The Key

The Key In the thrilling final installment of the Guardians of Time trilogy tentative guard members Matt and Rochelle have emerged as crucial players in fulfilling the prophecy of the Named Matt has learned

  • Title: The Key
  • Author: Marianne Curley
  • ISBN: 9781599900018
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
  • In the thrilling, final installment of the Guardians of Time trilogy, tentative guard members Matt and Rochelle have emerged as crucial players in fulfilling the prophecy of the Named Matt has learned that he is the son of an immortal, while Rochelle is struggling with her newfound powers and her fear that the group doesn t trust her In fact, their leader is certain thatIn the thrilling, final installment of the Guardians of Time trilogy, tentative guard members Matt and Rochelle have emerged as crucial players in fulfilling the prophecy of the Named Matt has learned that he is the son of an immortal, while Rochelle is struggling with her newfound powers and her fear that the group doesn t trust her In fact, their leader is certain that someone in the close knit circle is a traitor but who As suspicions mount, friction threatens to tear apart the Guard Will the members of the Named be able to overcome their fears and unite the Guardians of Time in their last stand against evil and chaos

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      160 Marianne Curley
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    I loved reading from a young age and scoured my school libraries during my younger years, but I never thought I would become a writer It was not until my mid thirties, while teaching office studies and computers to adults at the Coffs Harbour Education Campus that I began to think seriously about writing I took several courses and experimented with different styles and genres With two teenage daughters at the time I fell into writing young adult paranormal and have never looked back.My first four novels, Old Magic, The Named, The Dark and The Key, were published by Bloomsbury Publishing in Australia, the UK, and the USA, with translations into than a dozen foreign languages In 2004, just as The Key was being prepared for printing, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of bone marrow cancer called Myelofibrosis With only a short time to live, I was given a stem cell bone marrow transplant using my sister s cells, which saved my life I have now been cancer free for fourteen years and have written a new trilogy called The Avena Series All three books Hidden, Broken and Fearless were published between 2013 and 2015 My latest book is The Shadow, the long awaited and much anticipated fourth book in The Guardians of Time Series The Shadow will be released in March 2018 I am presently working on a YA paranormal time travel story, and a contemporary novel based on real events Website mariannecurley7 Email mariannerley7 gmailFacebook facebook mariannerFacebook Author facebook MarianneCurlInsta marianne_curley


  • First of all, I have to say I am not a native english speaker so, please, I prefer to not be attacked, if I made any mistakes. Instead of do that, it would be nice if you corrected me, thank you :)Here we go with the final installment of The Guardians of Time series! Don’t know if you guys know this, but Marianne Curley said she was writing another book to this series, still untitled and still with no release date. But hey, we will have an another book! We can only hope for the best and keep f [...]

  • Okay, so based on the ending, I'd love to give this book one star, because I can't possibly think of a worse ending. Firt of all, I didn't really like getting Matt and Rochelle's perspectivesEthan and Isabel's and even Arkarians POV's were much more interesting. I also felt like Isabel and Ethan's parts in this last book were too small, and Matt's transition from a clueless no one to the leader who knew everything and had every power in the worldwas way over the top. The story in itself was ente [...]

  • I have never hated a final book in a series as much as I hated this one. I was truly loving this light, romantic, and adventurous, multi-award winning fantasy trilogy. Finally I was onto book three, the last one. It was heartwrenching, main characters die all over the place, the romance is piling up, the blood is every-freakin'-where's beyond fabulous! It is soap opera galore, you have no clue what is going to happen next. You have hunches but damnit if the book doesn't stab you in the ass and t [...]

  • Of ya! Of, of, of!Hiç böyle bir dilekte bulunmazdım ama, bir bölümcük daha? Hiç mi? Lütfen? Tamam. Peki.Kendimi toparlayamıyorum şu an. Odada yalnız değilim ve sanırım bu şekilde olmasam, tek başıma olsaydım; emin olun hüngür hüngür ağlardım. BÖYLE BİR MÜKEMMELLİK YOK, GERÇEKTEN. Deliricem ya, gerçekten. Kalbim parçalanıyor, kalbim!İlk iki kitaptan çok çok çok daha güzel olduğunu söylemem gerek. Direkt bu kitaba ben 5 puan verdim ki elimde olsa daha fazla y [...]

  • I enjoyed reading the series. Although I felt there was some sadness assosiated in the end and even though in every book there was a different POV (and it might be confusing sometimes because u need to remind yourself who is talking and thinking right now) you got to know every character (well at least 5) pretty close.I had a bitter taste regarding Ethan after finishing the books. He was this sweet boy, who was suffering his hole life from the effects of what happened to his family, especially t [...]

  • This was an entertaining end to the trilogy. The two POVs offered in this book are Matt and Rochelle. They aren't my favorite narrators out of the lot. I kind of missed the characters from the two previous books, but I can see why the focus shifted to these two. There's not a lot of time travel since the conflict comes to a head in the present. I didn't really miss it that much, though, since this series has never really spent much time on the actual time travel. I tried not to get hung up on a [...]

  • I'd actually like to give this book at 3.5. I didn't like it as much as the first two and I HATED the ending. But, all in all it was an enjoyable series. I want to start with the things I really liked about this book as well as the other two. They are totally action packed. And not in a way that sacrifices character development for action scenes (see the Midnighter series byScott Westerfeld). Curley manages to weave in depth to her characters in a way that isn't bogged down with over detailed mo [...]

  • AVISO: HAY SPOILERS DE TODA LA TRILOGÍA.Sin duda alguna, este ha sido el peor final de saga que he leído en lo que va de año. A medida que leía, todo era una sucesión de "WTF???" que a veces me dejaban a cuadros, otras veces confusa, pero, sobre todo, terminaban provocando que me carcajeara por la cantidad de cosas sin sentido y al azar que pasan en este libro. Es que es todo tan by the faceSé que muchísima gente adora esta saga, y a mí hasta ahora me estaba gustando, pero creo que deber [...]

  • *****BIG SPOILER ALERT!!!!*****I wish with all my heart that I could give this a 5 but I just can't. If this didn't have one of the most abrupt endings in all of the books I've ever read in my life, than this would definitely be 5 stars.This third and final installment had the fast-paced action from the second book along with the romance from the second book, but after I finished the last sentence, I literally said outloud "what the f---?!" There was definitely a last chapter missing somehow the [...]

  • Na téhle knize jsem si jasně ukázal, jak moc jsem se za ty dva roky změnil. Vyvoleného jsem přečetl v roce 2012, když jsem toho nepřečetl moc a říkal si, jak je první díl série úplně dokonalý. Jenže než se mi podařilo dostat se k dílu třetímu, uběhla poměrně dlouhá doba a mě pod rukama prošlo několik epických, ale taky průměrných knih. A potom jsem začal číst Klíč a uvědomil si, že jsem asi vážně od té doby dospěl. To, co mi přišlo zajímavé a do [...]

  • kitabın sonundan nefret ettim hala kendime gelemedim. böyle hayal gücü olmaz ola. isyan ediyorum yazara. nası kıyarsın o çifte esas kızı öldürürsün. 1 yıldız vericem son 20 sayfa yüzünden kıyma kitaba özde diyorum. çok sürükleyici bir seri ama böyle biticeğini bilseydim son kitabı yada son sayfaları okumazdım. bütün hayallerimi yıktın Marianne isyan ediyorum sana

  • The final part of the trilogy was much more enjoyable that the previous installments. A number of predictable "twists" as usual, one genuine "omg" moment and a fairly weak/unsatisfying ending though. I'm glad to have finished the series and am glad I read it. It's not one that I'll bother to reread again though.

  • The span between the time I read the second book and the last book is years because I wasn't able to find a copy of The Key in any of the bookstores I went to. Alas I finally found a copy and when I started reading it, I was taken again to a whole new world created by Marianne Curley. I didn't mind that the writing suited an eight-year-old reader, this is a book for children anyway. I didn't mind that the different love stories weren't dwelled much into because this isn't a romance novel in the [...]

  • Having read the previous two books of the series, the impending fight between the Order and the Guards were was as tense as it could be. Through its pacing and rising of mistrust within the Guard itself, the reader themselves start taking on the role of a detective as well, hoping to help uncover who the traitor is before the Guards do. In addition you see Matt and Rochelle grow through the chapters, especially since we'll find it shocking that Matt had changed drastically - maturely- and natura [...]

  • The series begins and ends with Ethan.The narrators may switch repeatedly for a greater perspective but it always comes back to this boy. His life riddled with despair, every chance for happiness ripped away just at the moment where he might begin to heal. Sera's departure, Rochelle's death I can't bear to think how damaged Ethan would be after these events. I wonder if Curley even knew, she didn't write it, after all. In the first book, I mourned his potential romance with Isabel as she began t [...]

  • The third book in the Guardians of Time trilogy, by Marianne Curley. By the beginning of this book, many additions have been accumulated by the Guard, including Ethan's father, Matt, Mr. Carter, Jimmy, and -shockingly- Rochelle. At the same time, The Order is gearing up for their final, all-out assault on the Guard, hoping to eliminate it entirely.The alternating perspectives of Matt and Rochelle in this book were good, but nowhere near as entertaining as Ethan and Isabel in the first. Rochelle' [...]

  • I wasn't sure if I should give this three or four stars. I'd like to give it three and a half, but that's not an option.The Key is told through the eyes of Matt and Rochelle. I see why the author decided to tell this part of the story from their point of view, but I really missed seeing the story through the eyes of Ethan, Isabel, and Arakarian. One of my favorite parts was the ending. It was fast-paced, and a lot was resolved. But, at the same time, it left a lot unexplained. There are many loo [...]

  • BEST BOOK EVER - BEST TRILOGY YET TO COME - GREAT UNIVERSEI don't have words to describe this trilogy, what it ment to me, what it made me feel and how would I spent my days daydreaming about it. I was obsessed with this trilogy! even had a forum (since the firt book came out) to talk about the next books, characters, fanfiction and other! GREAT book for all ages, and I hope others have the opportunity to explore this great universe! Also thank you again Marianne Curley for answering the email I [...]

  • Este libro me ha dejado literalmente con el corazón en la boca. El final, oh dioses, me ha hecho lagrimear un poco sinceramente. El libro es algo que vale la pena leer (en si toda la trilogía) pues por lo menos a mi me lo parece. Tiene de todo un poco y sin duda te logra sorprender con los sucesos. Me gustó el hecho de que fueran contados desde diferentes perspectivas, eso como que te ayuda a conocer un poco más los personajes y le da también cierta intriga porque mientras no sabes qué est [...]

  • Delicesine ağladığım ve tekrar okusam, tekrar ağlayacağım bir seri. Okuyun. Nasıl okumamış olabilirsiniz?

  • A weak four stars. More like 3.5. Definitely the best book of the series. Some parts were too convenient and I was not a big fan of the ending.

  • Dziś rano skończyłam trzecią książkę z cyklu Marianne Curley The Guardians of time. Składa się on z 3 części: The Named, The Dark i The Key. Wszystkie trzy czytałam w języku angielskim i wpłynęło to znacząco na mój odbiór. Odkryłam bowiem, że kocham czytać w języku angielskim. Na dodatek przyznanie się przed samą sobą do tego, co lubię wyszło mi na zdrowie. Podchodziłam do pierwszej książki z trójcy trochę jak pies do jeża. Czytałam wcześniej inną książkę, [...]

  • éste fue el libro que representó la acción de toda la trilogía. Y me generó muchos sentimientos encontrados. Por fin descubrí quién era el traidor de los guardianes, algo que no me sorprendió tanto pues ya me lo sospechaba desde el primer libro. Pero aquí en este libro se dio el clímax de todo, todo el sentido de la profecía comenzaba a aclararse y de una forma bastante particular y no tan agradable Marianne curley le dio un final bastante desgarrador y a la vez realista y muy acorde [...]

  • This is one of my all-time favorite juvenile/young adult series because it has many genes – action, adventure, time travel, fantasy, history, a little romance – all wrapped into one well-crafted, imaginative plot. This is a MUST read for almost any reader, because of its broad diversity.Ethan is a normal, modern-day boy when he’s awake, but when he sleeps his powers awaken as a Guardian of the Named. The Named are a secret organization whose purpose is to preserve and protect history as we [...]

  • I like this book because of its interesting plot setting and where they mostly focus on the story takes place in the lost city. I like it but also not because it almost like a movie where you want one thing to happen but a different thing happens and just like feeling when your angry about something but also want to find out in the end what happen and i like how the author make a story where many kind of emotion you get reading it and enjoyable. I would recommend this book to those who want to g [...]

  • Had to see how it ended. I feel dumber after reading these books. My 10 year old son has a better command of language than this writer. What a complete waste of time.

  • An easier read than I thought , after a failed first attempt to read it. I guess I had to be in the right frame of mind to read it!

  • The final battle for the world has begun at Angel Falls when the goddess of Chaos loses her temper and starts a meteor shower. Ethan and the rest of the Named are caught between keeping their identities secret or defending themselves and everyone else. Matt learns a few secrets and starts taking charge, and everyone is caught within the bounds of the prophecy.It's hard to know what to say about the book without giving away too much. The battles were nice, but the lack of thought around setting h [...]

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