Microsystems.

  • For starters this book is very dated. While author try to organize his thoughts, he meanders in and out of examples and doesn't always make his point. Instead of telling stories to support his point, he usually lists of bunch of simple examples. I had to struggle to finish this one.

  • It is somewhat outdated since many of the companies that they talk about from around the turn of the century are now doing very different things. But the principles are sound, and it is a great book for any marketer, business person, or anyone interested in succeeding in the market place.

  • Things change very quickly in the competitive environment Jack Trout illustrates. Reading a novel about corporate business strategy 10 years after its publication is entertaining but difficult to learn from.

  • It was a nice overview of Marketing.Some of these can be rather obsolete in term of real life examples because, after all, this was written for the year 2000.However, still recommend it for novice at Markeing and Business in general. Also, humour here is appreciated.

  • I'm a big Jack Trout fan. However, the last two book I read from him were mostly rehashed bits and pieces from his 22 laws book. Sure it's important stuff, but you've likely already read it before.

  • A good book to help business owners and entrepreneurs understand that you don't always have to be the best in order to win, but you must be distinguished from the competition. This always gives you the extra edge needed to win.

  • I am still surprised by how many companies don't find value in these basic principles of business. The author speaks in absolutes which is annoying. People and business will always be somewhat unpredictable. But there is a lot of value in this book.

  • Good book, all businesses should look for brand "moats" that can last, not technological innovation, rather, we were first, we are the best, we are preferred regardless of what else is out there, a la Nike.

  • I really liked this one. A must read for those concerned about branding in its truest sense. I reread and refer to this book often.

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