No Such Thing as Ghosts

No Such Thing as Ghosts Danny Dragonbreath and his best friend Wendell have a carefully constructed trick or treating system designed to maximize their Halloween candy haul But this year despite Danny s awesome vampire co

  • Title: No Such Thing as Ghosts
  • Author: Ursula Vernon
  • ISBN: 9780803735279
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Danny Dragonbreath and his best friend, Wendell, have a carefully constructed trick or treating system designed to maximize their Halloween candy haul But this year, despite Danny s awesome vampire costume, their plan is flopping First, Danny s dad makes them trick or treat with Christiana Vanderpool, an annoying know it all and girl who doesn t even believe that dragoDanny Dragonbreath and his best friend, Wendell, have a carefully constructed trick or treating system designed to maximize their Halloween candy haul But this year, despite Danny s awesome vampire costume, their plan is flopping First, Danny s dad makes them trick or treat with Christiana Vanderpool, an annoying know it all and girl who doesn t even believe that dragons exist And then the school bully dares them to go into a spooky old haunted house Naturally, the house is inhabited by a creepy clown and a candy crazed ghost of yore It s going to take than fire breathing to get them out of this mess they might even have to horror of horrors perform a sacrificial candy offering.Perfect for fans of Wimpy Kid and Big Nate, Ursula Vernon s hauntingly hilarious fifth book in the Dragonbreath series will make you check your closets and lock up your candy.

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    Ursula Vernon is a freelance writer, artist and illustrator She is best known for the webcomic Digger and the children s books Dragonbreath and Nurk The Strange, Surprising Adventures of a Somewhat Brave Shrew Ursula is also a prolific painter and the creator of the Biting Pear of Salamanca, a work which became an internet meme in the form of the LOL WUT pear.Ursula s cover for Best in Show won the 2003 Ursa Major Award for Best Anthropomorphic Published Illustration She was nominated for the 2006 Eisner Awards in the category Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition for her work on Digger She was also a guest of honor at Midwest FurFest 2004 and 2009, and the Artist Guest of Honor at Further Confusion 2010.The daughter of an artist, she attempted to rebel and become a scientist, but in the end couldn t fight her destiny She lives in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she writes, draws, and in her words, creates weird thingies She also writes under the name of T Kingfisher.


  • Part-graphic novel, part chapter book, this is an entertaining and somewhat educational story about an adolescent anthropomorphic dragon, his iguana pal, and a girl lizard. It's the fifth book in the Dragonbreath series by Ursula Vernon. Wow! This was one creepy book. Scary clowns will give me nightmares and this book was filled with one eerie clown. Far too many images of him for our comfort, so I covered him up when he appeared each time. I read this book aloud with our girls and while we've r [...]

  • I have read Dragon-breath there is no such thing as ghosts this is a long book it took me 2 hours to read and it is 1108 pages but back to the author she did a really did a good job of description of the characters and of all of the land so over all this is a really good book and try the next book revenge of the horned bunnys happy reading!

  • (view spoiler)[Danny goes into this haunted house and gets trapped with this magical clown and a ghost. The ghost wants candy from Wendell and the other kids. The way they stop the ghost and the clown is they give him candy. The ghost lets them go free and the clown isn't there anymore.(hide spoiler)]I like this book because it has lots of comic parts where they talk with word bubbles. (view spoiler)[ One time in #2 Danny spells LOVE by saying L-O-V-E. And Wendell says back to him "Shut up, Dann [...]

  • I'm now planning on reading every one of Ursula Vernon's Dragonbreath books--they are that much fun for me as an adult--I laughed and smiled while reading. The illustrations are so cute and really show the reader the emotions of the characters. These books also take on the heavier subject of bullying and does it well for younger readers. Another reason I recommend this book.

  • Super cute. 70% chapter book, 30% graphic novel, 100% fun. It is on the educational side like Magic Tree House, but with more adventure and fantasy elements.

  • This one was spooky even for me, much less my nephew who has trouble going upstairs by himself. We enjoyed it quite a bit!

  • Danny dragon breath is not the best friend to have. But, no such thing of ghost!!!!!!!! Danny,Wendell and Christina, so it all started when Danny and his friend's went tick or treating. When they got there they saw big Eddy. They stopped in his way."He says are you scared of ghost". Danny says no!!!!!!!! Big Eddy says then do it.Danny says i will then. So when they got there they knocked but nobody answered but it creaked opened. They went in but it slammed closed, then it locked. Wendell was so [...]

  • While trick-or-treating with Wendell and Christiana, Danny gets dared by bully Big Eddy to go knock on the door of a rather decrepit looking house on the street. Given the choice of knocking on the door or losing all his candy (the likely alternate), Danny takes the dare. Wendell and Christiana don't want to be left with the bully's gang, so they tag along, Wendell certain they are about to be killed by a ghost, and Christiana, assured that there are no such things. Of course, knocking on the do [...]

  • I'm listening to Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap while winding down for bed, so it seems like an excellent time to talk about the Dragonbreath books that I haven't reviewed!Brief overview: Dragonbreath is a series of books, part graphic novel and part junior semieducational fiction, that follows a young dragon named Danny Dragonbreath through the trials and vicissitudes of his life, most of which are caused by him. His best friend Wendell, a brainy iguana who Does Not Want To Be Here, always gets dra [...]

  • Finished this one very early this morning, and loved it. This volume was about Halloween. It features Danny and Wendell meeting up with a girl named Christiana, and trick-or-treating together. Danny is a vampire. Wendell is a hydrogen atom. And, Christiana is salmonella. Yeah, I know, those last two's mother must be crazy to send them out as those things. But, before I go on, let me just say I SHIP WENDELL AND CHRISTIANA LIKE CRAZY!!!! I am determined that those two should be together. And, furt [...]

  • Reason for Reading: Next in the series.Once a kids' series like this has reached a certain number of books, it always follows through with an obligatory Hallowe'en story and this is Dragonbreath's Hallowe'en entry. Breaking form from the other books where they usually travel to meet with one of Danny's relatives to help them with the situation in which they find themselves, this time Danny, Wendell and classmate Christiana go trick or treating and end up with a real ghost on their hands. Lots of [...]

  • i really liked this book i don't know why. but i really didis book fits in to the "recommended by a family member" category. it was really easy because it was given to me by my mother as a present.i chose this book because i thought it would be easier to finish so i finished it first. i think i also might have chosen it because f the title, it contains the word ghost and for some reason the word ghost or paranormal make me want to read a book but most of the time i end up regretting it.a charact [...]

  • Have you ever heard of a dragon breathing fire? Well now you will. This story has two main charters and there names are Danny and Wendell and They both are the same age and they also both go to the same school. They both like to go to each other houses, when they go to each other houses they like to do fun stuff and even sometimes it might get them in trouble. Some of the things they do is to go explore things like caves or abandone places or like old homes that know one lives in. Some times the [...]

  • Book 5 in the series. It's Halloween. Danny Dragonbreath and his friends are dared by the neighborhood bully to enter the house that is reputed to be haunted. Locked doors and strange noises scare them, but the really spooky factors are the eerie green light and the disappearing clown. Lively illustrations and easily readable text make this a good choice for struggling/reluctant readers, or conversely is still suitable for younger students who need something with a bit of challenge but without c [...]

  • Urusla Vernon is one of my personal idols - she's a zoologist, an artist and a jolly fine writer. This is the fifth book in her Dragonbreath series, and it's a real lark. Like its predecessors, it is a mixture of story, illustrations and has a little comic book thrown in as well. highly amusing, Ursula never writes down to her audience, never patronises, just entertains (and educates a little as well). These books are absolutely hilarious, and the illustrations truly delightful. I highly recomme [...]

  • It's Halloween. Once attired, Danny and Wendell set out, and Danny's father picks up a girl crested lizard Christiana to go with them. (On one hand, a girl; on the other, she once brought a sheep brain to school.) They go trick-or-treating, they meet up with the bully Big Eddie (a Komodo dragon), they end up going, on his dare, to the abandoned house. The door opens. And then it closes behind them. It involves a bull-roarer, a rat who really can lead them somewhere, Wendell's having read ghost s [...]

  • This book sees Danny Dragonbreath, his friend Wendell, and a new, very skeptical character, Christiana, through their Halloween night adventure in an abandoned house after a dare from the local bully, Eddy the Komodo Dragon. It is cleverly told, the personalities of each of the children is very different and makes the story quite enjoyable - both for my children, to whom I was reading it, and for me.I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for reading material to encourage a reluctant mid [...]

  • Okay, this actually scared the crap out of me. CLOWNS, man. Fucking clownsThat being said, I love Ursula Vernon's story here and the fact that she likes to build all her stories on these biological and anthropological underpinnings. She also does a great job with introducing and developing Christiana's character. Danny is, as always, that perfect mix of slightly dumb and pretty brave that makes sense for all of the crap he gets into. And poor Wendell. He cracks me up.

  • This is a great book.I like this book Dragonbreath No Such Thing As Ghosts because it has parts in it where you cant wait what’s going to happen next. This book sucks you into all of the action and you almost don't want it to end. The book has a good amount of action,mystery,and is also funny. recommend this book for the student in my class it will keep them interested in these books. If I would rate this book 1 to 10 I would say a 9. I think its a really good book and you should read it to.

  • Danny and Wendell go trick-or-treating in their neighborhood for warm up. Danny's dad takes the two boys to the rich neighborhood where larger portion of candy get passed out. The father picks up Christina before heading towards the rich neighborhood. The three get challenged by Big Eddy the komodo dragon to go trick or treating at an old haunted house. Strange things happen where all three are freaked out.

  • This was a very good read! The series has a young dragon named Danny. He is about 10 to 12 I think. In this book, he is trick or treating with his best friend and a girl, Christiana, who he is not sure how he feels about. The school bully comes up and taunts him into going into a "haunted" house. There ensues the adventure.It is a great read and I ask that you let your children read it, too! :)Enjoy!

  • It's Halloween for Danny Dragonbreath. He and Wendell, accompanied by smart girl lizard Christiana, brave the streets for candy, until the bully Big Eddy dares them to visit the creepy old haunted house. Lots of dry humor make this book a winner, especially the digs at Wendell's mother and his costume. The Dragonbreath series continues to delight both me and my six year old.

  • SPOILERSA hydrogen atom, a salmonella bacterium, and a vampire (who really wanted to be a giant false vampire bat) walk into a haunted house. The haunted house says "I'm hungry." A creep, giggling clown ghost (shudder) doesn't wash his hands after flushing the toilet. A rat helps save the day.The End

  • Not quite as funny as the Ninja Frogs or the Were-Wieners, but still fairly entertaining. Also, kids should enjoy the Halloween theme, complete with haunted house. I personally was kind of creeped out by the illustrations of the clown ghost, but evil clowns are always creepy-looking, so I guess it couldn't be helped.

  • My least favorite of the series. In this one, Dragonbreath and Wendell set out to go trick-or-treating, and confront a haunted house. I'm not much for ghost stories, that's probably why I wasn't fond of this. For someone who is, it would probably be funny. There's still the dorky humor throughout the book, but it was less than the previous books.

  • Not my favorite in the Dragonbreath series this book is set almost entirely in a haunted house on Halloween night as Danny and his friends encounter ghosts. Typical Dragonbreath humor combined with Vernon's great graphics, this is still an Aidan pleaser. He adores this series and is already asking is she will write more! (Yes please!)

  • Dragonbreath is my favorite series. This book is my favorite book and I want Ursula Vernon too keep making them. I like that it has drama, adventure, suspense, action, comedy and horror,and friendship. Danny, Wendell and Chistina are in a haunted house well they think its haunted but all it is,is the school bully Big Eddy and a couple other people making a lot of noise.

  • This was my first Dragonbreath book, which is a hybrid graphic novel chapter book series staring Danny the Dragon. I did this as a read aloud with my 9yo because she said she was too scared to read it on her own. I must admit it was a pretty scary story that includes creepy clowns, a ghost and a haunted house!

  • This is my first read in the Dragon Breath series and I will have to read a few more. A hybrid of graphic novel and early chapter book, I think kids will enjoy this book.The universal theme (bullying/courage) and great characters will entice young and reluctant readers.

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