Star Bright!: A Christmas Story

Star Bright A Christmas Story It s beginning to look a lot like an American Christmas irritable unpleasant relatives horrible weather miserable travel a slobbering dog and one Jack Flanigan a harmless American of Irish origins

  • Title: Star Bright!: A Christmas Story
  • Author: Andrew M. Greeley
  • ISBN: 9780312863876
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s beginning to look a lot like an American Christmas irritable, unpleasant relatives horrible weather, miserable travel a slobbering dog and one Jack Flanigan, a harmless American of Irish origins, who is reluctantly but totally falling in love with one Odessa Tatiana Alekseevna Shuskulya, a young woman from Russia who s studying at Harvard Jack, of course,It s beginning to look a lot like an American Christmas irritable, unpleasant relatives horrible weather, miserable travel a slobbering dog and one Jack Flanigan, a harmless American of Irish origins, who is reluctantly but totally falling in love with one Odessa Tatiana Alekseevna Shuskulya, a young woman from Russia who s studying at Harvard Jack, of course, is attending Boston College, the Jesuits hangout in Chestnut Hill He makes a big mistake he invites her home to Chicago for the holiday, though it isn t even Christmas in the Russian Orthodox calendar, and gorgeous Odessa is never alone except when she wants to be So So she accepts And what happens when she gets to Chicago, caught in the American maelstrom of commercialized Yuletide Ah, now, that would be telling, wouldn t it Enough to say, there s a tree, and a feast, and midnight Mass, and a gaggle of contentious Flanigans of all ages who have the merriest Christmas ever and nothing will ever again be quite the same for any of them Especially lucky Jack Flanigan.

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    About " Andrew M. Greeley "

  • Andrew M. Greeley

    Andrew Greeley was a Roman Catholic priest, sociologist, journalist, and author of 50 best selling novels and than 100 works of nonfiction For decades, Greeley entertained readers with such popular characters as the mystery solving priest Blackie Ryan and the fey, amateur sleuth Nuala Anne McGrail His books typically center on Irish American Roman Catholics living or working in Chicago uscmillan author andrew


  • What a delightful introduction to the work of Andrew Greeley this novel is! It’s magical, mystical, tender, and humorously romantic.The magic comes from the heroine, the unusual and gifted Odessa Tatiana Alekseevna. Her besotted boyfriend, who narrates their story, deftly makes her come alive for the reader; she is a luminous beauty, a highly talented artist, and a mystic who is on very intimate terms with God. Jack Flanigan is an Irish-American Catholic boy. Tatiana is Russian Orthodox, born [...]

  • Andrew M. Greeley (February 5, 1928 – May 29, 2013) was an Irish-American Roman Catholic priest, sociologist, journalist and popular novelist.Greeley was probably the best-selling priest in history. This was a warm holiday novel about falling in love and meeting "the one" but with a strong sense of love, spirituality, and faith. It was a great read as I headed toward the Christmas season.

  • Take out the romance in this book and you just might find a text book on how to be sappy Catholic. Sometimes it is hard to swallow when it is thick. But it was an okay book to read on a day of constant moments of stopping , waiting in line and at a long wait at an appointment. I'm glad my sister and I had left it in my car the day before Thanksgiving.

  • Maybe three and a half. It was good but I guess not What I was expecting by the title or the author. Fast read since it is a little book and certainly worth reading just different I guess than I anticipated so I kept waiting to see what it was about then it was over.

  • This is a really sweet love story about Ivan (Jack Flanigan) and his Russian grand duchess, Tatiana/Odessa. Both are young 20-something college students. She at Harvard and he at Boston college. Their flame of love ignites when Jack spots her one day reading a newspaper in Russian and begins to talk to her in Russian. I really enjoyed their interactions as they began to date. There was respect, laughter, and love. All the while Jack is falling (or has fallen already), he wonders if he is worthy [...]

  • I do love Andrew M. Greeley's work. He does have his flaws. For example, Jack and Odessa in "Star Bright!" are pretty much mirror images of Dermot and Nuala from the Nuala Anne books. There are a lot of recurring elements other than that as well. I do enjoy reading the stories anyway, though. And part of what gets me is religious "mysticism." There's a lot of that in this book, and it's beautifully written. Some Christmas books I've read, while well done, leave me with a sort of disappointed fee [...]

  • A short little Christmas story following on the heels of the success of the Christmas box. It was a sweet, sappy love story with strong, faithful characters. Okay, so it won't be a major piece of classic literature but I love Andrew Greeley's descriptions of the dysfunctional, Irish-Catholic family. They are not perfect but with their faith in God, it doesn't matter, somehow it all works. That's what I love about Andrew Greeley stories-characters infused with faith but they're not perfect-maybe [...]

  • t's beginning to look a lot like an American Christmas: unpleasant relatives, miserable travel, a slobbering dog-and one "harmless American of Irish origins," Jack Flanigan, who is reluctantly falling in love with a young Russian woman studying at Harvard.She's spending Christmas alone in a foreign country, so he invites the dark-eyed beauty home to Chicago for the holiday.

  • A nice easy read. It feels like this is Greeley's outline for his Nuala Anne McGrail mysteries. A lot of the same situations and relationships. Takes place in the same locale. It is good enough to stand alone if one hasn't read the McGrail series, but having done so, I couldn't help but make the comparisons, and this is the weaker book.

  • I read this Christmas story years ago and it still remains one of my favorites. Since I revisited it this morning,I notice all the references that I didn't appreciate the first time around. I often tell my fellow book lovers what a great Christmas novella it is. Happy that I read it again because it has a great message.

  • This story is, on one level, a nice story about the start of a romantic love. On a different level, it is an allegory with definite religious overtones. While it worked well on both levels, it wasn't the best read-aloud story. I'm no longer sure where I got the idea that it would be, but my son never wanted me to quit reading it.

  • Father Greeley writes a delightful short Christmas romance about the true meaning of Christmas and human nature. As in his Bishop Blackie Ryan novels, he alludes to God as a woman. In the story a young man of Irish background from Chiago meets a young Russian woman at Yale University nd nature takes its course. No sex acts.

  • Yes, the dark lovely lady is a charming artist and the rich baritone gentleman speaks only in abbreviated sentences. Throw in some folklore from Russia with Irish Catholicism at Christmas time, and all the world loves itself and others. Isn't that Christmas for you, me, them, us? Let me now try the Russian tea ceremony. Next, the food. Mmmm.

  • This is a contemporary ( copyright 1997) Christmas novella. It's only 6 chapters, but well written. Jack meets a Russian expatriot, calling herself Odessa (really Tatiana). They start spending time together & he takes her home to his family for Christmas. I really liked this story. It's short, but you see the progression of the relationship & the promise of a future.

  • A good, easy read. It is very similar to the Nuala McGrail series but overall well done. I enjoyed the main female character, but thought she was overdone. Still, this is a good book for travel or a rainy night.

  • A Harvard student and a Boston College student have a chance meeting and become friends because they both speak Russian. She is from Russia; he has a great interest in the country and the girl. They are both characters I would like to know. Their love story is a very sweet one.

  • Christmas short story about an Irish college student who falls for a Russian college student and their first Christmas together with his Irish family. Good contrast between cultures, if highly stereotyped. Wish the story could have continued, a very quick read (Nook)

  • The story was about a Russian woman sharing Christmas with an American family with all their "warts and moles." (means all their usual problems and squables) However, her look at Christmas makes us all think about our families and the holidays and how we should enjoy them.

  • An okay Christmas story – lot’s of comparisons of Irish Catholic traditions and Russian Othodox traditions. A bit preachy.

  • One of my Christmas books almost every year. A simple short story but quite wonderful characters. Definitely worth a quick read.

  • Humorous and easy to read, although a little on the strange side, this sweet romance with Christmas as its backdrop was enjoyable.

  • Love the combination of Russian and Irish. Sweet story, and I know it's in line with the Holidays, but would prefer a little less sappy

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