Sur l'eau

Sur l eau Maupassant voyageur Maupassant po te Maupassant voyageur po te voyageur qui a parcouru la Normandie la Bretagne la C te d Azur l Auvergne et l Italie l Alg rie et la Tunisie les plaines et les

  • Title: Sur l'eau
  • Author: Guy de Maupassant
  • ISBN: 9782070386161
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Maupassant voyageur, Maupassant po te, Maupassant voyageur po te, voyageur qui a parcouru la Normandie, la Bretagne, la C te d Azur, l Auvergne et l Italie, l Alg rie et la Tunisie, les plaines et les montagnes, le d sert et les fleuves, la mer et toutes les eaux qu il aime sentir et toucher Et puis, marcher, naviguer, voir et raconter pour crire en meublant sa solitudMaupassant voyageur, Maupassant po te, Maupassant voyageur po te, voyageur qui a parcouru la Normandie, la Bretagne, la C te d Azur, l Auvergne et l Italie, l Alg rie et la Tunisie, les plaines et les montagnes, le d sert et les fleuves, la mer et toutes les eaux qu il aime sentir et toucher Et puis, marcher, naviguer, voir et raconter pour crire en meublant sa solitude Une riche moisson de paysages, de portraits, d anecdotes, saisis dans une prose en apparence facile, mais proche du lecteur Il me reste demander pardon pour avoir parl de moi J avais crit pour moi seul ce journal de r vasseries, ou plut t, j avais profit de ma solitude flottante pour arr ter des id es errantes qui traversent notre esprit comme des oiseaux J ai peut tre tort C est l homme qui se d couvre lui m me avec sa m lancolie de solitaire, la vie qu il d couvre dans ses sites et ses portraits.

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      188 Guy de Maupassant
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  • Guy de Maupassant

    Henri Ren Albert Guy de Maupassant was a popular 19th century French writer He is one of the fathers of the modern short story A protege of Flaubert, Maupassant s short stories are characterized by their economy of style and their efficient effortless d nouement He also wrote six short novels A number of his stories often denote the futility of war and the innocent civilians who get crushed in it many are set during the Franco Prussian War of the 1870s.


  • A delightful surprise! De Maupassant kept a diary during a voyage in his yacht, the Bel-Ami. He describes some of the places he visits and relates interesting past visits or histories.

  • "Я один, в самом деле один, в самом деле свободен!" - дневник свободного человека, отдыхающего от всего на яхте, на воде. Легкий морской бриз относит прочь суету и мелочность мира, приземленность и озабоченность своей персоной. Очищенный от всего этого, повествователь рассужд [...]

  • This is an odd, half-hearted sort of book which purports to be one thing and shades into another. At first, we are presented with Guy de Maupassant as amateur captain of a sailboat named the Bel-Ami, after his most popular novel. He complains about being forced to be a sociable human being, yet for all his pretensions, he is sailing only a few nautical miles between St Tropez and Antibes with frequent overnight stops at inns along the way. Afloat has one little authorial tic that is almost uniqu [...]

  • Maupassant's description of himself reminds me of someone I know:He seems to possess two souls, one of which records and comments on every sensation of its neighbor, the usual, natural sort which he shares with us all. He feels himself fated, always, at all times, to be a reflection of himself and of everybody else, condemned to watch himself feeling, acting, loving, suffering, thinking--and yet never feeling, acting, loving, suffering, thinking in the same way as other people, simply, openly, s [...]

  • I have just reread with great pleasure Guy de Maupassant's compact logbook Afloat, which purports to chronicle nine days aboard his yacht Bel-Ami in spring 1887, as he and his two-man crew set sail from Antibes. However, the title is a bit misleading as, thanks to the weather, Maupassant spends more time ashore than afloat. However, the 100-page memoir actually takes place neither at sea nor on land but in the fertile consciousness of the famed writer, where his musings and ironic commentary dri [...]

  • "Two short books in a row, this one barely one hundred pages!" Well, I'm trying to close the gap on Doug. Even reading can be a competitive sport. Moreover, it is Guy de Maupassant, for Heaven's sake! Must I apologize for reading him, however brief the book? And what a book it is. This purports to be a diary of a yacht trip between Nice and St. Tropez Maupassant undertook in the late 1880's. Critics say that he has actually distilled it from several trips and has inserted into the "travelogue" e [...]

  • “Afloat” is far more than notes scribbled on a voyage. Descriptions of the Provençal coast and the testing conditions of the waters of the Mediterranean are here in the elegant prose we expect from de Maupassant, thanks to Marlo Johnston. (The translator is a breed whose extraordinary linguistic skills are disregarded by readers and unrewarded by publishers or critics.) The ship was the author’s own and, although he had two men to manage the trip, he was able to comment on the tides and w [...]

  • How can I not love Guy de Maupassant? To read his short stories and become dizzy with rapture is one thing; to read words coming out of this personal diary.A peek into the mind of this unique and bizarre writer, a true primus inter pares if there ever was one, is as great as reading from his prose. His passionate condemnation of war is the best I've ever read from anyone, his observations on the pettiness of humanity, on the truth of the writer, and on existentialist tenets well ahead of his tim [...]

  • Free download available at Project Gutenberg.Title: Afloat (Sur l'eau)Author: Guy de MaupassantIllustrator: RiouTranslator: Laura EnsorRelease Date: June 29, 2015 [EBook #49318]Language: EnglishProduced by Dagny and Marc D'Hooghe at freeliterature (Images generously made available by the Hathi Trust)This Diary contains no story and no very thrilling adventure. While cruising about on the coasts of the Mediterranean last Spring, I amused myself by writing down every day what I saw and what I thou [...]

  • Short story/essay collection disguised as a travelogue. It packs a lot in a small package.Here's a quotation:"Calm reigns everywhere, the warm, gentle, calm of the Midi and it seems weeks and months and years since I’ve had anything to do with people who dash around and never stop talking. I can enjoy the thrill of being alone, the quiet thrill of being able to rest and never be disturbed by a letter or a telegram, the sound of a doorbell, or even the barking of my dog. Nobody can call on me, [...]

  • Mopasan je izvrstan pripovedač, jedan od meni najdražih, a ovde ulazimo u njegov svet misli koje se nižu baš onako kako ih je on formirao, tokom putešestvija njegovim brodom Bel Ami. Ovo je više dnevnik nego knjiga, odnosno novela, i sam Mopasan nije hteo da se to objavi, ali je posle smrti to urađeno.Iako je prisutan onaj pripovedački ton koji se oseti u njegovim delima, ovde je razvodnjen, jer je pisac dao sebi oduška, smatrajući kako ne piše za masu već za sebe, a usput se borio s [...]

  • A delightful little book about a man's meditations on a sailboat. As he passes through ports and islands, sometimes forced to spend extra days there on account of bad weather, he recounts some tales about those places. But at other times, the thoughts become more reflective - about the repetitive nature of life, about war, about the curse of a writer who cannot help but detail out of each moment as a spectator, about sadness of a moonstruck night. Like Lila, and like Rings of Saturn, it makes me [...]

  • de Maupassant was in a far better mood when he wrote AFLOAT than he was during his writings of the rest of his novels. I wish he would have really described some place in detail that he didn't like, such as Naples, which he only mentioned all too briefly. Everything was so utterly picture perfect in the book that it actually became borderline monotonous towards the end, such as reading an antiquated tour brochure from Liberty Travel!

  • This is a collection of short stories of the legendary french author, divided into 3 thematic parts: horror stories, love stories and social stories.Even though Maupassant is a realist author by his style, he is often far from it in his thematic interests - supernatural, uncanny, deviant and strange.

  • A really charming journal of a trip around the South of France in a sailing boat in the nineteenths century. Maupassant mixes his themes of satire bordering on misanthropy with some funny anecdotes and genuinely fascinating anecdotes. Like all the best travel writers, he's a lover of the digression!

  • Maupassant paints a nice picture. his descriptions of the scenery and action occurring are striking and well written. quite a nice read in my opinion, as Maupassant has some interesting views on certain topic of the period. he says it himself-nothing really happens in this book- and its all the better for it.

  • Beautiful, philosophical, smart, funny and most of allrprisingly simple. A much needed (for me) breath of fresh air.

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