L'enfant de Noé

L enfant de No Nous allons conclure un march veux tu Toi Joseph tu feras semblant d tre chr tien et moi je ferai semblant d tre juif Ce sera notre secret le plus grand des secrets Toi et moi pourrions mourir d

  • Title: L'enfant de Noé
  • Author: Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt
  • ISBN: 9782226151087
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nous allons conclure un march , veux tu Toi, Joseph, tu feras semblant d tre chr tien, et moi je ferai semblant d tre juif Ce sera notre secret, le plus grand des secrets Toi et moi pourrions mourir de trahir ce secret Jur Jur 1942 Joseph a sept ans S par de sa famille, il est recueilli par le p re Pons, homme simple et juste, qui ne se contente pas de s Nous allons conclure un march , veux tu Toi, Joseph, tu feras semblant d tre chr tien, et moi je ferai semblant d tre juif Ce sera notre secret, le plus grand des secrets Toi et moi pourrions mourir de trahir ce secret Jur Jur 1942 Joseph a sept ans S par de sa famille, il est recueilli par le p re Pons, homme simple et juste, qui ne se contente pas de sauver des vies Mais que tente t il de pr server, tel No , dans ce monde menac par un d luge de violence Un court et bouleversant roman dans la lign e de Monsieur Ibrahim et d Oscar et la dame rose.

    • Unlimited [Humor and Comedy Book] ↠ L'enfant de Noé - by Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt ↠
      128 Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt
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  • Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt

    A popular contemporary French author and dramatist, his plays are translated and staged in than 30 countries all over the world.He studied at the Lyc e du Parc in Lyon and was accepted at the famous cole normale sup rieure in Paris 1980 1985 , where he received a doctorate in philosophy As the theme for his dissertation, he chose Diderot and metaphysics He spent three years teaching in Cherbourg and at the university of Chamb ry.He is of Alsation extraction Both of his parents were physical education teachers Growing up under the influence of his parents atheist outlook, Schmitt eventually professed himself a Christian, after years of being an agnostic.Initially he became known as a scriptwriter for the stage His debut work, La nuit de Valognes , was produced a number of times in 1991 1992, both in France and abroad His breakthrough theatre work came with his second script, Le Visiteur , which won Moli re prizes for best author and best show in 1993.The following years were littered with theatrical successes such as Golden Joe 1995 , Variations nigmatiques 1996 , Le Libertin 1997 , Milarepa 1997 , Fr d rick ou Le Boulevard du Crime 1998 , H tel des deux mondes 1999 and Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran 1999.Schmitt covers a variety of themes in his work Golden Joe takes a look of the cynical attitudes to life of those involved in high finance In Variations nigmatiques , the author gives voice to two very different men, who discuss their own philosophies of life and love as it turns out, both were in love with the same woman Le Libertin is a historical drama about the life of philosopher Denis Diderot and a film version was released in 2000.In 2001, Schmitt was awarded the Grand Prix du th tre de l Acad mie Fran aise His plays have been performed in 35 countries and translated into many languages They show influences from Samuel Beckett, Jean Anouilh and Paul Claudel, among others.In addition to his plays, Schmitt has written a number of successful novels, including La Secte des go stes 1994 , Oscar et la dame rose 1999 , L vangile selon Pilate 2000 , La Part de l Autre 2001 , Lorsque j tais une uvre d art 2002 , L enfant de No 2004 , Ma vie avec Mozart 2005.World religions play an important role in Schmitt s writing In Le Cycle de l Invisible , Schmitt attempts a harmonization of religions and cultures Milarepa is the first issue in this series and depicts Tibetan Buddhism The second volume, Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran is dedicated to Sufism, a subset of Islam, also referencing Judaism Oscar et la dame rose the third volume concerns Christianity L enfant de No a comparison of Judaism and Christianity rounds off the series Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran English M Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Koran received the German prize for fiction in 2004 and a film version was produced in 2003, directed by Fran ois Dupeyron with Omar Sharif in the title role.Persian


  • As Robert Louis Stevenson once said, "But of works of art little can be said."True, the book is small, but it's not often that I read something without putting it down.This one is brilliant, very easy-going and extremely emotional. It shows very complicated matters through the eyes of an innocent and impressionable child. Its simplicity is touching. Why is it so easy to talk about the concept of people loving and respecting one another rather then fighting wars over somebody else's values, in th [...]

  • Minunata carte Poate sunt eu indragostita de scriitura lui Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, dar pana acum nu m-a dezamagit are tot ce imi doresc un subiect dragut, dar mai ales frazele care imi merg la suflet si ma fac sa le citesc de 2-3 ori pana trec mai departe cand o sa am timp o sa rememorez aici cateva dintre frazele care mi-au mers la suflet

  • L'enfant de Noé=Noah's Child (Le Cycle de l'invisible #4), Éric-Emmanuel Schmittعنوان: پسر نوح؛ نویسنده: اریک امانوئل اشمیت؛ مترجم: مرتضی ثاقب فر؛ تهران، عطائی، 1383؛ در 144 ص؛ شابک: 9643136426؛ موضوع: داستانهای نویسندگان فرانسوی قرن 20 م

  • Обичам книги за ВСВ, за Хитлер, нацистите и тегобите на евреите. Тази е най-хубавата!

  • Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt a écrit de très belles pièces de théâtre.Puis la célébrité lui est venue hélas, en écrivant de mauvais romans.Pourtant ses débuts étaient prometteurs : "L’Évangile selon Pilate" et "La Part de l'Autre" étaient de puissantes constructions romanesques basées sur des idées audacieuses : relater la Passion du Christ par les yeux de Pilate, imaginer un monde où Hitler n'aurait pas échoué à l'examen d'entrée à l’École des beaux-Arts de Vienne en 1908.La [...]

  • Шмит е моето откритие за 2013 година. Пиша това, защото имам да прочета още книги от него. Ако може, не искам и да свършват! Поредната книга, от която почерпих много - било то вяра, било то уважение, любов и надежда. Благодаря ти, Шмит! Зарадва ме отново!

  • Θυμήθηκα πόσο αγαπώ τον Σμιτ. Ένα θαυμάσιο βιβλίο του ακόμα. Το θέμα, ο τρόπος που το προσεγγίζει, η γραφή. Το ταλέντο του είναι να συγκινεί χωρίς να γίνεται μελό. Να σε ταξιδεύει χωρίς να σε κουράζει με περιγραφές. Εξαιρετική και η μετάφραση και η επιμέλεια και, φυσικά, το εξώ [...]

  • Văn phong của Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, từ cốt truyện và nội dung không lẫn đi đâu được. Mỏng, nhẽ nhàng nhưng hết sức tinh tế. Chế nhạo và cười trước nỗi đau của chiến tranh một cách bình tĩnh. Viết qua nhân vật trẻ em nên mọi thức xám đen và tàn khốc của chiến tranh đã phần nào thi vị hóa và "ngây thơ" hơn nhiều. Một quyển sách hết sức tuyệt với. May thay, mình cũng đã có một bộ sư [...]

  • Quelques très jolies réflexions sur la religion et les hommes, l'analogie entre le personnage biblique Noé et le père Pons PAS MAL ! Bref une belle histoire de tolérance.

  • Une découverte ! c'est sûre que je ne m'arrêterait pas là avec cet auteur. Sa plume est fluide j'ai beaucoup aimé :D

  • I read the French original some time ago, but it was a real pleasure to read it now again, in this marvelous Portuguese edition, so well translated that it is even inspiring. Touching, involving the reader from the first moment, this is a wonderful page of Humanity based on a true story.Maria Carmo,Lisbon, 14 February 2018.

  • I love visiting my parents house. Of course because they are my Parents and since moving out of home I do not see them as often, but also because of the reading material I find there. My mother is a voracious reader, that is where I got my interest from, and there is also a number of books from the library or a bring and take bin floating around the house to peruse. Over my Christmas visit I found this book and upon reading the first page I was hooked.It is a wonderful story. One that from the f [...]

  • Ho pescato questo libro dalla sezione "narrativa per ragazzi" della biblioteca. Ogni tanto mi chiedo chi decida queste classificazioni.E' la storia di Joseph, bambino belga ed ebreo di sette anni, durante la seconda guerra mondiale. I nazisti arrivano nella sua città, la madre lo lascia da persone fidate, che sono a loro volta costrette a "passarlo" a un prete che gestisce un collegio in campagna.Volendo possiamo leggere la storia come un piccolo romanzo di formazione, in cui l'amicizia tra i d [...]

  • Quella del piccolo bimbo ebreo Joseph, adottato e nascosto dal cattolico Padre Pons insieme ad altri per farli sfuggire alla deportazione nazista, è una bella storia, scritta in modo scorrevole, ma nel mio caso, onestamente, mi sembra lasci un po' il tempo che trova. Di libri sull'olocausto ne sono stati scritti molti e molti ne ho letti, di più toccanti, di più cruenti, di più indelebili. Se l'idea di fondo dell'amicizia e del dialogo tra le due grandi religioni monoteiste- Cristianesimo ed [...]

  • Jokin Éric-Emmanuel Schmittin kirjoissa minua viehättää. Olen lukenut kolme hänen suomennettua kirjaansa (ja neljäs odottaa lukupinossa) ja kaikista olen pitänyt erittäin paljon. Schmitt osaa tiivistää, kirjat eivät ole tiiliskiviromaaneja, mutta silti niissä käsitellään ihmistä suurempia asioita: elämää, kuolemaa, uskontoa, hyvyyttä, pahuutta. sankaruutta. Kaikissa lukemissani kirjoissa näkökulma asioiden tarkasteluun on ollut lapsen/nuoren näkökulma. Kirjoja on mielest [...]

  • Gestapáci zavírají židy, takže židi daj svoje děti do děcáku k páterovi, kterej je od tý dobroty, že je neznásilňuje, ale naopak jim dává najíst a schovává je před skopčákama. Jedním z těch malejch židů je i žid Josef, kterej jednoho dne zjistí, že páter má v kryptě pod modlitebnou dokonce sbírku židovskejch věcí, páč kromě toho, že je hodnej, tak je vlastně superhodnej, protože chce zachránit judaismus. Navíc je tak supersuperhodnej, že navíc nebere [...]

  • Nel 1943/45, l'Arca della salvezza per Joseph è Villa Gialla (che di giallo non ha nulla), mentre il suo Noè è padre Pons (però c'è anche la signorina Marcelle, farmacista).Il diluvio, l'oppressione nazista e il fantasma della deportazione. Il ramo d'olivo, la fine della guerra che porta in sé la speranza di poter riabbracciare i suoi genitori o di essere almeno adottato."Al momento, essere ebreo significava avere genitori che non potevano crescermi, possedere un nome che era meglio sostit [...]

  • Lecture rapide, roman efficace. Mais tellement moins bon que Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran! Honnêtement, je m’attendais à mieux venant de cet auteur.

  • Đây là một cuốn sách hay, nhưng có lẽ một số độc giả từng độc "Oscar và bà áo hồng" sẽ hơi thất vọng. Truyện trong sách chân thực hơn, cách kể vẫn hấp dẫn nhưng bình thường hơn. Xen kẽ vào đó là vài triết lý, nghĩ suy nho nhỏ về những mâu thuẫn có thực trong thời đại: Hitler và người Do Thái, người Do Thái và người Palestine. Trong khi đó, Noe là người đã nhìn thấy thế giới sẽ ch [...]

  • This is an Author I especially love. His books (especially these, that form part of the circle of the invisible) are tender without ever being sentimental, they convey deep messages about human nature and this one especially touched me with its humane story. Lovely, well written and with an inspiring end. I would recommend it to everyone, big and small. A future classic for sure!Maria Carmo,Lisbon 14th. April 2014.

  • this was a great short story of 10yo Joseph retelling his life at seven when his parents left him to spair his life during the nazis raid on Jews. despite the books size of only 135 pages (really short!) it created a almost liflike scene. unfortunatly i found it to be a bit too short and some of the information was skimmed over and could have been dragged out. never the less, i suggest that you read this book. its quite amazing for such a small novel.

  • Très joli roman. J'apprécie de plus en plus le style d'Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt.La religion juive insiste sur le respect, la chrétienne sur l'amour. Or je m'interroge : le respect n'est-il pas plus fondamental que l'amour ? Et plus réalisable aussi Aimer mon ennemi, comme le propose Jésus, et tendre l'autre joue, je trouve ça admirable mais impraticable.Surtout en ce moment. Tu tendrais ton autre joue à Hitler, toi ?

  • Der Autor hat den großen Konflikt der Religionen in einer kindgerechten Geschichte auf seinen eigenlichen Kern herunter gefahren, so dass er auch manchen Erwachsenen endlich einleuchten sollte. Wunderbar!

  • Erinnert mich etwas an den Film Schindlers Liste, nur dass es hier um die Kinder geht. Im Mittelpunkt der Geschichte, steht der kleine jüdische Joseph(Noah) , der aufgrund der Nazis, seine Eltern für ein paar Jahre verlässt und in ein katholisches Internat seine Zeit verbringen muss

  • Un autre bon roman de Schmitt. Je ne peux m'empêcher de voir des liens entre ce roman et la situation actuelle, avec les conflits en Syrie et les réfugiés.

  • This book was so so cutee :) It is a quick read and the ending is not the best, but surely it can make you think a lot about the Jewish-Christian-War2-Germany situations

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