Everyone Loves a Hero

Everyone Loves a Hero Fame has its perks Reluctantly famous First Officer Cole Langston finds being in the spotlight has its advantages until he meets Olivia Having women throw themselves at him everywhere he goes becomes

  • Title: Everyone Loves a Hero
  • Author: Marie Force
  • ISBN: 9781402245763
  • Page: 456
  • Format: ebook
  • Fame has its perks Reluctantly famous, First Officer Cole Langston finds being in the spotlight has its advantages until he meets Olivia Having women throw themselves at him everywhere he goes becomes a serious problem when he s trying to convince her she s the oneAnd its price Olivia has trouble trusting a guy like Cole, and everywhere she turns she sees reasonsFame has its perks Reluctantly famous, First Officer Cole Langston finds being in the spotlight has its advantages until he meets Olivia Having women throw themselves at him everywhere he goes becomes a serious problem when he s trying to convince her she s the oneAnd its price Olivia has trouble trusting a guy like Cole, and everywhere she turns she sees reasons to run But he s the only man who s ever seemed to understand her as an artist and as a woman Cole is working overtime to prove to Olivia that he s serious, but her deep seated mistrust and his entourage of unwelcomed fans may be than they can overcome

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  • 5 STARS REVIEW!I am completely and utterly speechless! I just have no words to describe how much I adored this book! And it's gonna be too hard to write a review worthy of it, specially as it is not out yet and I can't give any spoilersThis is a book about a girl meeting a pilot in the most funny way ever, poor guy was just waiting in line to get to the counter when he noticed the man right in front of him was behaving in a very rude manner towards the woman who was assisting him. When he tried [...]

  • Yikes. Wow, this was a disappointment. How to count the ways?! I really wanted to love this one, but that didn't happen. In short, this read like a bad B-grade TV movie. You know the type. It always starts with an entertaining idea, then the producers butcher it into something so lackluster and choppy you wonder why you sat through it. Everyone Loves a Herois a story of two people who fall madly in love at first sight, and the trials and tribulations that happen when said couple move waaaaaaaaaa [...]

  • Too cheesy…I’m not sure what exactly made this book’s dialogue sound odd, unnatural, or even awkward. But what I know for sure is that it really put me off. There were tons of filler that bored me to tears, and although I already skimmed through countless pages, nothing interesting came up. Too much stuff that didn’t contribute anything to the main plot whatsoever. To be honest, this book could have been cut down to half its length.The story was romantic, I can’t argue with that. But s [...]

  • What a great, good old-fashioned contemporary romance--I had a hard time putting this one down! Everyone Loves a Hero was filled with plenty of detail, lots of (sometimes steamy) dialogue, passionate love scenes, well-developed characters, and some problems for the mostly likable (and believable) characters to overcome. I loved every minute of it--even when the sometimes stubborn H/h disappointed me (her with her neediness and mistrust, him with his impatience and temper), I still wanted to know [...]

  • Everyone Loves a Hero is my first read by author Marie Force, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I was instantly drawn in, and felt a kind of kinship with the hero and heroine. It was the fun, easy to read, feel good story that I was hoping for.First Officer Cole Langston is the epitome of a reluctant hero. Exactly what did he do to become so famous? (view spoiler)[He saved the lives of everyone on board a passenger plane when the Captain had a heart attack, in flight, leaving Cole to land the plane, [...]

  • It's official. Karen Marie Moning's Fever series has ruined all other books for me.(If you're lucky enough to understand that statement then good for you. If you aren't then, well, what a huge tragedy that is. I advise you to stop reading this review and jump onto )While reading Everyone Loves a Hero I kept fantasising about wondering when Barrons was going to burst through the door and show Cole how it's done. Am I right ladies?To be fair, had I not recently been forever ruined by KMM's awesome [...]

  • ★★★½☆ (This is a review of the audiobook.) Nicely narrated by Tanya Eby.This wasn’t as bad as I feared after reading some reviews; however, it wasn’t as good as I’d anticipated, way back a year ago when I pre-ordered it from audible in 2013. Nothing new under the sun here, and some of it was too much of the same-old-same-old. I liked the characters well enough; yet, while rooting for them, I thought their relationship was zooming forward too fast and at times uneven in pace. Some [...]

  • As Caty said, dude was way too perfect. It was nice reading about a hero who wasn't a bad boy, rogue, rake, pirate, vampire, were-creature or even just uber-alpha. I feel like I just woke up from a fairy tale. I did need the fluff-fix and this made me smile almost the whole time I read it. Since I am physically incapable of smacking our leading lady upside the head, I was tempted to toss the book across the room and scoff in disgust towards the end (you'll know why when you read it), but I was p [...]

  • 3.5 StarsSo hard to rate this one. At times I spent chapters with my heart in a flutter because it was extremely romantic, but at other times it was quite annoying.I had pretty high expectations - mainly because when the front cover is hot I expect the pages to be equally matchedd this cover is hot!But I found the rollercoaster ride of high passion, arguing, passion, fighting, passion, fighting again a bit much. I'm not saying that it isn't realistic because at the start of a relationship all se [...]

  • WOW! What can I say, I just loved this book!!! This is only my second venture into Marie Force-land and I am definitely coming back!! I loved Cole and Olivia so much, but I have to admit, I was waiting the entire book for the other shoe to drop only because Cole seemed too good to be true, but for the most part, he was just a wonderful man, isn't that great?!!! The chemistry between them was amazing and the story was sweet and fun, plus there was some great sex, what more could I ask for!

  • I devoured this 300+ page book in one day. I could not put it down.Cole Langston is a former Navy pilot and current commercial pilot, who made a heroic landing of a commercial airplane when the pilot suffered a heart attack; landing the plane safely and saving his friend’ life. He has done months on the “Hero’s Circuit” and life is getting back to normal. He has been known as a womanizer, with a different woman at each stop-over.Olivia Robison is 27 years old, and works at the airport Ne [...]

  • 3-Ho Hum-StarsI thought I would enjoy this book more than I did, considering my husband and I had a long distance relationship for a few years. I thought I would connect with the characters and their situation more than I did.I can't decide how I want to rate this book. I go back and forth between two and three stars. I guess I'll give it three stars because even though I didn't hate the book, I didn't love the book either. There were many things that irritated me about this book.For starters, C [...]

  • This was a really good read for me and I truely enjoyed it. There were a few things that held me from giving this a 5 star rating but over all I stilled loved it and am really glad that I read it.

  • 4.5 Stars! Marie Force delivers with a romance that is both sweet and hot in Everyone Loves a Hero!Cole ‘Jackpot’ Langston is a former Air Force pilot working as a First Officer for a commercial airline, based out of Chicago. He likes to live the high life with traveling, womanizing, and driving fast cars. When the pilot he is flying with has a heart attack and Cole is forced to take the passenger-filled plane down in a snowstorm, and then administers CPR, saving the pilot’s life he is nam [...]

  • National hero, Cole Langston, was also a heartthrob and had a nickname of "Love 'em and leave 'em, Langston." But, his world changed abruptly the day he met Olivia. Soul mates. Mr. "I'll never be housebroken" was off the market and in love with Olivia instantly. But, Olivia was very guarded when it came to Cole. She kept wondering if he was being honest, if he would be content to settle down with HER, etc. Olivia's self confidence was in the mantle. She doubted her artistic talent, doubted her a [...]

  • Looking at the cover of this book I had some high hopes, and they were shattered. I never quite felt the chemistry between Cole and Olivia. Their relationship felt forced to me, and although there were a lot of sex scenes, there was no passion. For a 27 year old Olivia was very childish, and if she giggled anymore I wanted to slap her. How many times did Cole have to declare his love for her before she believed him and trusted him. I love himI don't trust himI love himis is too good to be true.I [...]

  • Agrh! So didn't want the book to end!It was beautiful, wonderful and amazing! I was smiling and blushing throughout, I swear my cheeks hurt now :PCole is just asdfghjkl!!! Loved Liv's character too!The story, the plot and the writing is compelling and capturing!Loved this book! :D

  • "Everyone Loves a Hero," and so do I! Especially when he is an amazing pilot and he is Cole Langston. What a gem of a book. This standalone was just republished from 2011 with a new, great cover and put out this month with a bonus epilogue. I had never read it or knew about it so, bonus, it was new to me! I loved finding a Marie Force 'past book' I hadn't read and sitting down to devour it. I haven't had the time lately at all to read a book straight through but I did just that with this book! I [...]

  • I loved this story. It was a perfect way to spend a rainy Sunday!Cole and Olivia are a wonderful couple, and I loved getting to know them. They meet in an airport convenience store when a man being rude to Olivia punches Cole in the face and knocks him out for intervenening. Cole is already famous due to landing an airplane full of passengers in a blizzard when the captain has a heart attack. Cole then saved the captain's life. It doesn't hurt his celebrity that he's a hottie either. Everywhere [...]

  • I really needed this! A feel good, love at first sight, true sweet romance and that is what Everyone Loves a Hero was for me. It was a 4 1/2 stars read that I couldn't put down- I loved the Rock Star cover too. Cole was a complete stud, he had the midas touch on everything from landing doomed planes to saving damsels in distress and I totally bought the "love at first sight" between him and Olivia. Lots of times this theme is a hard sell, but Marie Force made it easy to believe. Olivia was a lit [...]

  • Cole Langston is famously known for his heroic efforts at saving a pilot which made headline news, wanting to put that behind him he finds himself knocked out and lying on the floor in an effort to stick up for an airport cashier who was treated disrespectfully. Olivia did not realize who the man who came to her aid, all she knows is that an instant jolt of electricity sparked between them.Cole never thought he would be a long term relationship type of guy, but that has all changed when he meets [...]

  • I received a delightful surprise this morning from one of my very favorite authors -- an early copy of EVERYONE LOVES A HERO and I am so ready to share the love!!! Thanks bunches, Marie!!Release date for this book is February 1, 2011.I don't want to slip and spoil the superb surprise you have awaiting you once the book is in your hands. Marie Force is a favorite of mine - have read all her books -- loved them each and every one -- and this was no exception. I've read it twice already and I'm thi [...]

  • This is just what I needed after the very emotional book I finished just two days ago. I needed something to bring me out of the darkIt just made me happy.This book was perfect with an incredibly sweet story. I loved Cole and Olivia, and like one of my friends who also read and loved this book. I too kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. This is a light and very enjoyable read that I recommend to everyone who believes in love at first sight. I will definitely be picking up more books by Ms. F [...]

  • When I left the other review siteI realize that so many great, great, great books have now had their reviews lost since they did not migrate the old reviews and my email back up source has now died! Blahhhhbut this book was AWESOME!Just what you need on a rainy nighta sexy guy in a great read!Huge Thank you Marie!

  • FinallyI read this book! (it's been on my TBR list for quite awhile). I was ready to read this story and really enjoyed it. I loved the dynamics of the characters, the story, and once again Ms. Force captured me right from the beginning with her amazing writing gift.Loved it!

  • The hero was waaaaaay too perfect to be true, and the book could have used a little more drama, but it was super cute and got butterflies in my stomach since page one, so yes, I liked it a lot.

  • *mild spoilers*In a word: unrealisticUnfortunately I didn't care for this romance. It was the most unrealistic romance I have ever read. The "hero" Cole was beyond perfect - there isn't a man on earth who could compare to him. He was a combination of Gandhi, Mother Teresa and skilled porn star. When he wasn't defending defenseless women, he was landing planes in blizzards while doing CPR on the heart attack victim captain (thus saving hundreds of lives) and in his spare time he flies terminally [...]

  • All the guy wanted was a pack of MentosOkay, so at first this cover put me off. I have an aversion to romance covers that are all about abs and sculpted body parts. Funny, considering I'm a huge romance fan and I read it like it's going out of style. But so many of those types of covers are cheesy and I just can't take them seriously, so I pass on them right away. But when I stumbled upon this synopsis, I had a feeling I'd like the story. I'm a sucker for the whole pilot thing and I love airport [...]

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