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  • Title: Telling Tales
  • Author: Ann Cleeves
  • ISBN: 9780330523042
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Paperback
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    Ann is the author of the books behind ITV s VERA, now in it s third series, and the BBC s SHETLAND, which will be aired in December 2012 Ann s DI Vera Stanhope series of books is set in Northumberland and features the well loved detective along with her partner Joe Ashworth Ann s Shetland series bring us DI Jimmy Perez, investigating in the mysterious, dark, and beautiful Shetland IslandsAnn grew up in the country, first in Herefordshire, then in North Devon Her father was a village school teacher After dropping out of university she took a number of temporary jobs child care officer, women s refuge leader, bird observatory cook, auxiliary coastguard before going back to college and training to be a probation officer.While she was cooking in the Bird Observatory on Fair Isle, she met her husband Tim, a visiting ornithologist She was attracted less by the ornithology than the bottle of malt whisky she saw in his rucksack when she showed him his room Soon after they married, Tim was appointed as warden of Hilbre, a tiny tidal island nature reserve in the Dee Estuary They were the only residents, there was no mains electricity or water and access to the mainland was at low tide across the shore If a person s not heavily into birds and Ann isn t there s not much to do on Hilbre and that was when she started writing Her first series of crime novels features the elderly naturalist, George Palmer Jones A couple of these books are seriously dreadful.In 1987 Tim, Ann and their two daughters moved to Northumberland and the north east provides the inspiration for many of her subsequent titles The girls have both taken up with Geordie lads In the autumn of 2006, Ann and Tim finally achieved their ambition of moving back to the North East.For the National Year of Reading, Ann was made reader in residence for three library authorities It came as a revelation that it was possible to get paid for talking to readers about books She went on to set up reading groups in prisons as part of the Inside Books project, became Cheltenham Literature Festival s first reader in residence and still enjoys working with libraries.Ann Cleeves on stage at the Duncan Lawrie Dagger awards ceremonyAnn s short film for Border TV, Catching Birds, won a Royal Television Society Award She has twice been short listed for a CWA Dagger Award once for her short story The Plater, and the following year for the Dagger in the Library award.In 2006 Ann Cleeves was the first winner of the prestigious Duncan Lawrie Dagger Award of the Crime Writers Association for Raven Black, the first volume of her Shetland Quartet The Duncan Lawrie Dagger replaces the CWA s Gold Dagger award, and the winner receives 20,000, making it the world s largest award for crime fiction.Ann s success was announced at the 2006 Dagger Awards ceremony at the Waldorf Hilton, in London s Aldwych, on Thursday 29 June 2006 She said I have never won anything before in my life, so it was a complete shock but lovely of course The evening was relatively relaxing because I d lost my voice and knew that even if the unexpected happened there was physically no way I could utter a word So I wouldn t have to give a speech My editor was deputed to do it The judging panel consisted of Geoff Bradley non voting Chair , Lyn Brown MP a committee member on the London Libraries service , Frances Gray an academic who writes about and teaches courses on modern crime fiction , Heather O Donoghue academic, linguist, crime fiction reviewer for The Times Literary Supplement, and keen reader of all crime fiction and Barry Forshaw reviewer and editor of Crime Time magazine.Ann s books have been translated into sixteen languages She s a bestseller in Scandinavia and Germany Her novels sell widely and to critical acclaim in the United States Raven Black was shortlisted for the Martin Beck award for best translated crime novel in Sweden in 200


  • Abigail Mantel was your typical 15 year old teenager; or was she. Blessed with good looks Abigail could have any fellow she took a fancy to, including the much older ones as well. However Abigail’s life was destined to be short when her cold body was found lying in a drainage ditch with a scarf wrapped tightly around her pale, thin neck. The detectives soon found the culprit, and Jeanie Long was sent to prison for the dastardly deed, who by all accounts was having a passionate affair with the [...]

  • Ann Cleeves is manna from heaven for nosy readers everywhere and Detective Inspector Vera Stanhope is a pleasure to watch in action as she blusters onto a crime scene with her brusque line in questioning, scruffy attire and curious ability to make herself comfortable, even when she is an unwilling intruder. This second novel is another opportunity to devour Ann Cleeves unique brand of atmospheric crime fiction, marked out by her portrayals of village life against the rugged backdrop of the winds [...]

  • "'I'm Vera Stanhope. Inspector. Northumbria police. A case like this they send an outsider in. Fresh eyes. You know. Check they did everything right the first time round.'"Cleeves portrays her Inspector as a very unlikable, larger than life character. She reminds me a lot of Columboe makes like she's dim, but she's an ocean of life. Telling Tales takes us to Yorkshire, where Vera is brought in to reinvestigate a closed case. Jeanie Long, convicted of the murder of a fifteen-year-old girl ten yea [...]

  • This second book in the Vera Stanhope series was better than the first, but I think there’s still lots of room for improvement. Much of the book is spent getting the reader comfortable with all the players, but I still had to stop every now and then to keep them straight in my head. Michael and Peg Long have a daughter, Jeanie, who lived with a man, Keith Mantel, whose daughter, Abigail, was murdered. Abigail's friend, Emma Bennett, wife of James and mother of Matthew, found the body. Jeanie i [...]

  • Telling Tales is the second book in the Vera Stanhope series and I loved this one as much as the first. Vera appears in this book much earlier than the first one. I still didn't guess the murderer in this one either, but had fun trying! The ending really surprised me in this book and although I loved the first book, I think I may have enjoyed this one even slightly better. Another well written, well-paced, engaging addition to the series. I'm starting to feel a little sorry for Vera, she appears [...]

  • Telling Tales by Ann Cleeves.This was my 1st Vera book and the 2nd in the series although I've been watching the Vera series on TV. Main Characters:Emma and James Bennett-parents of baby Matthew.Robert and Mary Winter-parents of Emma and Christopher.Dan Greenwood-former police office now spending his time in a pottery shed.Keith Mantel-Abigail's father, a shady business man.Joe Ashworth-Vera's right hand police presence on most interviews.Emma Bennett and Abigail Mantel have developed a sort of [...]

  • Loving this series with Inspector Vera Stanhope. I had previously read the Shetland Quartet (one further one was added recently) and had hoped this series would be as good, and it is. This is the second of the series, so far, I think there are six published. Ten years after Jeanie Long has been convicted for the murder of 15 year old Abigail Mantel, Jeanie commits suicide after being turned down again for parole. Then, a witness comes forward and gives Jeanie an alibi supporting her claim she wa [...]

  • Telling Tales is the second Inspector Vera Stanhope mystery by Ann Cleeves. I had read The Crow Trap a couple of years ago and enjoyed very much, then got sidetracked by her Shetland series. Everything I've read by Ann Cleeves so far, I've enjoyed very much.Telling Tales revisits a 10-year old murder after the woman convicted of the crime kills herself in prison and after a new witness comes up clearing her of the murder. Vera Stanhope is assigned to go to the Yorkshire village of Elvet to re-op [...]

  • I was having a bit of Jimmy Perez withdrawal after finishing the last of the Shetland Quartet, so I decided I needed to try another of Ann Cleeves' series. This book was actually the second in the Vera Stanhope series, since I couldn't get my hands on the first. It was a great book, with Cleeves' characteristic rich description of the setting and deep characterization. I feel as though I know the characters, and I am very much looking forward to getting to know Vera Stanhope better. In this book [...]

  • Bought this because I'm a huge fan of the TV series and love Brenda Blethyn in the title role of Vera. This is certainly a well crafted and solidly delivered police procedural but I didn't quite appreciate the author's "Vera Stanhope" if that makes any sense. To my mind she didn't have the warmth, humanity that brings the title character to life on the page.Loved the setting and the well executed mystery component but to my mind it is the bleakness of the environment that is a wonderful backdrop [...]

  • Give it time and you'll soon be hookedIt took me a while to get into this book because it is a slow-burner. It doesn't have tense and thrilling action the whole way through like other crime novels, but I think that is what makes this series stand out. I like how Ann Cleeves not only introduces you to all the main characters, but gives you really deep information about them and their pasts. As I persevered, I became very intrigued, particularly after the first part of the novel. Tension and suspe [...]

  • Fascinating characters and atmosphere. It's long and complex, so set aside a winter day and curl up by the fire with endless cups of tea. You can switch to whiskey partway through in synch with Vera Stanhope. Lovely!

  • Αρκετός ντόρος έγινε για τη σειρά βιβλίων της Ann Cleeves με ηρωίδα την αστυνομική επιθεωρήτρια Βέρα Στάνχοουπ και, επιτέλους, βρήκα την ευκαιρία να πιάσω στα χέρια μου κάποια από αυτά. Εντάξει, δεν μιλάμε πια και για ΤΗΝ περίπτωση ηρωίδας. Καλή, αλλά τίποτα το ιδιαίτερο ή το αξιο [...]

  • Wonderful story! I love the way she draws you in, filling out the stories of all the characters involved, making you hope the murderer isn't your particular favorite, but always managing a whopper of an ending. The TV series is terrific, but as always, the books are even better.

  • Anne Cleeves does write a very good story! This is a very good book, but not a great book. I do enjoy Anne Cleeves writing - she writes a complex story quite often involving events from the past and leaves you thinking many of the characters could have had a convincing reason for being the murderer. I did, at one point, think the actual murderer could have been guilty, but it wasn't until towards the every end of the book that I finally worked out she must have done it. I do prefer the Shetland [...]

  • So much different to the first and again a great novel, found myself unable to put down the book until I had the killer, again it was someone that had been visible from the start who had been in and out of the frame but never seemingly the center, even as you get to the end you still have to hang on to your seat. For me this is turning into a modern mystery series and I get the same feelings of joy from the twists and turns as I have had from Christie and Sayers, with the addition of a modern se [...]

  • This is how i like my mystery novels. Small coastal town, surprises and secrets in every house and anyone or everyone could be guilty. Nice!

  • Telling Tales is book 2 in the Vera Stanhope series and is just such a great police procedural. I started reading it while cooking Thanksgiving dinner and had such a hard time tearing myself away every time I had to stop to tend to some cooking. Vera is her usual insightful, stodgy, and somewhat unnerving self.In this mystery an old case that was thought to be solved is now reopened and Vera is brought in as a new set of eyes. The death of young girl in the past is tied to the death of a young m [...]

  • A decent and readable book with much to recommend it. 3.5 stars seems mean, because objectively, it's a very well crafted book. But it lacks that certain something to enable me to round up to a 4I found it odd on a personal level, because it featured the Humber pilots. My sister-in-law's father worked for many years as a Humber pilot, from Spurn Head, thinly disguised in this novel. So, naturally, you'd think I'd be recommending this. However, she shares her name with the murder victim. In fact, [...]

  • I first met Inspector Vera Stanhope on a television series on public television. I enjoyed the series so much that I had to read the books. This is the second book in the Vera Stanhope series. We don't see Vera in this book until about a third of the way through, but we are introduced to some truly unlikable characters before we do see Vera. I couldn't help thinking, "Hooray, finally a character that I can enjoy!" Vera has been called in to reexamine a case that was supposedly solved ten years a [...]

  • 2nd in the Vera Stanhope series, and a complete surprise ending. I may be terribly dense but I never even had an inkling 'who done it.' I'm a fan of Ann Cleeves and recently purchased the whole series. Have heard that British TV has filmed a series based on these books, would love to see that!

  • I'm loving the depth and complexity of this series, and I absolutely love Vera. She's real, solid, pathetic yet heroic.

  • Not read Ann Cleeves before but saw this new one in the library. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Great story, a few twists, and a good character in Vera.

  • Cleeves is always worth reading, but this one had so many characters it was difficult to keep them straight. And she did wait until almost the end to pull the rabbit out of the hat. It sometimes seems like she withholds information just to keep the thing going.That said, this was a good title for the book, in which all of the characters had stories to tell. Some of them were truthful and some not so much. Life's like that.This is the second Vera, only recently published in this country, and she' [...]

  • I think this book was the best of the Ann Cleeves books I've read so far. Careful descriptions of each character, secrets and silences that aren't necessarily sinister, just enough uneasiness about some characters to make speculation interesting. Really good.

  • A most enjoyable story. The authors style of starting the story in a very character based way is very similar to her previous book, The Crow Trap, is much to my taste.As readers of my notes will know I am someone who tries to work out 'who-dun-it' before the denoument but the web was woven and covered so well here that I didnt have anyone in the frame, right up to the last chapter.The TV characterisation of Vera, which I tried to avoid, just didnt work for me as Brenda Blethyn, fine actress that [...]

  • The novel takes place in a small Yorkshire village on the river where men make their living as pilots and coxswains guiding big shipsTen years previously, Cleeves' narrator Emma discovered the body of her best friend, 15 year old Abigail Mantel. A neighbor Jeanie Long was convicted of the crime and has killed herself in prison after being denied parole. Now there's new evidence of her innocence.Enter Vera Stanhope - a most unusual police inspector - to solve the case. Vera is a very interesting [...]

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