The Cycling Wangdoos

The Cycling Wangdoos The Cycling Wangdoos is an imaginative and fun rhyming tale of an unlikely cycling team and their off track lesson in teamwork It will take you on a thrills and spills fun filled ride from the first p

  • Title: The Cycling Wangdoos
  • Author: Kelly Pulley
  • ISBN: 9780982081211
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Cycling Wangdoos is an imaginative and fun rhyming tale of an unlikely cycling team and their off track lesson in teamwork It will take you on a thrills and spills fun filled ride from the first page to the surprise ending.

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    When I was little I wanted to be a cowboy, but I didn t have a horse, a hat or a rope, and the West seemed awfully far from my home in Indiana I did have a box of crayons and I enjoyed drawing with them, so I decided being an artist might be a better idea, and besides, I could stay closer to home My mother is a gifted artist she supplied me with plenty of encouragement and all the art supplies I wanted or at least all that were available in our small town I drew a lot for fun when I was young, mostly dinosaurs to impress the other boys or the occasional horse to impress the girls I nearly wore out all the Dr Seuss books, How to Draw books, and of course the dinosaur books in my grade school library.While still in High School I landed a job at a large sportswear screen printing company in my hometown It wasn t long before I made my way into the art department where I created artwork for such clients as Disney, Warner Brothers, PAWS Garfield , DC Comics, Adidas, and Nike I drew Beauty and the Beast, Bugs Bunny and Bart Simpson to name just a few.In 1995 I packed up my art supplies and moved to Nashville, Tennessee to work as illustrator for The Beginner s Bible series of books including the best selling, most recent edition of The Beginner s Bible.Some other illustrating clients include Zonderkidz, Worthy Ideals, David C Cook, Lifeway, Wiley Publications, United Methodist Publishing House, The Clever Factory, Studio Fun International, etc.I began writing children s stories in 2008 and I ve since had 7 books published Ten Unusual Features of Lulu McDunn Gauthier Publ , The Cycling Wangdoos Gauthier Publ Food for a Fish David C Cook , Good News of Great Joy David C Cook , The Biggest and Toughest David C Cook , Daniel for Lunch David C Cook and a 20 story storybook, Treasury of Bible Stories Rhythmical Rhymes of Biblical Times David C Cook.


  • Most children have been exposed to team sports and contests. Football, basketball and hockey come to mind, as well as swimming relays, tug of war and team cycling. The Wangdoos, a six seated cycling team have a renowned winning reputation, but, they are only as successful as their weakest link. The team, seated in size order from largest to smallest, learn the lesson that each member's contribution is needed for overall success. They learn the hard way by getting bumps, lumps and bruised pride." [...]

  • *** Note: I received review copy of this story via Edelweiss. Many thinks to Publishers and author. ***It is very important to teach children how to work in team with sportsmanship in this competitive world. I liked the beginning of the book telling about what Wangdoo means.Beautiful colorful illustrations.I loved their 6 sitter bike and yack on the rack rear. Children will definitely love these pictures. Story was written in rhymes that children would love to read and hear again and again.The e [...]

  • This is a really terrific book for kids, with the creator hitting the sweet spot of vivid, fun illustrations, text that sounds great read aloud (with rhyme, rhythm, and zany words to keep kiddy interest), and a nice story flowing through the pages. Excellent stuff all around. Having read a lot of single-creator kids books lately (ie where the author is the illustrator, rather than having a separate author and illustrator) where the pictures have been great but the words just so-so, it was fantas [...]

  • I have a son who is a cyclist and has been for many, many years. He even participated in the 100 mile race to the summit of the tallest mountain in North Carolina - Mt. Mitchell. I also have a daughter who loves to swim, run, and cycle (a tri-athlete). Well, this book is about cycling and a family that cycles.Kelly Pulley has written a rhyming story about teamwork and pulling together illustrating it vividly with pictures of the family/team that are so funny and that completely express what the [...]

  • It takes practice to work together. And when something is a team event, or a group project the minute one person stops helping things start to fall apart. I like this book, even the ending. The illustrations are funny and the rhymes are catching.

  • Little Kid Reaction: My daughter giggled her way through this one and loved going back to point out the yak. [I think she just liked saying the word.] The illustrations gave her lots to look at while I read.Big Kid Reaction: This is a fun, clever way to teach kids about teamwork. I would have loved to share this with her when she was a preschooler, as she would have been beside herself. There are a couple of spots where the rhyme seems to get stuck, but all in all it is easy to read. To read our [...]

  • The Cycling Wangdoos is a beautifully illustrated story about the value of teamwork. The rhyming prose was easy to read and had my six year old and three year old hooked. They both absolutely loved the yak mascot. The Wangdoos learn a hard lesson about what happens when one doesn't do their share of the work. While the message is very clearly presented to young readers, it never crosses the line of being heavy-handed. Young readers are left to think about how the story is going to unfold, how it [...]

  • This is a great book for kids. It has everything that makes a great children's book including fun rhyming text, great illustrations and a message to round it all out. My grandson loved this story, especially the yak. The story starts by telling the reader that the Cycling Wangdoos are a winning team, but they are only as good as their weakest member. When the smallest Wangdoo decides not to pedal anymore, there is a chain reaction ending in bumps and bruises. The illustrations in this book are w [...]

  • RATING: 3 STARS​​(I received an ARC from the EDELWEISS)(Review Not a Blog)This is a good story for children to learn about sportsman and doing things as a team, but I am not sure that the story is that entertaining for young kids. At least, I had a hard time finishing this picture book. The illustrations were okay.

  • I really enjoyed this picture book and so did my children. Loved both the pictures and the message in this book about teamwork. They rhyming text made for a great read aloud. This is a book I'll keep on our read aloud shelf.They Cycling Wangdoos by Kelly Pulley will be released in April.I won a copy of this book via firstreads.

  • The Cycling Wangdoos by Kelly Pulley is a beautifully illustrated story about the value of teamwork. The rhyming is tastefully done. I read this book to my students ages 7-12. They really liked this book.The Wangdoos learn about the importance of teamwork the hard way. Throughout the story the Wangdoos learn that each person has to do their part to keep the bike and success going. The message of the story is evident, which causes young readers to think about the overall message.This book teaches [...]

  • This book was too cute!I initially requested because of the odd title - and the fact that there was clearly a yak on the back on the bike - I figured my 6 year old would find it rather interesting - and that he did!I had a little bit of difficulty with reading it on the Nook, as the title of the book was covering some of the words, but I didn't let that stop me from enjoying the story. It's a really easy read - my 6 year old didn't get caught up on any of the words significantly. The story rhyme [...]

  • When I first viewed the cover, without reading the description, I went into thinking this book was going to be some kind of 'be kind to all animals book'. And it is nothing like that. I opened this book and immediately the author told me what Wangdoo is and explained the topography of Tibet. As the adorable rhyming begins, we learn many valuabe lessonsn't be selfish never give up it only takes teamwork. This is all given to us under the guise of the silliest cycling race I've ever seen. And whil [...]

  • I read this book with a two- and a five-year-old. There was a little too much text on some of the pages to keep the two-year-old's interest. But they mainly seemed to enjoy the pictures. The theme (teamwork is important) is great and the rhythm of the rhymes was very nice. I'm not sure if my ARC was damaged in some way but the book ended really abruptly; it would have been nice to do a wrap up of realization that everyone was doing their part rather than having the book end at the trophies.

  • This is a great book to add to any collection. The rhyming pattern hooked our two boys. I loved that the title stressed the importance of teamwork by showing what happens when each person stops pitching in and doing their part. The colorful illustrations enhance the book and are sure to be a source of laughter.I received an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

  • Every teacher needs a copy of The Cycling Wangdoos in their classroom. Using a lyrical story, the author makes it clear that hard work and teamwork are necessary pieces of success.This review is based on an ARC provided by NetGalley.

  • This is an excellent book that shows the importance of teamwork.The story is very good and I loved the images, the fact that it rhymes is great, it keeps interest and can see it being a favourite read. 5 stars

  • The Cycling Wangdoos is an imaginative and fun rhyming tale of an unlikely cycling team and their off-track lesson in teamwork. It will take you on a thrills and spills fun-filled ride from the first page to the surprise ending. SummaryThis book teaches a great lesson, that no matter how small one contributes to the group as a whole-the group is only as strong as its weakest member. Kids will appreciate the careful, fun illustrations. When one is part of a team, one has to do one's part no matte [...]

  • The rhyming text, the unique Wangdoos and their yak, and the overall not-too-preachy message about teamwork make this a great story for children ages 5-8. It also has a rhythmic pace with repetitive phrasing making it a great read-a-loud for family story time. As I read it, I read it out loud so that I could enjoy the sounds. Also the yak mascot is an adorable surprise. (Advance Reading Copy provided by LibraryThing Early Reviewers)

  • I won this book from . this was an excellent children's book basically about pulling your weight. All of the Wangdoo's start out cycling to win the race then one by one decide to let the others work while they rest. Soon no one is cycling and someone else wins. They realize that its easier if everyone does their best and does their job to get it done. Cute for all ages.

  • Great kid's (age 5-9) book reminiscent of Dr. Seuss. My kids love to listen to rhyming books and they laughed out loud at this one. The message was good too- that each member of a team needs to pull his weight in order to succeed. Cycling fans will love the illustrations. I won this as a First Reads book. Highly recommend.

  • Loved the title and the cover looks like such fun. Looks like it would be appealing to the children and suitable for AB's class library. 2/17/2011 Not yet AR rated. Not in any library (worldcat)

  • Really cute story! Received this as a First Reads and really enjoyed it. The illustrations are incredible and the story has such a good message while being a fun read.

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