The Double

The Double Most significant of the Russian novelist s early stories offers a straight faced treatment of a hallucinatory theme Golyadkin senior is a powerless target of persecution by Golyadkin junior his

  • Title: The Double
  • Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky Constance Garnett
  • ISBN: 9780253200129
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • Most significant of the Russian novelist s early stories 1846 offers a straight faced treatment of a hallucinatory theme Golyadkin senior is a powerless target of persecution by Golyadkin junior, his double in almost every respect Familiar Dostoyevskan themes of helplessness, victimization, scandalbeautifully handled in this small masterpiece.Most significant of the Russian novelist s early stories 1846 offers a straight faced treatment of a hallucinatory theme Golyadkin senior is a powerless target of persecution by Golyadkin junior, his double in almost every respect Familiar Dostoyevskan themes of helplessness, victimization, scandal beautifully handled in this small masterpiece.

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    Fyodor Mikhaylovich Dostoyevsky Russian , sometimes transliterated Dostoevsky, was a Russian novelist, journalist, and short story writer whose psychological penetration into the human soul had a profound influence on the 20th century novel.Dostoyevsky was the second son of a former army doctor He was educated at home and at a private school Shortly after the death of his mother in 1837 he was sent to St Petersburg, where he entered the Army Engineering College Dostoyevsky s father died in 1839, most likely of apoplexy, but it was rud that he was murdered by his own serfs Dostoyevsky graduated as a military engineer, but resigned in 1844 to devote himself to writing His first novel, Poor Folk appeared in 1846.That year he joined a group of utopian socialists He was arrested in 1849 and sentenced to death, commuted to imprisonment in Siberia Dostoyevsky spent four years in hard labor and four years as a soldier in Semipalatinsk, a city in what it is today Kazakhstan.Dostoyevsky returned to St Petersburg in 1854 as a writer with a religious mission and published three works that derive in different ways from his Siberia experiences The House of the Dead, 1860 a fictional account of prison life, The Insulted and Injured, which reflects the author s refutation of naive Utopianism in the face of evil, and Winter Notes on Summer Impressions, his account of a trip to Western Europe.In 1857 Dostoyevsky married Maria Isaev, a 29 year old widow He resigned from the army two years later Between the years 1861 and 1863 he served as editor of the monthly periodical Time, which was later suppressed because of an article on the Polish uprising.In 1864 65 his wife and brother died and he was burdened with debts His situation was made even worse by his gambling addiction From the turmoil of the 1860s emerged Notes from the Underground, a psychological study of an outsider, which marked a major advancement in Dostoyevsky s artistic development.In 1867 Dostoyevsky married Anna Snitkin, his 22 year old stenographer They traveled abroad and returned in 1871 By the time of The Brothers Karamazov 1879 80 , Dostoyevsky was recognized in his own country as one of its great writers.


  • Through the bureaucratic ocean of papers, there lies Josef K bored with unanswered arguments.Behind an unapologetic desk, Bartleby sits in silence, preferring nothing.As a timid door opens, Bashmachkin leaves the smothering atmosphere of the office, ready to meet with the others. All set to forget the tasteless morning coffee and the men trying to make their way through scheme and flattery, and recover the humanity once lost. The sun is setting. A gentle breeze with a scent of independence cares [...]

  • “Soy lo que parezco y no parezco lo que soy; soy un enigma inexplicable para mí mismo: ¡Mi 'yo' se ha escindido!" (Medardus, Los elixires del Diablo, E.T.A. Hoffmann)Cuando uno lee la obra de un autor en su totalidad, especialmente la de uno tan prolífico como Fiódor Dostoievski, sabe íntimamente que rápidamente comenzará a releer aquellos de sus libros que considere más queridos y que más hondo hayan calado en su corazón y su mente. Más allá de la repercusión que ese libro haya c [...]

  • "فکر من, حضرت اشرف, رنگ رادمردی داشت.""همزاد" شاهکاری بی بدیل از داستایوسکیخوانشی که با یک نفس همراه بود و هیجانی که تا به آخر اجازه نمیداد کتاب برزمین گذاشته شود.نگاه روانشناسانه و با ظرافت نویسنده ای نابغه بر درونی ترین و با اهمیت ترین بخش حیاتی انسان, نقطه تاریک و اهریمن وجود. [...]

  • I have no desire to meet my doppelgänger. Hell would be a place filled with our own doubles, I think. There are many literary examples of a double showing up and causing mayhem: Superman. Xander (from Buffy). The Nutty Professor. Captain Kirk met his double twice, in The Enemy Within and Mirror Mirror. It always seems to come down to the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde idea: one of the personalities is strong and powerful, and the other kindly, but also too meek and indecisive. There follows a struggle [...]

  • Двойник = Dvojník = The Double: Two Versions, Fyodor Dostoyevsky The Double (Russian: Двойник, Dvoynik) is a novella written by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. It was first published on January 30, 1846 in the Fatherland Notes. It was subsequently revised and republished by Dostoevsky in 1866. It is narrated in the first person.تاریخ نخستین خوانش: بیست و چهارم ماه فوریه سال 2009 میلادیعنوان: همزاد؛ نویسنده: فئودور داستای [...]

  • الرواية الثانية من أعمال دوستويفسكي وصدرت بعد رواية الفقراء في نفس العام، وبعد أن قُوبلت الفقراء باحتفاء كبير من قبل النقاد لم تجد هذه الرواية سوى الجفاء وهجوم النقاد عليها، بالرغم من أن هذه الرواية أفضل بكثير سابقتها. في اعتقادي أن السبب في جفاء النقاد لهذه الرواية أنها ات [...]

  • La paranoia autoinfligida del Sr. Goliadkin demuestra que la temática del doble en manos de Dostoievski adquiere relieves serios. Aunque a don Bielinski, afamado crítico de la época no le haya gustado para nada (Dostoievski reelaboraría esta novela en 1866), luego de haberlo apodado "el nuevo Gogol" al leerse "Pobres Gentes" en una noche con Nekrasov, la novela tiene una trama llevadera hacia el desastre.Sugiero leer mi reseña extendida de este libro:/review/show

  • "Non fa nulla", pensò tra sé il nostro eroe, "in fondo tutto questo può benissimo risolversi per il meglio.""That’s no matter," thought Mr. Golyadkin, "that can easily be set right."*(Scroll down to read the English review.)Non il mio Dostoevskij preferito; ma, d'altra parte, già sapevo che se avessi preso il mano Il sosia aspettandomi d'imbattermi in un altro Delitto e castigo o I fratelli Karamazov (qualunque dichiarazione d'eterno amore sarebbe comunque riduttiva per descrivere la misur [...]

  • So I feel really bad giving this book two stars, but I just cannot justify another one. I just can't.Here's the thing - It's written in such an odd voice! The main character, obviously in need of medical treatment, tends to throw the person's name to whom he is speaking into the conversation wayyyyy too much. It's quite distracting, really. Not only that, but he starts and restarts his sentences constantly. I felt as tho the book should have come with a de-coder of sorts just to be able to under [...]

  • Things to remember when reading Dostoyevsky's The Double! (a) Find a decent (if possible, a great one) translation. (b) Remember D always explores new territories of the human mind so this isn't another book like (not so flamboyant)"Crime and Punishment" or "The Brothers Karamazov".(c) This has a lot of influence of Gogol in the language and style so it does feel a bit like a odd contemporary nightmare. Tradition of doppelganger started here. (e) Remember, Golyadkin is a very unreliable narrator [...]

  • (3,5*) Αν και η ανάγνωση στην αρχή είναι λίγο κουραστικήη συνέχεια σίγουρα σε δικαιώνει.Το βιβλίο του Dostoyevsky πραγματεύεται ένα θέμα που βασανίζει τον άνθρωπο από την εποχή ακόμη του συγγραφέα και που πάντα παραμένει επίκαιρο. Εμμένεις στην ιδιαιτερότητα σου ή υποκύπτεις σε σ [...]

  • A Graphical Representation of Some Dostoyevsky Protagonists, or Why I Didn't Like The Double So MuchWith Dostoyevsky novels, what I seem to value more than in novels by other authors is the main protagonist - the things they say, the things they do, their likes and dislikes, their philosophies and idiosyncrasies, their thoughts and feelings, probed to the deepest depths and laid out onto the pages. Thus when the protagonist is someone I can relate to or feel a personal interest in, such as in Cr [...]

  • "The Double" (Двойник). It is an early work of Dostoyevsky, written when he was 25 years old; a work that met with failure.A very ambitious project for the time? the novel made us get into the intricacies of the psyche Golyadkin, a ministry official in St Petersburg.His daily which is divided between her St. Petersburg apartment on rue Six Boutiques and department where he works, is brutally disrupted when a "double" appears in his life, an event that will lead gradually to madness.Golyad [...]

  • "Resides at the very apex of all that is absolute, patience-testing wank." This was written by some online critic (Jimmy Vespa) describing the British comedian Stewart Lee's stand up act, but I think it applies here. He then goes on to say "Seriously, when there is the comedy equivalent of the Nuremberg trials, this bastard is gonna be hung from the highest fucking lamp post, pelted with wasps' nests and dog turds, and eventually blasted with a flame thrower."Now I wouldn't go that far with Dost [...]

  • I am a Fyodor Dostoyevsky fan, but this is not one of his best books. For me his very best are Crime and Punishment and The Idiot. I like his lines. Check out some of Dostoyevsky’s quotes here at GR: /author/quot. This book is about a man going insane. Today we would probably label him a schizophrenic. Dostoyevsky, what he does so magnificently is get you into another person's head. He does that here. That is why I think the book is worth reading. The central character, Yakov Petrovich Golyadk [...]

  • Nabokov considered this “Dostoyevsky’s best work,” but, then again, Nabokov didn’t like Dostoyevsky: he also called the novella “an obvious and shameless imitation of Gogol's "Nose." “The Double” is indeed a great work, though far from Dostoyevsky’s greatest (too full of repetitions, verbal and structural, too often willfully obscure), and—I would argue—it is great precisely because of the manner in which it obviously and shamelessly imitates Gogol.In “The Double,” the tw [...]

  • لطالما آمَنتُ بأن لكل واحد منا شبيهاً في عالم الأدب.أعتقد أنني في هذه الرواية القصيرة وجدتُ شبيهي! السيد جوليادكين هو أنا - إلى حد بعيد.يستمر دوستويفسكي في إذهالي كلما قرأت له أكثر.هو بلا شك خبير في النفس البشرية، يستطيع أن يسبر أغوارها بشكل دقيق لا يكاد يضاهيه فيه أحد. فلا عجب [...]

  • Dostoyevski yıllar sonra "Bir Yazarın Günlüğünde" şöyle bir itirafta bulunmuştur:"Bu hikaye başarılı olamadı, ama fikir zekiyceydi; daha önce edebiyata bundan daha ciddi bir fikir sunmamıştım. Ama bu hikayenin biçimi kesinlikle başarısızdı. On beş yıl sonra bu hatayı 'Toplu Eeserlerim' için çalışırken olabildiğince düzelttim, fakat bu hikayenin başarısız olduğuna bir kez daha ikna oldum. Eğer bu fikir üzerine çalışıp ifade etseydim tamamen farklı bir bi [...]

  • فکر می کنم اولین اثریه که دارم از داستایوفسکی می خونم . با تعریفایی که از داستا شنیده بودم فکر می کردم حتی کتابای غیرشاهکارشم باید فوق العاده باشن در صورتی که هرچی بیشتر پیش رفتم با چیز عجیب و متفاوتی مواجه نشدم فکر می کنم کار خوبی کردم که از شاهکار یک نویسنده شروع نکردم این طور [...]

  • As One Gets Older27 January 2017 - Sydney One of the things that I have come to see that is a key ingredient of succeeding, not just in the modern world, but pretty much everywhere, is to be able to interact and socialise. The thing is that you could be one of the most brilliant minds out there but unless you are able to sell yourself, and your ideas, then unfortunately you probably aren't going to get anywhere. Sure, there are people out there who manage to get a 'lucky break' (and I believe Ei [...]

  • Dostoevsky's best short work. It is a deeply disturbing psychological story about the destruction of self in an alienating world. The main character experiences a masochistic anxiety so intense that the only escape is through the creation of another personality. However, Golyadkin's self-hatred runs so deep that even his double must ruin the protagonist's life.

  • By far one of the most bizarre short stories I have ever read. According to the introduction, Dostoevsky purposefully leaves the boundary between fantasy and reality undetermined. The point of view is always from the main character's mind and like our own minds, his is jumbled, non-linear, and full of thoughts. This makes the story hard to follow and allows for a lot a fun guessing whether the main character is having a mental breakdown or that the world has thrown him quite a curve ball when a [...]

  • «Qualche demonio ha fatto il giro. Oggi sembra proprio che tutti abbiano qualcosa di strano. Che il diavolo mi porti, che razza di tortura è questa!» "Erano quasi le otto del mattino quando il consigliere titolare Jàkov Petròvič Goljàdkin si svegliò dopo un lungo sonno, sbadigliò, si stiracchiò e infine aprì del tutto gli occhi. Per un paio di minuti rimase però a giacere immobile nel letto come uno che non è ben sicuro se è desto o dorme ancora, se tutto ciò che gli succede intor [...]

  • Il tema del sosia o meglio del doppio ricorre spesso in letteratura: da Hoffman (come spiega anche Vittorio strada nella prefazione al romanzo) a molti altri scrittori che lo hanno affrontato.Il tema del doppio che in russo si definisce con il termine "djvonik", assume in questo romanzo di Dostoevskij, uno degli aspetti più alti del suo suo stile e della sua produzione letteraria.Il sosia o meglio il doppio assume qui nella figura di Goljadkin connotati estremi, portato all'ennesima potenza. Un [...]

  • En comparación con otras novelas de Dostoyevski, El doble es una novela menos redonda y menos convincente, incluso menos estimulante y efectiva en su modo de afectar al lector. Pero no es que sea una mala novela, sino que más bien Dostoyevski se adentró por terrenos novelísticamente por descubrir, injiriéndose en la mente de su protagonista hasta el punto de que sus voces/mentes se hacen una. Algo que la novela del siglo XX explorará hasta la perfección, aquí se presenta como un ensayo a [...]

  • Foi com um sorriso que concluí a leitura deste “O Duplo” de Fiódor Dostoievski. Não possuindo a densidade dramática de “Os Irmãos Karamazov” nem a apologia à desgraça como em “Crime e Castigo”, esta narrativa não deixa de nos surpreender. Indo de encontro àquilo que melhor caracteriza a obra de Dostoievski, também “O Duplo” debruça-se sobre a inadaptação do ser humano à sociedade, à realidade na qual vive, na sua irremediabilidade se se pretender viver uma vida hon [...]

  • At first, I was going to rate this one 2 stars. After I finished it, I went back and read the introduction (Thankfully, I waited until I was done, since this was yet another one that gave away the whole plot-including the ending in the intro). Though I feel 3 stars is a little to high to rate it, I'll give it a solid 2.5. In the introduction, I read that even Dostoevsky wasn't happy with this novel. "I wrote a lot of it too quickly, and in moments of fatigue. The first half is better than the se [...]

  • El Dostoievski más joven y menos profundo, sorprende con un sarcasmo que ya les gustaría a muchos Una obra ágil que ya da muestras de genialidad, pese a no ser, ni mucho menos (por mucho que dijese Nabokov) la mejor obra del escritor eslavo.

  • Αναμφίβολα ο Ντοστογιέφσκι ανήκει στην κατηγορία των κορυφαίων μυθιστοριογράφων παγκοσμίως και καθόλου άδικα βέβαια. Αν και είναι περισσότερο γνωστός και αγαπητός στους αναγνώστες για τα μεγαλύτερης έκτασης μυθιστορήματά του, έχει γράψει και κάποια μικρότερα έργα, στα [...]

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