Everlasting Once Abrielle was a proud exceptional lady coveted for her bearing her breeding her wit and her beauty But when her stepfather is denied his rightful title and the wealth that accompanies it Abri

  • Title: Everlasting
  • Author: Kathleen E. Woodiwiss Xanthe Elbrick
  • ISBN: 9780061555787
  • Page: 227
  • Format: Audio
  • Once Abrielle was a proud, exceptional lady coveted for her bearing, her breeding, her wit, and her beauty But when her stepfather is denied his rightful title and the wealth that accompanies it, Abrielle finds herself suddenly disgraced Only one would still have her, the oafish and grotesque Desmond de Marl Yet no one else can rescue her once proud family s honor, soOnce Abrielle was a proud, exceptional lady coveted for her bearing, her breeding, her wit, and her beauty But when her stepfather is denied his rightful title and the wealth that accompanies it, Abrielle finds herself suddenly disgraced Only one would still have her, the oafish and grotesque Desmond de Marl Yet no one else can rescue her once proud family s honor, so she is left with no choice but to accept the cruel and hateful de Marl s offer of marriage even as she yearns for another lover.Dashing, handsome, tall, and kind, Raven Seabern is quite unlike any man Abrielle has ever encountered From the very first moment their eyes meet, he intrigues and mesmerizes her and dancing in his arms at a royal banquet leaves her weak with the desire to surrender But their love can never be, for Abrielle is betrothed to a monster And the well being of everyone she cares for demands that she honor her promise.Still, the fire lit that night will not be doused Raven knows he has found the true one and must never let her go though secrets, deceptions, dishonor, and unimaginable peril will surely be their fate if they follow the dictates of their hearts.

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  • Kathleen E. Woodiwiss Xanthe Elbrick

    Kathleen Erin Hogg was born on June 3, 1939, in Alexandria, Louisiana, she was the youngest of eight siblings by Gladys Coker and Charles Wingrove Hogg, a disabled World War I veteran She long relished creating original narratives, and by age 6 was telling herself stories at night to help herself fall asleep At age 16, she met U.S Air Force Second Lieutenant Ross Eugene Woodiwiss at a dance, and they married the following year She wrote her first book in longhand while living at a military outpost in Japan.She is credited with the invention of the modern historical romance novel In 1972 she released The Flame and the Flower, an instant New York Times bestseller that created a literary precedent The novel revolutionized mainstream publishing, featuring an epic historical romance with a strong heroine and impassioned sex scenes The Flame and the Flower was rejected by agents and hardcover publishers, who deemed it as too long at 600 pages Rather than follow the advice of the rejection letters and rewrite the novel, she instead submitted it to paperback publishers The first publisher on her list, Avon, quickly purchased the novel and arranged an initial 500,000 print run The novel sold over 2.3 million copies in its first four years of publication.The success of The Flame and the Flower prompted a new style of writing romance, concentrating primarily on historical fiction tracking the monogamous relationship between a helpless heroines and the hero who rescued her, even if he had been the one to place her in danger The romance novels which followed in her example featured longer plots, controversial situations and characters, and intimate and steamy sex scenes.She was an avid horse rider who at one time lived in a large home on 55 acres 220,000 m2 in Minnesota After her husband s death in 1996, she moved back to Louisiana She died in a hospital on July 6, 2007 in Princeton, Minnesota, aged 68, from cancer She was survived by two sons, Sean and Heath, their wives, and numerous grandchildren Her third son, Dorren, predeceased her.


  • A Great Medieval Romance - 4 and 1/2 Stars!While I did not rate this as high as her other medieval romance, The Wolf and the Dove, I truly enjoyed this story of Raven Seabern, the handsome black-haired, blue-eyed son of a Scottish laird (the father reminded me of an older Sean Connery), who is a messenger for King David of Scotland and trusted by King Henry. He meets Abrielle, a red-haired Saxon beauty, in Henry's court just after her stepfather, a faithful Norman knight, is passed over by Henry [...]

  • This was my first Woodiwiss novel and having seen her name so many times on the bookshelves, I was a little excited. Sadly though, I was really disappointed with the story. I'm not saying I'll never read another Kathleen E. Woodiwiss novel but let's just say I won't be in a hurryd it would have to come highly recommended.Sadly, Woodiwiss passed away last year after battling long-term illness. Out of respect for her fans and the legacy of an author who was considered quite prolific, I don't feel [...]

  • I didn't hate it. It was not as good as her earliest works but not as bad as The Reluctant Suitor. There are about 5 or 6 of Ms Woodiwiss' earlier novels that have remained on my keeper/favorites shelf for many years. For whatever reason her last few books just didn't pay off like her earlier ones did. But she will always be counted as a favorite author of mine anyway.

  • Okay, another heroine I didn't like and whose choices I didn't agree with on any level. She was seemingly always thinking about others (her mother & stepfather, for example) and we're supposed to think she's this giving, sacrificing creature, but her actions aren't really all that noble although Woodiwiss would have had us think they were. The friends of Abrielle were one-dimensional and their side stories told as almost an afterthought and not worth inclusion in the novel. They didn't lend [...]

  • A historical pain in the neck!I love historical fiction and when I saw this in the bookstore's shelf I didn't think two times. Before I started reading it I saw the reviews on the flaps from Library Journal etc. marking this book as a legend in the romance genre, so I had expectations.The setting, the prologue were promising, it's Medieval times, I love that period of the history, I liked the name of the main character, but only that. I know it was 1135, but was it usual for a lady to be 'lifted [...]

  • Posledná kniha tejto autorky sa k nám dostala už aj v slovenčine :-)Abrielle si na kráľovskom bankete všimne, že ju neustále prepaľuje očami vysoký, statný mladík. Vie o ňom, že sa volá Havran Seabern, je kráľovský emisár a to najdôležitejšie: je Škót. Rozhodne sa ho ignorovať, ale myseľ mieni, telo mení Keď ju vyzve do tanca, od vzrušenia zatajuje dych a podlamujú sa jej kolená. Také niečo ešte pri žiadnom mužovi nepocítila. Medzi hlavnými hrdinami to neu [...]

  • Con dispiacere enorme sono costretta a dare il voto minimo all'ultima fatica di quest'autrice che ho amato molto, ma purtroppo è inevitabile. Una storia insulsa, inconcludente, lo stile utilizzato non è nemmeno paragonabile a quello dei suoi precedenti romanzi, la narrazione infatti è meno descrittiva e meno accurata, con personaggi delineati in maniera superficiale e semplicistica. La noia ha avuto il sopravvento per larghi tratti, e anche lo svolgersi degli eventi a volte è risultato banal [...]

  • After reading 5 or 6 of Woodiwiss' books you learn to expect spoiled females who are downright bitchy. In this edition, Abrielle has lost her fiancé, needs to marry to save her family from destitution after her stepfather is passed over for the recognition he deserves from the Crusades and the only option is a disgusting excuse of a man, her finance's fat brother. Raven Seabern is a handsome Scot who is an emissary for the King. Abrielle's mother is a warm, sweet woman and her step father is a [...]

  • I just love this book, haven't read it in years but when I saw it was available as a kindle edition at my library I was thrilled !!! I always enjoyed Mrs Woodwiss's style of storytelling. Her books are what got me hooked on historical romance novels. I won't blab to much about the plot line or else I may give it all away. Basically the story takes place in medieval england close to Scotland's boarders. You have a sweet young heroine who is willing to do what she needs to do to help her family. D [...]

  • EVERLASTING is the last book by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss. Miss Woodiwiss' books were the first books that I remember enjoying as a teen, well adult books. I admit, I enjoyed some of her books better than others, and I have mixed feelings about this book.From posts from her son, Miss Woodiwiss passed away before completing Everlasting. I don't know how much of the published book is her work, but her touches are missing. I would have loved to have seen what this book could have been had she lived. Fo [...]

  • "Everlasting" by Kathleen E. Woodiwiss(from the back cover)Handsome and kind--a black-haired Scotsman with vivid blue eyes--Raven Seabern is an emissary for his king, and unlike any man Abrielle has ever encountered. From the moment their eyes meet, he intrigues and mesmerizes her--and dancing in his arms at a royal banquet leaves her weak with the desire to surrender. But their love can never be, for Abrielle is betrothed to a "monster." And the well-being of everyone she cares for demands that [...]

  • Another book that ends with me thinking "Thank God it's over."Annoying is pretty much the only way I can think to describe this book and everything about it. The characters are annoying. The conflict is annoying. The romance is annoying. EVERYTHING IS ANNOYING. I have never met a more obnoxious heroine than Abrielle, if heroine is what she could be called. There aren't enough characters allowed in this review to describe every bone-headed, hot-and-cold, back-and-forth, mixed signal nonsense feat [...]

  • What a disappointment. Although it has been 30ish years since Ms. Woodiwiss first published her seminal book, The Flame and the Flower, you can still feel the influences today when you pick up romance novels just published. Having heard about her recent passing, I was moved to go back and re-read her back list and even my jaded little I-hate-the-romance- novel-industry-and-their-hidebound-ways heart was wowed all over again by her. So when I got to this one, her newest book, it seemed so very ou [...]

  • Abrielle has seemingly lost everything, her stepfather was shunned by the king for his bravery in the crusades and her finacee died tragically from a fall that is a questionable accident. This made her search for a husband become an act of desperation to save her family from poverty. She must accept the proposal from the evil brother of her late finacee, but not willingly. In steps Raven Seabern, the dashing Scot with black hair and flashing blue eyes. He saves her multiple times and she has cap [...]

  • This wasn't the best page-turner I've read, but for a historic romance it was a very nice story. I loved how the author weaved in the unique differences of English and Scottish clansmen; the parallel today would be race, but clan differences seem no less violent or insane. The main character was believable if not perhaps a bit too daft and innocent-sounding, even for the time period. I can understand the idea behind "I'll never trust him because" but after repeated obvious efforts to woo her, a [...]

  • I've loved every book she's written over the years and I treasure my collection of them. Though Everlasting didn't have quite the gripping sizzle of her earlier novels, as a loyal Kathleene Woodiwiss fan, I had to finish the final one. I feel sad because there isn't any match for her, at least not that I've ever found. She was a winner and will miss her in the literary world! I hope she is happy in a magnificent castle in the great beyond with the wolf and the dove, and riding on a beautiful hor [...]

  • This was a nice historical romance. This is one of those books where I really wish people would just ask questions instead of jumping to wrong conclusions, but then I suppose we wouldn't have as much of a story, lol. Of course there was an HEA, so it's all good in the end. Compared to other historicals, this one just wasn't as good, but it was still enjoyable.

  • Not as good as her others. I felt she tried to make it more than what it was. I was bored.

  • It has been awhile since I even touched a romance novel, but I couldn't resist. Kathleen E. Woodiwiss quickly became one of my favorite romance authors years ago when I was in my romance phase. I'm still drawn to her books and after reading this one have considered going back and rereading some others. Woodiwiss redefined the historical romance genre, and every single book of hers I've read has become and instant favorite. This one is no different, and I ate it up very quickly. It's hard to put [...]

  • I didn't log much about this book and I apologize for that. However, it was an amazing read. The history of how marriage and courtship looked like back then is breathtakingly told. The role of men and women are same and yet totally different in so many ways. It is not only a romance but a story of a fretting girl with a worried mother and protective step father who only want her to be happy. It is a story of determination and getting what you want. It is a story sacrificing for another's happine [...]

  • If the whole book had been as good as the last few chapters, I would have rated this book higher for sure.Kathleen Woodiwiss was the first author to make me fall in love with historical romance, so it pains me to rate this book so low. The romantic angst just went on for far too long. It was actually getting tedious. It just made me want to shake Abrielle. Geez.And the kidnapping scenario made me want to roll my eyes. With so many antagonists in their midst, Abrielle should have been under heavy [...]

  • The heroine of this book was one of the most irritating and unlikable that I have ever read. This book started off well, and then continued to get more and more ridiculous. I ended up skimming and skipping pages just to see how it ended. The other characters were more appealing but still lacking. I will try an earlier Woodiwiss book---I've read in these reviews that the earlier books are much, much better.

  • Everlastingby Kathleen E. WoodiwissGenre: Historical RomanceOnce Abrielle was a proud, exceptional lady coveted for her bearing, her breeding, her wit, and her beauty. But when her stepfather is denied his rightful title and the wealth that accompanies it, Abrielle finds herself suddenly disgraced. Only one would still have her, the oafish and grotesque Desmond de Marlé. Yet no one else can rescue her once-proud family's honor, so she is left with no choice but to accept the cruel and hateful d [...]

  • 3.5 starsit's been a long time since I last read medieval historical romance and I'm glad that I choose this book to stir my interest in this genre again. although Abrielle's cluelessness about Raven's feelings for her really gets me frustrated at times. All in all it was an entertaining read.

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