Beasts and BFFs

Beasts and BFFs Beasts and BFFs is a bonus to Life prequel story from bestselling author Shannon Delany Meet Jessie Gillmansen as she realizes that things might not be what they seem in the town of Junction All Je

  • Title: Beasts and BFFs
  • Author: Shannon Delany
  • ISBN: 9781429990851
  • Page: 456
  • Format: ebook
  • Beasts and BFFs is a bonus 13 to Life prequel story from bestselling author Shannon Delany.Meet Jessie Gillmansen as she realizes that things might not be what they seem in the town of Junction All Jessie wants is to avoid change but she has no idea what s about to come her way.

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    Shannon Delany s newest novel, WEATHER WITCH St Martin s Press is already available for pre order which both stuns and delights Delany Shannon Delany has written stories since she was a child She began writing in earnest when her grandmother fell unexpectedly ill during a family vacation In 2008 her greatly abbreviated version of 13 to Life written in just five weeks won the grand prize in the first ever cell phone novel contest in the western world through Textnovel.Shannon was thrilled when St Martin s Press offered her a contract for a series about her 13 to Life characters She expanded on the cell phone novel version, adding the subplots and characters she didn t have time to during the contest As paranormal as werewolves seem, the grief Shannon used to build Jess s character is something she personally experienced with the loss of her own mother Focusing on Jess and Pietr s story of loss, love and dramatic and dangerous changes, Shannon came to better grips with her own struggle The resulting novel has earned her blurbs from authors she respects most.The first novel in Shannon s YA paranormal series, 13 to Life, debuted June 22, 2010, and was followed by Secrets and Shadows, Bargains and Betrayals, Destiny and Deception, and the Rivals and Retribution August 2012.Shannon has also debuted with interactive science fiction in her short story To Hel and Back for Spirited 13 to Haunting Tales Leap Books and will make her high fantasy debut with Month 9 Books charity anthology titled Two and Twenty Dark Tales October 2012, Pieces of Eight with musician Max Scialdone Shannon s new series a steampunk trilogy titled WEATHER WITCH, also with St Martin s Press will launch June 25, 2013.Previously a teacher and now a farmer raising heritage livestock, Shannon lives and writes in Upstate New York and enjoys traveling to talk to people about most anything.


  • I loved the first book in the 13 to Life series, 13 to Life. That said, I was excited to see catch a glimpse of what happened before the series begins. When I discovered Shannon Delany’s prequel story, I was elated and decided I needed to get it immediately.It was so nice to be back into the world of 13 to Life. Though you don’t get a lot of that exciting werewolf action, you do get an insight into the characters and see why they have some of the feelings and thoughts that they do. And, you [...]

  • DNF at page 4. I could have completed this book. It was short enough that I could have powered through it, but the poor editing had me gritting my teeth. I find myself slightly upset with how the authors coordinating conjunctions connecting two independent clauses are separated by a period instead of a comma. It makes the flow of reading less than smooth. Some editing would have definitely helped polish this book to make it more reader friendly. There is also an over use of unnecessary descripto [...]

  • I have not yet read 13 to Life so this was my first glimpse at the characters and the first time I've read a prequel short story before reading any of the books in a series. It was a great introduction to the series and to the three female characters - Jessie, Amy and Sarah.The author's writing style is very easy and has a nice flow and the short story has just enough mystery to lure you into reading the full length book.This story does not require readers to have read 13 to Life in order to enj [...]

  • I found this prequel story for free on Barnes & Noble and had to download it - I did enjoy the first 13 to Life novel but haven't had time to read the rest, and a prequel story wasn't going to spoil the rest of the series for me. While the entire "book" was 31 pages, only about 8 of those pages were the prequel story - the rest was a preview of 13 to Life (the prologue and first couple of chapters). There was a certain atmosphere in the story, as Jessie, Amy, and Sarah go for a run and hear [...]

  • Short story - prequel to 13 to Life.I wasn't really impressed with this. Catty girls jogging in the woods and something rather large is snarling out there. I think my beef is probably with the format of free ebook, where the story is only 13 pages long with a bonus 1st chapter of the book. I don't usually read the sneak previews because I then think I've read the book, but that's just me.Anyhow, no interest to continue the series.*Free Kobo download a while ago. May still be available.

  • I have to say that I really thought this whole little story was pointless. It didn't add anything to the story line or really give us any insight to the characters.

  • Jessie has gone for a run with two of her friends and while on the run they encounter something in the woods that isn't your typical animal. I have the whole series but I haven't read it yet but plan to really soon. I decided to start with the prequel so that I would have a little insight into who the main character is. I like Jessie a sweet character who cares about her friends even if they don't care for each other. This is a perfect little teaser as an introduction to the series. I'm looking [...]

  • This is a such a super short and plotless story, it is clearly designed only to get the reader to read the preview to the first 13 to Life novel. There's nothing wrong with sticking in a preview to the next installment of a story, but I expect the main story I'm reading to be an actual story. This reads like watching only the opening scene to a teen horror flick.It goes like this: three teenage girls go for a run out in the woods. The redhead hates the blonde and the brunette is friends with bot [...]

  • Aaaaannd. the point of this practically 1/2 a chapter "story" is??? Kinda puts me off from reading the actual book 13 to Life just because of this free download. Ah well not much I can do about it. The tiny bit of "story" in this, basically has the feel of a sorority horror flick.

  • Wait what? That was such a tease! LOL But seriously, you are drawn right in wanting to know more about the characters and how they wound up together. Will definitely be looking into the book that follows this quick little prequel.

  • loved it. It was so nice to be back in the 13 to life world and makes me want to read the 2nd book even more! =)

  • rating: 2.25/5I didn't get why this couldn't have been added to the first book because I didn't think it added much to the series on its own.

  • Not much happened in this short story. I haven’t read any other books by this author but maybe her other books will be better.

  • Nothing new here.Girl has just lost a parent.Girl isn't particularly interested in anything.New Boy arrives.New Boy captures the attention of every girl within a 20 mile radius (including main character, whether she admits it to herself or not).New Boy isn't interested in anyone but the MC's crush notices the attention she's getting from New Boy and begins showing an interest in her, also.Love triangle will begin in 3,2,1Only this novella contains werewolves.I think I'm gonna go ahead and skip 1 [...]

  • Beasts and Bff's is a bonus prequel story to 13 to Life. Let me just note that I haven't read 13 to Life yet so I have no way to compare the two. The story centers around three girls, Jessie, the main character and her two friends, Amy and Sarah, as they go for a morning jog. It is set mainly on a path through the woods in a local park.While the story is short I think it does a good job of introducing the characters and giving a good idea of their friendships dynamics. I definitely would like to [...]

  • To see my full review:bookvacations.wordpress/20Every once in a while I peruse through looking for a new series to sink my teeth into, and I always love it when there is a prequel or some other inexpensive short read I can purchase to see if the series is something I’m interested in as, lets be honest, book blurbs don’t always put the best foot forward, as it were. And this is how I came across the series, 13 to life. Unfortunately, I didn’t find this particular prequel, Beasts and Bffs, [...]

  • This was a decent read for me, even if I haven't read 13 to Life in it's entirety. I almost want to write two separate reviews about "Beasts and BFFs" because as far as the prequel goes, in and of itself, I couldn't give it more than two stars because it failed to grab me - the writing was decent at least. The characters didn't stand out and the situation didn't make me connect to the characters much. It felt quite dry and not enough for me to count as an encompassing short story. However, the e [...]

  • I LOVED 13 to Life so I nabbed Shannon Delany's prequel story, Beasts and BFFs as well.This one seemed shorter to me and was another okay like read. Since it's a prequel we don't get to see everyone, in fact we just see Jessie, Sarah, and Amy.There wasn't much to the storyline here except seeing a moment with the friends, or rather Amy's dislike of Sarah, which we learned why back in 13 to Life!!But basically the girls have a close encounter with something scary and hairy while on a jog and that [...]

  • This is a short story vaguely related to the 13 to Life series, it's like a miniature prequel, I only gave it 2 stars as it's not even a novella really, I finished it in like 10 minutes. I would give it 3 otherwise as it was well written enough that I bought the first book in series to give the series a chance, I wouldn't have bothered if it had poor spelling or was just poorly written overall. Because of the writing style I gave the series a chance, the shortness of this and the lack or really [...]

  • When I saw that this was a short story, I got excited, because I love prequel stories, and I love Shannon Delany. What I didn't expect however was how truly short it was going to be. It's 31 Nook pagesbut a good 18 of those was preview of the first book in the series, 13 to Life, and 3 of them were title/copyright pages. So, all in all, it was only about 9 Nook pages. Which, in Shannon Delany pages, is about 5 real book pages. Which is RIDICULOUSLY short.Excluding that fact, though, the short, s [...]

  • Free For Kindle - Contains First 2 Chapters of 13 to LifeAs someone who already wanted to read 13 to Life before reading this I have to say that if I didn't I'm not sure this would make me want too. It's really short and doesn't really tell much. All I can say is that if you haven't looked at the summary for 13 to Life do so before making the decision of marking it TBR or moving on. To do so based on this wouldn't be fair.With that said this does contain preview of the first two chapters of 13 t [...]

  • This prequel to 13 Years to Life was about 12 pages long. I have to wonder if it was originally chapter one before edits. It had that feel. A short introduction to Jessie and her friends. We also get a brief glimpse into the strangeness to come. Actually, I think it works better as a first chapter then the actual first chapter of 13 Years to Life, which I didn't much care for. A free ebook download worth the 10 minutes or so it would take to read, if you are a fan of the series. If you haven't r [...]

  • Not what I expected. The actual story was pretty short, and the remaining material was the first two chapters of the next book in the series. Basically, the main character and two of her friends are jogging in the woods, when they're stalked by a large creature (although, they never actually see what they're up against). When a boyfriend of one of the girls shows up, the creature runs away. All is forgotten when the crush of the MC is shirtless and dripping with sweat. The End.Overall, if you're [...]

  • Wouldn't call this a book, It totaled maybe 12 pages. We meet Jessica & her two friends (Sarah & Amy)out for a jog when a strange noise startles them. They worry the wolves in Farthington may have moved to Junction and that's it. It's basically over when Amy’s boyfriend Marvin arrives to drive them back and we meet the captain of the football team, Derek, Jess’s crush. Then, you get prologue, cha.1 & 2 of 13 to life…which does sound interesting.

  • mmmmm yeah. This book was not what I expected. EIGHT PAGES. That was it. EIGHT PAGES. Whilst there was another thirty odd included in this 'prequel', they were but the first chapters of 13 to life. Prequel? Not really. More of a waste of my time as I tried to distinguish why the words of the rest of the book sounded so familiar. Not really worth reading if you ask me, it did nothing to aid my 13 to life series' experience.

  • This was an odd little story that seemed only to be about 8 pages long that launched into the prologue of 13 to Life. Not sure what the point was. I could see if it had added some insight but I did not feel it added anything. Maybe a prequel would be maybe the story in Farthington, or life of Lexi before or even the Rusakova's daily dealings pre-Farthington incident. But does not diminish my love for the series.

  • As I mentioned in my last review, I typically don't like companion books. However this book was so intense, I was literally on the edge on my seat. One of my friends even came by and made me jump a foot! It also includes the prologue and first chapter of the series it is attached to, 13 to Life, and I added the books to my wishlist right after. These books sounds amazing and I can't wait to find out more!

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