Desert Run

Desert Run Palm Springs Don Harris is a piano player on the run after killing a Chicago mobster s son in a bar fight On the lam he meets a pretty blonde girl in town for a convention He lets down his guar

  • Title: Desert Run
  • Author: Marshall Thornton
  • ISBN: 9781610401456
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback
  • Palm Springs, 1973 Don Harris is a piano player on the run after killing a Chicago mobster s son in a bar fight On the lam, he meets a pretty blonde girl in town for a convention He lets down his guard and spends the night with her only to discover she s the younger sister of his best friend all grown up Foolishly, she tips her brother off to Don s location, and he s oPalm Springs, 1973 Don Harris is a piano player on the run after killing a Chicago mobster s son in a bar fight On the lam, he meets a pretty blonde girl in town for a convention He lets down his guard and spends the night with her only to discover she s the younger sister of his best friend all grown up Foolishly, she tips her brother off to Don s location, and he s on the run again, hoping to find a safe place to land.Out of money and desperate, Don accidentally walks into a gay bar where he allows a kid named Harlan to pick him up so he ll have a place to stay As the mob chases them, Don begins to fall for the kid, putting them both in harm s way Harlan has problems of his own, and Don knows he shouldn t get involved but he can t help but step in when Harlan gets in trouble To save himself, Don s got to save Harlan.

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    Lambda Award winning author, Marshall Thornton is best known for the Boystown detective series Other novels include the erotic comedy The Perils of Praline, or the Amorous Adventures of a Southern Gentleman in Hollywood, Desert Run and Full Release Marshall has an MFA in screenwriting from UCLA, where he received the Carl David Memorial Fellowship and was recognized in the Samuel Goldwyn Writing awards Member Mystery Writers of AmericaSign up for my newsletter at marshallthorntonauthor


  • 3 stars. Review posted February 18, 2015Why I read this book:A) COVERLUST.B) A second chance for an author who didn't work out for me at my first attempt.I read the first book in Marshall Thornton's Boystown series and unfortunately it didn't do it for me. It's safe to say that I enjoyed Desert Run more. Although I didn't end up lovin' it either. As it was, somewhere along the way I just lost interest. I'll be giving it 3 stars for the good writing and the entertainment value of the story but I [...]

  • Lawdy, Marshall Thornton, of course I freakin' reviewed your story on Prism Book Alliance®Candles, under glass with silly-looking metal hats, provided the lighting. I had to have my own piano light attached to the Steinway. They couldn’t find the real thing, so they used the kind you get for an expensive oil painting. The kind you stuck on top so you could see a painting clear enough to wonder why the hell you ever bought it.I just like this passage. That’s why I included it. It’s from ch [...]

  • Don is an entertainer in a third rate cocktail bar in Palm Springs circa 1973. He's out of the army, single, and doesn't mind picking up the occasional hot woman and having a good time.When Shelly walks in to the lounge, she is a hot looking blonde, in town for a convention and hot to trot. That she looks oddly familiar raises his red flags, but not enough to keep him from hooking up. After a brief few days and a lot of fun and sex, Don's past shows back up to cause a LOT of trouble.Seems Don is [...]

  • It's a sweltering July day in Palm Springs, circa 1973, and Ricky D'Amico, aka Don Harris, aka Fred, is playing piano at Danny's Hideout. He's on the run from his hometown of Chicago, where he killed Ernie Collata's son Mickey in a bar fight. Accidentally, sure, but Ernie is with The Outfit, and he's gonna kill Ricky once he finds him. "It's a funny feeling when your life ends, and you're still walking around. Chicago was the only place I'd ever called home, and now by throwing one lousy punch, [...]

  • 3,5 starsIf you don't know that Marshall Thornton is one of my favorite writers then you probably don't know me well enough. If you don't know WHO is Marshall ThorntonARE YOU SURE WE ARE GR FRIENDS?!Because to say that I am a true fan of the author is like to say nothing: EVERYONE in my environment knows/at least heard once this name. Even if they never read or don't plan to read gay mystery. My family, my friends, my GR friends knows WHO Marshall Thornton is. I read everything he wrote. Desert [...]

  • In a sea of DNFs and duds and WTF am I really readingThis bookI dont know. I love the way Mr Thornton writesI love his writing style and TBH enjoy his characters, the thought processes and the actions. Plus I love anything mob related reallyMare~Slitsread

  • Thanks to a Facebook "share" from Kayla Jameth of a blog he wrote on the difference between m/m romance and gay fiction: /author_blog_, I discovered Marshall Thornton's books. Impressed by things he said, I bought and read "Desert Run" and am glad I did. The book hit all the right notes of the action, suspense genre. It also includes a "gay for you" scenario (or rather an "out for you", taking into account the POV character's reluctant recognition of his attraction to guys in the past). There is [...]

  • 2.5 StarsReview posted on World of Diversity Fictions!I looked forward to reading this book. The cover is beautiful, yes I’m one of those that the cover is important it’s what draws me to the story and I thought the blurb was intriguing. I love a good mob story their usually full of suspense and drama by adding in the M/M Romance angle it should be a win win for me.Unfortunately, that didn’t happen with this story. My first uh oh moment was right at the beginning, a good portion was about [...]

  • 4.5 starsDesert Run is the most wonderfully angst-free GFY story I've ever read. Not that there's no tension, because that would be hard when the main character is on the run from Chicago mobsters. The story is equal parts of taut thriller and romance. Marshall Thornton's stories are usually set in the seventies and I came to think of them as period pieces - in a way they are, even if some of us can still remember the period they evoke.

  • Little Gem! This is a little gem that's rather deceiving, very complex, but wonderfully thrilling. Extremely addictive, an erotic adventure/thriller you don't see coming until it's too late - wonderful ending!

  • The author did an excellent job setting the scene, even before clear period markers were presented it was obvious when the story took place. The character development was slow and never fully realized. I did end up liking Don but I didn't really believe his attraction or feelings for Harlan. When the book began Don was a womanizer and even picked up a tourist in the bar he worked with and spent a week with her enjoying a no strings romp. So while the author tried to flash back to other instances [...]

  • The cover proclaims this to be an "erotic thriller" and I found it to be neither, unless erotic means several woodenly described sex acts and thriller means a trail of dead bodies. Thornton is a competent writer with a serviceable narrative littered with mostly accurate early 70's references and a good ear for dialogue. His first person narrator carried me along, although I myself loosing interest as the plot eventually became so silly it bordered on parody by the end.The male love interest did [...]

  • I really enjoyed this at the beginning. It was a unique setting, a sort of tough-guy story, with plenty of action and suspense.However, it got a bit cliche--the bad guy never getting killed because of the mercy of the good guy and then he'd show up time and time again.Also, I wonderif I let a girl suck me off, could I be "turned" straight? I don't think so. Therefore, I was put off by the premise that the main character was turned and had never really been attracted to men before. All of a sudde [...]

  • This sucked me in immediately. A really enjoyable, if a bit brutal read. It gives a strong sense of time and place, which I always appreciate, without taking up too much space in the story. The backstory of Don Harris - that was brilliantly done. The relationship between him and his old friend back in Chicago. The stark realism regarding motivations and actions.This author always makes it hard for the following book - because after having read one of his books most M/M books look like fairy ta [...]

  • I have been working my way through Marshall Thornton's Boystown series and decided to have a break and sample some of this authors other novels. This was highly readable, with loads of twist and turns, and I could hardly put it down, consuming it over 3 evenings.High literature it may not be, but it is an exciting thriller and a damn good read.

  • Oh, man. Colour me impressed with a capital IM. You hear that? Not just a capital I. No, Desert Run deserves two capital letters to tell the world just how damn impressed I was.You know when you open a book and the voice just slaps you upside the head and you sit back and think, “Oh yeah, this book is going to suit me!”? Well, this happened to me. The voice is friggin’ great, just as though Don was talking to me. ME, you know what I’m saying? Just me. Like when someone on TV looks at the [...]

  • Heavy on the action, but it also has a pretty sweet romantic elementWarning: This review might contain what some people consider SPOILERS. Rating: 7/10PROS: - The narration is light, conversational, and easy to read. Don describes life with ties to the Mafia in 1950s Chicago in enough detail to make the story seem plausible, and although he doesn’t avoid the unpleasant aspects of that life entirely, he tells the story with fatalistic acceptance and sardonic humor.- I enjoyed the plot. Each cha [...]

  • Holy moly, I'm so sorry it took me so long to pick this up!I have to admit, I had this one sitting on my Kindle for quite some time. I can't even tell you why I was hestitant to pick it up, since I pretty much loved every other book by Marshall Thornton that I read so far.And I love his writing! His style is unique, and very distinctive. I guess, you either love it or have a problem with in every book. Me? Total fangirl. Because with him, it's like getting a box of candy. You know there will be [...]

  • Reading through other reviews of this book I'm glad I wasn't the only one thrown off by the M/F in the beginning of the novel, I actually thought I had purchased the wrong book at first and had to go back to the page to double check. The first quarter of the book I think could have been scaled down and gotten the same effect, considering that the early "romance" sets up a situation that drives the entire plot.This book was just kind of okay for me. I couldn't really sympathize with any of the c [...]

  • Boy, there's a lot of dead bodies littering the pages of this book. And it's the MC who's responsible for their demise. Desert Run is the story of a Vietnam Veteran who's on the lamb from his Chicago "Family," laying low in Palm Springs, CA, warming the ivories at a local dive called the Hideaway. The Chicago boys find him and he's forced to make a run for it, but he doesn't get far. Out of money and ideas, he stumbles into a gay bar and tries to hustle a local cutie at pool, only to find that h [...]

  • 3.5 stars.I was engrossed by the compelling, fast-paced plot. the picaresque quality of the storyline and characterization, the blunt sincerity of the main character/first-person narrator's voice, the time setting and flashbacks. However, I found the last third of the book a little rushed and the protagonist's journey not too convincing towards the end. My enjoyment of the story was also marred by copy-editing errors that I hope will be corrected in a new edition. An overall enjoyable, and occas [...]

  • This was ok. It tried to include a whole lot of things (vietnam, the mob, hollywood, etc), and i wasn't sure it could pull it all off at first, but in the end i think it did. It all could've been more in depth; the whole thing felt a little light, but not too bad. The het sex scene seemed harsh, and like the author was trying to use as many slang words as possible, but the homo sex scenes were better. Not gentle, but more sincere and relaxed. there were also a few typos, which isn't unusual for [...]

  • Title: Desert RunAuthor: Marshal ThorntonCover Artist: Alessia BrioPublisher: Torquere PressReviewer: MonikaGenre: SuspensePairing: GayLength: NovelHeat Rating: ♨♨♨Rating:★★½Read Full Review Here

  • I really liked the book or I wouldn't have chosen 4 stars. I couldn't put it down once I had started it. But I didn't like the gay-for-you thing (or shall I call it conversion to gayness?): although the author gives us some flashbacks to show there was already something there, I still found it a bit sudden. Another thing that bothers me is that one MC is killing people quite easily IMO. I know he suffers from PTSD, still

  • Wow, it took me some pages, but all of a sudden this book had me captivated and I couldn't put it down until I had finished it!4,5 stars

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